Sir Drake Benowyc

    Drake was born on the 24th of March, 4510, in Ruto Town in West Hyrule. He had two brothers and two sisters, Dylan, who was two years his elder, Lessa who was born in 4514 who sadly died in her infancy, Elora, who was born in 4515 and finally, Thane who was born in 4518. Drake's father worked as a skilled blacksmith in Ruto Town, and his mother was a clothier. Drake's early family life was mainly happy, if a somewhat rowdy one. However, when Drake was just ten years old, his eldest brother, Dylan, was killed while out hunting with his father. Drake was devastated by the loss of his brother, whom he had always admired. At seventeen, Drake travelled to Nabooru, to live with relatives after the sad death of his mother, who expired after catching a fever. It was in Nabooru that Drake, whom had previously had little direction in his life, became a town guard. However, he spent much of his time frequenting the taverns of Nabooru and spending his wages on gambling and drink. It was in one such tavern that he met Rose Bladelaw, the only daughter of the town's respected trainer, Edward Bladelaw.

For three years, Drake and Rose courted, although it was widely known that Rose's father did not approve of the man his daughter had chosen to keep company with - he thought Drake a drunk and a braggart who would amount to little. Drake cared little for the opinion of Edward Bladelaw, and despite his racous social life he still managed to impress his superiors among the town guard, and the young man was widely tipped for bigger things. However, in 4529 tragedy struck for Drake when his father, brother and sister were all murdered in a horrendous crime. Grief stricken, Drake resigned from his post in Nabooru and left for Eastern Hyrule to track down the person who had killed his family. After 18 months of searching, Drake found the man responsible. The murderer was tried and hanged in September, 4531.

Justice served, Drake briefly returned to Nabooru, only to discover his sweetheart, Rose, had left the town. With no cause to stay, he returned to his home town to take care of his elderly grandparents, who were still distraught by the violent deaths of their son and grandchildren. It was in Ruto that Drake resumed his post as a town guard. Sobered by his harrowing experience, Drake threw himself into his work. By 4534 he had been appointed head guard of Ruto town, an especially important position because of Ruto's strategic position. Four years after his promotion, his dedication paid off once more when King Harkinian offered him the position of Vice Captain of the Guard at North Castle, where he was to work alongside the famed Captain Krin.

In 4544, Drake was to be once again rewarded for his service and dedication to Hyrule. King Harkinian proudly proclaimed Drake to be a Knight, and invited him to be a member of the esteemed King's Council. In 4545, Drake went to Valour Hold to sharpen his already impressinve skills. When Link and Zelda visited, he agreed with them that there was something strange about Kain, and agreed to help them get rid of the mysterious man. When Link and Zelda were sent through the portal by Kain, Drake was imprisoned for trying to oppose when the griffen took total control of North Castle. Aaron freed him and he was present during the final battle with Enzar. Later on in the year, he accompanied Link and Zelda on their quest for the third Triforce, and the knight was the first to discover that Link's brother Hayden, was really part of the Carcastan Sect and had led them into a trap. When Zelda was seemingly murdered by Trenon later on, Drake was offered the position as the next heir of Hyrule, but he turned it down, feeling it deserved to go to Link more. It was his idea that Link and Zelda should marry, to make sure that they met the criteria for joining up the Triforce, and the Knight witnessed the most bitter wedding between the two lovers, who were fighting at time.

In 4552, Drake had the chance to completely prove his worth as his position of Head Knight. Ganon returned and went to war against Hyrule, bringing his Gerudo and army and ally, the Tanolians. Drake led his group of knights out to defend the land near the castle, working alongside Link's troops. Out on the battlefield, Drake was impressed with Leigh Temple's skills, and he came to greatly admire her. In fact, he found himself falling in love with her. Drake had not experienced such feelings since his brief affair with Rose Bladelaw, yet he never got the chance to tell the Avatar how he truly felt. When Drake and the rest of the group travelled to the Tower of Nagul to defeat the Nightmares which Ganondorf had released from the void Leigh fell from the top of the tower, was struck by a strange bolt of lightning, and simply disappeared.

In 4553 Drake's life was about to take another unusual turn. After fighting alongside Link during 'The False War' between Hyrule and Catalia, where Drake arguably saved the hero's life, the knight was to make a shocking acquaintance. Whilst grieving at the grave of his beloved cousin, Byron LeForde, whom had perished whilst fighting Catalian troops, Drake came upon the grave of Rose Bladelaw, his sweetheart from his days in Nabooru town. At her grave stood a young man, who claimed to be Drake's son. Shocked, the knight knew little of what to say, but he could not deny the possibility that the youth was his son, especially as he appeared to be half-Hylian and bore a very strong resembelance to the knight! An uneasy relationship formed between the two, which was to eventually become a proud and strong bond.

In 4554, Drake finally settled down when he married Gwendoline Quinn, a barmaid in Mido whom Drake had known for many a year. They soon had a son together, whom they named Zachary.

Although he has had tragic losses, Drake certainly appreciates the pleasures in life, such as drinking, gambling and beautiful women! Drake is always likely to be found frequenting the local ale houses that surround North Castle, where he will be telling jokes and gambling with his friends. Being a knight, he also has a very strong sense of honour and is exceptionally brave. However, he will not suffer fools gladly, and is often blunt with those he does not like. He does value his friendships though, he is a loyal and kind friend who will always do his utmost best to help when he can. He is especially fond of Zelda, and thinks of her as a sister. Personality aside, Drake is a brilliant swordsman who does not give up easily, not to mention an unbeatable jouster. Thr Hylian knight is also the godfather of Link and Zelda's son, Ewan, and is deeply respected by his friends and colleagues alike.

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