Prince Ewan Grâtia-Illustrísquídam

Born on the 27th of September, 4546, Ewan was the first born child of Link and Zelda Grâtia-Illustrísquídam. He was the couples only son.

Ewan was a gifted child, sensitive to the thoughts and feelings of others. During and prior to the Great War of 4552, the young boy was troubled by vivid and often horrifying dreams; some of which proved to be prophetic, others their meanings never clear.

Near to the end of the Great War Ewan was kidnapped by Ganondorf Dragmire and was reduced to a catatonic state by the experience. However the end of the war soon brought recovery to the prince, but only a year later his royal heritage proved to be a curse when he was once again targeted by kidnappers. This time he was kidnapped by the evil witch Mara Hespara, who used his blood in her resurrection of the evil demon Enzar.

The successful use of Ewan's blood in the ritual was to prove one thing - that he had been born with the power of the three virtues in his blood. His true power was confirmed when, as his mother lay between life and death, the young prince went to the Triforce, and with his touch, he brought it together. He made one wish - that his mother might live. The wish was granted, but Ewan was drained. The feat was kept relatively quiet by those who knew of it for Ewan's power was to be both feared and wondered at for years to come.

Years passed, and the prince grew into a young man. Self-assured and arrogant, his life changed forever on the eve of his 21st birthday when he met Leigh Temple, the Avatar of Sosaria. Despite all obstacles, the prince pursued the Avatar in an attempt to win her affections, and to a degree, he succeeded. The two finally spent the night together, but the morning after, Leigh left, banished from North Castle, unbeknownst to Ewan, by his mother, Queen Zelda. Not willing to let his new love, Ewan sought to stop the Avatar, but an untimely meeting with Molasar Dragmire, the son of Ganondorf proved near fatal to the prince.

It was Leigh that brought Ewan back from near death, though she did not know him as she had been possessed by the evil Guardian. Recovered, Ewan followed Leigh to Death Mountain - he arrived in time only to her die. The prince did not have long to grieve, for his old foe Molasar had returned, and the two engaged in a duel that saw Molasar slain, and Ewan learn that his nemesis was in fact the husband of his dear sister, Brianna.

Deeply aggrieved by the death of Leigh, and by his sister's newly sprung hatred of him, Ewan chose to leave Hyrule in a bid to seek out some kind of peace. He is still looking.

Ewan has grown from a cocky youth into a quiet and solemn man. His love for his family and friends runs deep, and he would not see them harmed. He is brave, powerful, and the tragic events that have dogged his life have made him wiser than his years.

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