The Faeries

Sprite (c) J. Singleton

Sprite, Princess of the Fey

Pretty and amusing, Sprite is firm friends with Link and Zelda. She is a faerie Princess, but was sick of her parents always favouring her younger sister Fleur, so she tried to run away. She was attacked by Moblins but was rescued by the hero, Link, in 4539. Ever since then,she has been his constant companion, his faerie guardian.

In 4540, experimenting with spells, she and her friend Felicity accidentally opened the mists of time, and let out the banished griffen, Enzar. In 4545, she broke into Kain's house, and discovered that he wasn't who he claimed to be. Only days later, she was forced to use the greatest reserves of her magic to open up a portal to Koholint Island in order to rescue Link and Zelda, who had been sent there by Enzar.

She is now on better terms with her family but prefers to live at North Castle. She's very skilled in magic, and has a bright and vivacious character, and sometimes a big mouth. Her greatest dream would be to marry Link, and she makes no secret that she fancies him. She's the faerie godmother of both of Link's children, Ewan and Brianna.

Felicity (c) K. Singleton


Felicity is Sprite's best friend, though the pair are almost complete opposites in every way. The dark-haired faerie is the loyal companion to Byron Benowyc, Sir Drake's younger cousin. She is secretly in love with him, but keeps quiet about it, unlike Sprite.

In 4540, when she and Sprite were messing about with some spells, they accidentally opened the mists of time, and let out the banished griffen, Enzar. It was Felicity who discovered how to make permanent portals between to worlds and she also found some old Hylian scrolls relating to the location of the Triforce of Courage.

Quiet, yet intelligent, Felicity is extremely knowledgeable about various kinds of magic and she can invoke many powerful spells. Her great power is unusual, for many faeries have lost their once great abilities. Felicity spends much of her time studying and learning new magic. She always wears a moonstone pendant around her neck, which helps her to focus with spells. She lives in the faerie settlement of Silva-Veredis Le' Fey.

Carrie (c) J Singleton


The red-haired faerie, Carrie, was formally a baby-sitter for Sprite's younger sister, Fleur. She and Sprite soon became good friends through this. Carrie, unlike Felicity and Sprite, does not have a faerie companion. However, she is happy to help many a weary traveller who might encounter her upon the road, using her good healing skills.

Carrie is skilled in using herbs and plants in spells and potions and knows a great deal about Hyrule flora. When looking for a certain herb in the mountains near Ruto, she and Felicity came across the Hylian scrolls about the Triforce of Courage.

She has a generally kind and cheerful character, and is a lot of fun to be around. She tends to adorn herself with natural jewellery made from flowers, rather than gold and jewels, and owns one of the most beautiful gardens in the faerie settlement of Silva-Veredis Le' Fey.

Tiffany (c) Juliet Singleton


Tiffany is one of the most beautiful faeries in all of Hyrule, with her long golden hair and bright blue eyes. She knew Sprite when she was younger for her mother worked as a lady-in-waiting for Titania, Sprite's mother. She too, does not have a human companion, and is a little wary of them, except for Link and his friends, because she has almost been captured by faerie hunters on more than one occasion.

Tiffany's speciality is rocks and gemstones - her favourite being rose quartz, the stone that supposedly induces love. She always wears one on a pendant around her neck. She can use her stones to invoke many different spells and to create potions.

She is very outgoing, loves being in love, and is a great romantic. Tiffany is also a great matchmaker, and won't hesitate to make others fall in love if she thinks they belong together, by using her potions and spells. She lives in the faerie settlement of Silva-Veredis Le' Fey.

Navi (c) Juliet Singleton


The petite, dark-haired faerie Navi, is a time traveller from an age long ago. It is said that she was the guardian faerie of the first Link, summoned by the Deku Tree long, long ago. She appeared in the year 4552 HC, sent to help the Link of our time defeat the evil Ganondorf Dragmire, for reasons unknown. She is competing with Sprite to remain as Link's guardian faerie.

She is different to the other fey, for her powers are those from earlier times, and are thus, much stronger. Her greatest ability lies in healing, and her skill proved useful to Link. She can also do many other powerful spells, and needs nothing to help her focus, unlike the faeries of this age.

Navi, compared to the other faeries, is much smaller, and glows with an aura. She is quiet, world wise, yet also extremely pious and serious. Therefore, she and Sprite do not get on at all. She dresses in as many natural materials as possible, and wears little jewellery, mostly floral adornments. She currently lives in the faerie settlement of Silva-Veredis Le' Fey, but can return to the Void whenever she pleases.

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