Lady Fayette Tantalon-Arguelles

    Fayette was born on June 1st 4526, in the large city of Evian in the Realm of Sosaria. Her mother, Lady Fenella, was good friends with Queen Alina of the Kingdom of Hyrule, and Fayette spent plenty of time as a young girl at North Castle, forced to socialise with Alina's daughter, Princess Zelda. At the age of 12, her Father, Lord Tantalon, sadly died during battle. Ever since she was born, her mother made every single decesion for Fayette, including who she was friends with and what she wore. Fayette always did as she was told, resulting in her being rather bitter towards Zelda, who had extremely lenient parents.

As she grew older, Fayette grew to greatly resent Zelda. However, they had to endure a lot of time together, since their parents were such great friends. Zelda's fiery deposition did not go well against Fayette's snide manner. They ended up hating each other. When Fayette turned 19, her mother arranged an engagement to the knight, Sir Martin of the country Dalsona. Shortly after, they stopped off at Hyrule to visit the King and Zelda. Fayette was extremely jealous to see Zelda head over heels in love with the country's hero, Link. She pretended to disapprove of him, but secretly felt envious of Zelda.

Her mother and Zelda's father then announced that they were going to get married. Around this time, Fayette fell in love with Link's long lost younger brother, Hayden. However, he soon disappeared again. They met up again that very same day, and along with Drake, she was pulled into a perilous task of saving Link and the rest, who were about to be sacrified by the evil Carcastan Cult. She was devasted when Hayden was killed by the liche, when she and her friends attempted to escape from the Carcastans. Shortly after though, she was elated to hear that Prince Nicolas of Dalsona sought her hand, even though she was already engaged.

Unfortunately, Prince Nicolas made it clear that he didn't want to marry her a short while later. While he liked her, he said that she was not the right maiden for him. She was very upset and hurt by this, and vowed that one day, Nick would become hers. He was, after all, the richest King in the world. Fayette helped Link and Zelda join up the Triforce, since she was the only person who fitted the description according to the ancient scripts. It was beyond her magical skills, but Zelda supported her, and they managed to do it.

In 4546, Fayette met a rich, handsome merchant from the country of Brynnel. He was called Raymundo Arguelles, and he and Fayette fell in love, and soon wed. He took Fayette to Brynnel, where he ran a highly successful merchant business. In Brynnel, status was gained by your achievements, and Fayette thought that Raymundo would eventually be made lord of the country. The pair were very happy together, and five children between them. First came Roderick in 4546, then Rosella in 4547. In 4549, she had twins, Rosalind and Rosamund.

In 4552, Fayette was expecting her fifth and final child, when a terrible tragedy occured. She and her family had gone over to Hyrule to celebrate the Trinity festival. Raymundo was murdered by Ganondorf's evil henchmen, one of several innocent victims that the Gerudo picked on, to try and frame Leigh, the Avatar, for the killings. Fayette was devestated, and it was decided that she would remain in Hyrule instead of going back to Brynnel. She had a son, and named him Raymundo after his father. Attempting one last grab at happiness, she attempted to get Nick back, before he married Selina, but her attempt was unsuccessful. She forgot her ambition of ever being a queen, and concentrated on raising her children instead.

Fayette is human, and does not have any particular skills as such. She tends to think of herself as a refined lady, and does not engage in dangerous persuits. Like her mother though, she is an expert at making tapestries, and she is also quite good at painting. Although her character may seem bad, especially by the way she acts towards Zelda, she does have good qualities when she wants to. She is very pretty, and most at home during any kind of social event, upon were she acts as a most charming host. However, she is underhand and selfish, and because of this, Zelda and most of her friends do not act in a kindly manner towards her. Maybe one day she will learn that acting in such a way will do her no favours, but only time will tell...

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