Lady Fenella Tantalon

    Fenella was born on September 5th 4506, in the Realm of Sosaria, which is to the south of Hyrule. Her mother was a lady in waiting to her friend Alina's mother. So, although she was not born into nobility, she still had a fairly noble upbringing, enjoying some of the privledges of noble life. Alina taught her how to be a lady, and it paid off, for in 4524, she married the great knight, Lord Tantalon of Sosaria.

Two years later, at the age of 20, she had to her first and only child, whom she named Fayette. She was very protective over her daughter, and decided nearly everything for her, from whom she talked to and what she wore. Fayette was her pride and joy and Fenella brought her up to be a Lady. Sadly, in 4537, her much loved husband, Lord Tantalon, died during battle. Fenella sought comfort alone, not doing much for several years. However, by 4545, she had engaged Fayette to Sir Martin of Dalsona. They stopped of at Hyrule to vist King Harkinian and Zelda. Fenella and Harkinian had always been good friends, but lonely after the deaths of their partners. They promptly decided to get married, much to the horror of their daughters.

At times, Fenella may seem overly fussy and bossy, but most of the time, her heart is in the right place. She is a sensible and knowledgeble women, well suited to ruling. However, she doesn't like to make it known that she wasn't born into nobility, although from her perfect manners and stance, nobody would ever guess. She is human, and of Sosarian ancestory. She is extremely talented at embroidery, many tapestries of hers still hang at Tantalon Manor, although she brought many to North Castle after she married Harkinian.

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