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Ganon/King Ganondorf Dragmire

Ganon is an evil wizard, skilled in the black arts, who reigns supreme in the Underworld. No-one knows from where he originated or when he was born, although some like to claim that he is a reincarnation of the evil Ganondorf, an enemy from many centuries previously. His ultimate aim in life is to rule the Overworld - Hyrule. He made himself known in 4520, when he successfully managed to steal the Triforce of Power from North Castle. Over the years, he studied the artefact closely, but remained, quiet, biding his time. His loyal followers, monsters, soon over-ran the south western part of Hyrule, and Ganon made his main base inside Death Mountain.

In 4540, he began a plot, which involved kidnapping the young heir and owner of the Triforce of Wisdom, Princess Zelda. Unfortunately, Zelda shattered the Triforce into bits across Hyrule, so that Ganon couldn't get his hands on it. Now the bane of Ganon's life, the young hero Link, rescued Zelda and retrieved the Triforce, defeating Ganon in the process.

He was resurrected by his faithful monsters, and he managed to steal the Triforce of Power, whilst Link was away on another quest. The wizard and the boy remained in constant battle for the next few years. In 4545, Enzar, Ganon's worst enemy, rose to power and stole the Triforce of Power from him. As the griffen was destroyed, he hattered the two Triforces into pieces around Hyrule. Ganon eagerly set about collectiong those pieces.

He managed to complete the Triforce of Power, and while Link was trapped underground by the Carcastan Sect, he took his chance to attack and overthrow Saria town. He also attacked Ruto and failed, turning to seige North Castle instead. He was horrified to discover that Zelda now owned the Triforce of Courage and his army was soon forced to retreat. Link infilitrated his domain later, and murdered Ganon's new right-hand man, Trenon, the Carcastan Chief. Link escaped with the Triforce of Power and the remains of the Triforce of Wisdom.

 Ganon discovered a dangerous artefact called the Amulet of Nagul, which enabled him to use a special form of magic. Trenon kidnapped Zelda using the Amulet's power, and Link and the rest of Hyrule were tricked into thinking that the Princess was dead. Link left for Catalia, and Ganon began to prepare for his final takeover of Hyrule. Unfortunately, Zelda escaped, and she and Link worked together to fuse the Triforce. They used its power to the destroy the amulet, and almost destroyed Ganon too, but he managed to warp to the spirit realm before they did. He met up with the trapped Enzar there, who gave him the Moon Pearl. It transformed Ganon back into the man he'd once been; Ganondorf Dragmire. He bided his time, and got his strength back up, which enabled him to escape a few years later.

He possessed Nick of Dalsona's body, and used this identity to get into North Castle. However, he found that he could not get past Zelda's magical barriers, and the Avatar Leigh, and Zelda, found out that he had taken over Nick's body. Ganondorf fled, leaving Nick to die. Hefound out that his race were now living in Benlucca. He found them, and took over as their king, marrying one of the women, Balayna. He then went back to Death Mountain and looked for the legendary Master Sword, trying to get itm before Link did. His attempts were unsuccessful. He also tried to frame Leigh for murder, so that he could get rid of her, because he was afraid of her magical powers. He then joined forces with Lord Carnivaris of Tanol and led an army against Hyrule. Hyrule and its allies drove the army back. Leigh killed Carnivaris, and discovered Ganondorf's hideout. Link came and they battled together for what would be the final time. He almost succeeded in killing the hero, but he was rescued by his guardian spirit Kylara, and then Zelda and Leigh performed a spell together that trapped Ganondorf's spirit in a spirit gem forever.

Despite his distress at being imprisioned, he knew his future was secure; Balayna gave birth to his son, Molasar, not long after. Ganondorf, through telepathy, instructed Balayna's evil sister Faylita to turn the Gerudo back into the savage ways of his reign, and bring up Molasar. His son would finish what he hadn't...

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