King Harkinian

    Harkinian was born on May 1st 4494, as the only son and heir to the throne of Hyrule. In 4520, he was forced to ascend to the throne, after his mother finally passed away, grieving for her husband who had died a year before. That very year, the evil wizard Ganon stole the Triforce of Power. Young Harkinian attempted to get it back, but he did not know of Ganon's domain. 3 years later, on a visit to Sosaria, a beautiful young girl, Lady Alina, caught his eye. She was much younger than him, but they fell in love and were married a year later in 4524.

The following year, their first and only child, Zelda was born. However, six years later, Alina fell ill. Harkinian called for all the best healers to save her, but to no avail. Alina perished soon after she had contracted the disease. Harkinian was devastated, but with the help of Impa, a loyal servant, he did his best to raise his young daughter. During his reign, the country's problems with Ganon were kept at bay by a young hero named Link. In 4545, the kingdom had not only Ganon to deal with, but Kain and his Communion. They sought to overthrow the Royal Family, and in an attempt to keep the peace, he offered Zelda's hand to Kain, who accepted.

Zelda didn't; she was too busy falling in love with the country's loyal hero Link. Harkinian then fell ill, and in the meantime, it was revealed that Kain was really the evil griffin Enzar. Luckily, the creature was destroyed and Harkinian recovered. That same year, his old friend, Lady Fenella stopped by to visit. Fenella and Harkinian had always been good friends, but lonely after the deaths of their partners. They promptly decided to get married, much to the horror of their daughters, who hated each other. He was extremely pleased to hear of Link and Zelda's engagement, for he loved Link like his own son. He was keen for Zelda to rule as soon as she got married, but she only offered to take over in 4557.

Harkinian is mostly and wise and just ruler, although he deeply misses Alina. He loves his daughter Zelda very much, although he sometimes wishes she would settle down and act more like a real princess. He is a gentle and kind man, although sometimes forgetful. He is a Hylian, and can use magic, but feels he is too old for that sort of thing these days. In his prime, he was a brilliant warrior.

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