Impa was born on March 19th 4488, in the small village of Rarau, in Hyrule. Her family have been loyal servants to the Hyrulian Royal Family for many years. At the age of 14, Impa was working as a maid at North Castle. She got married in 4508, to one of the castle guards. They had two children, a daughter and a son. In 4525, when Queen Alina bore a daughter, Impa became a nursemaid to baby Zelda. Zelda loved her very much and looked upon her as a second mother, especially after Alina died. Impa was fond of the young Princess, and remained her friend and advisor as the girl grew older.

In 4520, Zelda inherited the Triforce of Wisdom, but she was fearful that the evil wiazard Ganon would steal it and so shattered it into pieces. She sent Impa to look for a hero who would defeat Ganon. Impa was travelling through Ruto Forest when she was suddenly surrounded by a gang of Moblins. A young boy, named Link rescued her, and Impa knew she had found the hero Zelda had asked for.

Impa taught both Link and Zelda all kinds of Hylian legend and lore, and they often called upon her for advice. She was amused by Link's pusuit of Zelda, and often encouraged them to get together, for she knew the love they shared from early on. By 4545, they had finally got together, which pleased Impa immensely.

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