Kylara of the Kokiri

    Kylara was born on July 26th 4526, in the Kokiri (named after the infamous Kokiri who used to inhabit Hyrule long ago) tribe village in Catalia. She was the youngest of three children.Her parents grew fruit that was in turn made into wine by their friends, Arn and Medila. Kylara was best friends with Haylee, their daughter, younger sister of Link (who later became the famous hero of Hyrule). When Kylara was 11 years old, the village was attacked by Tanol Raiders. At the time, Kylara was helping her parents to pick fruit, in a forest near the village. They returned to find most of the village inhabitants murdered. They hunted for survivors, and taking what possessions they could, fled to the nearby town of Gardarika. When her parents died, she was looked after by the Elder of the town, Arecesius, and his wife Elynda.

By 4545, there were only five members of the Kokiri tribe left, not including Link. He was brought back to Catalia, and Kylara offered to marry him. Link refused, because he was already betrothed to Zelda, Princess of the nearby country of Hyrule, where Link had been living for the last nine years. Kylara fell in love with Link, and followed him back to Hyrule, hoping to change his mind. Around this time, Zelda was seemingly murdered, and Link finally agreed to go back to Catalia, since Hyrule held too many bad memories.

Kylara looked after him, but Link wouldn't allow anything romantic to happen between them. Later, they recieved news that Zelda was actually alive, and Link immediately went back to Hyrule. Kylara followed him once again, a few days later, but Link told her that he'd married Zelda. Devestated that Link and Zelda were lovers, and that Link wouldn't change his mind, Kylara stabbed herself, taking her own life.

Kylara is a Catalian, with Hylian ancestory. She knows the ancient tribal customs well, and believes in them, like almost every other Catalian. She believed that Link was her rightful husband. Kylara was temptingly beautiful in an innocent way, but it wasn't enough to make Link fall in love with her. She was soft spoken, but was very set in the ways of the Kokiri, and it angered her when Link refused to compile with traditional custom. She was buried in the graveyard near Gardarika Town in Catalia.

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