Leigh Temple

Leigh Temple was the Avatar of Sosaria, its exalted heroine and sworn protector for centuries or more. She did battle with wizards, sorceress', strange creatures and evil malevolent entities such as the Guardian. Yet despite her many years of loyal service, she was dismissed from the lands she had served so well over a petty dispute by her friend and liege, Lord British.

She arrived in Hyrule, a relative stranger, exiled from the lands she had once sworn to protect. However, the beautiful heroine made an immediate impact at the Din day festivities she was the first woman to compete, and took away the archery, horseback archery and the fencing honours, much to the surprise and admiration of many spectators, not to mention the chagrin of a certain famous Dubation archer!
Little was known about her age or where she came from.

The return of Ganondorf to Hyrule sparked a series of events, including the death of Prince Nicolas. Leigh displayed her magical prowess by restoring the future Dalsonan King to life. Shortly afterwards, however, sensing her as a potential threat, Ganondorf framed the heroine for the murder of several peasants, as well as the murder of Raymundo Arguelles the husband of Princess Fayette.

Momentarily cleared, Leigh went on to fight admirably for the Hyrulian army against Ganondorf's forces but was mistaken for Zelda and consequently kidnapped and taken to Ganondorf's secret hideaway. Tortured and subdued, she still managed to escape and eventually led Link and his companions back to the Shadow Temple were Ganondorf awaited. There she helped trap Ganondorf in a spirit prison, but her adventures in Hyrule were far from over.

Even with the end of the war, Leigh found herself once again at the centre of scandal. Advances made by her onto Link were not left unnoticed by his wife, Zelda, and she exerted her power to ensure the warrior was put on trial for the murders she had previously been cleared of, as well as abandonment and several other crimes. She was found guilty, and was shockingly sentenced to death, much to the protest of the many friends she had made during her short stay in Hyrule.

However, a plot by a band of evil creatures known as the Nightmares saw the storming of North Castle, during which Zelda found herself kidnapped and facing the guillotine herself! Leigh escaped during the chaos and both she and Link endeavoured to rescue Zelda from the clutches of the evil creatures.

Their plans foiled, the Nightmares fled to the Tower of Nagul to make their last stand, and Link and Leigh gave chase along with their friends, only to discover that they were the only two who could enter the tower, where they both had to face their worst fears. Here, Leigh came as close as she ever did to declaring her affection for Link, but shortly after she and the hero destroyed the Nightmares the heroine fell from the crumbling tower and was struck by a bolt of lightening. Her body was never found, and she was presumed dead.

Gone but not forgotten, the Avatar was mourned by many in Hyrule and beyond. Her 'death' triggered a declaration of hostilities between Sosaria and Hyrule the Sosarians held the Hyrulians responsible for the terrible death of their champion.

15 years from her apparent 'death' Leigh reappeared in Hyrule, unaged but much changed from her last visit to Hyrule. She had been trapped in an unfamiliar world, and whilst she had only calculated that she was away for a few months, she was soon to discover that she had been away for much, much longer. Her return proved to be brief but dramatic, and an ill-advised affair with Link and Zelda's 21 year old son, Ewan, saw Zelda order the Avatar to leave Hyrule and never return. Leigh obliged, choosing to leaving for Sosaria which appeared to be under the rule of a mad man. Upon her return to Sosaria she was possessed by her old nemesis the Guardian and told to retrieve the Black Sword, an item fashioned by her own hand and reputedly one of the most powerful items in the Demiari, from North Castle.

Leigh returned to North Castle, where she healed a mortally wounded Ewan in exchange for the weapon, which had been kept locked within the castle's vaults for years. As Leigh waited for her new master to reach the shores of Hyrule in a planned attack, Ganondorf, the spirit of the blade, persuaded her to switch her allegiance and release him. In doing so, the Guardian's influence was broken, and her senses returned just as her nemesis arrived in Hyrule.

Bravely, the Avatar challenged her long time enemy to a fight she could have never hoped to win. Even worse, the crimes she had committed whilst under his influence began to surface in her memory, and she realised that if she were to kill the Guardian, she would also kill herself. Despite all the odds, she defeated the Guardian, but not without consequence. During her battle, she was mortally wounded, and her soul was called to the Void. As she lay dying she finally admitted her love for Prince Ewan, who could do naught but look on in despair as her life slipped from away.

Leigh was a unique character, who was as perfect as she was flawed. Brave but impulsive, her tongue often got her into trouble only her blade could avert. Her sorcery was unmatched, and her skill with the sword was bested by few. She could be as warm as she could be cold, but at heart, although she seemed to have everything, true happiness eluded her until the moment of her true death.

She was laid to rest in Sosaria in November, 4567. She was apparently 27 years old. Her deeds will never be forgotten.

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