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Link of the Kokiri - Triforce Protector & 'Destined' Hero

Link was born on October 25th 4525, in the small country of Catalia, which is slightly to the west of Hyrule. He was the oldest of four children, with twins Hayden and Haylee and the youngest, Shawn. His Father was Arn, and his mother was Medila. They were well known in Link's village for their special wine. However, when Link was only 12 years old, his family and the rest of the village were brutally murdered by Tanol Raiders. Link escaped across the sea to Hyrule, to live with his uncle Govan and aunt Janey in the town of Ruto. Ever since he was a young boy, Link loved to go out exploring. One day when he was 14, he rescued a small faerie from a moblin. Her name was Sprite and they became inseperable companions. A year later he rescued Impa and she told him of Princess Zelda's predicament. So, Link first came to fame as Hyrule's most courageous hero, when he rescued Princess Zelda from the evil sorceror Ganon, and retrieved the pieces of the Triforce of Wisdom, Zelda shattered to keep out of Ganon's hands when he kidnapped. her. He was promptly given a job at North Castle by the king, and Link fell totally head over heels in love with Zelda but she prefered to remain just friends.

A year later, when Link turned 16, a strange mark like that of the kingdom's crest appeared on his hand. He showed Impa and she was surprised by the mark, but once she regained her composure, she gave a him a small chest with a scroll and some crystals inside. The scroll stated that Link was the one to find the missing third Triforce. When Link reached its supposed resting place, there was nothing there but a scroll which crumbled to dust upon his touch. Shortly after, Sprite the accidentally opened the Mists of Time and a powerful griffen, named Enzar, escaped. Zelda and Link combined their skill to defeat him and imprison him once more.

Over the next couple of years, Link and Zelda became very close, but never lovers. Link had the kingdom's approval, and he and Zelda spent most of their time foiling Ganon's attacks. In 4544, Link took Aaron Westley on as his apprentice. In the year 4545, Zelda finally confessed that she loved him, but she was sadly engaged to Kain. They became secret lovers, but were soon discovered by the King. With the help of several friends, including Damon Owen, Sir Drake, Prince Nick, Aaron Westley and Selina Rowen, they revealed that Kain was really Enzar. They managed to destroy Enzar once and for all, but not before he shattered the Triforces into pieces. A month after the Battle of Enzar, Link proposed to Zelda, who said yes. Felicity the faerie found scrolls relating to the lost Triforce, and he and Zelda eagerly decided to undertake the quest. His brother Hayden, who Link thought was dead, showed up, but it turned out that he was a member of the evil Carcastan Sect. Hayden tried to warn Link about the quest, but failed. Link was devastated when his brother was killed by the sect. He blamed himself for failing to help sooner, even though he was saving Zelda from the same fate at the the time. The whole experience strengthend his bond with Zelda however, when he realised how close he'd been to losing her.

A short time later, he was called back to his natice country Catalia, to see the Elder Arcesius in Gardarika Town. Link discovered that several surviors of his village were living there, and Arcesius proposed that Link should marry his sister's childhood friend, Kylara, to keep the line of his tribe, the Kokiri, going. Link declined, and returned to Hyrule. Ganon discovered a dangerous artefact called the Amulet of Nagul, which enabled him to use a special form of magic. Trenon kidnapped Zelda using the Amulet's power, and Link and the rest of Hyrule were tricked into thinking that the Princess was dead. Devestated, Link returned by to Catalia with Kylara. It was the biggest mistake he'd ever made. News arrived two weeks later that Zelda was actually alive. He returned at once to Hyrule, but she wanted nothing to do with him, because he'd betrayed her with Kylara. The Triforce was restored into three, Link and Zelda managed to fight off Ganon for good. They made up, and got married. Their unofficial wedding was on October 24, 4545, their official wedding was on November 2, 4545.

Link thought that he had the perfect life. In 4546, he and Zelda had a son together, whom they named Ewan. Link was extremely happy to finally be a father like he'd always wanted. In 4552, there was a big turnaround in his life. Ganon reappeared, and turned into his former guise of Ganondorf, his human form. Link retrieved the ancient weapon, which could supposedly kill the evil wizard, the Master Sword, and the Great War began. At the time, his marriage fell upon the rocks, due to some unwanted attentions from the very beautiful Avatar, Leigh, and Zelda's jealousy and wrongful conclusions. Link finally tracked Ganondorf to his lair, in the old Shadow Temple, and they duelled together. Ganondorf killed Link, but suddenly, he was saved by Kylara, who was his spirit guardian. Leigh then trapped Ganondorf's spirit in her Black Sword, and the war was finally over. After defeating the Nightmares that Ganon had let loose, Link patched things up with his wife, and she later gave birth to their daughter, Brianna.

In 4553 Link found his life plagued with yet more problems when he visted Catalia to pay his respects to the graves of his dead family. He was cruelly beaten by members of his own tribe who remained in Gardarika who blamed the hero for Kylara's death. He was locked up in a cellar under the home of Aden and left to starve. Only the kindness of his old friend, Aden's wife, Fayzie, saved him from death. Zelda and Aaron later arrived in Catalia, worried about him being missing and the group fled, with Fayzie, to Catalia Castle. There Link met Robert, another of his kin. On the way back to Hyrule Robert killed both Aden and Derrin, Link returned to more problems finding out Ewan had been kidnapped, and during this period he and Zelda drifted apart... and he found himself falling in love with Fayzie. Once Zelda found out they separated and Robert declared war on Hyrule. Link tried to reason with his kin but it didn't help, so he returned ot Hyrule at the last moment to help in the battle against Mara, Robert and Enzar. At the end he chose to stay with Zelda, and after several rocky weeks they attempted to move on and forgive and forget. After these traumatic months Link found himself very much a changed man but many years of peace in Hyrule helped him immensely. He became King of Hyrule when Zelda took over rule from her father, in 4557.

Link is well loved by the entire kingdom. Despite his tragic early life, he is extremely happy and cheerful. His dark good looks and big smile are impossible not to find attractive. He knows Zelda well, and can deal with her moods. He has always loved her and would do anything for her. His Hylian ancestory allows him to use magic, but he is equally skilled with his sword and various other weapons. Thanks to Zelda's teaching, he is also well-read in the ancient Hylian language. He is the godfather of Aaron's son Timothy, Nick's daughter Renee and Drake's son Zachary.

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