Mara Hespera

    Mara was born on the 17th March 4529, in the country of Moldera. Orphaned from a young age, she grew up in an orphanage in the care of Melana, a caretaker for several children. During this time, she met Jeremy, a young boy with strange magic. Through him she began to learn the art of necromancy; he later became her first and only real love. Years passed, and she began to learn the true nature of the magic craft, and to use it to reveal the true meaning behind some strange childhood dreams. Tragedy struck her early onward, though, and from that time the young woman's heart became cold and without empathy. She began to study necromancy with healing on the side as a cover, hoping to become a powerful sorceress.

However, this was only a small part of her ambitions; Mara wanted to discover the secret of becoming an immortal, something which she hoped would allow her to take over the entire Demiari. She read as many scripts as possible, and by the year 4553, she felt ready to set about her task.

In the summer of that same year, Mara travelled to the country of Hyrule, intent on possessing two things; The Triforce, and more importantly, the son of the Royal Family, young Prince Ewan. She posed as a healer, taking on the post that Selina Rowen had recently vacated due to her wedding to King Nicolas of Dalsona. She charmed most of the castle, but behind their backs tormented Princess Zelda, and murdered several guards, clever enough not to be discovered. She also befriended Ewan, and injected a lethal, magical poison into Zelda's bodyguard, Kaibre Lainge, that could be activated with a special pendant. After a brief liaison with Drake proved unsuccessful at allowing her to use the Triforce, she manipulated Fayette so that she could gain access to the artifact, and use its powers to bind together a magical potion, that she would use, along with Ewan's sacred blood, to ressurect the power deity, Enzar.

The task accomplished successfully, Mara had full control over the evil griffen's life, and she planned to use that upper hand to enlist his help in her quest for becoming immortal. Enzar at first agreed to comply, but had his own plans, having new-found freedom. Mara instead then found herself a new ally in the shape of Robert, a fellow Kokiri kin of Link's, a man bitter with hatred for the hero and Hyrule. Mara used this hatred to convince Robert that they should join forces; use Robert's army to weaken Hyrule, then take the country, together. If successful, she would gain the Triforce, the one thing that Enzar also wanted. She then planned to make sure that he kept his promise to make her, and her new lover, Robert, immortals. This plan, however, was ultimately doomed.

Months later, she bore a son by Robert, a boy child that she named Jeremy, after her childhood friend. Ultimately, she died in childbirth, leaving the boy to be raised by another, in 4554.

No less than evil, Mara is beautiful, cunning and extremely manipulative, and she will stop at nothing to get what she wants. She can use her beauty and charm alone to beguile men and make them do her biddings, she has no qualms over killing, and is an extremely powerful sorceress. She is also ambitious and cruel with a cold heart which is closed to love. Her magic talents are almost unrivalled, and she also a great knowledge of all things arcane and forbidden.

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