Molasar Anacreon Dragmire

Molasar Anacreon Dragmire was born on 21st December, 4552 in the Gerudo desert lands, the sole son of Balayna Anacreon and the loathsome Ganondorf Dragmire. His name, roughly translated, meant 'he of the night,' and unlike his mother, was, from the moment he was born, an impure individual, intended to follow in the footsteps of his father. He was raised by Faylita, his mother's devious younger sister, after the death of his mother in childbirth. His aunt promised to raise the boy to be just as corrupt as Ganon. Her plan succeeded just a little too well, however, for before he left to carry out his duty, Molasar murdered Faylita coldly.

From the time he was very young, Molasar had been goaded and prodded to fulfill the desires he was born to do by the spirit of his father, long since sealed away in Leigh the Avatar's Black Sword. Leaving Gerudo lands to reach Hyrule as his father instructed, Molasar soon found himself at North Castle, home to Ganon's nemesis, Link. However, he soon found himself distracted by Link's young daughter, the lovely Brianna. Both were 15 years old at the time, yet in spite of his age Molasar acted and looked older. He swept the young princess off of her feet, promising to take her to his lands and make her his queen. Brianna agreed, and in spite of the protests of her loved ones, Brianna followed Molasar to the deserts to become his wife. Molasar had changed his last name to his mother's so that no one would understand who he really was, and in the meantime had attacked Prince Ewan and left him to die.

However, hope still remained. Brianna's friend, Timothy Westley, along with his friend Aden, decided to stop the wedding before it could take place. The two managed to penetrate the Gerudo defenses with the help of a young woman, Rillar, and they managed to get there just as the princess and Gerudo had ended their vows. Now joined by blood, the pair was married, and Molasar was determined to turn the princess to his dark side. In an act of heroism, the two friends dragged the young princess away, trying to dissuade her from making a large mistake. Bent on not losing his newly made wife, Molasar followed Brianna. He received a nasty surprise as he encountered the newly healthy Ewan's blade at Death Mountain, and by the end of their battle, the Gerudo ruler lay slain, much to Brianna's distress.

With his son now gone, Ganon is forced to carry out his own wishes, desires that will interrupt more than one life, and will inevitably end in the shedding of innocent blood.

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