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Prince Nicolas of Dalsona

Nicolas, or Nick, as he prefers was born in 4514, in the country of Dalsona, North of Hyrule. His parents, King Ravenscroft and Queen Melisande, are the rulers of the country. Nick, the eldest, had two younger twin sisters called Isabel and Isla, born ten years after him, and in 4528, a younger brother called Grahame was born. At the age of two, Nick was kidnapped by an evil wizard and was missing for six months. His parents feared that they would never see their son again, but on of Ravencroft's noble knights rescued the young child and destroyed the wizard who'd taken him.

Nick grew into a fine young warrior. In 4533, at the age of 19, Nick was part of the Dalsonian ally army that assisted neighbouring country, Dubatio, when Raiders from Tanol attempted an invasion. The war lasted for five years, but was good experience for the prince. He returned to Dalsona in 4538, but life at court no longer held the appeal it once had to the young prince. It was then that the noble Dalsonan took the decision to travel the Demiari so that he might prepare himself to be as good a king as his father. After travelling the Demiari for nearly six years, Nicolas decided to visit Valour Hold - Hyrule's prestigous training establishment, in 4544.

After almost spending a year in Hyrule, Nicolas was much impressed by many of the Hyrulian fighters he met there. He was good friends particulary with the knight, Sir Drake Benowyc, and the Hold's overseer, Lord Hylton. In 4545, he met up with Princess Zelda and Hyrule's much praised young hero, Link. He agreed to help them get rid of the evil Kain. In fact, Nick proved to be a useful ally when he told of a similar story that had happened in his country many years before. He described how a griffin had used a special metal to control people's minds, and the metal in the Communion necklaces proved to be the same. Nick described an antidote that could be used, which Selina Rowen made up. Finally, during the final battle with the evil Enzar, Nick and Link defeated the creature together, and Nick was proclaimed an honourary knight of Hyrule.

By autumn of 4545, Nick's father told his pson that he should settle down to find a wife. King Ravencroft thought he had already found the ideal maiden- Lady Fayette Tantalon of Sosaria, who was also due to become a Princess of Hyrule when her mother married King Harkinian. However, Nicolas was less enthused by his father's selection and maintained that he would prefer to marry a woman whom he loved, and who could love him in return. Nicolas thought he found this in one maiden; the lowly, but beautiful village healer, Selina Rowen. However the prince sailed back to Dalsona before he revealed his true feelings. But disaster struck when the escaped spirit of Enzar struck his boat, killing his men, and warping Nick to another world.

Nick spent a a torturous long, six years trapped in the Dark Realm, along with many evil banished creatures, such as Ganon, Enzar and The Guardian. Ganondorf used Nick to his advantage when he broke out of the realm; he possessed Nick's body, and used the guise to get into North Castle. When he was discovered, Ganondorf fled Nick's body, which was weak. Nick almost died, but Leigh saved him with a resurrection spell, and he was nursed back to health by both Impa and Selina. Spending so much time with Selina, Nick knew he had to tell her how he felt. He was ecstatic when Selina confessed that she too, loved him. After the Great War had taken place, he asked Selina to marry him, and she agreed. He took her back to Dalsona to meet his family, and they were pleased, if a little surprised, with Nick's choice of bride. They became King and Queen of Dalsona, and a year later had twin children; a girl and a boy, whom they named Renee and Alexander.

Nick is an extremely intelligent man, although he sometimes prefers solitude in order to think about things. He is very thoughtful, but also enjoys the company of his close friends too. He constantly wants to improve in everything he does, and is already an excellent jouster and swordsman. He is greatly respected throughout the Demiari for his kindness, his bravery and his geneirosity. He loves Selina dearly, as well as his children, who are his pride and joy.

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