Robert of the Kokiri

Robert was born 18th June 4529. He was an only child, and grew up believing strongly in the Kokiri traditions and customs. Called Bobby as a young boy, he was a childhood acquaintance of Link's, and also was likewise good friends with Kylara. As he grew into a young man with large ambitions and dreams, he, like many of those in his tribe, wedded another that was of Kokiri blood. His wife, Nicola, was the younger sister of Fayzie, a friend of Link's. Nicola became pregnant with their first child, a daughter, but she was not strong enough to survive the birthing, and both she and the child passed on. The life he knew now broken, Robert's ambitions turned to becoming a soldier for the Catalian army. He proved a hard worker, and quickly grew close to the ruler of the country, Queen Seline.

Seline, with no children of her own, considered Robert like a son, and he was soon promised the crown of the kingdom with the queen's passage. This, however, would later prove to be a dangerous mistake. After years of not seeing his old childhood friends, word reached him that Kylara, who he had been smitten with since he was hardly more than a boy, had taken her own life because of Link's refusal to marry her. It was then that a strong and deep hate for Hyrule's hero began to develop, and Robert would stop at nothing to have his revenge against the man that he felt had ruined things. When Link and Princess Zelda came for a visit to Queen Seline, Robert reintroduced himself as young Bobby, now a bitter man with a corrupt heart. He and Link exchanged heated words, and it was then that Robert warned Link that his young son Ewan would one day be the undoing of all Link had worked to prevent. Robert also later murdered Queen Seline in an attempt to gain the throne, and stir up trouble between Hyrule and Catalia, blaming the death on the hero.

In the meantime, with war brewing on the horizon between Hyrule and Catalia, Robert took a lover, the cold and heartless witch, Mara Hespera, who was at the time Prince Ewan's caretaker at North Castle. She had convinced him to join forces so that they could be immortal with the help of the newly revived griffin Enzar, a bargain that Robert could not refuse. Mara ultimately manipulated Robert into getting her with child, and after his eventual death in the war, the pregnant sorceress bore his illegitimate son.

Robert was a cold and callous man, with little love for anyone or anything. However, he was a brave man, and his apparent lack of emotion helped him become a superb soldier and tactician and a valuable asset to the Catalian army. He died at the relatively young age of 24 from injuries caused by his own kin, Link, and was burnt on the pyre, along with his numerous fallen countrymen who had given their lives for his 'False' war.

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