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Sal the Dragon

Sal (full name Sallyann Pinkfire), was born in the southwest of Hyrule several centuries ago. Her distant relations once lived in the realm of Sosaria, but many fled northwards in hope of a better life. They settled in the pillaged, ruined southwest part of Hyrule, and began to breed. As the population grew, the dragons spread northwards, inhabiting the caves in the long mountain ranges that covered Hyrule from north to south, east to west. Sal was born around 4200 HC, which was a relatively peaceful time in Hyrule. She became the mate of Caracticus Bluescale, and they inhabited a large cave which overlooked what was once Hyrule Field in the southwest. They led a peace-filled life, eating villagers lifestock and pillaging treasure, and had several children over the centuries, who spread around Hyrule.

In 4520, Ganon, the evil wizard took over the southwest island in Hyrule, and proclaimed it his base. All creatures became his pawns, including Sal and Caracticus, even though they hated the necromancer. He made a deal with them; he would keep them from being attacked by dragon hunters, if they helped him when neccessary. In this age, dragon hunters were becoming more and more of a threat, after all. Ganon, however, rarely called upon the pair for help, so the service was in easy one.

However, in 4545, Sal's husband was killed by a dragon hunter near the town of Saria, leaving Sal to fend for herself. Angered, she attacked Saria town, burning its houses down to the ground and killing many civillians out of spite. Sir Drake famously drove her back into the Great River, which rendered her firebreathing skills useless for a while, and she was forced to retreat. A short while later, she was called upon by Ganon to help attack North Castle. The dragon did so, and encountered King Charles of Lemmink, one of the most famous dragonslayers in the world. His sword, Dracobitus, was feared by her race throughout the whole of Demiari. She was felled by some boulders shot into the air by the catapultists defending the castle, and angered, Sal turned on Ganon, and began to eat his army. Ganon retreated, and Sal flew off. Link then journeyied to her cave, and bargained with her: Charles would not harm her, or anyone else for that matter, if she would join his side. Eventually, Sal agreed. She took Link to Ganon (on the pretense that she had caught him, and so that Link could infilitrate the Underworld, so both of them benefitted) and Ganon did not reward her, so Sal knew he was a liar, and agreed to ally with Link. In a rare occurance, which didn't happen often, she pledged to become his dragon.

Sal was a great help to Link, flying him safely to places and helping out whenever she could. For example, when Link went to Catalia with Kylara, thinking Zelda was dead, it was Sal who flew across to tell him that he had been mistaken, that Zelda's death had been 'faked' by a powerful magic spell, and that Ganon was planning to attack. During the Great War against Ganondorf, she was a great help in killing off his men. Around this time, she also saved Leigh Temple, Sosaria's Avatar several times, but only because the Avatar had used a summon spell, which Sal grudgingly had to obey. She came to dislike the Avatar a little for this reason, but never harmed her. Sal also helped Link and Zelda search for the legendary Master Sword, and it was discovered that she had one of the special Virtue Pendents, The Kokiri Emerald, in her vast treasure haul.

Sal is a female dragon, so she is a lot smaller than most male dragons. Her most distinguising feature is her bright pink hair, and in all, she is a magnificent looking creature, with glistening green scales, a soft white belly and sharp horns. She tends to be very sarcastic, and sometimes talks in riddles, lies and takes the mickey. However, she will often tell you what you want to know if you persist enough. Often, if you ask a favour, she nearly always wants something back in return. Sal is proud that she has the largest treasure collection in the whole of Hyrule, and she wouldn't hesitate to toast anyone who came within an inch of it, if they had intentions of stealing any. Her favourite activities include sunbathing (every dragon needs its sun, after all), toasting Ganon's nasties and collecting treasure.

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