Selina Rowen

    Selina was born on August 3rd 4525, the small rural village of Karul in Eastern Hyrule. She was the youngest of three children; she had two older brothers called Gelin and Eldann. Her parents owned a small vegetable farm, which her brothers later took over. While they dug, Selina taught herself to use a bow, and enjoyed exploring the nearby forests. She began to study as a healer by the age of sixteen but between her studies at the age of eighteen, her uncle from the nearby town of Nabrooru invited her to work behind the bar of his tavern, 'The Lucky Dragon'. It was here that she met her ex-boyfriend, and later best friend, Aramis Dunston. When she turned twenty, Selina joined Kain's Communion.

It was round about this time that she became friends with Link and Zelda. She found herself completely attracted to the handsome hero, and she and Zelda competed for his affections. She travelled to Valour Hold with them, along with Aramis, but only because she wanted to be with Link. Aramis was tragically killed shortly after and she was deeply upset by his death, even though it had been revealed he was plotting the murder of Link and the Princess. After discovering the Communion were up to no good, Selina stopped being a member. She was present during the battle with the evil griffin Enzar, and helped save Link from going through Enzar's portal.

Although still upset at the loss of Aramis, Selina joined in with Link and Zelda's quest to recover the lost Triforce of Courage. She was captured and almost sacrificed, but managed to escape in time. She became close to Zelda, who had secretly always longed for a female best friend, and the princess offered her the job of staying at North Castle as the Head Healer. Selina took up the position in 4546, although she sometimes went off travelling around Hyrule, helping people out. She didn't think that she could ever love again, after what happened to her former lover, but she found herself drawn to handsome and kind Prince Nick of Dalsona. She didn't tell him, because she thought he was too highly born for her, and when he was snatched away into the void by Ganon, it was too late.

Selina resided at North Castle, and tried to forget about what happened to Nick. She got on with her job, and forgot about love for the meantime. When Nick returned, in 4552, escaped from the void, weak and almost dying, she couldn't believe her luck. Leigh, the Avatar from Sosaria saved his life, and then Selina nursed him back to health. He told her that he loved her, and loved blossomed. However, around that time, the Great War against Ganondorf began. Selina went out onto the battlefield, to both fight, and heal the injured. Leigh taught her magical healing, which was even more effective than her own traditional methods. After the war ended, and everything went back to normal, she and Nick got married in Dalsona, and became rulers of the country. A year later she bore twin children, a girl and a boy, whom she and Nick named Renee and Alexander.

Although Selina is human, she is fairly skilled in magical arts, as well as having good healing skills. She enjoys adventuring and is competent with the bow and arrow. Selina is generally cheerful, and likes to hang out in various taverns with the men, playing darts or showing off her magic skills. However, once she married Nick, she had to become a lot more dignified and settle down a bit! She is a quick learner, loyal and stands up for herself well. Beautiful and intelligent, it was no wonder why she was sought after by several men, including Link, King Charles, Aaron Westley and Damon Owen. However, it was Nick she gave her heart to in the end, and they are very happy together indeed.

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