Skoll and Aspete

Skoll and Aspete

Skoll, a horned Stalfos, and Aspete, a yellow-skinned moblin, were the two chief scouts of Ganon. Created from the same half brain and the wizard's dark magic, the two were intended to be intelligent and devious but often failed on both counts.

Though the two were loyal to Ganon, they have also served various other villains, including the terrible Griffin Enzar.

Their home has always been Death Mountain, and with Ganon gone, they consider themselves to be its patrons, although they tend to hide from any intruders rather than challenge them.

Skoll is perhaps the slightly more intelligent of the two, although not by much. However, because of his increased intelligence, he is also the more cowardly.

Despite Aspete's stupidity, he is quite brave but he is very easily influenced, especially by Skoll. Aspete has few aspirations, only to eat faeries and terrorise small children. He has quite a keen sense of smell, but he seldom puts it to use.

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