Timothy Westley

    Timothy was born on November 1st 4547 at North Castle, the only son to parents Aaron Westley and his wife, Aimee. Young Timothy enjoyed a more privledged life than either of his parents had at his age, he lived in the Royal Nursery with the royal children, and was extremely close to Prince Ewan, in fact, they were almost like brothers. From an early age, he was trained to be a fine young swordsman and archer, just like his father, skills which later ensured him the post as Triforce Protector when he was older.

Throughout much of his teenaged years, Timothy enjoyed roving around Hyrule with Ewan and occasionally his other close friend, Aden Owen, the stepson of Damon Owen. Although close to Ewan, sometimes Timothy felt jealous of his friend because Ewan had the confidence that he lacked, especially when it came to women. However there was one girl that completely captured his heart like no other, and this was young Princess Brianna, Ewan's sister. She and Timothy were best of friends, often sharing poetry they'd written together and Brianna would often confide in him about many things; only he could never seem to tell her back that he'd fallen for her.

In 4567, terrible events were set in motion when the evil Molasar Dragmire arrived in Hyrule, falling in love with Brianna and attempting to kill Ewan. Queen Zelda sent Timothy on a rescue mission when she disappeared from the country with Molasar, unknowing of his wicked act towards her brother. Timothy enlisted the help of Aden and together they trailed the pair to Benlucca. In the tropical jungle, attempting to search for the hidden Gerudo city, they encountered Rillar; a beautiful young Gerudo hunter who lived outside the city, and who hated Molasar. She agreed to help them find Brianna. With the help of Gerudo princess Faykantra, Timothy managed to interrupt the wedding of Molasar and Brianna, fighting the evil Gerudo King and defeating him. He, Aden and Rillar dragged a defiant Brianna back to Hyrule, just in time to witness the showdown between Link and the newly released Ganon, and Molasar arrived clsoe behind, where he duelled with Ewan to the death.

Brianna never forgave Timothy for taking her away from Molasar, and although the young hero finally managed to get up the courage to tell her that he loved her, she cruelly rebuked him. Devastated, Timothy knew something had changed within his beloved princess and that same day he left Hyrule, taking to the seas to travel the world, Aden and their new companion Rillar accompanying him on his numerous adventures. During this time he became extremely emotionally withdrawn, his thoughts constantly on Brianna when he was alone.

Timothy is much like his father, being understated and shy on most occasions. He is very much the complete opposite to both his best friends, Ewan and Aden. He is extremely skilled in all areas of combat, training hard constantly to make sure he is as good as his father, his main role model in life. In his spare time, Timothy especially likes to take pen to paper and write poetry or read books. Brave, loyal and handsome, he is many womens dream, he is still in love with Brianna and gives no-one else a second glance. He is a great romantic at heart, but far too shy to ever reveal his true feelings. He is the perfect gentlemen, ready to fight for his country, a young hero of the future.

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