Chief Trenon

Trenon was born on July 23rd 4510, in the barbaric country of Tanol, which is situated to the Northwest of Hyrule. He was the eldest of a large family; he had twelve younger sisters and brothers, a size which was typical for any normal Tanolian family. The family was part of a larger group called The Raiders, who would pillage the smaller countries of Catalia, Jueland and Lemmink. Trenon learnt his excellent fighting skills from his father Artaga, who was the leader of one of the Raider tribes. From an early age, Trenon learnt how to kill and steal, and by the age of 14, he was considered one of the most notorious of his tribe. In 4525, he was sent to live with the Golden Tribe, who resided under the Ruto Mountains in the nearby country of Hyrule - an exclusive group who were ruled by a liche - an evil, undead wizard. The Tanol name for this tribe was Carcastan, and so Trenon was made a member for his evil ways. The Carcastans worshipped the Triforce of Courage, the magical prism they'd discovered when they made their home underground. They were unknown to its power however. They regularly practised sacrifice, catching Hyrulians who had the misfortune to pass by one of their hide-outs. Some people caught, were sometimes made to join the Carcastans through a special ceremony, which involved a special drink called Ferul, used to induce a unaware state of mind, and the mixing of blood from member to another. The more scars one had from blood-letting, the more important they were considered to be.

Trenon was an ambitious man. His domineering nature and intelligence allowed him to become highly established among the sect. By 4538, only13 years after he had first joined the Carcastans, Trenon had become the Chief of the tribe, second in command to the liche. He had many scars from all the initiation ceremonies he had performed during his time in the sect. In 4540, he was part of the group that ambushed the young Catalian Hayden, as he landed on the Northwestern coast of Hyrule, in search of the remainder of his family.

In 4545, Trenon spotted the young hero Link, and his companion, the faerie Sprite, exploring his domain. Wondering what they were doing, he sent a spy to the Overworld to find out what the hero's business had been. The young recruit Hayden offered his services, so Trenon sent him, unknowing that the two were related. Hayden returned, and told Trenon that Link was after something the Carcastans owned - The Golden One, or, as Link called it, The Triforce of Courage. Trenon planned carefully, knowing that Link and his companions would soon arrive to take the object. Trenon captured all but the knight Drake. To his surprise, as his troops captured the Princess Zelda and Link, he noticed the Princess try to defend herself using The Golden One. She managed to use some sort of magic with it, something Trenon or his followers had never seen before. He took the Princess aside for his own uses, but she refused to tell the secrets of the artefact.

Trenon later discovered that Hayden had gone to North Castle to get help, because Link was his brother. Drake, Hayden and Lady Fayette returned to try to rescue their friends, but were captured by Trenon. In his anger, during the next ceremony, he ordered that both Zelda and Hayden should be sacrificed first, Zelda for her refusals, and Hayden for his betrayal to the sect. The liche killed Hayden, but Link, who had somehow escaped, rescued Zelda, and he and his group escaped with the Triforce of Courage.

He was later murdered by the vengeful Link, but Ganon resurrected him, and took him on as his right-hand man. Trenon used the Amulet of Nagul to trick the whole of Hyrule that their Princess was dead. He was killed again for a second time by Link, and that was finally the end of him, for Ganon had no further use of him.

Trenon is pure evil. He cares for little or no-one, except for his high place in the Carcastan Sect. He enjoys sacrifice and seeing pain, and believes that one day, Tanol and its people will rise to be the mightiest race in the entire Demiari. He is a strong and formidable foe, never tireless in battle, and an expert in battle. His dark features and deeply tanned skin, covered in scars, mark him prominently as a Carcastan. He understands little magic, his weapons being his main offence.

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