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    Zelda was born on November 4th 4525, in North Castle. Her Father was King Harkinian, and her mother was the beautiful Queen Alina. Sadly, Alina died when Zelda was just six years old, and Harkinian was left to bring up his daughter alone, with the help of the loyal nursemaid, Impa. From an early age, Zelda was a clever child, and enjoyed learning, and practicing magic. When she turned 15, she inherited the Triforce of Wisdom. Shortly later, she was kidnapped by Ganon, the evil necromancer. To keep the Triforce of Wisdom away from the wizard, she used her magical skills to shatter it into several pieces. Beforehand, she had sent her faithful nursemaid, Impa, to look for a hero who could help in the war against Ganon. The valiant boy Link, rescued her from Ganon's clutches, returning both her and the retrieved pieces of the Triforce back safely to North Castle. He was promptly given a job there, and he fell in love with Zelda but she prefered to remain just friends.

A year later, Sprite the faerie accidentally opened the Mists of Time and a powerful griffen, named Enzar, escaped. Zelda and Link combined their skill to defeat him and imprison him once more. The next few years the two became very close, but they spent most of their time stopping Ganon's plans.However, when she turned 20, her Father tried to marry her off to Kain, in order to stop a revolt.

Zelda confessed her feelings to Link, which they tried to keep a secret, but were soon found out by her Father. With the help of several friends, including Aaron Westley and Selina Rowen, they revealed that Kain was really Enzar. They killed Enzar once and for all, but not before he shattered the Triforces into pieces, never to be seen again.

Zelda's life was turned upside down with the arrival of Fayette - a hated childhood girl she'd been forced to socialise with. It was a shock when her father announced that he and Fayette's mother, Lady Fenella, were going to get married. Link proposed to her shortly after - she accepted. When Felicity found scrolls relating to the lost Triforce, Zelda eagerly decided to undertake the quest. Although she and her friends were successful in reclaiming the Triforce of Courage, Zelda's life was endangered when she was captured by the Carcastans and refused to tell their leader the secrets of the Triforce. Chief Trenon was about to sacrifice her, when Link rescued her, but not before his brother was murdered. In a way, Zelda felt responsible, almost wishing that they'd never set out to seek the Triforce. It made her love Link even more though, when she realised he'd saved her over his brother.

Not long later, Ganon discovered a dangerous artefact called the Amulet of Nagul, which enabled him to use a special form of magic. Trenon kidnapped Zelda using the Amulet's power, and Link and the rest of Hyrule were tricked into thinking that the Princess was dead. She was rescued by Sprite, and when she returned, she heard that Link had gone to Catalia with a girl named Kylara. Her fiance returned at once when he heard she was alive, but she wanted nothing to do with him, because he'd betrayed her with Kylara. The Triforce was restored into three, and she and Link managed to fight off Ganon for good. They made up, and got married. Their unofficial wedding was on October 24, 4545, their official wedding was on November 2, 4545.

The next few years were peaceful, and for a while, Zelda believed that peace had finally come to Hyrule. In 4546, she gave birth to a son, who was named Ewan. She believed that nothing could shatter her happiness - until the coming of the Avatar Leigh, and the return of Ganon. In 4552, Leigh arrived in Hyrule, exiled from Sosaria. Zelda offered her refuge at North Castle, and later wished that she hadn't. Leigh was attracted to Link, and made moves on him, which Zelda didn't like at all. However, Ganon made his entrance as Ganondorf, and Link and Zelda had to go on a quest for the past, seeking the one weapon that could supposedly defeat the evil Gerudo King - The Master Sword. The Great War began, and Zelda was left stuck in the castle, as Link and the rest went out to fight. She learned that she was pregnant with another child at this time.

Sick of missing the action, she snuck away to the battlefield, only to argue with Link. He ordered her to go home, fearing her safety, but she wrongly assumed that he wanted rid of her to carry on some secret liasion with Leigh. As she stormed off home, she collapsed, falling under the influence of a drug that Ganondorf had administered to her some days previously, while in the disguise of Nick. She was found by a peasant, who took her in and looked after her, but he wouldn't let her go. Zelda, although sick, escaped, only to be captured by Ganondorf. After she escaped with Link and everyone else, there was more grief back at home. Manipulated by Fayette, Zelda became convinced that Link and Leigh had had an affair, and she and Link drifted further and further apart. She put Leigh on trial, and wrongly found her guilty and imprisioned her. The evil Nightmares, unleashed by Ganon before he was defeated, tried to kill Zelda, but Leigh helped to save her, and they grudgingly made peace. Zelda made up with Link, and later in the year, she gave birth to her daughter, Brianna. Zelda became ruler of Hyrule in 4557.

Although she doesn't care much, Zelda is extremely beautiful, just like her mother. She has a rather fiery temper and hates not getting her own way. She tends to keep her feelings to herself, which has sometimes caused her problems. However, she is extremely warm towards friends and visitors alike, and has a fun sense of humour at times. She can usually look after herself, and is very good at archery. Since Zelda is a Hylian, it means that she is skilled in magic and she can competently control the Triforce's powers, and she is also well-read in the ancient Hylian language. Zelda is the godmother of Selina and Nick's daughter, Renee, and of Drake's son, Zachary.

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