Hyrulian Family Trees

Since our readers might find it difficult to keep track of the numerous characters in mine and Kirsty's fanfiction series, we devised a series a family trees so you could see who came from where and you might be surprised what characters are even related to each other! These are for the main families mentioned but we will do more over time, and they currently span several generations. If there's a family here not mentioned and you're interested in their heritage, we'll see what we can do!

Kirst devised all these trees in a program called Genbox Family History, which is a very versatile and easy-to-use program. If you click on the link you can download a free trial and try it out for yourself!

Genbox Family History (6.3mb)


The most important family - Link and Zelda's! It combines several families together; Harkinian married Fenella Tantalon as his second wife which caused Zelda and Fayette to become stepsisters, which in turn caused the Tantalon-Arguelles to become indirect heirs to the Hyrulian throne. Of Link and Zelda's children, Ewan never married, Brianna was married twice but never sat on the throne. When she and her second husband passed away, Ewan took over care of the remaining true heir to the throne, his niece Aramia.


A very important family in Hyrulian standing, the Benowycs started out as a simple mining family in Ruto. Drake, the only survivor, passed up through the ranks to become Head Knight and one of King Harkinian's most trusted council advisors. He was estranged from first love, Rose, who bore him a son he never knew he had for many years, and he married Gwen who had his son Zachary.


The Westleys were just simple provisioners living in the rural forest village of Tarn when Link met Aaron Westley and the family's fortunes changed forever. Aaron worked his way through the ranks to eventually become Captain of the Guard, taking over from Captain Krin. His son Timothy was Prince Ewan's best friend. He spent many years as a freelance adventurer, during this time he found love with Rosella Tantalon-Arguelles, whilst searching for her brother's assassin. Their son, Ben, is second in line to the Hyrulian throne.


The Kokiri-Owens are another merging of two main families, due to Fayzie's two marriages. Her first son Aden married his travel companion from his days adventuring with Timothy Westley, the feisty Gerudo girl Rillar Carerra and had five daughters. When Fayzie married Damon, they went on also to have five children. The youngest, Wolf, worked as a gardener at North Castle.


The Dalsonas are the Royal Family of Hyrule's ally Dalsona, but King Nicolas married peasant Selina Rowen who hailed from East Hyrule. The family then became very close to Hyrule's own Royal Family since Selina was Zelda's closest friend. Both Selina's children and grandchild spent numerous time at North Castle in future years.


The flamboyant Insequis originally hail from Dubatio but Dion made Hyrule his almost-permanent residence and worked not only as a Royal-commissioned architect and artist, but also as captain of the archers in the Hyrulian army. His youngest son Ivan was also a member of the Hyrulian army.

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