Hyrulian Timeline
- A Guide to my Zelda Fanfiction Events

This time-line is completely made up. Many of the events did NOT happen in any of the games, this is purely an accompaniment to the thirteen fan-fiction stories written by my sister and I which you will find in North Castle's Fanfiction Library. It gives an insight to some of the characters we have created myself, and the events that have occured, or been mentioned in our stories. Read, and enjoy! Warning - contains spoilers!


4488 Hyrulian Chronology
Impa is born in Rauru Village in West Hyrule.

4494 Hyrulian Chronology
King Harkinian is born in Hyrule.

4506 Hyrulian Chronology
Lady Alina is born is Sosaria.Fenella is born is Sosaria. Her mother is a lady in waiting to Lady Alina's mother.

4510 Hyrulian Chronology
Sir Drake is born in Ruto Town in West Hyrule. Trenon is born in Tanol.

4514 Hyrulian Chronology
Prince Nicolas is born in Dalsona.

4516 Hrulian Chronology
Dion Insequi is born in Dubatio. That same year, his family flees to Hyrule in order to avoid civil war. Prince Nicolas is kidnapped by an evil wizard.

4517 Hyrulian Chronology
Damon Owen is born in Darunia, in East Hyrule. Prince Nicolas is rescued by a knight of Dalsona.

4520 Hyrulian Chronology
The evil wizard Ganon, steals the Triforce of Power from North Castle. King Harkinian ascends to the throne. Aramis Dunston is born in Nabrooru Town in East Hyrule.

4524 Hyrulian Chronology
King Harkinian marries Lady Alina of Sosaria. Her close friend, Fenella of Sosaria marries Lord Tantalon of Sosaria.

4525 Hyrulian Chronology
Link is born in Catalia. Zelda is born in North Castle, in West Hyrule. Selina Rowen in born in Karul Village, in East Hyrule. Kylara is born in Catalia. Prince Charles is born in Lemmink. Impa is employed as Zelda's nursemaid. Trenon goes to live under the Ruto Mountains in Hyrule to become part of the Carcastan Sect.

4526 Hyrulian Chronology
Fayette Tantalon is born in Sosaria. Hayden and Haylee, Link's brother and sister are born in Catalia. Sprite, daughter of the King and Queen of Faeries, Oberon and Titania, is born. Sprite's friends, Tiffany, Carrie and Felicity are also born in Hyrule.

4527 Hyrulian Chronology
Drake becomes a guard for Ruto Town.

4529 Hyrulian Chronology
Aaron Westley is born in Tarn, in East Hyrule. Drake becomes Head of the Guard in Ruto Town.

4531 Hyrulian Chronology
Zelda's mother, Queen Alina perishes from an unknown disease. Fleur, Sprite's younger sister, is born in Hyrule. Shawn, Link's youngest brother, is born in Catalia. Sprite becomes friends with Felicity, and also Tiffany, whose mother is a lady in waiting to Queen Titania.

4534 Hyrulian Chronology
Drake becomes Vice Captain of the Guard at North Castle. Damon and his family move to the village of Tarn.

4537 Hyrulian Chronology
Link is given a horse for his 12th birthday. He names her Cloud. Days later, whilst Link is out riding, Tanol raiders attack Link's home village in Catalia. His entire family is massacred, along with the rest of the village. Link thinks he is the only survivor. He journeys to Hyrule, where he lives with his aunt and uncle in Ruto Town. Fayette's Father, Lord Tantalon, dies in battle. Carrie becomes a babysitter for Fleur. She and Sprite become good friends.

4538 Hyrulian Chronology
Dion is ordered to fight in the War against barbarians from Tanol, they are led by Lord Canivaris' Lieutenant Abortio. Dalsona, Dubatio's ally, sends reinforcements, including young Prince Nicolas. It lasts five years. Trenon is made into the Carcastan's Chief - second in command to the liche that leads the Sect.

4539 Hyrulian Chronology
Sprite runs away from home. She is caught by a moblin, but Link rescues her. They become good friends, and Sprite is Link's constant companion. Shawn dies of a fever. Damon marries Joy Trubial.

4540 - Early part of the year Hyrulian Chronology
Zelda inherits the Triforce of Wisdom. However, she fears Ganon will steal it and so shatters it into pieces and sends Impa to look for a hero. Ganon captures Zelda and imprisons her in Death Mountain. Impa meets up with Link and asks him to rescue Zelda. Link recovers the Triforce of Wisdom, defeats Ganon, recovers the Triforce of power, and saves Zelda. The King states Link as Triforce Protector and he moves to North Castle. Link immediately falls in love with Zelda, but she prefers to remain just friends. Selina Rowen begins to study as a healer.

4540 - Late part of the year Hyrulian Chronology
Whilst experimenting with some new spells, Sprite and her friend Felicity accidentally open up the Mists of Time and a Griffin called Enzar escapes. He attempts to attack the Kingdom, but Link and Zelda successfully imprision him again. Or so they think... As a present for his good deeds, the King gives Link a magnificent young stallion, whom he names Carefree. Aramis Dunston becomes a guard at Nabrooru Town. Hayden travels to Hyrule and is ambushed by the Carcastans. He joins their sect in order to avoid sacrifice.

4541 Hyrulian Chronology
Link discovers a strange mark on his hand. Impa tells him it means he is the one chosen to recover the Triforce of Courage. However, when he finally reaches its hiding place he finds nothing but a scroll, which crumbles to dust when he touches it. While Link is away, Ganon is somehow ressurected and he raids North Castle, getting away with the Triforce of Power. Kain's Communion is set up in Mido Town. Valour Hold is built on Maze Island in East Hyrule.

4543 Hyrulian Chronology
Selina Rowen begins to work as a barmaid at her uncle's inn in Nabrooru. She meets Aramis Dunston, and they fall in love. Hidden Kasuto changes its name to Latonia. Communion Halls are built in Saria, Nabrooru, Kasuto and Karul. Ganon takes two monsters, a moblin called Aspete and a stalfo called Skoll, and enhances them using his evil magic. They are to be his special scouts.Damon's wife, Joy, dies whilst giving birth. Her baby is stillborn. Dion and Nick both return from war.

4544 Hyrulian Chronology
Link discovers Aaron Westley in Tarn. He takes him on as his apprentice. Drake is Knighted by the King for his loyal service to the Kingdom. Prince Nicolas travels to Hyrule and learns better fighting skills at Valour Hold. Selina learns that Aramis already has a girlfriend, and so dumps him. They decide to be friends instead. The farm village of Julis is built in West Hyrule. The Communion set up a shelter for the homeless in Darunia, in East Hyrule, and builds the Communion Retreat on Kuria Island.

4545 - Early part of the year Hyrulian Chronology
Kain and his Communion attempt to overthrow the Royal Family. They are unsuccessful. Aramis is killed in a tragic incident by a group of Darknuts. Kain steals the Triforce of Power from Ganon and gives it to the King. The King promptly makes Kain his Chief Advisor and engages him to Zelda. Zelda, Link and some friends suspect Kain is up to no good. Kain banishes Ganon. The King is struck down with a terrible illness and Kain takes control of the castle. He banishes Link and Zelda to Koholint Island, where Ganon is. Sprite rescues them and Ganon reveals that Kain is really Enzar. Link and Zelda manage to kill the Griffin with help from their friends, but unfortunately, Enzar has already shattered the two Triforces into hundreds of pieces. The King recovers. Link and Zelda fall in love with each other, but are not yet engaged. Fayette Tantalon is engaged to Sir Martin of Dalsona.

4545 - Mid-Late part of the year Hyrulian Chronology
 Ganon secretly sends his monsters out to retrieve the pieces of the two Triforces. Felicity and Carrie discover some old scrolls hidden in the Ruto Mountains about the location of the Triforce of Courage. Lady Fenella and her daughter Fayette pay a visit to North Castle. Aramis is buried in Mido. Link discovers that his brother Hayden, was not killed by the Tanol Raiders. Fayette falls in love with Hayden. Fenella and the King announce that they are to be married. Link proposes to Zelda, and she says yes. They decide to undertake the quest to retrieve the Triforce of Courage, along with Selina, Sir Drake, Aaron, Damon and Dion. Ganon completes the Triforce of Power and attacks Saria Town. Hayden is killed by a liche, but Zelda and her party escape with the Triforce of Courage. Ganon attacks North Castle, but is forced to retreat. Sal the Dragon becomes Link's dragon companion.

4545 - Late part of the year Hyrulian Chronology
Link kills Trenon and defeats Ganon, then brings the Triforce of Power and the still incomplete Triforce of Wisdom back to North Castle. Prince Nicolas visits Fayette, she falls in love with him, but he's not so sure. Ganon and Trenon find the dangerous artefact, The Amulet of Nagul. Link visits Catalia, and meets Kylara; she falls in love with him. Lady Fenella and King Harkinian get married, but during the ceremony, Zelda is seemingly killed by a resurrected Trenon. A devestated Link returns to Catalia with Kylara. The Triforce of Wisdom is completed by the faeries. Zelda escapes from Ganon, he later attacks North Castle, but Link, Zelda and Fayette combine the Triforce, and defeat him, destroying the amulet. Ganon escapes, warping to another world. Just before the battle, Link and Zelda marry each other quickly, so as to make sure the Triforce will join up, as the legends proclaim. Kylara tragically kills herself with Link's new faerie dagger, when he tells her that he has married Zelda. Link and Zelda are officially married. Nick disappears through a mysterious portal.

4546 Hyrulian Chronology
Fayette meets a wealthy merchant from Brynnel called Raymundo. They soon get married, and Fayette moves to Brynnel. Zelda and Link have their first son, Ewan. Fayette has her first son, Roderick. Aaron becomes the official Protector of the Triforce; Link's duties consist of royal ones instead, but Zelda still declines monarchy, and asks her father to keep ruling instead.
4547 Hyrulian Chronology
Fayette has a daughter, Rosella. Aaron marries Aimee, a streamstress at North Castle, and they later have a son, Timothy.

4549 Hyrulian Chronology
Fayette has twins, Rosalind and Rosamund.

4551 - Late part of the year Hyrulian Chronology
Zelda has a dream which prophecises the arrival of Ganondorf Dragmire; the human form of Ganon, back to reclaim the Triforce for his own. The Avatar, Leigh, from Sosaria, arrives in Hyrule. Nick returns, having seemingly escaped from the portal that captured him six years previously.

4552 - Early part of the year Hyrulian Chronology
 Balayna, a Gerudo, arrives in Hyrule. Leigh and Selina managed to exorcise a bad spirit out of Nick, later revealed to be Ganondorf. Link discovers he must reclaim the Master Sword to drive off Ganondorf. Nick and Selina fall in love. Raymundo is tragically killed, he claims it was Leigh just before he dies, but she is later found to be innocent. Link, with the help of Leigh, Sal and Zelda, reclaims the Master Sword, but as he goes to finished Ganondorf, the wizard has mysteriously vanished. Hyrule goes to war with Ganondorf. Hyrule has Dalsona, Dubatio, Lemmink and Sosaria as allies, and Ganondorf's army is made up of Gerudos and Tanolians. Ganondorf briefly captures the Triforce, but Link fights him, and Zelda traps the weakend Gerudo king in Leigh's Black Sword. The Nightmares are released in Hyrule after Ganondorf's defeat. They cause many people in Hyrule to act irrationally. Link, Zelda, Leigh and co go to Nagul's Tower where beings have hidden. Link and Leigh defeat the beings. Upon exiting the tower, Leigh is struck by a mysterious bolt of lightening and simply disappears. Sosaria blame Hyrule for Leigh's death and isolate themselves from the rest of the world.

4552 - Late part of the year Hyrulian Chronology
Zelda has a daughter, Brianna. Fayette has a son, Raymundo. Balayna gives birth to Ganondorf's son, Molasar. She dies in childbirth; her younger sister Faylita takes charge of the babe's upbringing. She kills Balayna's followers who plot to kill Molasar on orders of Ganondorf. Sprite is exhiled from the Fey due to claims from Navi that she has broken faerie law. She is later pardoned. Navi leaves Silva-Veredis Le'Fey to leave in the peace of East Hyrule. Nick and Selina are married in Dalsona. Kylara warns Link of a prophecy concerning Brianna but he does not pay heed to it.

4553 - Early part of the year Hyrulian Chronology
Link goes to Catalia to mourn the death of his brother Hayden. He is brutally attacked by his own kin and imprisoned under a house in Gardarika Town. Mara Hespera arrives in Hyrule and is given the healer post at North Castle. She murders a palace guard and terrorises Zelda. King Harkinian places Kaibre Lainge, a sellsword, to protect Zelda. Zelda and Aaron go to Catalia to help Link. He is helped by old childhood friend Fayzie who they eventually escape with. At Queen Seline's palace, Link meets another of his kin, Robert. Robert comes to Hyrule and meets Mara. Mara kidnaps Ewan and uses his blood to ressurrect Enzar. She also murders Kaibre. Mara and Robert ally and fall in love. Enzar stalks the land as Kendar and Fayette falls in love with him. Link and Fayzie have an affair. Robert kills Queen Seline and tries to frame Link and attacks Hyrule with his army. Mara unleashes her own undead army to try and take the Triforce for Enzar. Link, Zelda, Robert, Mara and Enzar battle it out. Enzar takes the the Triforce and it kills him. Robert dies and Mara escapes. Zelda almost dies but Ewan uses the Triforce to save her. Selina gives birth to twins Alexander and Renee.

4553 - Late part of the year Hyrulian Chronology

4554 Hyrulian Chronology
Mara gives birth to a son, Jeremy.

4567 Hyrulian Chronology
Molasar murders his aunt Faylita on the orders of his father. He travels to Hyrule to seek out his father's imprisoned spirit but meets Brianna. They fall in love with each other. Leigh arrives back in Hyrule after 15 years stranded in another world. She has not aged. Ewan falls in love with her. Leigh returns to Sosaria and is possessed by the Guardian. Molasar attempts to kill Ewan and leaves him for dead and takes Brianna back to Benlucca. Timothy and Aden go after them on the orders of a distraught Zelda. Link travels to Sosaria to seek out Leigh to heal Ewan. During his search Leigh returns to Hyrule. Zelda gives her the Black Sword containing Ganondorf in bargain for Ewan's life. Timothy battles Molasar and drags Brianna back to Hyrule. Molasar swiftly follows. Leigh releases Ganondorf from the sword. Link fights Ganondorf and Ewan fights Molasar. Leigh sacrifices herself to destroy the Guardian. Link defeats Ganondorf and Ewan kills Molasar. Brianna refuses to speak to her brother and Timothy. Timothy leaves Hyrule along with Aden and Rillar.

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