The World of Demiari

The World of Demiari (c) Juliet A. Singleton 1998

In my fanfictions, Hyrule is part of a much larger world I created, called The Demiari which you can view on the map above. I wanted Link and Zelda to be able to interact to people from other kingdoms, something which was implied in the books and cartoons, with lands such as Calatia. The game designers obviously thought so too, when they added in extra worlds for Link to explore in the newer games like Holodrum and Termina.

I made this map, along with some summaries for each country below (in alphabetical order) so that readers can have a better understanding of the geography and people and places mentioned in my fanfictions.




Ruler: Queen Ananya and King Ruben
Capital: Silcott
Terrain: Desert, Hills, Grassland
Currency: Kyra Gems
Religion: Holy Church of Aidnaryk

Aidnaryk is a peaceful country with a strong magical ether. It has been the home of many skilled wizards and witches and is ruled over by a central monarchy. Because of the country's magical fame its vicious neighbours the Tanolians tend to leave them alone.

It is quite a warm country with a pleasant climate throughout most of the year with a moderate rainfall. The land itself is mainly flat and dry although there are fertile grasslands towards the coastline and around the country's major river. They have no main alliances with other lands but are not at war with them, either.


Ruler: Queen Helana
Capital: Eridye
Terrain: Rainforest, Desert, Mountains, Grassland
Currency: Silver Coins
Religion: The Great Goddess

Benlucca, despite its large size is only sparsely populated, and is broken into small states, each with their own rulers, though it does have a central monarch who rules from the capital city.

The country is covered with dense rainforest, with fertile grasslands on the coastlines and dry deserts to the far southwest. There is a low mountain range across the centre of the country. It is a very hot, humid climate with a high rainfall and monsoon period. They are a freestanding nation with no alliances or loyalties to other kingdoms.


Ruler: Lord Tenleyne
Capital: Alsace
Terrain: Grassland, Hills
Currency: Gold Coins
Religion: Brynnelian Holy Church

Brynnel is a rich country, famed for its trading powers. It is not ruled by a monarchy, but a Lord is elected by the people of the nation every five years who oversees the majority of the country's affairs of state. It is vastly populated with many large towns and cities, especially along the two large rivers that span the country.

The terrain is comprised of vast, fertile grasslands which make them ideal for farming and the warm climate is ideal for the acres of vineyards and fruit trees which are cultivated in this country. They share close ties with both Dubatio and Dalsona, and also Sosaria.


Ruler: Queen Seline
Capital: Opela
Terrain: Mountains, Forest, Hills
Currency: Catalian Rupee
Religion: Holy Trinity Goddesses

Catalia is part of the Westland Countries. It is sparsely populated, except in its capital of Opela. Most communities are small farming villages and these are widely spread throughout the land. Each community tends to keep to itself and comprises of named 'tribes' each with their own traditions. It is often subject to raids from neighbouring territory of Tanol, who are keen to take it due to its proximity to Hyrule.

The land is very hilly with mountains on the west border. It has a high rainfall with a mild climate. The country is very dependant on Hyrule, though in recent years has developed its own army and small garrisons in attempt to protect itself from the Tanolian Raiders.


Ruler: King Ravenscroft and Queen Melisade
Capital: Memoria
Terrain: Mountains, Desert, Jungle, Savannah
Currency: Gold Coins
Religion: Azim Kinlatara

Dalsona is the richest country in the Demiari, mainly thanks to the mineral deposit rich mountains. Although it is one of the smaller kingdoms it is certainly one of the most opulant and is densely inhabited.

The country's climate although hot, is considered pleasant and balmy by many of its residents. The land is mostly desert and there are huge mountain ranges to the east and the north. The country shares a close alliances with Hyrule, Sosaria, Brynnel and of course Dubatio.


Ruler: King Derrick and Queen Anita
Capital: Jasper
Terrain: Desert, Mountains, Jungle, Savannah
Currency: Gold Coins
Religion: Tah' Re Seh

Dubatio takes up most of the northern continent that is also home to neighbouring Dubatio. It too has many mountains but they are not as affulent in gems as their neighbours. The captial is close to the coastline and has one of the biggest trading ports in the Demiari.

The land is mainly desert with jungles and savannah around the rivers and there is a large mountain range to the west against Dalsona's borders. The climate is generally hot and humid. It enjoys close ties with Brynnel, Sosaria and Dalsona.


Ruler: King Harkinian
Capital: Mido
Terrain: Mountains, Forest, Grassland, Marsh
Currency: Rupee
Religion: Holy Trinity Goddesses

Hyrule, part of the Westlands, is situated at the centre of the Demiari, and is famed for its strong, magical ether which enables its residents to perform powerful spells and sorcery. It is split into two parts, West Hyrule and East Hyrule (formerly Labrynna and Holodrum), with the majority of the population living in the west. The southern part of West Hyrule is widely uninhabited, aside from the port town of Saria due to the presence of Death Mountain, which is home to many monsters, though in previous centuries, this was the original area occupied by the Hyrulians. After many years the population spread northwards, where the current home of the Royal Family, North Castle is, with the capital of Mido further to the east.

The land is diverse, but comprises mainly of forests and mountains. It has two dormant volcanoes, Death Mountain in West Hyrule, and Mount Kasuto in East Hyrule. The climate is generally mild, with warm summers and cold winters. The country enjoys close ties with other Westland countries (Catalia, Lemmink and Jueland) and also Dalsona and Sosaria.


Ruler: Queen Julietta
Capital: Singletonia
Terrain: Mountains, Hills, Grassland
Currency: Juelish Rupee
Religion: Holy Trinity Goddesses

Jueland is part of the Westland Countries. The country is fairly well populated and is ruled by a monarchy who adopts similar traditions to the other Westland members.

The country is genrally flat with two major rivers making the land extremely rich and fertile, ideal for farming. There with mountains on the north borders which protect it from the wrath of their neigbours, Tanol. It has a moderate rainfall with a generally warm climate. Jueland has extremely strong ties to its neighbour, Lemmink.


Ruler: King Charles
Capital: Avelion
Terrain: Mountains, Forest, Grassland
Currency: Lemmian Rupee
Religion: Holy Trinity Goddesses

Lemmink is part of the Westland Countries. The Kingdom is rich and quite densely populated, though it has a problem with roaming dragons, who live in the mountain ranges across the north border.

The land is generally flat and fertile, with forests and a mountain range across the north border. There is an active volcano within this range, which errupts periodically every few years. The climate is warm with a high rainfall, and snowy winters. It enjoys a close alliance with Jueland, and good ties with neighbouring Catalia, along with Hyrule and Dalsona.


Ruler: King Rufus and Queen Lissa
Capital: Vendace
Terrain: Mountains, Forest, Grassland, Marsh
Currency: Gold Coins
Religion: The Eight Virtues

The country of Moldera is split into several states, each overseen by minor royals though a head monarchy holds ultimate power within the capital city of Vendace. It is densely populated, except in the south. Most major towns are near both of the two lakes, where the land is fertile enough for farming.

Modera contains the two largest lakes within Demiari and its capital city is situated on an island within the biggest one. The land is very fertile and covered in dense forests towards the south, where there are also several long mountain ranges. The climate is mild throughout most of the year. It has a close alliance with its sister country, Sosaria.


Ruler: Lord Richard and Lady Nell
Capital: Evian
Terrain: Mountains, Forest, Grassland, Marsh
Currency: Gold Coins
Religion: The Eight Virtues

Sosaria is the largest nation in the Demiari, and one of the most magical. It has several major towns, though the majority of the population reside in the capital Evian, the most famous cultural centre of the world. Each town is overseen by barons, who are in turn led by Lord Richard. Like Lemmink, the country is plagued by dragons, and monsters run wild in the wildernesses. It is a rich nation with strong trading links.

The country is riddled with mountain ranges and covered in vast forests. A large swamp covers much of the eastern half of the land, but it does have fertile farming planes to the south. It has many islands surrounding the southeastern coast, most of which are inhabited. The climate comprises of mild summers and cold winters, and is subject to bad storms in the springtime. It holds alliances with many lands, including Hyrule, Dalsona, Moldera, Dubatio and Brynnel.


Ruler: Lord Canivaris
Capital: Canivaris
Terrain: Mountains, Hills, Grassland
Currency: Bartering/trade
Religion: None

Tanol is one of the most primative countries in the Demiari. Its population are bloodthirsty barbarians who regularly attack their neighbouring countries, stealing, killing and burning whatever they can. They follow all orders from the High Lord and have no particular religion or form of currency, and do not trade with other countries within the Demiari, only amongst themselves.

The land is surrounded on all sides except its west coast by high mountains, inland is mostly wastelands of grass and hills. The rainfall is low, and the temperature ranges from mild in the southwest to hot in the north. They have no pacts with other lands, and wish mainly to conquer Hyrule and the rest of the Westlands.


Ruler: King Vashni Chi
Capital: Liberte
Terrain: Mountains, Grassland, Desert
Currency: Gold Coins
Religion: Velattiane Spiritulism

Velattiane is the largest country in the western continent but it is sparsely populated. Its inhabitants are quite different to most other races in the Demiari with their slanted eyes and jet black hair. They are famed for their excellence in close combat but rarely interact with other countries or take note of their affairs.

The land is mostly desert and grassland and the climate is fairly hot and humid. There is a vast mountain range to the south. Most inhabitants live in the capital in the far north of the country which is built next to a major river. They have no alliances with any other countries.

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