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Paths of Deception

Juliet A. Singleton (Scullys@bigfoot.com) & Kirsty Singleton (arcadionseye@btopenworld.com)

Chapter 4


Zelda got up early the next morning, and headed out onto the archery range. She hadn't practised in quite a while. I hope I'm still up to par, she thought to herself, as she pulled out her favourite enchanted bow, and aimed it at a nearby target. A few others were up early too, obviously with the same idea as her. With precise skill, she slowly pulled back the string, and the arrow sailed gracefully through the air, eventually landing just a hair's breadth from the centre of the target. The princess frowned to herself, and shook her head. Useless, she thought. Letting out a sigh of frustration, she flung her bow down, and went to sit on one of the nearby benches, holding her head in her hands. Why could she do nothing right, these days? Even the Summer Festival would be coming up soon, no doubt she would have to help out, and Brianna's first birthday, Selina's birthday too, all coming up in the following month. So many social events, and right now, she just wanted to be alone, away from it all. That's why I'm here, she thought, looking around the courtyard. As her gaze wandered, she suddenly noticed someone else making their way outside, her good friend, Selina. The pretty, red-haired queen smiled when she saw Zelda, and quickly walked over towards her.

"Good morning Zelda!" she smiled, sitting down beside the princess on the bench.

"Morning," Zelda replied, a tad morosely. Selina gave her a surprised look.

"Are you okay? You're not still angry about Fayette, are you? You said it yourself, she's not worth it," she replied.

"No, of course not. Like I'd even bother about her!" Zelda said, a little more sharply, than she'd originally intended. Selina kept quiet, looking concerned. Something was definitely up with her friend, she could tell, just by the way the princess was acting. She put an arm on Zelda's shoulder.

"Y'know Zel, if you need to talk about anything..." she began. She thought about Link, and what he'd told her the previous afternoon. How upset, and worried he'd been.

"I'm fine," Zelda said curtly. "I'm just up early to practise my archery," she added.

"So I see," Selina said, not knowing how to go about her task. She studied Zelda carefully for a few minutes, before trying again. "Zelda, I was talking with Link yesterday, and he's really worried about you..."

"What did he say?" Zelda suddenly asked, looking worried. Selina raised an eyebrow.

"He just said you weren't the same since he got back from Catalia. I tried to reassure him, but, there is something, isn't there?" the healer pressed gently. Zelda looked down, her eyes suddenly brimming with tears.

"Oh Selina... it's all such a mess!" she exclaimed, relieved to have a chance to finally get it off her chest. Alright, so she'd talked to Impa, but it hadn't helped.

"What? What is?" Selina questioned sensitively, a few moments later.

"Me, Link... just everything is all going wrong!" Zelda wailed, the tears beginning to roll down her cheeks as she thought about what she'd done to her beloved husband.

"But you and Link... you love each other! How can things not be right?" Selina asked, Fayette's words suddenly popping into her mind. There couldn't possibly have been some truth in her words, after all, could there? No, she thought, absolutely positive. Zelda wasn't like that at all. However, as she looked upon her weeping friend, serious doubt was beginning to creep in. Something was definitely wrong. "Zelda?" she pressed.

"Don't get me wrong Selina, I love Link, I really do, I'll love him forever! But I've just treated him so awfully, I can't believe the way I acted!" Zelda wept. Selina placed a comforting arm around her friend, in an attempt to console her.

"Maybe in the past, perhaps you have been a bit hard on him, but Zel! He loves you all the same, you don't have to worry about past mistakes, he just wants the both of you back to how you were, that's all," she explained. Zelda shook her head.

"No Selina, you don't understand! It's nothing to do with Leigh, or anyone else. It's me, what I did!" she said.

"What do you mean?" Selina asked slowly, Fayette's words still haunting her. Zelda looked her straight in the eyes, her face pained.

"While Link was away... I..." she started.

"What?" Selina dared to say, her voice barely above a whisper. Zelda looked down at the ground, blushing deeply.

"Don't think bad of me, but... it's just..."

"Just what?" Selina asked, making Zelda look at her again. Zelda swallowed, and wiped away another tear.

"I found out that I had... feelings. For someone else," she whispered.

"Who?" Selina questioned, hoping to honest god that Fayette's words weren't true.

"Kaibre," Zelda said softly, looking down once more. Selina froze. "I... I never meant for it to happen, I mean, not that it did, it was only one kiss, but..."

"It should never have happened! Zelda, how could you?!" Selina exclaimed, losing her temper.

"I told you, it wasn't like that, it never will be! Can't you understand?" Zelda asked, distraught. Selina shook her head angrily.

"It doesn't matter, I can't believe you would even consider betraying Link! He's so sweet, and kind, and he adores you, Zelda! But no, you've always had to find fault with him somewhere! Sometimes Zelda, you're as bad as Fayette!" Selina cried. Zelda immediately switched from her sorrow to anger.

"Don't you dare judge me, Selina! I thought you might help me, I need a friend right now! But you can't even give me that!" she exclaimed.

"I'm not judging you! But I just don't understand how this could happen!" Selina retorted, still angry.

"It just did! I can't explain it," Zelda replied, folding her arms, and frowning.

"Some excuse," Selina grumbled, more to herself, than Zelda.

"It's not an excuse! That's how it happened!" Zelda defended.

"I can't believe you'd even treat Link that way," her friend exclaimed. Zelda stood up, her hands on her hips.

"Well, if you liked Link so much, why didn't you marry him!" she cried angrily.

"Because I loved someone else! Link was never for me, he was for you, and I just can't believe you'd throw it away," Selina replied, trying to remain calm.

"I haven't thrown it away," Zelda said, her voice growing more shaky. Selina gave her an angry look.

"Well. I think you'd better start taking measures to put it right, because he already knows that something is going on. And Fayette knows too, she already told me. What if she tells Link?" she asked. Zelda let out a lengthy sigh.

"He'd never believe her," she said, as firmly as possible.

"And what would you do, if he did?" Selina asked.

"He wouldn't," Zelda finished, before turning, and walking off. Selina watched her, and sighed, growing even more worried. Maybe this trip hadn't been such a good idea, after all...


Zelda rushed back along the corridors of the hold. There was still time. Link often liked to sleep in, especially when he had no work to do. He would probably still be in bed, she could catch him before breakfast, surely. Eventually, she came to the carved wooden doors that led to the Royal Suite. The doors were still closed, the way she'd left them earlier that morning. Quietly, she opened them, and stepped into the bedroom. There was her husband, still sleeping peacefully, in the large, four poster bed. She breathed a sigh of relief. The princess changed back into her night-clothes, discarding all evidence that she'd ever been up in the first place. The way Selina had spoken to her had really hit home. What if Fayette did say something? Link had already spoken to Selina, saying that he was worried. Fayette would just provide the icing on the cake. She was confident that Link would never believe anything that came from the mouth of Fayette, but if he was already suspicious... I have to get us past this, she thought to herself. She'd already tried, a few nights back, in Nabrooru, but it hadn't happened. She'd gone up there to talk to him, to reassure him that she still loved him, but she'd just messed it all up. As usual. They'd barely spoken over the course of the rest of the trip, Zelda instead, had been intent on making sure that Fayette didn't imply anything, and Link had been... quiet. He'd come upstairs late last night, too. Obviously to avoid me, Zelda thought to herself. That wasn't how she wanted things to be, how she'd ever wanted them to be. I want things to be back to normal, just like Link does, she thought.

Taking a deep breath to calm herself, she climbed back into the bed, and leaned over towards Link, tenderly brushing away his hair from his forehead.

"Good morning, Link," she whispered, before grazing her lips lightly over his. He blinked sleepily, before sitting up, and yawning. Zelda moved away, slightly nervous. She smiled hopefully at him.

"Zel?" he questioned, obviously a little surprised.

"This is your wake up call," she smiled, before pushing him back down on the bed, and covering his face with affectionate kisses. Eventually, he gently pushed her away, and smiled.

"How come I don't get that every morning?" he joked.

"You should have given me the idea sooner, then," Zelda replied, trying to keep her tone light-hearted. Link smiled again, and pulled her close for a long, lingering kiss.

"I missed you so much, Zel, I'm so glad we came here," he said.

"Yeah, me too. It was a good idea. We need a holiday," Zelda replied truthfully.

"More than just that," Link stated. He glanced over at his watch on the nightstand. "Not much time until breakfast," he sighed.

"Oh, who cares? It's a holiday, remember? If you want to lie in, you should," Zelda replied firmly. He gave her a small smile.

"Wouldn't look good," he said sorrowfully.

"The Royal Family can do as they please in their own country," Zelda smiled.

"I feel like I have an example to set," Link replied.

"Don't be silly," Zelda argued, before leaning forward to kiss him again.

"Well, in that case..."

"Precisely my point..."


The pair stayed in bed all morning, before getting up just before lunchtime. Ewan had come in earlier, demanding attention, and Zelda got the idea that the three of them could go off on a family picnic together for the afternoon. With Aaron's consent, they decided to bring Timothy along too, so that their son would have someone to play with; besides, they didn't like to be separated most of the time, anyway. Sprite of course, showed up, upon hearing of the outing, and so, with the sun shining brightly, the happy group set off for a long walk through the woods, following a meandering stream, until they came to a pleasant spot, far enough away from the hold. Sitting down on the grass, Link opened up the basket he'd been carrying, and Zelda spread a blanket down upon the ground for them to rest on.

"It's been ages since we did this," Link commented, unpacking the food that they'd brought along. Zelda smiled wistfully at him.

"Yeah, I guess it has," she agreed, helping him set the plates down. He caught hold of her hand for a moment, and looked her right in the eye, grinning.

"Remember when we used to do those midnight ones?" She gave him an amused smile, and nodded.

"Uhuh." Sprite let out an annoyed noise.

"Oh please!" she exclaimed. Link ignored her.

"We should do more, I think," he smirked. Before Zelda could answer, Ewan and Timothy came running over, laughing loudly.

"Dad! Did you remember to bring the fishing nets?" Ewan questioned hopefully.

"There's lots of fishes in the stream, we want to catch some for tea!" Timothy added excitedly.

"Sure, sure. Just hold on," Link said, picking up two small nets from nearby.

"Don't you boys want to eat first?" Zelda asked, looking at the mischievous pair, and smiling.

"Well..." Timothy started, looking unsure.

"We'll take our own food, and go off to the stream!" Ewan decided. Link grinned over at Zelda.

"He's starting to sound as decisive as you," he laughed.

"Hmmm, I'm sure," Zelda said, smiling too. She turned back to the young boys. "Well, okay, but you have to promise not to go too far, alright?"

"We won't!" the two promised. Zelda and Link smiled at each other.

"You definitely promise?" Link asked them.

"We promise!" they both said together again.

"Okay, well, get your lunch then, there's plenty!" Zelda said, gesturing to the various plates and dishes laid out on the blanket. Ewan and Timothy excitedly filled their plates, before grabbing their nets, and rushing off, just a few metres away, down on the sandy riverbank. Link and Zelda watched them happily, before turning, and filling up their own plates too.


As they ate, and watched the children playing, Zelda felt Link wrap an arm around her waist, and she leaned against him happily. She was feeling better than she had in days, weeks, even. Alright, so spending time with her husband wouldn't make it all automatically right again, but it was helping to heal the wrongs she'd done. And clearly, Link was happy too, finally at ease after the traumatic few weeks he'd been put through. Setting her empty plate aside, she leaned back a little, so she could look at him.

"Are you okay?" she asked. He smiled at her.

"I'm great. All the more better for this, though," he replied, drawing close to run a hand through her hair. "It's so perfect, it's just how things used to be... before Catalia," he added, looking a little downcast for a moment. Zelda gently caressed him on the shoulder.

"Link, you have to forget about it, I know it's hard, but we can help each other," she said softly.

"I know," he replied, glancing back over at the stream. His son and Timothy were still in view, stood knee deep in the shallow water, trawling their nets. He turned back to his beloved wife. "This morning was..." he started. Zelda smiled, and leaned forward to kiss him. Only this time, she really, really wanted to. It wasn't through guilt, it wasn't through lust, it wasn't through need, like earlier that day, it was simply through love. Nothing but pure, simple, unprecedented love. They soon drew back, gazing at each other lovingly.

"Oh, cut it out, would you!" Sprite shrieked, from somewhere nearby. Link and Zelda grinned at each other again.

"I guess she can't help getting jealous," Link laughed.

"That's true. I mean, you're just so incredibly cute..." Zelda started.

"But you aren't!" Sprite yelled rudely.

"Hey! Don't insult Zel like that! Go and look after Ewan, you're meant to be his faerie godmother, after all," Link called to his faerie companion. She made a rasping sound, before finally going quiet, and flying off towards the stream. Link looked back at Zelda, who looked faintly amused. "Now, where exactly were we?" he questioned, before proceeding to wrap his arms around her, and leaning in close.

"I think..." Zelda murmured, reaching up to kiss him again. Link responded by gently pulling her down into the grass, kissing her passionately. Stopping to catch their breath, Zelda said,

"We shouldn't, we need to watch the children."

"They're okay, Sprite is there," Link answered carelessly, before pulling her close for another kiss. They carried on for a few more minutes, before Zelda drew back again, smiling prettily as she gazed into her husband's deep blue eyes. He smiled back, his hands toying with the lace that lined the cuffs and neckline of her dress. "It's a good job we aren't all alone, else I don't think I could possibly control myself," he murmured, kissing her hair affectionately.

"Oh Link, really, is that all you ever..." Zelda started, although she wasn't really angry.

"I'm a guy, what more could you expect?" he joked lightly.

"Mmm... true," Zelda agreed. "You always did have your..." Link silenced her with another kiss.

"Don't say a word, just let me kiss you," he interrupted. Zelda smiled, and gladly obliged.


Skoll and Aspete trampled through the undergrowth, intent on their task.

"Aha!" Aspete finally exclaimed, pausing.

"Wot?" Skoll questioned, a little stupidly. Aspete pointed to a gap in the trees, towards a clearing. Skoll stepped a little closer, peering through, his eyesight, or sense of smell and sound, not as sharp as his partner's. Upon doing so, he noticed what the moblin had seen; Link and Zelda. "Dat was lucky," he announced.

"Right where we wants dem!" Aspete exclaimed, jabbing his spear in the air triumphantly. They stood and watched the pair for a while, inane grins on their faces as they tried to think of the best way to ambush them. "Humans, de're sooo disgusting!" Aspete finally remarked, growing tired of watching the couple kissing each other.

"Yeah! Disgusting!" Skoll agreed. He tapped his bony chin for a moment, as if thinking. Finally, he turned to his companion. "Why does dey do dat, in anyways?" he asked. Aspete shrugged.

"Dunno. Cos de're disgusting, dat's why," he replied. They went silent again for a while.

"Erm..." Skoll started, looking embarrassed. "Does moblins do dat, an all?" he questioned, sounding curious.

"Ow should I know dat?" Aspete asked.

"'Ave ya never 'ad a girlfriend, den?" Skoll leered. Aspete frowned.

"Me too important for dat! Besides, theys all live in da forests, not Death Mountain!" he snapped.

"I wuz only asking," Skoll retorted.

"We're wasting time here, I says let's just get 'em now!" Aspete exclaimed, leaping forward.

"Wait for me!" Skoll exclaimed, drawing his sword, and rushing forward also.


"Mmm, you're so beautiful, I adore you Zel," Link murmured, kissing his wife ardently. She responded, pulling him closer, kissing him just as passionately.

"Oh Link, this is..." she started. Suddenly, the moblin war cry interrupted their moment, and they barely had time to pull apart, as they noticed Skoll and Aspete stumbling clumsily into the glade. Link jumped up quickly, unsheathing his sword, whilst Zelda stood also, stepping to one side, looking towards the stream anxiously.

"Ah, we gots yas now!" Skoll leered, his sword clashing against Link's.

"Not likely," Link muttered, parrying the skeleton's blow. "I wish I had a bomb!" he moaned to himself, trying to disarm his opponent. While the stalfos kept the hero busy, Aspete lumbered over to Zelda, who gave a small shriek, and tried to run away. Unfortunately, she tripped on the hem of her dress, and went flying into the grass. Aspete grabbed her, and pulled her up, his hot, foetid breath upon her neck. He laughed maniacally, and prodded her in the side with his spear.

"Ya can't escape, Princess!"

"Ooh, get off me, you idiot!" Zelda yelled, trying to get out of the moblin's iron grip. "Link!" she cried. "Help me!"

"Hold on, Zel!" he called back, still fighting with Skoll.

"Hmm, wot a pretty dress you's wearin'!" the moblin sniggered. "Won't be so pretty once I messes it up!" he added, prodding harder with the spear. Zelda winced, as she felt him draw blood.

"Let go! Or you'll be sorry!" she exclaimed.

"Nah," Aspete said stubbornly. Zelda's face set into a grim expression, as she concentrated on drawing power from the Triforce. She formed a magical bolt in her hands, and let it fly right at Aspete's chest. The moblin let out a howl of agony, finally letting go. She smirked, and stepped to one side.

"I told you you'd be sorry," she remarked, watching the moblin roll around on the floor. She heard the clatter of bones, and noticed Link, slipping his sword back into his belt. He smiled over at her.

"You okay?" he called.

"Fine!" she called back. Link grinned, and kicked the pile of bones in front of him, so that they scattered. He walked over towards Zelda.

We make a great team," he smiled. "Now, do I get a kiss for being such a hero?" he joked.

"Mmm, maybe later, hero," Zelda replied, rubbing her side. "What I want to know is, what are these two idiots doing round here?"

"I wanted to know exactly the same thing!" came a high pitched voice. The pair looked up, surprised, seeing a familiar faerie hovering above them.


"I've been tracking them since Death Mountain," Carrie explained a few moments later.

"Really?" Link asked. The red-haired faerie nodded.

"I still have no idea what they're up to," she sighed.

"We'll find out," Link said grimly, one eye on the quivering monsters. Suddenly Sprite appeared, looking flustered.

"I saw what happened!" she exclaimed. "I made Ewan and Timmy hide up a tree!" she added.

"They're okay?" Zelda asked.

"They're fine! A little frightened of course, but fine," Sprite replied. She suddenly noticed Carrie. "Carrie! What in Hyrule are you doing here?" she asked, surprised.

"It's a long story," her friend sighed.

"Well, you can both discuss that on your way back to the hold," Zelda said.

"What?" Sprite asked.

"Take the kids back, we'll deal with those two morons over there," Link said.

"Oh okay," Sprite replied. She and Carrie quickly flew off, anxious to get back to the children. Link and Zelda advanced upon Aspete, and the now-reformed Skoll. Link drew his sword, and prodded them both.

"Alright, what's going on?" he demanded.

"Ooh, don't hurt us!" Skoll wailed.

"We's didn't mean it!" Aspete added.

"Cowards," Zelda muttered, folding her arms. Link nodded.

"Not to mention stupid," he added. "Now come on, out with it!" he ordered. Skoll and Aspete let out a series of unintelligible noises, still shaking in fear at Link. The hero smiled to himself. "Now come on, fair's fair. We won the battle, so now we want the answers," he stated.

"We knows nuffin'!" Aspete finally exclaimed.

"Nuffin' at all!" Skoll backed up. Link folded his arms and stepped back.

"Somehow, I just don't believe you," he said sceptically. He pointed his sword at them again. "Tell us, before I get nasty!" Skoll and Aspete continued to cower.

"He means it!" Zelda said.

"We was sent here!" Skoll finally exclaimed.

"By who?" Link demanded.

"No-one!" Aspete cried. Link poked his sword in the moblin's chest.

"By who?" he asked again.

"Da great lord Agabaga!" Skoll said.

"Huh?" Link asked. He turned to look at Zelda, who shrugged.

"Duh Master of duh Volcano!" Skoll continued, his bones clattering loudly.

"He's lying," Zelda said. "There's no such thing!"

"It's true!" Aspete wailed, drooling with fear. Link gave them a kick, and gave up.

"Fine! Now, get out of here, before I give you a real beating!" he shouted. The duo hurried off back into the undergrowth, soon disappearing.

"Weird," Zelda said, watching. "We haven't seen them for years."

"It really is starting to feel like the old days," Link moaned. Zelda laughed, then pulled him close.

"Weren't you about to kiss me, hero?" Link smiled.

"Oh yeah, and I'm not missing my chance," he exclaimed, before leaning in to resume where they'd left off, before the interruption of Ganon's old scouts.


"Sel?" Selina stirred slightly at the mention of her name. She forced open her eyes, and took a weary blink, turning slightly, coming face to face with Nick.

"Morning," she greeted, her voice dull and tired.

"Are you okay?" asked Nick, his hand brushing her hip underneath the sheets. Selina tried to smile, but it faded on her lips. She thought of the conversation that she and Zelda had had the day before, the angry words they had exchanged.

"Yes...I suppose. Me and Zelda, we just had a...disagreement," explained Selina, moving closer to Nick, and giving him a short kiss. Nick smiled at her.

"A disagreement?" he questioned sceptically.

"Just a clash of opinions," murmured Selina, thinking of Link. Thinking of how he'd feel if he knew.

"Sounds like Zelda," remarked Nick, getting out of the bed. Selina nodded. It did sound like Zelda. "Care to say any more?" asked Nick. Selina sighed, pulling the bedclothes around her. Nick turned to her. "You don't have to," he reminded, walking into the bathroom. Selina sat silent for a moment, wondering if she should tell Nick. She couldn't stand keeping it to herself, and she knew she could trust him not to tell anyone. She slowly got up, and walked across the room, standing at the entrance to the bathroom.

"It's complicated," she finally said, although it was pure and simple to her, Zelda had betrayed Link.

"I'm all ears," assured Nick, beginning to shave.

"I don't think complicated is the right word...I just can't understand it," began Selina, looking at the floor.

"If it helps, I don't understand it either...it's hard to, when you don't know what needs to be understood," said Nick. Selina paused, wondering if it was a good idea.

"It's about Zelda and Link." Nick washed his razor in some cold water, then resumed his task of removing a night's worth of stubble.

"Go on," he urged. Selina went quiet once more, wondering how to put it.

"And...and Kaibre." She doubted it was enough for Nick to go on, he wasn't one for conclusion jumping. But she didn't want to have to spell it out.

"He was Zelda's bodyguard wasn't he? He seemed a nice man," commented Nick. Selina closed her eyes for a second. Then she spoke once more.

"Nick, what is your view on betrayal?" There was a small splash as Nick dropped his razor into the wash basin, and he let out a grunt of dissatisfaction, his finger touching his chin, and bringing away a drop of crimson blood. He turned to Selina, frowning.

"Betrayal?" he asked. Selina ran forward, and touched the small cut that ran across his chin.

"I'm sorry," she apologised.

"It wasn't you," said Nick quickly, brushing her hand away.

"I..." began Selina once more.

"Why did you ask me about betrayal?" he asked. Selina looked down once more, searching for the words.

"Zelda...Zelda told me yesterday that she had feelings for someone else." There, it was out. She felt nothing but relief. Nick gaped at her.

"Kaibre?" Selina nodded. "What about Link?" asked Nick. Selina looked at him.

"He knows something's up, but not what exactly," she answered. Nick drew a deep breath.

"And what exactly happened between Zelda and Kaibre?"

"Well, nothing, according to her. They kissed, she said, just once, but it's still betrayal Nick!"

"I'm not debating that," responded Nick, his eyes on Selina's. "But I don't think it's worthy of such worry." Selina frowned.

"Not worthy of worry? What do you mean? Are you on her side?" demanded the healer. Nick shook his head.

"No. I'm not on anyone's side Selina. But I just think you're reading too much into this," he said calmly.

"I doubt it. You sound like you condone betraying your loved one," accused Selina, a little harsher than she realised. Nick's forehead creased at this remark, and he shook his head.

"Selina, of course I don't. But Link and Zelda, they're a strong couple. Telling Link isn't up to you or me. It's up to Zelda. And that's only if she chooses to tell him," said Nick firmly. Selina paused, an edgy silence forming between the two. They had never argued before.

"You never did answer my question," said Selina slowly. Nick frowned.


"What are your views on betrayal?" Nick bit his lip.

"I don't really think you could classify what Zelda did as betrayal," he replied.

"No. I don't agree. And you still haven't given me an answer."

"I could never betray you Selina. You know that," said Nick softly, stepping forward, and placing his hands on her shoulders. She shrugged him away.

"But it's okay? You think other people are okay to betray their partner's?"

"I never said that," said Nick sternly. Selina folded her arms.

"I think Link has a right to know," she declared. Nick suddenly lunged forward, and caught hold of her arm.

"No, he doesn't need to know Selina. It won't achieve anything!" stated Nick, his voice raised, his eyes searching hers. "If you tell Link, it won't be just Zelda's friendship you're risking, it'll be his as well. It's in our nature to shoot the messenger, no matter how good or bad their intentions may be." Selina raised her hand, prising Nick's fingers from around her arm.

"Fayette already knows. How long before she tells Link?" Nick shook his head.

"He wouldn't believe her," he replied.

"How do you know?"

"He wouldn't. I don't want to discuss this any more, I'm sorry you had to find out, but Zelda obviously told you that in confidence. Perhaps she turned to Kaibre because she was lonely, which doesn't reflect very well on you." Selina let out a gasp as Nick left the room, she tried to follow him, but by the time she got to the bedroom, the door leading out had been slammed shut. She let out a sigh, and squeezed her eyes shut, trying to repress the tears that were threatening to fall. She walked over to the bed, and collapsed down, letting out an anguished sob. Not just because she feeling torn over how to deal with Link, Nick's words had hurt her. Was he right? She got up, tears still falling, and grabbed the first outfit she came across. She quickly got dressed, and despite her dishevelled appearance, she left the room, hoping to catch up with Nick, so that they could sort out this disagreement as quickly as possible.

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