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Paths of Deception

Juliet A. Singleton (Scullys@bigfoot.com) & Kirsty Singleton (arcadionseye@btopenworld.com)

Chapter 5


"Where are we going, anyway?" Carrie questioned Sprite, as they flew slowly through the wooded glades of the island together.

"One word," Sprite said.

"Huh?" Carrie asked.

"Navi," Sprite said simply, her tone darkening. Then she smirked. "I'm rather keen to see what she's been doing with herself for this past year."

"I guess, though why should you care?" her red haired friend pointed out. Sprite shrugged.

"I'm just curious, that's all," she answered. They fluttered into a brightly-lit clearing. "It's a pity Flis and Tiff couldn't be here to share the moment, though," she added. Carrie nodded.

"Jeez, I hope they're okay," she said, looking worried for a moment.

"Flis knows how to look after herself, and she'll keep Tiffany in line, I'm sure. We don't need to worry," Sprite replied in a confident tone.

"But that Mara..." Carrie started.

"Felicity isn't stupid, you know. I promise you, they're fine," Sprite interrupted. She suddenly halted in mid flight, letting out a giggle.

"What's so funny?" Carrie asked, before she finally noticed too. Far, down below at the bottom of the wooded grove, was a group of faeries. They were clustered around in a ring, and one faerie was stood in the middle. It was Navi.

"Yes, my sisters, you too, will find your inner faerie, and learn to become a better person, just like me," the pretty, dark haired faerie explained, in a calm, lucid voice.

"Who's she trying to kid?" Sprite giggled, looking at Carrie. Navi, not hearing, remained focused on her small group of followers. She gestured with her hand.

"Sisters, we gather here each day, to remind ourselves that inner strength and beauty is our main goal in life," she continued. "It is not just how you look on the outside, or even how you act to others. It is what's inside that counts."

"Yes!" all the followers echoed loyally.

"We are not good people, if we pretend to like a person, and think or say mean thoughts behind their backs. We need to be in harmony with the world, and allow everyone to feel our love, even bad people. And then in turn, we can maybe turn those bad people into better people," Navi explained. Her followers all gazed at her in awe.

"Hah! Like you'd ever have seen Ganon being good," Sprite remarked.

"Yeah, like, I'm sure!" Carrie agreed, giggling. Navi, seemingly oblivious to their presence (either that, or she was ignoring them), carried on with her 'do good' seminar.

"If each day, we can dedicate ourselves into making the lives of the faeries around us a little more happier, then you may consider yourself fulfilled, and celebrate your sense of achievement. However, remember, that you must not become proud of your success, or that will slow your quest of discovering your inner faerie." At this Navi looked down, her face sad. "Ah, I was once silly and proud, competitive... but that was long in the past. I have at last discovered the true meaning of my life, and you all will too. It just takes a little work, and dedication," she said, finally smiling again. The circle murmured in agreement. Navi smiled round, nodding at everyone. "Now my sisters, join hands, and close your eyes, and concentrate on your goal for today for a moment," she requested. They all did as she said, and sat in silence for a few minutes.

"Gosh, talk about freaky!" Sprite exclaimed, watching in amazement.

"Weird," Carrie agreed.

At that moment, the circle broke up, and Navi bade goodbye to her so-called pupils. Sprite and Carrie flew down, alighting on the ground nearby. Navi turned, upon hearing them, and looked at them in surprise. An amiable expression was pasted onto her sweet face.

"Why Tamara! Carrie! What a pleasant surprise!" she exclaimed.

"She's still wearing the same dress from a whole year ago! Talk about out of fashion!" Sprite whispered to Carrie. Carrie nodded, then they both turned back to Navi, smiling. "We were in the area, and so decided to drop in," Sprite said, keeping her tone sweet. "I mean, we're all friends here, right?" she added.

"Of course we are," Navi smiled.

"We're all doing good for the community too, I mean, I tracked Ganon's two old scouts yesterday to prevent them from causing any trouble, and Felicity and Tiffany have gone to Death Mountain to trace an evil witch who tried to kidnap Link and Zelda's son!" Carrie exclaimed. Sprite gave her an annoyed look.

"I'm doing good stuff too; looking after my godson!" she interjected.

"That's great," Navi said, smiling again. "You both look very well," she added. Sprite touched her hair, smirking.

"Well, the Princess of the Fey has to keep up appearances, you know," she remarked, looking down at her outfit. It was a credible, shimmery lilac dress that hung just above her knees. Carrie was attired in a pretty blue dress with a chain of wildflowers forming a belt around the waist. Navi simply wore her trademark pale blue dress, tied at the waist with a purple ribbon.

"If you too, want to discover your inner faerie, you would stop being vain straight away," Navi said, sounding slightly patronising. "Beauty does, after all, come from the inside."

"Oh please," Sprite said, unable to keep up her pleasant façade any longer. "Can't you see, we don't care about none of that spiritual junk!" Navi gave her a shocked look.

"Really Tamara, that's quite a negative attitude to take!" she said slowly.

"That's Sprite to you, Miss Navi, and put a Princess before it, for that matter!" Sprite exclaimed. Navi simply shook her head to herself.

"I see I can't convince you to find enlightenment," she sighed.

"I'm already enlightened, thank you very much," Sprite replied, folding her arms. At that particular moment, another faerie fluttered into the glade.

"Navi! Aren't you coming back to the hall for lunch?" she questioned.

"What the..." Sprite started.

"Oh wonderful," Carrie sighed. The faerie stood next to Navi was none other that Fleur, Sprite's younger sister. Her much-hated younger sister at that. Carrie had in fact, a long time ago, once been Fleur's minder, and they'd never hit it off either. Fleur was not particularly easy to get on with. She and Sprite had probably fought more times than Fayette and Zelda, and that was saying something. Looking at her now, they saw how she'd matured slightly; not as gangly, but bearing a figure that could rival Sprite's, and her long, wavy brown hair framing her delicate face. She was wearing a plain green dress, nothing to indeed signify that she too, was a faerie Princess.

"Oh, how wonderful! Fleur, Sprite! A family reunion!" Navi exclaimed excitedly. Sprite made a face, and Fleur didn't look too pleased either, when she saw her elder sister stood there. Carrie quickly walked between the two.

"Now er, let's not be too hasty here..." she started.

"What the freaking heck are you doing here?!" Sprite immediately demanded.

"I could ask you exactly the same thing!" Fleur shot back.

"Fleur! Remember your teachings!" Navi said, in a hopeful tone.

"Oh... yes... sorry, Navi," Fleur apologised. Navi smiled again.

"Fleur is the group vice president, you know," she remarked informatively.

"That figures," Carrie groaned.

"She only ever was good for second best!" Sprite put in snidely.

"Excuse me, but I wasn't the one who was impeached by the faerie council!" Fleur retorted. Navi put a hand to her head dramatically, while Carrie just sighed.

"And we all know whose fault THAT was! You plotted to get me kicked off the throne so you could be queen, and don't you deny it!!" Sprite accused. Fleur blushed for a moment, but then her expression hardened.

"Yes well, that was in the past. Before I found my inner faerie," she replied.

"Oh, come off it!" Sprite laughed.

"She's quite right. And we all deserve second chances," Navi said sweetly.

"This is getting too weird. C'mon Carrie, let's scoot," Sprite said, before quickly flying up into the air, her friend following.

"Don't forget to drop by anytime, you're always welcome!" Navi called after them.

"Come on Link! Even Ewan can do better than that!" jeered Drake as he and Link clashed swords. Link grinned at Drake, and lunged forward.

"Hey, I'll let you know I taught him everything he knows!" replied Link, his sword screeching along the edge of Drake's as they met.

"Well, you still have a lot to learn. There's no move I haven't mastered!" boasted the knight. Link shrugged, his feet shuffling to one side to avoid a low lunge by Drake.

"Yeah, yeah," he retorted with a sarcastic air. Drake's eyes narrowed as he lunged forward again. Link tipped his sword towards Drake, flipping the experienced Knight's sword from his hand. It landed in the ground, hilt upward, beside a bewildered Drake. Link grinned once more, sheathing his weapon with a casual smile. "You were saying?" Drake tried to utter a reply, but Link suddenly noticed Nick walking towards them. "Hey!" he called with a wave to the King, before giving a mock bow. Nick approached, nodding to the two.

"Drake, Link," he greeted, his voice low.

"Up for a bit of training?" asked Drake, plucking his sword from the ground and waving it before him theatrically. Nick shrugged.

"I suppose I am," he said, drawing his own weapon, a traditionally curved Dalsonian blade. It glinted in the early morning light, and Link thought it was perhaps one of the most menacing weapons he'd ever come across. Its design was such that there was no impaling, just to create a cut in the chest or stomach deep enough to kill. He had seen the Dalsonian troops fighting, and he'd been glad he was on their side. Link put away his weapon, and stepped aside as Nick stepped forward to cross swords with Drake.

As he watched the two battle it out, Aaron arrived, and stood beside Link.

"Morning!" he greeted in a cheerful tone. Link nodded to his friend.

"That it is," he agreed, folding his arms. Aaron nodded over towards Drake and Nick.

"Those two got a grudge to settle?" he questioned, taking his bow from his back. Link didn't reply, Nick was really laying into Drake, hard. It wasn't as though the knight couldn't handle it, but this was just supposed to be friendly sparring, not full out war. "Link?" Link snapped away from his thoughts, and nodded quickly.

"Uh, yeah?"

"Those two...they look pretty vicious." Nick suddenly disarmed Drake, his sword meeting Drake's with such force that the knight could do nothing but let it leave his hand. He stumbled and ended up sitting on the ground, somewhat dazed. Nick meanwhile had turned his back, and hurled his sword into the ground, covering his face with his hands. Aaron passed Link a nervous glance, before Link stepped forward, giving Drake a hand up.

"Beaten again, eh?" he remarked, trying to make light of the situation. Drake managed to crack a grin, despite his obviously dented pride.

"Ah, I'm just saving myself," he kidded, wiping his hands on his tunic. Link smiled at Drake, then quickly made his way to where Nick was standing. He placed a hand on the King's shoulder, frowning slightly.

"Are you okay?" he asked, his voice slightly bemused. He saw Nick swallow, before looking him in the eye. He was wringing his hands together, and perspiration was forming on his temples.

I...I guess I just got carried away," said Nick, after a moments pause. Link could tell Nick wasn't convinced by his own words.

"Is there anything...?" Link's words trailed off. He wasn't used to this, not with Nick. Nick was the person who was always giving him advice. Nick's eyes turned to his sword, which was embedded at an angle in the earth. He hauled it out, with some degree of effort, and sheathed it. He looked back to Link, possibly for a fraction longer than he had intended, then spoke, although he sounded as though he had meant to say something else.

"No...there isn't anything. Give my apologies to Drake." And with that, the conversation ended, Nick walking away, his head bowed. Link stepped back, feeling a little concerned. Selina had mentioned Nick not feeling too good the other day, was this latest incident connected? Link shook his head, and hastily walked back over to Drake and Aaron, who had been watching the whole conversation.

"What was all that about?" asked Aaron curiously. Link shook his head.

"I'm not sure," he admitted, looking to be in deep thought. He glanced at Drake. "Uh, Nick sent his apologies..." Drake looked down at his boots, not sure what to say.

"Look, I'll see you two later on. There's, uh, something I have to do," said Link, breaking the silence and excusing himself.

"Ah, don't fancy a rematch then?" asked Drake, trying again to break the suddenly sombre mood. Link shook his head.

"I'll quit while I'm ahead, yeah?" he grinned, before quickly leaving. Aaron watched him walk away, then grabbed a fistful of arrows from his quiver and plunging them into the earth.

"Nick seemed pretty hett up," he said conversationally, stringing his bow. Drake nodded.

"He was," verified the knight.


Zelda toyed thoughtfully with a strand of her golden hair, leaning on the low wall, watching Link fence with Drake. Nearby footsteps distracted her for a moment, and she turned, noticing Fayzie walking along, her young son in hand.

"Hey," she called, smiling warmly. The young woman paused, smiling shyly back.

"Hi," she greeted, still looking a little reticent. Zelda stood back from the wall, her gaze returning back to Link, watching as he easily disarmed the knight. "Link is a great swordsman," Fayzie volunteered quietly. Zelda nodded, and smiled.

"Yes... he has a natural affinity with all kinds of weapons, but especially his sword. He's easily the best swordsman in the Westlands, if not beyond," she said, suddenly thinking of Leigh. Leigh could have easily challenged Link at swordplay... Fayzie walked closer to the wall.

"That's why Aden and Derin were so jealous of him. He's so good at everything," she said, her tone remaining soft. Zelda glanced over at the dark haired woman sympathetically.

"Perhaps you mightn't think it right now, but coming to Hyrule is the best thing you could have done. For you, and your son," she said, laying a hand on Fayzie's arm. Fayzie looked down sadly, tears brimming in her eyes.

"I... oh I don't know! When I think of Miya... she'll never know what became of any of us. And I'm so sure that she loved Derin... even if I didn't love Aden... I feel so, so terrible..." she wept. Zelda wasn't sure what to do, so she just put an arm around Fayzie's shoulders, in a bid to comfort her.

"We'll sort it out, I'm sure of it. And you have friends here, don't forget it. Link is always there for his friends, always. And you can talk to me, or any of the rest of us, anytime. Aaron, Selina, Drake... we all like you. And your young son," she said.

"I..." Fayzie started. Zelda stepped away, and tried to smile.

"I know, why don't we head to the courtyard? I believe Ewan and Timothy are playing there, I bet they'd love to have Aden join in!" she suggested brightly.

"Uh... are you sure?" Fayzie asked.

"Of course I am! Ewan and Timothy are very friendly, and they'd love another boy in the group, I think. Sometimes, it gets too much for them, what with Brianna, and Faye's three daughters!" Zelda laughed. Fayzie managed a small smile. Zelda knelt down, smiling at young Aden. "Hey, how would you like to go play soldiers with my Ewan and Timmy, huh?" she asked. Aden nodded, smiling back at her. Zelda stood back up, brushing down her skirt slightly, and looked at Fayzie again. "Well, looks like that decides it! Come on, let's go, before those guys notice us, else they'll just start showing off!" Fayzie nodded, and the two women walked off together, Aden close in tow.

As they entered the small, sunny courtyard, Zelda noticed Selina sat down on one of the benches, not looking too happy. When she noticed Zelda approach, she abruptly stood, and walked off. Zelda frowned to herself, a little annoyed. Fayzie looked surprised.

"Is she okay?" she asked, concerned.

"Selina? Oh... she's fine. We just had an... erm... a slight disagreement, and she's not being too rational right now. I think she's worrying about the babies... they're due very soon, and she's not feeling that great," Zelda replied hurriedly.

"Oh, I see! I was terrible when I was pregnant, very moody! But it was all worth it in the end," Fayzie said, smiling over at her son.

"Yes... it is," Zelda agreed, nodding, thinking of her two beloved children. "Link is a really great father," she added enthusiastically, not noticing how Fayzie looked upset again. "He is a much better parent than me, and Ewan looks so much like him, don't you think? I already think that they're going to be very alike... and Brianna too, she is such a good baby, so happy!"

"Your children are beautiful," Fayzie said.

"And so is Aden! I bet all the girls shall love him, he looks so sweet!" Zelda laughed. Fayzie managed another smile. Aden had already rushed over to where Ewan and Timothy were playing, joining in enthusiastically with the game they had set up, with Ewan's toy soldiers and building blocks.

"Thanks," she said, looking down shyly.

"I think," Zelda said, leaning closer, a mischievous smile on her lips, "Ewan will end up being a charmer, like his father... but Aden and Timmy shall be the ones that all the girls love!"

"Yes, Timmy is very sweet looking," Fayzie agreed, looking over at the small, dark-haired boy.

"My step-sister's daughter... Rosella, the red-haired one, she absolutely adores Ewan. She wants to marry him, and she is only five!" Zelda continued.

"Ah, the things children say," Fayzie laughed. "Aden had come out with many silly things in his time, too."

"Funny thing is, Ewan never really went through that stage. He is just so serious, all of the time!" Zelda remarked thoughtfully. Fayzie nodded.

"Sometimes Aden can be a bit pensive. I think... I think it'll be good for him, to have some friends his own age. There weren't that many young children in Gardarika, after all," she said.

"North Castle's nursery is more full than it has ever been in years! Impa, the nursemaid, she really has her work cut out sometimes! It's just lucky that they're all pretty well behaved in general," Zelda said.

"I love children... but I guess my real interest always lay in art. I love to paint, you know, only my husband, Aden... well, he just wanted me to be a housewife, and..." Fayzie trailed off there, looking upset again.

"You like to paint? Well, maybe you could teach me! I was never that much good at it, to be honest," Zelda admitted ruefully. She laughed, trying to help Fayzie relax. "I guess I preferred more... physical pursuits... I never did any of that stuff when I was younger. Always out adventuring with Link!"

"You must have had a lot of fun together," Fayzie said, remembering all the 'adventures' she and Link had shared, as children.

"Yeah... we did... Link was the only friend I ever had back then," Zelda said quietly, looking down. "I mean, it got lonely, me being a Princess and all... I'm so glad that my children are surrounded by others their age," she continued.

"Yes," Fayzie agreed. They both smiled, and continued to watch the children play.

After a few minutes of contented silence, Link suddenly arrived, he looked as though he had been running. His cheeks were coloured a little, and his hair was in slight disarray.

"Link!" called out Zelda in pleasant surprise. Link suddenly gazed in his wife's direction, and paused for a moment, before speaking.

"Look, uh, have you seen Selina about?" he asked raggedly. Fayzie was the first to speak.

"She left here not so long ago, through that archway," she told him. All Zelda could do was nod to confirm the tale. She was suddenly stricken by the fact that Link was looking for her. Had she arranged to meet him in this courtyard to tell him...?

"Why?" she suddenly asked. Link looked at her, a little surprised by her abruptness. He answered anyway, although his voice was vague.

"I, er, wanted to talk to her about something," he said, frowning.

"I wouldn't say it was a good idea right now," said Zelda desperately, she licked her lips nervously, "She's in a really bad mood about something...you know, hormones." Link's frown deepened.

"That's what I need to see her about," Link replied. Zelda's heart leapt to her throat.


"Look, it doesn't matter," dismissed Link, striding purposefully in the direction Fayzie had told him. Zelda caught up with him, touching his arm. He turned.

"Zelda, I think..."

"Look Link, I don't know what Selina has been saying," Zelda blurted out suddenly. Link ignored her.

"I think there's something the matter with Nick." Zelda cut short what she had been intending to say. She felt guilty for the relief she felt, but she could hardly deny it.

"Like what?"

"I don't know. Selina told me he was feeling ill, and about 5 minutes ago he just about nearly killed Drake."


"You heard. I talked to him, and he looked as though he wanted to tell me something, but then he just walked off. I don't know what to make of it, but you know, I'm worried about Selina too..." Zelda placed her hand on Link's wrist, giving him a small smile.

"Look, I'll go and find Selina okay? How about you stay with Fayzie for a while and keep her company?"

"I don't know. I mean, you two had an argument right?" remembered Link. Zelda nodded.

"Yes, but perhaps that's even more reason for me to go. Kill two birds with one stone right?" Link seemed to slump.

"I guess you have a point," he conceded. Zelda smiled at him once more, brushing his cheek with her hand.

"You're so caring," she said quietly, her thoughts returning to Kaibre. How could she have ever betrayed Link like she had? Link let out a small sigh.

"This was supposed to be a holiday," he said, his voice sad. Zelda gave him a small kiss, looking him in the eye.

"It still is," she promised. Link stepped back, nodding.

"Okay, you go and talk to Selina. I'll go and talk to Fayzie," he agreed. Zelda nodded and quickly left, the anxieties that had sprang to her heart sharply dissipating. But she could feel more of them crawling back already, because although she had avoided Link finding out for the time being, it meant she would still have to face Selina.


The Princess walked through the hold, searching for her friend. Like it or not, she had to speak to Selina before Link did. Her motives were selfish, but she had no other choice. She didn't want to hurt Link, not ever. He didn't deserve it. And secondly, she hated to fight with her friend. She stopped one of the hold's young protégés as she headed down a passageway.

"Excuse me Sir, but could you tell me if the Lady Selina was headed this way?" she questioned. The boy gave her a polite bow.

"Yes Your Highness, not ten minutes ago, she was headed towards the Great Hall," he said. Zelda gave him a small smile.

"Thank you," she replied, before quickly pressing on. She soon came to the Great Hall, and quietly stepped inside. Selina was seated next to the large, leaded window on the far wall, reading a book of some sort. She did not look at ease. Zelda bit her lip nervously, and gently closed the door behind her. Selina glanced up, startled, as she heard the click of the door. Her face soured as soon as she saw Zelda.

"What do you want?" she asked coldly. Zelda raised her eyebrows, slightly taken back at Selina's manner. Even when they hadn't been friends, Selina had never acted quite so icy.

"I came to... apologise," the princess said quickly, feeling it was best to get straight to the point. Selina placed her book down on a nearby table next to her seat.

"Oh?" she asked, her tone barely changing. Zelda stepped a little closer.

"This is silly, us fighting like this," she spoke clearly. Selina looked down at the ground.

"But Zelda, how you just expect me to forgive you? Just like that?" the healer questioned. Zelda frowned.

"I'm not asking you to, I'm just saying..." she started.

"It's easy to say you're sorry, but I don't think its me you ought to be apologising to," Selina pointed out.

"Believe me, I'm more than sorry about this, about all of it! I wish I'd never met Kaibre Lainge, I wish Link had never gone to Catalia, but what's done is done, Selina! And I'm trying so damn hard to make up for what I did, you wouldn't even know just how much I'm trying!" Zelda exclaimed, raising her voice in anger.

"Why? To protect Link? Or just yourself?" Selina leered unkindly. Zelda opened her mouth to speak, but no words came out. She felt choked by her friend's words. "Face it Zelda, you've always looked out for yourself, and nothing more. You only care about you, and what people think of you. It's impossible for you to care about others, because all your life, it's just been you, you, you! Link is a fool to even think that you care for him!" Selina snapped, tears beginning to brim in her eyes.

"That's not true!" Zelda interjected, looking absolutely furious. "I'm not that self-centred!"

"You could give Faye a run for her money Zelda, believe me," Selina replied. Zelda folded her arms protectively, her eyes narrowing.

"Don't you even dare compare me to the likes of her!" she exclaimed.

"It's about time that someone told you! We all keep our mouths shut about the way you act, because you're Zelda. You're the future Queen of Hyrule, how can we disrespect you? And you know fine well that you can get away with it, because of that respect! Look what happened with Leigh! You made a big thing out of something small, it was Leigh who deserved your respect, not vice versa! And now, you think you can just do as you please with other men, completely disrespecting your own poor husband, who would never believe it because he loves you far too much! I love you Zelda, you're my best friend, but sometimes, I think you need to be told you're not as perfect as you like to imagine!" Selina cried. Zelda remained silent throughout the speech.

"No-one is perfect," she finally remarked quietly.

"Take a look in the mirror, Zelda," Selina replied.

"If you tell Link..." the princess threatened.

"I don't want to hurt him, he's been through enough," Selina said, rising from out of her chair and staring at Zelda coldly.

"Don't you think I know that? I'm doing my best to help him through this!" Zelda retorted.

"Maybe you are. I can't say I agree with your method, but if he doesn't see through your act, well, maybe you can salvage your relationship," Selina said, turning to look out of the window. Zelda frowned again.

"It's no act," she muttered. "Despite what you might think, I adore him," she added quickly.

"I never said that you didn't," Selina said.

"I love him more than anyone or anything in this world, and nothing can change that," Zelda continued. Selina let out a small sigh.

"If you loved him though, why did you..." she started.

"Look, I don't know! As I said, it just happened! Why are you insisting on forever judging me over that?" Zelda demanded. Selina turned to face her once more.

"Maybe if Link had ever really cheated on you, you'd understand," she said quietly. Zelda gave up. Shaking her head, and feeling worse than ever, she ran out of the room.

Link squeezed his hands together, and looked down at his feet as he went to accompany Fayzie.

"Link...are you okay?" Link smiled wryly, his eyes meeting his old friend's.

"I should be asking that question," he commented. Fayzie looked away, linking her hands together nervously. Link watched her, and leaned in closer to her, touching her hands with his own.

"I'm sorry," he said apologetically. Fayzie suddenly confronted him with her eyes, and shook her head.

"For what?" she asked. It was the brave answer, but her voice almost cracked as she spoke, as if she were on the verge of slipping into something she was desperate to keep away from.

"For the way things turned out for you," said Link softly, touching her chin with one finger. Although her head was bowed, her eyes lifted to meet his, and she bit her lip for a moment, pondering what she was about to say. She seemed to spend an age planning her next sentence, but when the words came out, they weren't what she had intended to say, but what she had dearly wanted to say.

"Oh Link. How can you stand there and apologise for that? Everything that has happened to me in my life has been the direct result of a choice I have made. I chose to marry Aden, and I chose to stay with him even when things weren't what I wanted them to be. I chose to help you, because no decent person could have just stood there and watched...or pretended it wasn't happening. And I can't accept any apology from you Link , as much as you could from me, because what happened was not our doing. It was Aden's...and Derrin's. They laid their own path...their own fate." At this point, Fayzie halted her speech, as she succumbed to the tears that had been threatening to overcome her for so long. Link could do nothing but step forward and take her into his arms, and attempt to comfort her as best as he knew how. He was close to tears himself, Fayzie's words just brought it all back, but he bit his lip and closed his eyes, bidding that the sentiment leave him.

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