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The Third Triforce

Juliet A. Singleton (Scullys@bigfoot.com) & Kirsty Singleton (arcadionseye@btopenworld.com)

Chapter 10


Charles slowed his steed as he approached the castle. It was beautiful, he thought. It was situated on a island in the middle of a small, bright blue lake. Tall white towers flanked all its walls, topped by blue coloured tiles. The Hyrulian flag fluttered lightly in the breeze. It would have been a perfect picture, if it wasn't for the huge dragon approaching it. Charles immediately pulled out his sword, ready for the impending battle. The castle guards appeared to have spotted the glistening green beast, and arrows rained down onto the beast. Charles dismounted, and rushed up to the dragon. It breathed fire at him, but he used his reflective shield to protect himself.
    "Oh, don't think you can hide from me, little man!" the dragon said in a high-pitched voice. Charles ignored her, and ran forward, stabbing the beast in the chest. Her head snaked down, and she attempted to capture him in her huge white teeth, but Charles was too quick. Frustrated, she blew smoke from her nostrils, and Charles covered his face so that he wouldn't choke. The smell of brimstone was heavy in the air, and several trees were on fire. He dealt her a hard blow in the chest again, his sword cutting right through her shiny flesh. Fire leaped from her jaws, and the dragon flew up into the sky, her massive bulk almost covering the sun. She circled for a while, then swooped down close over the castle walls. Once again, a hail of arrows where shot up at her, but most bounced harmlessly off her tough hide.

Charles knew that the arrows would never fell the dragon. And she was getting angry. She blew fire in all directions, and castle servants hurried to put it out. If he could get close enough, Charles could drive the sword through the weak spot in her head. It would surely kill her, but it was doing it that was so hard. If he went near enough her head, she'd probably eat him first. The dragon swooped down again. Charles hoped that she'd land soon, so he could get a few more blows in with his sword.
    "Hey, you, Sir!" called a man's voice. Charles turned to see a rugged blond man, in his early 40s, wearing the Hyrulian crest on his tunic. "That dragon giving you any trouble? Captain Krin, by the way. Head of the Royal Guard," the man introduced.
    "Charles, from Lemmink," Charles replied.
    "Glad to meet you, Charles," Krin said. "That's Sal. Ever since we killed her mate, she's been on the rampage. It's strange to see her so far north, however," Krin commented.
    "Go for her head," Charles advised. Krin looked surprised.
    "Isn't it safer to just shoot her down?" he asked.
    "That takes too long. She may do irreparable damage before then," Charles replied. Krin nodded.
    "You have a good point there," he said. Charles made his way up the battlements, accompanied by Krin. "My men are going to try and catapult her down. Then we can try to do as you suggest, Charles," he said.
    "Good idea," Charles replied. At that point, the King came hurrying along the battlement.
    "What in Hyrule is going on?" he enquired. Krin pointed at Sal.
    "That," he said darkly. The King looked over.
    "Oh dear. Is that the same dragon that attacked Saria and Ruto?" he asked worriedly. Krin nodded.
    "I'm afraid so, Your Highness," he replied.
    "Then surely Ganon's troops will arrive!" the King exclaimed.
    "We're ready for them, Your Highness," Krin assured the King. Suddenly, a guard ran up to the trio.
    "Captain Krin, Your Majesty!" he said breathlessly.
    "What is it son?" Krin inquired.
    "It's Ganon! He and his monsters are about to siege North Castle!" the guard panted.
    "Where is Link when we need him most?" the King cried.
    "Charles, can you attempt to deal with the dragon? I'll have to organise my men," Krin said. Charles nodded. "At your service, Hyrule," he said.

"Something's wrong," commented Zelda as the group neared the castle.
    "What?" asked Link, turning to Zelda.
    "I don't know. Let's hurry, it might be my father," answered Zelda, spurring Moonmist into a gallop. Link galloped after her with the rest of the group following.
    "Why do we have to gallop?" complained Fayette, whose horse seemed to refuse to go any faster than a trot.
    "Because," started Drake matter of factly, "Zelda thinks there may be something wrong."
    "So?" replied Fayette, unimpressed. Drake shook his head and coaxed his horse to go faster to catch up with the rest of the group. "Don't leave me!" whined Fayette, digging her heels into Candice's sides.
    "Look," said Zelda as the group crested the top of the hill. She halted and pointed to the castle. There was a lot of activity going on around the castle, and as Zelda had said 'something wasn't quite right'.
    "What is it?" asked Damon.
    "I don't know," murmured Zelda.
    "I hate to worry you, but it looks like some kind of siege," said Link.
    "He could be right," agreed Drake, trying to get a better view.
    "Well there is one way to find out," said Dion, drawing a long tubular object from his back pack. He held it up to his left eye and looked through it. "If that isn't a siege, I'm not a black man," said Dion, handing the telescope/binocular type object to Drake.
    "But you are a black man," said Fayette slowly. Dion turned to look at Fayette,
    "I know I am, just as I know that over there is a great big siege!"
    "He's right," said Drake handing it back to Dion.
    "What are we going to do?" wailed Fayette.

"Drake, you take Fayette and the Triforce to Ruto. If Ganon is in charge of this attack then it would be best to keep it away from him," instructed Link. Zelda turned to Link in horror.
    "Link?! What's wrong with you! Ganon can only be attacking because: A) he has one or more of the Triforces or B) because you're not around. And I don't think it was the latter explanation. We'll need the Triforce to get rid of him and to protect us," said Zelda.
    "Well, I guess you have a point but we still need someone to get Fayette to safety," said Link.
    "Oh! Why are you all of a sudden so interested in her safety? What about me?" demanded Zelda, her voice rising a few decibels.
    "If I had even suggested you to be taken to safety you would've bitten my head off! I know you can handle yourself," argued Link.
    "Oh yeah sure Link!" yelled Zelda.
    "Okay fine! You want to go to Ruto? I'm sure Aaron will take you and Fayette back there!" replied Link angrily.
    "Did I say I wanted to go back to Ruto? I don't think so!" screamed Zelda.
    "Look we can't waste any more time, Aaron, you take Fayette back to Ruto, get some backup, then get back here as soon as you can," ordered Link. Aaron nodded his head and turned back down the hill with Fayette following. "Okay, we need to find Ganon with him defeated the rest of his minions will disperse," started Link.
    "Here use this," suggested Dion throwing the binocular to Link. "You can see better perhaps you'll be able to find him," continued Dion. Link held it up to his face and looked around the castle to see if Ganon was anywhere in sight.
    "There!" he said pointing towards a tent that stood near the catapults. "He'll be in there," said Link.
    "Wrong!" cackled a voice from nearby. Link, and the rest wheeled around to be promptly faced with Ganon. Link drew his sword, and moved in front of Zelda. Ganon took something from his robes and held it into the air. "The Triforce of Power!" he cackled, almost deranged. "You probably thought you'd never see this again!" he said.
    "Hang on, you can't have the full Triforce," said Link slowly.
    "Wrong again Link. I had my scouts take them from your room," cackled Ganon again. "Soon your lovely home will look no better than Saria!" Ganon informed Zelda.
    "Saria?" asked Link. "It now belongs to me!" said Ganon gleefully.
    "Well Ganon, we're still even, so you'll never defeat us!" said Zelda calmly.
    "I'm afraid not my dear, I have been collecting Wisdom pieces also so you couldn't possibly have Wisdom," said Ganon smugly. Zelda raised one eyebrow,
    "I wasn't talking about the Triforce of Wisdom," she said even more smugly.
    "What is the use in lying? Everyone knows that the Triforce of Courage has been gone for years, never to be recovered.
    "Not anymore. We discovered it in your own realm Ganon, and you didn't even know!" said Zelda.
    "What!" shrieked Ganon.
    "Bet you never thought you'd see this again!" said Zelda holding up the Triforce of Courage. Ganon gasped, then grinned. He quickly attempted to snatch away the Triforce from Zelda but Link stopped him.
    "Curses to you Link!" shrieked Ganon before he vanished into thin air.

"Nick?" asked King Ravenscroft of Dalsona, Nick's father. Nick turned from the window he was gazing out of.
    "Yes father?" asked Nick, running his hand through his hair.
    "Nick, me and your mother have always been lenient on your duties to the kingdom but I think it's high time you found yourself a bride. Princess Zelda of Hyrule would have been a wonderful choice but you completely failed to take up your chance on a proposal to her. She's now engaged to some boy or other who doesn't even have royal lineage," announced Nick's father. Nick chuckled and looked at his father.
    "Something tells me that even if I had asked her she would not have accepted," started Nick smiling to himself.
    "But you saved her country!" said his father agitated.
    "I think she was already, how do you say, preoccupied with someone else. Tell me do you know her fiancée's name?" asked Nick turning back to look out of the window.
    "I believe his name was Link, he was supposedly some destined hero of Hyrule or something, but I really don't believe in it all. Why he isn't even from the country, or so I've heard," answered his father who was beginning to pace the room.
    "That's wonderful news, I'll send them my congratulations immediately," exclaimed Nick. "Link also helped save Hyrule from that evil griffin too," added Nick turning back to his father.
    "Well anyway Nick, enough of that. You need to find a suitable bride before you turn 32, the public would love a wedding especially if it were between their king -to-be and another famous princess," hinted Nick's father who had now stopped pacing.
    "The public are fine, they have their own weddings which they enjoy just as much. More even, they get to attend the reception afterwards," said Nick winking at his father. Nick's father smiled slightly then returned back to his more serious face.
    "Nevertheless Nick, if you desire to rule this land you must marry before hand," said his father.
    "But father, didn't you rule before you married and I recall you married when you were, now let me see, was it 33? Yes I believe it was!" exclaimed Nick laughing.
    "Just as well I didn't have me as a father then isn't it?" laughed his father. "But still, I know of a maiden who has a good lineage who is not yet married," continued Nick's father, serious once more.
    "Father, I care not for good lineage, just for a kind face and a warm heart that I, and our people shall love dearly," said Nick with a wave of his hand. "But still, tell me of this maiden," said Nick grinning.
    "Lady Fayette Tantalon of Sosaria!" said his father smiling. Nick drummed his fingers against the sill of the window and thought for a moment.
    "Hang on father, isn't she engaged to one of our knights? Sir Martin I believe?" asked Nick unsure.
    "No, he has offered his hand but if the dear girl was to learn you were interested I'm sure she would find it easier to make her decision over Sir Martin," reassured his father.
    "Really father, I don't know why he is kept on. He can use a sword but he is hardly a gentleman, he could learn a thing or two from Valour Hold," said Nick shaking his head.
    "Being a gentleman does not win you battles my son," said the King.
    "But we don't have any battles that need winning father, this country is well protected and no one has attacked in years. Our people are the most loyal and rich people in the world, they get their fair share of everything so I hardly see a civil war rising," said Nick leaning against the wall.
    "Well anyway Nick, we aren't here to talk about Sir Martin, we are here to talk about your marriage. And look at it this way, if you offered your hand to this woman you would be saving her from the hands of Sir Martin," said Nick's father grinning at this idea.
    "Sir Martin does not give travellers a good impression of this land, father he really should be taken down a peg or two," continued Nick.
    "Well if you marry Lady Faye, you'll be King and you can rid yourself of Sir Martin," suggested Nick's father, grinning devilishly. Nick shook his head once more laughing.
    "Okay father, I'll go visit this dazzling maiden but if we do not click, then do not expect any more developments, oui?" said Nick grinning.
    "Marvellous, I shall inform her mother, Lady Fenella Tantalon so that she does not, shall we say, rush any decisions too quickly," exclaimed Nick's father clapping his hands in delight. "Oh, and one more thing that should convince you to ask for this fair maiden's hand Nick," started his father before he left. "Lady Fenella has just announced her engagement to King Harkinian, she and her daughter are currently residing in North Castle. If Martin married Fayette he would become second in line to rule Hyrule and that isn't so good," said Nick's father.

Nick nodded to his father as he left laughing, he knew there was a reason that his father had suggested a 'mere' Lady's name to him. If her mother were marrying the ruler of Hyrule it would make Faye a princess, which was more what his father wanted Nick to marry. Sighing he stared out of the window again, he had to admit he had enjoyed his privileges of a prince but now he supposed, no, he knew his father was right. It was time to find a bride and finally take the responsibilities of being born into royalty. He was lucky, most heir's to the throne took over by the time they were twenty. He had been given 11 years of freedom, yet shared privileges at the same time so he had led a life luckier than most in Dalsona. But he reminded himself that, although not perfect, Dalsona was the most prosperous countries in Demiari so when he finally did rule the land, he would be blessed with just watching over the comfort and safety of his people and not have to fix any problems. He knew his friends Zelda and Link would have their fair shares of ruling Hyrule, they had that evil sorcerer Ganon and his minions to deal with. Nick would thankfully have none of that. The only real threat to his country was the barbarians from Tanol whose leader was Lord Canivaris who longed to take the land that Dalsona and Dubatio resided on. It had rich diamond mines in which the currency of the world was found, Rupees which made both countries very rich. Fortunately Nick knew that both Dalsona and Dubatio had several allies such as Hyrule, Sosaria and Lemmink. If things did go well with Lady Faye, his Links with Hyrule and Sosaria would become very strong. With two such powerful countries behind him, Canivaris would not dare to attack Dalsona nor Dubatio as any allies of Dalsona's were allies of Dubatio and likewise.

"Look! Reinforcement's have arrived!" said Link pointing towards a large army of men approaching.
    "Finally, we shall get some action," said Dion getting up. Link waved his sword to the approaching party and ran to join them.
    "Good job Aaron," Link called to his apprentice grinning.
    "No probs," said Aaron grinning back.
    "Okay, well I've devised a simple plan of action to defeat these cronies and to make them run off with their tails between their legs!" started Link waving his sword above his head. He began to shout out instructions to the men which they deftly followed.

Soon the whole area was surrounded and as soon as Dion shot a burning arrow high into the sky, everyone attacked. Dion, Damon and Zelda stayed where they had originally arrived to fire arrows at the enemies whilst Link, Aaron and drake where in the midst of the fighting. "Time to show off my incredible skill!" boasted Dion preparing to fire his bow. "Give me a target, any target," he challenged the princess. Smiling Zelda pointed to a green Daria in the middle of a large group of moblins. "Easy!" he announced and quickly drew back his arrow. Just as he was about to let the arrow fly, Zelda blew into Dion's ear thus distracting him. The arrow went skew whiff and ended up planting itself neatly into the chest of a moblin. Zelda smiled smugly and quickly drew her own bow and arrow and swiftly shot the Daria. "Okay, Miss Princess, I will show you somethin' utterly amazing," promised Dion drawing an arrow from his quiver. As he carefully aimed he sharply turned to Zelda grinned. "And no distracting this time pretty princess," he warned flashing another brilliant smile.
    "I promise," she said smiling back.
    "Now behold!" said Dion letting go of the arrow. The arrow sailed through the air and skewered one moblin, then another, and another and another. The arrow stopped on the forth moblin. "Never stand in single file when facin' Dion Insequi!" yelled Dion.
    "How did you do that?" asked Zelda in awe.
    "The strength of the shot was sooo strong it simply shot through those soft bellied moblins," answered Dion smiling. "That's how I killed Lord Caniviris' lieutenant Abortio! He was cowering behind his men and I thought, ah well, little does he know he is as vulnerable as a sittin' duck. He was not expectin' me to shoot through his men, so bang I shoot through his men and he's dead and that's the end to five years of bloodshed," explained Dion, shooting another arrow.
    "You'll have to show me how to shoot like that sometime," commented Zelda also shooting another arrow.
    "Nah, I've asked him before Princess, he won't reveal it to no-one, not even me and I'm his bro'!" said Damon incredulously!!
    "His bro?" asked Zelda confused.
    "My, friend, amigo!" explained Dion, taking another shot into the battle ground.
    "Oh, I see. So it's like you're close friends," said Zelda.
    "Yes, we are close. But, er, not that close if you get my meaning!" said Dion grinning. "Hey, Hey! Watch this, Mr. Link over there is bein' ganged up on by a few moblins, I bet I can knock 'em all dead before they even touch my amigo!" sang Dion, planting six arrows into the ground. Swiftly he picked up one arrow from the ground and shot one moblin to Link's side, five arrows later not one moblin was left standing near Link. Zelda applauded and Link turned to Dion and gave him a thumbs up sign.
    "We never doubted you!" laughed Damon still applauding. Dion took a few exaggerated bows then began to shoot again. Zelda leaned over to Damon and whispered to him.
    "Where did he learn to shoot like that?" she asked.
    "Put it this way your Highness," Damon began.
    "Just call me Zelda, or Zel," Zelda interupted.
    "Fine, Put it this way Zelda, Dion could shoot like that when I met him," started Damon.
    "When was that?"
    "When I was 17, making him 18," worked out Damon. "He taught me everything I know," added Damon, aiming carefully.
    "I noticed your style was similar," commented Zelda.
    "What are you two talkin' about?" asked Dion, pausing for a moment.
    "Oh nothing," the two replied innocently.
    "Do not forget that I know all!" boomed Dion tapping the side of his nose grinning.
    "Really, we were just talking about nothing of importance," said Damon smiling.
    "Hmphf!" said Dion, who then proceeded to start shooting again.

Charles had succeeded in driving Sal away from the castle. She had finally landed, after circling the area for more than half an hour. They were headed to the north, where there was open land, instead of trees or buildings. Another dragon had arrived, but a group of the King's men where attempting to deal with that one. Out of the corner of his eye, Charles kept a close eye on the battle at hand. The leader of the opposing army was like nothing he'd seen before - an ugly pig-like creature, who seemed to do little but fire bolts of magic and order his army around. Charles took a further swing at the dragon, who blew fire at him in protest. Charles used his shield just in time. At that moment, Sal changed her mind about being on the ground, and flew up into the air again, much to the prince's dismay. He turned to see her flying towards the enemy leader. Cursing, he quickly started up a pursuit of the beast. "Need some help there son?" a loud but kindly voice asked. Charles turned to see a Hyrulian knight standing nearby. "I'm Sir Drake, and I do believe that I've tangled with this stupid beast before," he introduced.
    "Charles. Thanks," Charles said, smiling at the knight.
    "Come on. Young Link and the rest have enough to deal with, with just Ganon's usual minions. That dragon will just make matters worse if she decides to join in the general malady," Drake said. Charles nodded.
    "That's quite correct, Sir Drake." A huge boulder suddenly hit the dragon in the side, felling her. Another boulder hit the second dragon, which landed near to Drake and Charles. They turned to see a catapult had been set up by some of the soldiers.
    "Nice one lads!" Drake called. Sal screeched in pain and anger - a sound that was not at all pleasant to the ears. Charles rushed over, ready to attempt to stab the dragon in the head while she was still stunned. He got in several blows, then made for her head. Sal tried to eat him, but he avoid those dangerous maws skilfully. Drake helped, but Sal suddenly got up.
    "Is this the thanks I get?" she screeched at Ganon. Then she began to eat any monsters that happened to be in close proximity. Charles rushed over to the other dragon, which was out cold, and stabbed in several times in the head, killing it. Sal continued eating Ganon's monsters.
    "Don't do that!" Ganon shrieked angrily, his attention distracted for a moment by the dragon. Link, who had been sneaking up behind Ganon, took the chance to attack. His first sword blow sent the Triforce of Power sailing into the air. Several individuals ran to catch it, but was grabbed by Aspete, who promptly returned it to the wizard. Ganon, sensing defeat decided it was time to make a hasty exit. "I'll be back, with two Triforces, you stupid Princess!" he vowed to Zelda, before clicking his fingers and vanishing.
    "Coward," Link muttered disdainfully. The monsters began to quickly disperse, and Sal flew up into the air and away...

The King was so pleased with the successful outcome of the battle, that he invited all the soldiers into North Castle for a celebration feast. "What a marvellous army you all are! I am so proud of you all!" he exclaimed. "And thank you for your help lad. It was extremely kind of you to offer your services," he said to Charles, who had still not revealed his royal status.
    "It was a pleasure. We get dragons in Lemmink all the time," he answered modestly.
    "It was still wonderful of you to help us, Charles," Drake added.
    "You're from Lemmink?" Zelda questioned, suddenly looking thoughtful. Charles hoped that the princess didn't recognise him as the country's king - he was enjoying living the life and being treated as a normal person. He nodded.
    "Yes, Your Highness," he said politely. Zelda smiled warmly.
    "I've never visited, I'm afraid," she said apologetically. Charles heaved a sigh of relief. That meant she was unlikely to realise who he actually was.
    "Oh yes, that reminds me," the King began, suddenly sounding stern. He turned to where Link and Zelda were sat.
    "Don't you two ever, ever embark on a quest like you just did previously! We were all so worried!" the King reprimanded. Zelda sighed.
    "Father..." she began.
    "We promise," Link cut in hastily.
    "But something good did come out of it!" Sprite piped up.
    "Of course it did. But you all endangered yourselves terribly," the King replied.
    "Yes! I don't know what I was thinking, going down there!" Fayette said in a high tone of voice. "But I was only trying to do the right thing. I mean in the circumstances...." she began sweetly.
    "Yes, you really ought to have stayed here at North Castle, where its safe dear," Fenella said. Zelda and Link exchanged glances, then burst out laughing.
    "What's so funny?" Fayette demanded.
    "Oh... nothing," Zelda said, grinning.
    "Private joke," Link added, smiling widely. Neither Fayette or her mother looked very amused. Sprite began to giggle too, when she saw the women's faces. Fayette scowled, making her pretty face look rather unpleasant for a moment. Charles surveyed the scene around him. Almost at once, he could tell that Hyrule's ruler was a wonderful king. The whole court seemed extremely happy, and Charles liked the friendly, informal atmosphere that had been projected to him. The only thing that spoilt it a little was the clear animosity between the Princess and her step-sister to be, Fayette. But then, he thought, what family is without its problems? He suddenly noticed that a beautiful young woman with striking red curls, and wearing a green dress, was smiling at him warmly. He recalled seeing her outside previously, one of the archers. But he didn't remember her name. He smiled back, and thought that Hyrule decidedly got better and better.

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