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The Third Triforce

Juliet A. Singleton (Scullys@bigfoot.com) & Kirsty Singleton (arcadionseye@btopenworld.com)

Chapter 11

"Thank goodness it's all over," said Zelda later on inside her room.
    "Yeah," said Link, he didn't really seem to be taking in what Zelda was saying. Zelda got up off her bed and walked over to the balcony where Link was standing. He was leaning against the balcony and watching the stars quietly. Zelda wrapped her arms around his neck and leaned on his shoulder and looked out towards the stars. "Your father has asked me to go to Saria tomorrow, he wants me to help out the people there," said Link, still looking into the sky.
    "I can't believe Ganon would do anything so bold as to attack Saria," said Zelda sadly.
    "Well why not? He thought he had supreme power, so he attacked. You know what I'm going to do tomorrow?" asked Link suddenly turning to Zelda.
    "Go to Saria?" asked Zelda.
    "I'll pass through but I'm also going to get back what's rightfully yours," said Link hugging Zelda.
    "Can I come with you?" asked Zelda.
    "I think it's best I go alone Zel. It's high time I proved myself a real hero to Hyrule, and this is how I'm going to do it," said Link brushing a strand of hair from Zelda's face. Zelda smiled at Link then spoke.
    "Link you don't need to prove yourself to Hyrule, or me. You've saved Hyrule a thousand times over," began Zelda.
    "Ssshhh," said Link putting a finger to Zelda's lips. "Zelda, when you take the throne I want to make sure you have nothing to worry about, especially not Ganon. And besides I think I might know someone who might help me infiltrate the underworld," said Link, kissing Zelda.
    "Tell me before you go," said Zelda. Just as she was about to return the kiss a knock came at her bedroom door. Sighing she went and opened it.
    "Your Royal Highness! An announcement has just been made downstairs, your father, the King wishes you," the messenger peered round the door to see Link, "And Link to attend at once, thank you!" announced the messenger.
    "Come on Link," said Zelda smiling at Link. She had wanted to comfort Link over her brother's death tonight, although he hadn't said anything she knew Link. It was likely that the emotional wounds left by his family's slaughter would have been blown right open again. When she had lost her mother she had felt like a part of her had died with her mother, Link's whole family were dead, she couldn't even comprehend how much that would hurt, she just knew it'd be a hell of a lot. She slipped her arm around his waist as they approached the main hall and quickly hugged him. He hugged her back then they continued into the throne room.

"Oh, I just can't believe it!" Fayette cried happily. Zelda and Link had just walked into the room. "Prince Nicholas of Dalsona has proposed to me!" Fayette shrieked in delight.
    "Nick?" asked Link. "Marry her?" he whispered to Zelda. Zelda smiled a little at the comment.
    "I'm going to marry a real life prince of ROYAL lineage," Fayette shrieked looking at Zelda in particular. "I'm going to be a Queen!!" Fayette whinnied excitedly.
    "Shouldn't you wait until you've met him? He might have second thoughts," said Zelda. Unfortunately she said the second part a little louder than she had intended to.
    "Hmpf! I will not be treated in this way. You're just jealous because I'm marrying a handsome prince and all's you can manage is some stable boy!" screeched Fayette.
    "Stable boy?" yelled Zelda incredulously.
    "Oh no I forgot, a palace guard! It makes all the difference. If you ask me, it's scandalous! A royal princess and a palace guard! How did you meet him? When he was guarding your chamber?" Fayette screamed back.
    "Girls, enough!" said the king sternly.
    "She started it!" whined Fayette. "She wanted to burst my bubble!" continued Fayette.
    "Well, if she can't take a bit of constructive criticism," said Zelda folding her arms defiantly across her chest.
    "Constructive? I'd hardly call it that," said Fenella defensively.
    "Look I don't think Nick is Fayette's type. Or vice versa."
    "Why not?" asked Fayette in an annoyed tone of voice.
    "Because A) You like, well. Okay you might like Nick but I don't know about Nick liking you. He'll want a queen who his people will love as much as he does, and I'm afraid Fayette dear that Nick will see you as a spoilt, conceited, shallow brat!" explained Zelda coolly. Fenella and Fayette gasped.
    "How dare you!" they screeched in unison.
    "Quite easily," said Zelda.
    "Zelda! Stop this at once. You must not treat Fenella and Fayette like this it's most indecent!" demanded the king.
    "She called Link a stable boy! If it weren't for him Hyrule would be under the control of Ganon, and we'd probably be dead!" pointed out Zelda angrily. Fenella turned to Fayette.
    "Yes Fayette, Link is a very brave boy. Just because he is not of royal lineage and doesn't have a lot of money it doesn't mean he's as bad as a stable boy. You really shouldn't call him that, it was very insulting to the dear boy." Link bristled at this comment.
    "Hey, even if I was a stable boy what difference would it make? Doesn't it even count for what kind of person you are? People say if you're born with a title you're a noble and should be treated with respect but I don't think it counts. If you put your life on the line for someone else then you're noble, like the guards did today. If you love someone and would go to the end's of the world for their happiness then you're noble. If you make one person's life better in your whole lifetime no matter how big or small then you are more noble than anyone who was born with a title who thinks that they can insult others because of they have a lower status and a poor 'lineage' is more low than any of those that they insult. The King was born into nobility but he's earned his title a thousand times over by the kind and generous way he has treated the people of Hyrule. I don't think you'd find many who wouldn't agree with me," finished Link.
    "That was beautiful," breathed Zelda. Dion clapped briefly,
    "Hey can I use that speech when I run my campaign to become next president of Dubatio?" asked Dion jokingly.
    "Well said Link!" said the King smiling widely at Link. Fayette had gone slightly red after Link's speech probably because she was guilty of doing those un-noble things. A few of the guards standing by cheered as Zelda pulled Link towards her and kissed him passionately.
    "I love you," she whispered into his ear.
    "I love me too," said Link smiling at Zelda as they pulled apart. She grinned and playfully hit him on the arm.
    "Well, in front of the whole palace," said Fenella.
    "Yes mother it's rather indecent," Fayette whispered back.
    "I hate to imagine what they do behind closed doors," said Fenella in disgust as she watched Zelda kiss Link again. Another cheer rose up from the crowd.
    "Three cheers for the noble Link, and the honourable Princess Zelda!" called Drake. "Oh really," said Fayette rolling her eyes. "Hip, Hip!" yelled Drake. "Hurrah!" responded the crowd. "Hip, Hip!" "Hurrah!" "Hip, Hip!" "Hurrah!!" the cheers were followed by a round of applause. Zelda smiled around prettily at her subjects.
    "Thank you," she said graciously, feeling pleased at the court's approval. Even her father was smiling widely. As usual, only Fayette and Fenella did not look happy. She felt a rush of anger when she saw their disapproving looks, but decided to ignore them. It was no use in saying something that she might regret later.
    "Thanks Drake," Link said, grinning at his friend. The knight leaned over, looking amused.
    "Yeah well kids, sometimes, it's the best way to put people in their place," he said, glancing over at Fayette. "Great speech, by the way," he added, his eyes twinkling.
    "I made that up as I went along," Link confessed.
    "Are you going to Saria tomorrow then?" Aaron asked, walking up to the three. Link and Drake nodded.
    "Yes, that place is going to need all the help it can get," Link said sadly.
    "Ganon just makes me so mad! How could he do that to my people?" Zelda said, frowning.
    "Because they're your people, Princess. He'll never give up, until will manage to vanquish him for good," Link said.
    "How do we do that?" Aaron asked.
    "Well, last time we were at Death Mountain, I recall him saying that he could only be defeated by all three Triforce's powers combined," Link said thoughtfully.
    "We only have one though, while it' a strong possibility that Ganon almost has two," Zelda replied. "Not yet," Drake said.
    "That's why I have to stop him from finding the remaining pieces. Or somehow steal them," Link answered.
    "I suppose you're right. This kingdom will never be safe until once more, we have more power than Ganon," Zelda decided.

"This is horrible," said Drake poking through the ruins of what was Saria. Smoke was still lingering in the air from the day before. Most of the building had been burnt, probably by Sal the Dragon, or battered to pieces by Ganon's henchmen. Aaron shook his head in dismay.
    "How many dead?" he asked.
    "I'm not sure, that's what we're looking for. The bodies and any survivors," said Link pushing a piece of debris aside with his foot.
    "Ssshh!" said Drake, stopping suddenly in the middle of the track. "Listen," he instructed quietly. Aaron and Link both stopped and began to listen intently. A soft tapping noise came to their left. Link turned his head in that direction and quietly walked over to where he suspected the noise was coming from. He lifted a piece of wood from a pile of debris that lay near a now ruined building.
    "C'mon and help you guys," ordered Link, quickly shifting the fragments of wood and other materials from the pile. Aaron and Drake walked over and joined in moving the rubbish. After 10 minutes or so, they had uncovered a small child who could have been no older than six or seven years old. Link carefully lifted the child and walked carefully over to the well that stood in the square of the town. Link gently laid down the child on the ground as he managed to draw some water from the well and give it to the child. "Go and get Selina," he called to the two men standing there.
    "Right away," said Drake running to find Selina who was somewhere else in the town with another party.
    "It's okay." Link comforted the child with soothing words stroking the boy's forehead. "Can you hear me?" he asked, dipping his hand in the water and wiping the dirt from the child's face.
    "Uh-hmm," answered the child nodding his head ever so slightly. Link heard approaching footsteps and saw Drake and Selina approaching, worry lines etched into both of their faces.
    "How is he?" asked Drake jogging over.
    "He can hear me," said Link. Selina took a white cloth from her pack and laid it onto the ground.
    "Lie the boy on this," she instructed. Link did as Selina had told him and put the boy carefully onto the white cloth. "Okay, you guys leave this to me and get searching for anyone else. If this kid has survived then surely more could've," said Selina, taking some jars from a leather pouch that hung on her belt.
    "Right you are," said Drake beginning to walk away.

Link quickly walked away from the town hoping no-one would notice he was missing. He knew that he was taking a being a little stupid not telling anyone where he was going but if he did they would never let him go alone, let alone let him convince Sal the dragon to help him. He knew that she resided somewhere in Saria mountains which was lucky, as he didn't want to go to far away from Saria just in case. Although Saria mountains where riddled with caves there was only one cave that would've been big enough for Sal and her late mate and that was Andross' Cave. Link came of the track just before he entered the route cave that led to the other side of the mountains and began to take on an easterly direction. It wasn't long before he found the cave entrance . Brandishing his shield, Link walked through a long high corridor before walking into a large cave. Excellent, Sal is sleeping. I can win her trust easy, thought Link approaching the big Dragon. He knew that he could easily have killed Sal there and then, with a few well placed blows to her head, and as she couldn't fly in this cave she would've had nowhere to go. Before he got to near to the dragon (If he got to near and awoke she would think he had been approaching to kill her and would've eaten him in a trice) he stopped and called out her name loudly. "SAL!" he shouted. His voice echoed all over the cave. "SAL!" he said in a sharper tone of voice. The big dragon's eyes fluttered open and focused onto the little man standing before her. She groaned, someone had found her hideout and, now after she disposed of this one she'd have to give the little people of Hyrule a little warning. Smoke poured from her nostrils as she raised her head and prepared to toast him. "Wait!" shouted Link. He dropped his sword from his belt to show that he wasn't armed. "I'm not here to kill you. In fact if you help me I'll make sure you're never bothered again by any people of Hyrule!" Sal snorted in disbelief. In a haughty voice she said,
    "I highly doubt you can achieve that little man." Sal looked Link up and down carefully and snorted again. "In fact you don't even look all that important. You probably couldn't persuade that little man who seems to know his stuff about murdering dragons, he also had an unusual sword which I fear could do some severe damage to me," mused Sal.
    "Who? Charles? I know for a fact that he's a dragon hunter from Lemmink. I'm engaged to the princess of Hyrule, Zelda. He's currently residing in North Castle, I'm sure if you help me that I can persuade him to give up his 'hobby," chided Link choosing his words quietly.
    "You? Engaged to the heir of this land! I don't think so!" said Sal, insulted that this human would think her that stupid.
    "Really I am. Haven't you ever heard the name Link before? I'm protector of the Triforce!" insisted Link. Sal leaned towards Link and stared at him.
    "Hmmm, you're not even worth eating. You're way too lean," she mused, smoke pouring from her nostrils. "Yes I do know you!" she finally said after a few minutes. "Ganon has instructed me to kill you if I ever have the opportunity, he also added that I would be richly rewarded!" said Sal casually.
    "You would believe in that cad? He only wants you to help him gain rule of that land, after that he'd probably use you to feed his henchmen!" said Link.
    "You are probably right, but still I would like to know what that reward would be," said Sal licking her lips.
    "Look, you can capture me and take me to Ganon. Then you'll get your reward and I'll have what I want," said Link grinning at the dragon.
    "Well that sounds fair enough, I get a reward for taking you to Ganon. In fact I get two rewards provided you escape from Ganon because you'll make sure I get complete protection from any would be dragon hunters. I'm getting to like this idea more and more," commented Sal running through the plan.
    "Exactly! So what d'you say?" asked Link.
    "It's a deal. Mind you, I want you to make sure I'm protected before I take you to Ganon. That way if Ganon kills you I'm still protected," said Sal.
    "Okay that's no problem," said Link slowly.
    "Good, good. Well you just go ensure my protection then come back here and I'll take you to Ganon," agreed Sal.
    "I'll get back to you as soon as possible," said Link bending down to take his sword.
    "I'll be waiting," said Sal grinning somewhat sinisterly.

Zelda walked out into the courtyard after lunch. It had not been a pleasant affair. Everyone, aside from herself and Fayette had gone to Saria, even Charles. So, she'd been forced to endure the meal with her father, Fenella and Fayette. It had been an intimate family time, and so Zelda had been made to apologise properly to Fayette for the things she had said the previous evening. Nobody had even mentioned the things Fayette had said, seemingly because Zelda had started the argument in the first place. She supposed she had, although she couldn't help feeling that her initial thoughts would end up being true. The Princess sat down on the stone bench next to the fountain. Smiling to herself, she admired her engagement ring, suddenly feeling happier. She wondered what Link was doing, whether he was being true to his word about wanting to reclaim the other Triforces. If they had all three, they would have the means to destroy Ganon once and for all, and as Link had said, it would be the end of all their troubles. At that particular moment, Fayette came through the main doors and walked down the path to where Zelda was sat. "Zelda," she called out. Zelda's good mood immediately diminished when she saw Fayette.
    "What do you want?" she asked her sister-to be, coldly. Fayette smiled.
    "Zelda, I just wanted to apologise for what I said yesterday," she said sweetly.
    "Yeah, right," Zelda replied.
    "No, I was so out of line. I hope I didn't upset Link," Fayette answered.
    "You're just lucky that he's so easy going. And that he is respectful to other people. But yes, you probably did upset him," Zelda said angrily.
    "Well I'm going to apologise to him as soon as he gets back," Fayette vowed. "It's about time," Zelda replied. Fayette sat down on the bench next to her. "Listen. Since we're going to be sisters soon, I think we ought to learn to get along," she said.
    "I think that's going to be highly unlikely task," Zelda said sceptically. Fayette smiled sweetly again.
    "But if we really try.. I mean, we ought to, at least for our parent's sakes," she said.
    "Oh, okay," Zelda relented, finally tiring of Fayette's act.
    "Let's start by telling each other something," Fayette suggested.
    "Like what?" Zelda asked, feeling somewhat bored.
    "I know. Let's ask each other questions. I'll start," Fayette said, smiling again.
    "Alright. Ask me something," Zelda said.
    "Okay. How did you and Link get together?" Fayette asked. Zelda gave Fayette an exasperated look.
    "Do you have to be so personal ?" she said.
    "Oh? I didn't think it was that personal really," Fayette said, her voice sugary. Zelda sighed.
    "Okay. I suppose it isn't. When we were both 15, Ganon was poising a threat to steal my Triforce of Wisdom, so I shattered it into pieces so Ganon couldn't get his hands on it. But then he kidnapped me, and well Link saved me, and restored the Triforce. Then he got a job here, looking after the Triforce, and we became good friends," Zelda explained.
    "And?" Fayette questioned. Zelda frowned.
    "That's it. We love each other, so we're going to get married someday," she finished. "See? I hope you're satisfied. It's not so scandalous as you make out, we haven't been having a secret affair for the last five or six years, as you seem to want to think!" Zelda added, just to set the record straight. Fayette's expression was one of pure innocence.
    "I never implied such a thing," she said.
    "If you say so. Alright Faye, I have a question too. Why is your mother marrying my father?" Zelda asked, matter-of-factly.
    "Oh Zelda! You know fine well why!" Fayette said, looking upset.
    "Of course! You're both just climbing up the ranks, aren't you? It's such a pity that your mother wasn't born into royalty!" Zelda said sarcastically. Fayette stood up, looking offended.
    "Mother is right! You really are impossible to live with!" she cried, stomping off.

"Hey Drake! You seen Charles?" yelled Link to his companion.
    "Yeah, he left Saria about half an hour ago. He's gone looking for that dragon to exact revenge for this bloody mess," yelled back Drake.
    "Does he know where it is?" asked Link.
    "Well I told him where I reckoned it'd be," said Drake walking towards Link.
    "Um, where? I could try and catch up with him. That Dragon could be dangerous if you're alone," said Link.
    "Well, she reckoned she lived with her mate in Saria mountains. There's only one cave big enough for two adult dragons and that's Andross' cave," said Drake grinning.
    "Well, if I'm not needed here than I think I'll go help Charles with that Dragon," said Link.
    "There's actually less fatalities than we first estimated so it's not going to be to bad," said Drake cheerfully.
    "Well that's great to hear!" said Link smiling at Drake.
    "It's just a pity this had to happen in the first place," said Drake his expression darkening. "That's why I suggested that Charles go find that creature!" said Drake angrily clenching his fists.
    "If you saw that dragon would you kill it?" asked Link.
    "Yes, I'd kill," said Drake simply.
    "Look Drake I've got a confession to make," said Link nervously.
    "Go ahead," said Drake.
    "That Dragon, I've already found it," started Link.
    "Did you kill it?" asked Drake.
    "No, I made a deal with it," said Link uncertainly.
    "You what! What kind of deal?" exclaimed Drake.
    "I've told her that if she help's me infiltrate Ganon's domain then I'll make sure no one will attempt to attack her," said Link.
    "What?!" asked Drake.
    "You heard," sighed Link. "Ganon knows that I'll try and get back our Triforce after a while. Death Mountain will be crawling with his henchmen. The only way to get through and catch Ganon off guard is to be 'caught' by Sal," explained Link.
    "How can you be sure that this 'Sal' is going to eat you as soon as you go back?" asked Drake.
    "If she was going to eat me you'd think she would've done as soon as I'd gone to her don't you?" asked Link.
    "I guess so Link. You'd better go and catch up with Charles before she decides not to keep her deal," said Drake patting Link on the shoulder. "You're a brave man Link, braver than I was at your age," said Drake.
    "Thanks Drake, the next time you see me I'll be with the Triforce of Power," said Link confidently.
    "You're also a damn lot less modest than I was at your age," said Drake laughing.
    "But you know, if anything happens to me, will you tell Zelda that I love her," said Link a little quieter.
    "Of course I will, but I think she already knows that," said Drake shaking Link's hand. "You'd best take a horse to catch up with Charles then," said Drake.
    "I will thanks," said Link.

Charles looked down at the rough map that Drake had drawn him. According to the map, that beast's hideout was somewhere around here. He walked along the side of the mountain until he came to a dark cave entrance. "This must be it," he muttered. Smiling, he pulled his sword from his belt. Most dragon's domains were filled with gold and treasures and it was always much more satisfying to slaughter a dragon on it's home turf. He pulled a vial of light liquid from his pack and drank the entire contents. After a few moments he began to feel a little strange. "Good," he said to himself. The invisibility potion that had been sold to him at a high price by an old witch back in Lemmink was taking effect. Charles crept into the cave and edged along until he found the Dragon sleeping. To Charles' disappointment this dragon's domain was not filled with piles of gold as he had expected. It wasn't even filled with the remains of the dragon's meals, suggesting that the dragon wasn't even all that vicious. It was more likely that the dragon was just the pawn of a more evil force. "Now what was the name of that creature again?" Charles whispered to himself trying to recall the name of the evil sorcerer that had stolen the, what was it called, the Triforce? "Ganon!" exclaimed Charles quietly. The Dragon snorted and raised it's head sleepily. She breathed in deeply and discovered that there was a new scent lingering in her cave. It must have been from Link, but no it smelt differently. She took another sniff and it was still there. Definitely different from Link's scent but still definitely human.
    "Show yourself mortal!" she boomed. Charles drew his sword quickly and plunged it into the chest of the dragon. She screamed in pain and swung her tail around. "So you're invisible eh? I can still smell you Link! How dare you trick me like that!" screamed Sal.

Link spurred Carefree to go faster as they approached the cave. He heard a loud scream emerge from the cave. Oh no! Look's like Charles's found her! thought Link jumping down from Carefree. "Stay boy," he commanded drawing his sword and running into the cave. "Charles! Stop, she's a friend!" ordered Link as he ran into the cave. Sal was blowing fire from her mouth all over the cave in an attempt to toast the invisible Charles. She quickly turned to Link when she heard his voice and blew a stream of flame towards him.
    "I though no-one would bother me!" she screeched. Link dodged the flame and bumped into something. It was Charles. Charles fell to the floor with Link on top of him.
    "A traitor to your kingdom!" said Charles attempting to get a stab a Link but he was too quick.
    "No! Sal is a friend of the kingdom, you're not to harm her," said Link, exasperated.
    "She murdered a whole town. How does that make her a friend?" asked Charles taking another swing at Link, not realising that he was the country's most honoured hero, in the murky darkness of Sal's lair. The sword cut deep into Link's arm and he keeled over in pain.
    "She's going to help us get back the Triforce," insisted Link clutching at his arm.
    "In Lemmink dragons know little magic. And certainly do not know the means of how to conjure up images of fellow human beings," said Charles. "Fortunately I'm not that stupid," said Charles. Link heard the swish of a sword and pulled back. He jumped towards were he figured Charles was standing in an attempt to bring Charles down. He missed and dove into the wall. At that moment Charles' invisibility wore off leaving him exposed. Link got back up and tackled Charles, bringing him down to the ground. Link drew his dagger and held it to Charles' throat.
    "Listen to me. I am Link, and Sal is a friend," insisted Link.
    "Then drop the dagger," said Charles.
    "Drop your sword," commanded Link.
    "Fine, drop the dagger first," said Charles. Link dropped the dagger. Instead of dropping his sword, Charles pushed Link away and stood up and pointed his sword down at Link's throat.
    "Give me one reason why I shouldn't kill you," demanded Charles. "You're supposed to be a hero, yet you make alliances with the most traitorous creatures ever created."
    "Ahem," came Sal's voice and suddenly Charles was enveloped in smoke. He dropped his sword and began to cough. He dropped to his knees and clutched at his throat still coughing and spluttering.
    "Thanks Sal," said Link getting back up.
    "I'm not sure I should of done that," exchanged Sal. "You were supposed to be preventing this kind of thing from happening," she continued. Still spluttering Charles got up. Link pushed him back to floor.
    "I demand you to stop this at once," said Charles. "In my country, consorting with these evil creature's is a death offence," said Charles.
    "Well charming," commented Sal.
    "Well, you're no longer in your country so it doesn't give you the right to come and attack a friend of the kingdom," Link informed Charles. "It also doesn't give you the right to attack anyone unless in self defence," continued Link holding his arm. It was bleeding heavily now and if he didn't see anyone quickly he would never be fit enough to take on Ganon and his minions.
    "It was in self defence," insisted Charles, suddenly looking ashamed. The dragon had made him so angry, he wasn't thinking straight, and now he'd hurt Link. Link turned to Sal.
    "Sal, I'm going to have to get to a healer. Would it hurt to wait a little longer?" asked Link.
    "Where are you going to go?" asked Sal.
    "Saria, I have a friend who's helping out there. She's a healer," said Link turning back to Charles.
    "I'll come pick you up from there, that way it'll make me look even better," said Sal.
    "Great just no town burning on the way," said Link.
    "Of course not," said Sal in a shrill voice.
    "C'mon Charles, I can't ride a horse with this arm, you'll have to lead Carefree back to Saria," said Link pulling up Charles with his good arm.

"How did you do this?" asked Selina bandaging up Link's wounded arm.
    "I did it," admitted Charles.
    "Yeah, we got in a bit of a mix up and I ended up worst off," said Link.
    "Well perhaps I should check you for any injuries as well," suggested Selina, smiling at Charles.
    "No I'm fine apart from a few bruises," said Charles.
    "Well if you insist," said Selina shrugging her shoulder.
    "Thanks anyway," said Charlie smiling at Selina.
    "Yeah Selina, thanks. Don't know where I'd be without you," said Link grinning at Selina whilst he rolled his sleeve down.
    "Just as well he didn't get your sword arm," commented Selina.
    "Just as well," repeated Link. Suddenly from above the trio heard a roar and they looked up to see a huge dragon circling in the sky. It dove down and grasped Link in its jaw then flew back into the sky again.
    "Oh no!" exclaimed Selina reaching for her bow and arrow. Charles put a hand on her arm.
    "Don't worry, it's planned," he whispered as if he were frightened of someone overhearing.

Will Link manage to pull off his daring plan, and retrieve the Triforce of Power? Find out this an more in the final story of the trilogy, due soon!!

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