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The Third Triforce

Juliet A. Singleton (Scullys@bigfoot.com) & Kirsty Singleton (arcadionseye@btopenworld.com)

Chapter 2

    Early the next morning a knock came at the door of Link's room. He was already awake, reading up on the caverns of the Underworld. "Come in," he said still reading through the book. A messenger boy walked in.
    "Sir Link, you have been requested to attend breakfast with his Royal Highness the King, her Royal Highness Princess Zelda, Lady Fenella and her daughter, Lady Fayette. Also Sir Drake a knight of the King will be in attendance, as will Lord Hilaton of Aidnaryk," reported the messenger.
    "When?" asked Link casually.
    "In half an hour sir," answered the messenger.
    "Who's this Lord Hilaton then? And where in Hyrule is Aidnaryk?" asked Link.
    "Lord Hilaton is here to discuss business with the King. Aidnaryk is not in Hyrule it is another country that is situated 126 miles north west of Hyrule," the messenger informed Link.
    "Well thanks, that will be all," said Link. The messenger left quietly leaving Link to his own devices. He placed a book mark in between the pages he was currently at and set the book on his night stand. He was already dressed so there wasn't much for him to do, but he had tired of reading anyway. He walked out onto his balcony and looked across the courtyard. He could see Zelda's balcony from where he was but she was not standing on it as he had hoped. As he let his gaze fall to other parts of the castle he noticed someone was standing on their balcony. It was one of the guest rooms on the third floor. It was just to his left and below him. He called down to see who it was, is was Fayette. She was wearing a floor length silk, white dress that did, in truth, make her look beautiful; Link wasn't about to tell her that though. She turned her head towards Link and called back to him.
    "Oh I didn't see you there Link, stunning view down here isn't it?" she said. Link wasn't sure whether she was complementing herself when she had commented on the 'stunning view' bit but he nodded anyway. He couldn't see her all that well but he was sure he'd seen her smirk. Deciding to play her at her own game he said,
    "it's an even better view over there," pointing towards Zelda's tower.
    "Oh I don't know," started Fayette.
    "Oh believe me it is," interrupted Link.
    "Why don't you come down here? I'd some much love to get to know you," asked Fayette. "Nah. I'm busy," replied Link still watching Zelda's tower.
    "She's only toying with you, you know," commented Fayette lazily.
    "Yeah whatever Fayette," replied Link, equally lazily.
    "That's Lady Fayette, to you Link!" shouted Fayette grumpily. Link noticed that she had emphasised his name, probably because he had no title, he thought.
    "Well excuse me Lady Fayette," said Link sharply.
    "You're excused," she replied.
    "You're ruining the fine view, my dear," called down Link grinning to himself.
    "Hmmphh! How dare you insult me like that. Wait 'til my Mother hears about this!" shrieked Fayette. Link yawned and looked back across to Zelda's balcony. Even if she was out there she wouldn't be able to hear the conversation that was going on between the two. "Ooh I'm scared!" mocked Link. Even though he was nearly 21, too old for this kind of behaviour as some would say, he couldn't resist it against Fayette. She was so easily taunted. He leaned casually on the balcony and stared down towards Fayette.
    "Can't a lady get any privacy?" she whined. Link rolled his eyes and stared back towards Zelda's balcony. He saw a curtain move and than Zelda stepped out onto the balcony. She looks as beautiful as ever," thought Link. She looked up and noticed Link and waved across to him. He waved back then pointed down towards the, still sulking, Fayette. She grinned towards Link then grimaced at the site of Fayette. Link hurried back into his room and wrote down a message on a piece of paper and tied it round an arrow. He grabbed his bow and walked back onto the balcony. He carefully aimed his arrow and shot it across to Zelda's balcony. It landed on the ground of the balcony, as he had intended. Although shooting the arrow into the wall would've been far more impressive, the King or the castle maintainers wouldn't be all that impressed at having to repair the damaged wall. Zelda bent down to pick up the message and smiled as she read it. It said 'Morning Zel, Love you!' She smiled across to Link, waved and walked back into her room. Then from within the castle the breakfast gong sounded, so Link decided that it would not be best if he arrived late at the table especially if Fayette and her mother were around.

When he arrived in the great hall, everyone was seated except himself, Drake and Zelda. He quietly took his place which was facing Lord Hilaton's place. The King who sat at the head of the table was having a quiet conversation with the Lord, and Fayette and her mother were also talking in lowered voices. After he had sat there for 5 minutes in silence the King looked up and noticed that not everyone had arrived. "Where is that daughter of mine? And Sir Drake also, honestly you'd think they'd be able to arrive to breakfast on time, of all things," said the King looking around the great hall. Footsteps from the outside of the passage soon turned out to be Zelda and Drake who were talking and laughing as they entered the room. When the two noticed that they were a little late they quietened down and took their seats.
    "So sorry your highness, Lady Fenella, Lady Fayette and Lord Hilaton to keep you all waiting. It will not happen again, and by the way I'm Sir Drake of Ruto town," introduced Drake as he took his seat.
    "Hey don't I get an apology?" joked Link.
    "Nah, you don't count. You're only around here to protect Good Hyrule from anything bad that might happen to it," replied Drake grinning. Zelda, however, said nothing as she took her seat but she smiled across at Link.
    "Well now that we are all here we can begin," announced the King smiling widely. Several servants entered the hall with several plates of various foods. They were set along the table, and the servants then left. The cutlery was already set so all that was left was for everyone to serve themselves. As soon as everyone had filled their plates and everybody were involved in relaxed, easy conversation Fayette began to flirt with Drake.
    "So what part of Hyrule do you come from, Sir Drake?" she asked silkily.
    "Ruto. Didn't you hear me when I entered? I'm Sir Drake of R-U-T-O town," explained Drake shaking his head. Fayette looked slightly insulted when he had slowly spelt out Ruto town to her but she was still relentless.
    "Well I'm from Evian, which is a city in Sosaria. It's very expensive to live because it's the best kept city in Sosaria. Only people of wealth and high status reside there," she introduced.
    "So how come you live there then?" said Drake, looking confused.
    "Well! I'll let you know that I'm marrying Sir Martin of Dalsona, and my father was Lord Tantalon of Sosaria," shrieked Fayette.
    "Hey calm down, I was only joking. Geeze, talk about over reacting. I can joke with Zelda over there and she's heir to the throne," replied Drake grinning.
    "Well that's because she hasn't been brought up like a proper lady. And besides the population of Evian is double the whole population of Hyrule, so it's not like she's going to be some big important Queen. Hyrule is nowhere," commented Fayette snidely.
    "Pah!" snorted Drake still grinning. You'll be livin' in Dalsona, and that is even smaller than Hyrule. And you're only marrying a Sir so I don't see what you're turnin' up your bleedin' nose at," continued Drake. Fayette glared at him for a couple of moments, opened her mouth, then closed it again.
    "Ooh, her Ladyship is speechless!" mocked Drake. "Hmmphh! I shouldn't be treated like this! It's a downright disgrace!" announced Fayette getting to her feet.
    "Fayette dear, you're making an awful scene over a little joke. Can't you calm down a bit?" asked her mother.
    "No mother I certainly can not. Ever since I got here Zelda has been spreading awful lies about me and it's simply not fair!" whinged Fayette.
    "Oh and you haven't been spreading lies about me?" asked Zelda, who was now on her feet.
    "I was not!" insisted Fayette.
    "You were, I heard you! I can't believe you'd have the audacity to come into my Father's home, insult his country, insult me and then insist that you weren't. Do you think we're stupid!" finished Zelda raising one eyebrow and staring across at Fayette.
    "Calm down everyone, calm down. This is really not necessary, now let's all calm down and finish our breakfast," said the King who had now also rose to his feet.
    "Hmmphh!" retorted Fayette before she took her seat again. The rest of breakfast passed without incident although no-one spoke to Fayette as she had chosen to sulk.

"What is she like?" asked Drake as he, Link and Zelda left the great hall.
    "Oh, she's always been like that and I doubt she'll ever change," replied Zelda offhandedly. "Well I feel real sorry for Sir Martin, if I had to marry someone like that....." said Link.
    "Hey you are aren't you?" asked Drake stopping suddenly and grabbing Link's arm.
    "Oh yeah..." replied Link turning towards Zelda grinning.
    "Hey! At this rate you won't even get past the engagement stage," replied Zelda hitting Link on the arm.
    "We're past that stage already?" asked Link mocking.
    "Exactly! We won't even get to that stage," said Zelda walking ahead of the two.
    "Well I like the sound of that 'we' part," remarked Link.
    "Link, I'm warning you..." Zelda said, smiling slightly.
    "It astounds me how alike you and Fayette are," Drake joked.
    "Drake, don't you dare say that," Zelda grinned. "Yeah, you shouldn't insult her," Link added, smiling.
    "Or you'll do what?" Drake laughed.
    "Um, I'll... I'll have something to say about it," Link replied.
    "Ooh, scary Link," Drake grinned. "Well kids, I'm gonna leave you to it. Plague of Tektites supposedly coming down the mountains and attacking Ruto on a regular basis," Drake remarked.
    "Need some help?" Link asked.
    "Nah. Besides, I could do with the glory," Drake answered, grinning widely.
    "Yeah okay, besides I had other ideas for today," Link replied.
    "Sure. See yas later," Drake waved.
    "Other ideas?" Zelda asked.
    "Yeah, they start like this," Link answered, taking her into his arms and kissing her. Zelda smiled.
    "Nice, but we have work to do," she said.
    "Work?" Link asked incredulously.
    "Sure. We're supposed to be looking for the lost Triforce, remember," Zelda replied.
    "Of course, how in the underworld could I forget that?" replied Link, somewhat sarcastically.
    "Well how about I round some people up, and tomorrow we'll go look for it?" asked Link grinning.
    "No, we have to start today," replied Zelda shrugging away from Link's embrace.
    "Start what today?" came a familiar voice.
    "None of your business Fayette," said Zelda walking down the passage.
    "That's Lady Fayette," whined Fayette as she followed Zelda and Link down the corridor.
    "Since I'm the ruler to be of Hyrule, and you're not in your homeland I can call you whatever I wish," said Zelda nonchalantly.
    "Hmmpph!" replied Fayette for a least the fourth time that day. "Why won't you tell me?" whined Fayette again.
    "Because it's nothing that is to do, or concerned with you," replied Link still walking along the corridor.
    "You should face me when you speak to me Link because I'm of a higher status of you, and it's polite," continued Fayette tirelessly.
    "Yeah, yeah sure whatever LADY Fayette," answered Link.
    "That's more like it," said Fayette still tailing the two. Zelda turned her head towards Fayette, shot her a cold stare, then turned to Link.
    "We'll go up to my room Link, we'll get more privacy there," said Zelda, a smile playing across her lips.
    "Well! In Sosaria, no good Lady would allow a gentlemen of any kind into her room. It's most indecent!" piped up Fayette.
    "Oh, how dreadfully boring," said Zelda.
    "Why, I don't know what Hyrule must be coming to. If mother were to hear of how you acted she would be horrified," went on Fayette.
    "Well I don't really see why. It's not as though she is my mother, if she were, I'd be the one that was horrified," said Zelda.
    "Does your father know?" asked Fayette.
    "Why, of course he does. Do you really think I'd do something that my father does not consent?" asked Zelda, in disbelief that Fayette would think she'd do such a thing.
    "Well, I certainly wouldn't put it past you," said Fayette still following Zelda and Link.
    "Lady Fayette, have you got nothing better to do?" Link asked, grinning at Zelda.
    "My Mother says I am to associate with you. Although, if she knew what you were really like, I'm sure she'd not allow it," Fayette replied.
    "Oh honestly Faye, what am I doing wrong?" Zelda asked, starting to feel exasperated.
    "Well really, you shouldn't be inviting men up to your room," Fayette said.
    "What's the big problem?" Link asked.
    "Listen Faye. First of all, I don't care what you think. Secondly, Link and me go in each other's rooms all the time. Thirdly, we've been doing it for years, and finally, my Father is not concerned over it. So there's your sordid little mind put to rest," Zelda replied, opening the door into her room.

"Zelda, do you have no shame?" Fayette moaned as they walked into the room.
    "That's Princess Zelda to you, Fayette," Zelda answered, mimicking Fayette's previous tone.
    "What I don't understand, is why you're so concerned about us," Link said.
    "Yeah, and I wish you'd stop following us around as well," Zelda said, opening a drawer in her desk.
    "I told you why. Mother said..." Fayette began.
    "Oh shut up. I don't care what your mother said," Zelda interrupted, picking up some paper and a small bottle of ink.
    "Well perhaps if your mother was here, you'd have some better manners!" Fayette retorted.
    "Don't you even dare insult my upbringing," Zelda muttered angrily, sharpening a quill ready for use to write with.
    "Okay," she said, smiling brightly. "Who do you think would like to help?" she said to Link, pointedly ignoring Fayette.
    "Well... Aaron of course. And probably Drake too," he replied.
    "Help with what?" Fayette asked.
    "Oh go away," Zelda said, writing down Aaron and Drake's names neatly on a sheet of paper.
    "What about Selina?" Link inquired.
    "Sure. She's in Mido, isn't she?" Zelda answered. Link nodded.
    "Yeah, it's Aramis' funeral soon."
    "Who are you talking about?" said Fayette curiously.
    "Nobody you'd know," Zelda answered sweetly. Then she frowned. "Link, it wasn't Selina who you went to see the other night, was it?"
    "As nice as it would have been," Link said grinning, "no. So don't worry about it Princess."
    "Oh, okay," Zelda replied, smiling again. Fayette looked most interested at this exchange, but said nothing. Zelda noticed her smug smile. "Fayette, before you say anything, Selina is one of our good friends, and I would have been disappointed if Link had gone to see her without me. She's just suffered the loss of a good friend," Zelda explained hurriedly.
    "What? I wasn't going to say anything," Fayette said, her voice syrupy. Zelda shot her an exasperated look and then continued writing.
    "Damon?" she asked. "If he can make it. I think he went back to Tarn," Link answered.
    "Sure. I can send a messenger over there in a couple of days. Nick would be an invaluable ally, but I suppose he'll be busy," Zelda said, writing a question mark next to Nick's name.
    "Well, you never know," Link said. He smiled. "The faeries of course. Especially since it was Felicity who found the scrolls," he added.
    "Scrolls?" Fayette asked.
    "Oh Fayette, will you shut up asking questions? Or better still, get out of my room?" Zelda said suddenly, feeling angry.
    "Oh fine," Fayette said, walking outside.
    "Finally," Link sighed.
    "Yeah. And I'm bored of this," Zelda grinned, getting up and grabbing Link, then kissing him ardently.
    "Zel, really. If Lady Fayette were to see that, she'd be aghast," he grinned.
    "Oh, I don't care. If she were to walk in now, all the better," Zelda answered, feeling equally amused.
    "Who am I to complain?" Link asked, kissing her back.
    "You will be," came a high pitched voice. They turned to see Sprite, fluttering about nearby.
    "Aw, Sprite. You always spoil my fun," Link complained. The faerie laughed.
    "Don't let me stop you," she said.
    "Oh well, in that case..." Link said, turning back to Zelda.
    "Wait. I just caught our dear friend Fayette standing outside. She pretended she was leaving though when she saw me," Sprite explained.
    "Oh great. I might've guessed she'd do that," Zelda sighed.
    "Yeah, and I bet she goes and reports every little detail to her mother as well," Link added.
    "Don't worry about it. Even if they do tell my Father, I'm sure he'll be okay. And if not, I'll get round him somehow," Zelda replied, unconcerned.
    "Well, anyway I came to tell you two that there's some missives downstairs. I think they're invites to Aramis' funeral," Sprite said.
    "Oh, okay. We'd better go and see," Zelda said.

Zelda read through the missive. "It's from Selina. His funeral is tomorrow, after lunch," she said.
    "Do you really want to go? I mean after what he was planning..." Link said.
    "Well, remember, it wasn't his fault. He was probably under Enzar's control. I think we ought to pay our respects," Zelda replied.
    "Yeah, I guess you're right," Link said, folding up the missive and putting it into his pocket. "What are those for, my dear?" the King asked, walking up to Link and Zelda.
    "A funeral Father. One of our friends was killed while we stayed at Valour Hold," she said sadly.
    "Oh my dear, that's terrible. Anyone I know?" the King asked, giving Zelda a brief embrace.
    "Maybe. Aramis Dunston, of Nabrooru," she answered. "Ah yes. He served as a town guard there, didn't he? I remember reading through his details," the King replied.
    "Yes. Well, me and Link are going to go for a ride down on the beach. We'll be back for lunch," Zelda said.
    "Very well my dear. Don't be late now," the King said.

"Since when were we going for a ride?" Link asked, as they walked out to the stables.
    "Since I decided. Besides, Moonmist could do with the exercise. She's getting lazy," Zelda replied, smiling.
    "Well, sounds good to me anyway. At least we can get away from Fayette," Link answered, pushing the stable door open.
    "Hello boy," he said, walking up to his bay stallion Carefree and patting him.
    "I don't know. She has this remarkable ability of turning up wherever I go," Zelda said, tacking up her grey mare.
    "How come you both hate each other so much anyway?" Link asked, mounting up.
    "Well, I suppose it's because she used to be really jealous of me, when we were younger, like because I was a princess. And Fenella is an awful mother. I mean my Father has always been pretty lenient, but Fenella decides everything for Fayette, like what she had to wear, how she did her hair, what she was allowed to do et cetera et cetera. But still, that doesn't excuse her lousy personality," Zelda said, mounting Moonmist. They rode out into the courtyard and Zelda continued her story.
    "Anyway, as we got older, we began to really hate each other. You see, the worst thing about her was the fact that she would run to Fenella and tell tales whenever I did something wrong. And I always was, in her opinion," Zelda said, shrugging. They urged their horses into a trot once outside the castle.
    "Sounds like she's never changed," Link remarked.
    "No. The thing that worries me though, is that my Father is very close to Fenella. I guess it's because she was a good friend of my Mother's though," Zelda said.
    "Don't worry Zel. I mean, it's not like they're about to get married or anything," Link grinned, spurring Carefree into a canter.
    "Link, don't even say that! Ugh, that would make Fayette my sister almost," Zelda said, looking distressed.
    "You worry over nothing," Link laughed.
    "Yeah. It's not like you had to put up with her for half your life. You've been extremely lucky that they disappeared for six odd years," Zelda retorted.
    "Maybe next time they'll disappear for twelve," Link grinned. Zelda slowed her horse as they approached the small village of Rauru.
    "Don't joke about it. Besides, when I'm ruling Hyrule, you can sure I'll never invite them back," Zelda said darkly.
    "What if I wanted to invite them?" Link said, grinning widely.
    "If you did...." Zelda warned. "Nah, I promise, I'd never even contemplate it," Link replied.
       "Sure, you wouldn't," Zelda replied, making Moonmist go faster again.

Ganon turned the pieces of red crystal over in his hands eagerly. In the space of only a few weeks, his faithful monsters had managed to retrieve fifteen fragments of the Triforce of Power and six of the Triforce of Wisdom. Even better was the fact that Link and Zelda seemed to have given up hope that they could ever recover their precious Triforce. He cackled gleefully and placed the newly found shards into the jar with the rest. "Yes. Soon Hyrule will be under my control," he said to himself. He picked up his magical globe and looked into it. He saw Link and Zelda riding their horses along the beach. He debated whether to surprise them, but decided a beating from Link would not be enjoyable. Then again, he could always summon up a few monsters to spoil their ride. How he despised that boy. For almost six years, every seemingly infallible plan he had come up with, Link had always managed to foil it. He was indeed, remarkably resourceful, Ganon would admit. He couldn't wait to finally outdo the pair of them. Zelda could be as annoying as Link when she wanted to be. He despaired over the fact that Zelda was not some pampered, spoiled little kind of princess who liked nothing better than sitting around all day, but that she insisted on looking after herself and joining in with Link's adventures. And that Link was so devoted to his job. It was most annoying indeed. "But once I have the two Triforces intact again, they shall not be a problem," Ganon cackled. He hid the jar back under his throne. This time I'll emerge victorious, for sure, he thought.

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