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The Third Triforce

Juliet A. Singleton (Scullys@bigfoot.com) & Kirsty Singleton (arcadionseye@btopenworld.com)

Chapter 6

Zelda and Link were kept busy by various things for the next two days, but aside from having a Royal meeting to attend , they had planned to go off together to explore the temple some more, a few days later. They had to stay in while the King composed a bill against the Communion. It was now illegal for anyone to be a member, and the penalty was a hundred rupee fine. "The entire group must be outlawed," the King announced. Several of the Council members nodded. Zelda waited, somewhat bored. She was eager to get away from the castle for a day. "I don't think we should destroy the Communion Halls or the shelter of course. They could come in useful. But we must destroy any evidence that they once Communion buildings," the King acknowledged.
    "Yes Your Majesty. Those halls would be good as schoolrooms," Link suggested.
    "Exactly what I was thinking," the King replied.
    "The necklaces. And the books as well. They should be destroyed," Zelda spoke up. The King wrote down the two items.
    "Okay. Anything else, before I officially sign this?" he asked.
    "Moruge Bane Essence, Your Highness," Drake said.
    "Moruge Bane what?" the King asked in surprise.
    "We think Enzar used it for mind control. It's a kind of drug," Link explained.
    "Well then, I shall declare it illegal at once," the King replied.
    "It may not be that easy Father. A lot of people seem to think it is very useful," Zelda said. Drake nodded.
    "I know of several people who claim it is beneficial. I myself have my doubts though. Ballard, an alchemist from Kasuto is doing an intense study of the stuff," Drake said.
    "Okay. Ballard will continue those studies, but until it is proved to be safe, I proclaim it illegal. The fine for consuming or owning such a substance is three hundred rupees!" the King declared.
    "About time too!" Drake declared.
    "There's supposedly a tidy little business going on with it in Julis," Link said, referring to the poor farming village, south of Midoro Swamp.
    "Well then, you shall investigate it immediately! If necessary, I grant you the power to bring the offenders back to North Castle!" the King said. Link looked across at Zelda.
    "Uh Father, we were planning to go...." she began.
    "Well, you can do that another day. Link, you must go to Julis at once!" the King decided.
    "Can I go too?" Zelda asked hopefully.
    "Oh, okay," the King relented. "But just this once," he added.

"Okay," Link said, halting Carefree. "Which is the quickest way, do you think?" he asked.
    "If we cut straight through Midoro Swamp, obviously," Zelda replied.
    "But it's too tiresome for the horses. And besides, Midoro is thick with Octoroks at the minute," Link said.
    "Oh, so you're scared of a few octoroks?" Zelda mocked.
    "No, but I think it's best if we take the Great Coast Road, then head east through Julis Forest," Link replied.
    "But if we cut through Midoro, we can be there and back for mid afternoon!" Zelda replied. Moonmist side-stepped, eager to get on the way. Zelda pulled on the horse's reins and frowned. "Come on! We'll cut lots of time off the journey," she said.
    "But Zel, the track through Midoro is barely there, what with all the rain we've been having of late. And it isn't good for the horses' feet either," Link replied.
    "Link, going through Midoro will take half an hour, not even that. But if we go the long way, it'll take at least four hours. And that's if we aren't attacked by anything," Zelda answered. Moonmist pranced.
    "I know. But I just think we should play safe," Link said. Zelda frowned.
    "Well Link, what happened to your sense of adventure?" she said sarcastically.
    "Why are you so eager to get this over and done with? There's no way we'll have time to go to Ruto, so if we are quick, it means you'll probably have to spend the rest of the day with Fayette," Link answered, starting to feel annoyed at Zelda's stubbornness.
    "Why, where will you be?" Zelda inquired.
    "Training Aaron," Link replied. Zelda didn't look happy, and Link waited to see whether she would relent. At this rate, they'd be here all day.
    "I still think we should go my way," she finally said.
    "Zel, we're not going to. Now come on. We'll take the Great Coast Road," Link said firmly.
    "You can't tell me what to do!" Zelda said angrily. Link sighed.
    "I wasn't. I was making a suggestion," he said. "But, if you want to go through Midoro, don't let me stop you," he added, switching tactics. In the six years of knowing Zelda, he'd become wise on how to stop her from getting her own way all of the time.
    "Fine. I think I just might," she retorted.
    "Fine. Go ahead. I'll see you later," Link replied, beginning to walk Carefree in the direction of the Great Coast Road. If persuasion didn't work, leaving her to do as she pleased, alone, would.
    "Oh fine. We'll go your stupid way. I'm not going through Midoro Swamp by myself," she complained, spurring Moonmist into a trot to catch up with Link and Carefree.

They reached Julis just after two 'o' clock. "I think we should eat first," Link announced.
    "Yeah, I wish they'd build another village along the Great Coast Road. But I suppose it's because of the graveyard," Zelda said. They halted outside a small tavern, and tied their horses up outside.
    "I guess I wouldn't want to live across from that place," he said, pushing open the door.
    "It's too bad that it's a favourite place of Ganon's monsters," Zelda added.
    "Isn't everywhere, these days?" Link replied wryly. He walked over to the bar to order some food.
    "So the whole point of this is to find out who's doing the selling?" Zelda whispered, when he returned.
    "I guess so," Link replied.
    "But they'll never tell us! We should have sent Selina or someone," Zelda said.
    "Selina? Maybe. But remember, they won't suspect a thing. It's not been declared illegal yet Zel," Link answered.
    "But news travels fast. Everybody knows that Enzar used it to control people!" Zelda exclaimed.
    "Shhh," Link warned. "Not everybody. Besides Enzar is gone now, so why would they care?" he replied logically. Eliza, one of the barmaids walked over with their meal.
    "Well now, it's a pleasure to see you both," she said, curtseying. "I'm wondering what you're doing in this small village though?" the woman asked curiously. Zelda smiled.
    "We were going this way and decided to stop for lunch," she lied.
    "Oh. Well its so wonderful that you did. I really feel most honoured," Eliza said, before walking back to the bar.
    "Okay, Julis is tiny. It shouldn't take too long to find out the perpetrators," Link said, eating some bread.
    "Do you really think we can arrest them?" Zelda replied. "Zel, you're like practically the ruler of Hyrule. In fact, both of us are. We can do whatever we like with them," Link answered. Zelda idly twisted a strand of hair thoughtfully.
    "Perhaps, but I have a feeling they'll put up a fight," she said, looking slightly worried.
    "Don't worry Princess, they'll not dare while I'm there," Link said, grinning. Zelda took a long drink. "I sure hope so," she replied.

Fayette looked about her room. Of course, one of those tower rooms would have been nice, and she had the problem of both Link and Zelda's towers overlooking her balcony, but it wasn't so bad. Even better was the fact that she'd been allowed to bring her own furniture from Tantalon Hall. Not all of it had arrived yet, but it didn't matter. Her balcony was nice and big and looked towards the east, and had a view of high brown mountains, green forest, and beyond that, the sparkling blue sea. Oh, but she would certainly miss the busy life of Sosaria. Hyrule was so rural, after all. Zelda was her other big problem. Fayette had been most annoyed the previous night, that she and Zelda had been forced by their respective parents to spend the evening talking to each other. Fayette's own mother was still annoyed with her after what Drake had said. Zelda had not seemed unhappy by the fact she had to talk to Fayette though - she had contentedly chatted away all night about how wonderful it was to be engaged to Link. Fayette had got the feeling Zelda was exaggerating on purpose, just to make her feel jealous. She was a little, she supposed. Anyway, she wouldn't have to stay here for that long. Soon, she would be marrying Sir Martin of Dalsona, after all. The King walked into her room. "Ah Fayette. That painting over there, Zelda said she would have it. I was wondering, would you mind taking it up to her room? And I have these books for her as well," the King said, handing some leather bound notebooks to Fayette. She smiled.
    "Sure. I'll do it now," she said, picking up the small painting and the books.
    "Good girl. Fenella has some of your things downstairs, if you'd be so kind as to come down when you've taken those things," the King smiled. Fayette smiled back, then made her way towards Zelda's room.

Once inside, she looked around in more interest. She'd never been in Zelda's room alone before. It was the perfect chance to have a look and see if she had anything of interest hidden away. She dropped the books and the picture onto the bed. Then again, she highly doubted it. She started on Zelda's dresser. There was plenty of beautiful jewellery, many pieces of which Fayette would have liked herself, but she wasn't into stealing things, even if Zelda probably wouldn't notice if she was missing any of it. Searching through the room, Fayette found almost nothing of interest. However, sitting on top of Zelda's desk, she did find a journal. Eagerly, she opened it. It went a long way back. The first entry was dated back in 4550, over five years ago. Zelda's writing, although neat, was rather small. Fayette decided not to bother with the earlier entries and flipped ahead to the more recent ones. The writing hadn't changed all that much, perhaps more loopy, but still small. Fayette wondered if Zelda made it that way to stop people from reading it in the first place. She decided to read from when she and her Mother had arrived. Zelda appeared to describe her days from the moment she woke up until she fell asleep. Fayette herself could never be bothered to keep records of any kind. The first entry was full of how much Zelda hated Fenella and Fayette. Fayette wished she could show it to her mother. However, she fine well knew her mother would see it as bad taste, reading someone else's diary. Zelda wrote a lot about Link too, and something about a third Triforce. Fayette hadn't known about that. She'd always thought there was only one, until Zelda had informed her there was another one, owned by Ganon. The very last entry, wrote of how eager Zelda was to go and look for the Triforce, and how romantic it would be to finally get time alone with Link, without having Fayette and Fenella being so disapproving. Fayette was rather angry at some of the things Zelda had written about her. She decided she ought to drop some hints to her mother about what Zelda was planning. Or, even better, follow them instead! Fayette smiled to herself and closed the book and put it back where she'd found it.

Link pushed open the door in the small hut cautiously. It was empty. "Come on Zel," he whispered. They walked inside. Earlier, Link had chatted up the young barmaid Tanya. She was only eighteen, and most flattered by the attention. Link had managed to find out that two men, named Jeff and Rayno were the men collecting the Moruge Bane plant, then selling it for a high price to various shops. This was supposedly their house, but they didn't appear to be in.
    "Link, we shouldn't really be doing this," Zelda murmured, looking around nervously.
    "Relax Princess. They aren't here. We can take a look around," Link replied, who was obviously enjoying playing detective.
    "But we shouldn't be!" she answered.
    "Stay by the door and keep a watch then," Link answered. There was a small hatch in the floor. He suspected it probably led down into a cellar of sorts. Lifting up the material flap, there were stairs leading down into the darkness. He walked down, wishing he had some sort of torch. Luckily, a small lamp was burning down at the bottom. The room was small, and full of barrels, crates and chests. The barrels mostly contained clothes or food, as did the crates. The chests however, were locked. He searched around for a key, but found none. He heard Zelda call to him from upstairs. He hurried up the steps to see what she wanted.
    "Two men. Coming this way. They've stopped to talk to someone, but they're definitely headed here," she said looking worried. Link thought fast. There was no other way out, aside from the door they'd entered.
    "Come on, down here," Link said, dragging her down the stairs. He hoped they'd be able to remain hidden down here. They ducked behind a large barrel and waited. Eventually, the two men came down into the cellar, carrying some sacks.
    "Aymor of Ruto wants some more," one of them said.
    "Yeah well, tell him he's gonna have to be careful. I've heard the King has some alchemist studying the stuff," the other replied.
    "We got enough for the shipments to Darunia and Kasuto?" the first man enquired.
    "Yeah. Go and get the key and I'll put the rest into the chests," the second man ordered. Zelda and Link listened closely, keeping huddled in the darkness. The first man reappeared and, using his key, unlocked some of the chests. At once, the unbearable stench of Moruge Bane plant filled the cellar. The men tipped more of the plant into the chests from out of their sacks, locked the chests again and went upstairs with them.

Link and Zelda waited for what seemed like an eternity. They were literally stranded in the cellar. The only was out was up, and there was good chance that the two men could still be there. Eventually, Zelda got sick of waiting. "If they're up there, then it's tough. Besides, we're going to arrest them anyway," she said.
    "Yeah... but we shouldn't be here. We've practically broken and entered," he answered. Zelda stood up.
    "I don't care. I can't get in trouble," she announced. They advanced up the stairs with caution. Relief washed over the two when they realised they were alone. However, Jeff and Rayno were nowhere to be found. Tanya later told them that they had gone to the coast.
    "Okay. Let's cut through Midoro Swamp Princess. Your Father must send a group of guards to the Mido Port by nightfall," Link said, jumping onto Carefree's back.
    "Are you sure?" Zelda asked with uncertainty. "We might not make it in time if we go the long way," he answered, spurring Carefree into a canter. Zelda mounted up quickly and followed.

Midoro passed without incident. Of course, the two horses floundered slightly in the boggy ground, and Link had to dismount more than twice to fight off several octoroks, while Zelda dealt with the diving Moby birds. However, it took them just under an hour, and they were back at North Castle by six in the evening. The King was most pleased to see them. "Did you find anything out?" he asked.
    "Yes Father. You have to send a group of guards down to Mido Port at once. There are two men about to make a shipment of Moruge Bane over to East Hyrule," Zelda explained. They gave the King further details, before hurrying upstairs to get changed and washed in time for dinner. Zelda was surprised to see her room was not as she'd left it that morning. Someone had left a painting and some books on her bed, and several drawers had not been shut properly. She dismissed it all however, knowing that since Fayette and Fenella were moving in, things were being moved about anyway. As she was finishing getting ready, her Father came in.
    "My dear, Fayette left some books in here for you. I found them this morning, and thought you might like them. They're your Mother's journals," the King said, looking slightly sad.
    "Oh?" Zelda said in surprise.
    "I've kept them to myself, but I really think you ought to have them, dear," he explained.
    "I didn't realise she even kept a diary," Zelda said.
    "Dear, I know I'm marrying Fenella, but that still doesn't mean I ever stopped loving your mother. And I know you've been slightly upset over this," he began, drawing his daughter into a hug. "And I've decided that you and Link can do whatever you please. Despite what Fenella thinks, I believe the two of you are sensible enough to make your own decisions or whatever," he said kindly. Zelda drew back and smiled slightly.
    "Really Father? You really mean that?" she asked. The King nodded.
    "Of course. However, what I really would like to see would be the two of you happily married as soon as possible," he said.
    "Oh Father, but we want to have fun first! Once we get married, we'll have to be all serious," Zelda complained.
    "Well, whatever you want, of course," the King replied amicably. He smiled and ruffled her hair. "If only your mother was here to see what a beautiful, brave, clever young girl you've become. She'd be so proud of you," he said, sounding slightly sad again. Zelda hugged her Father tightly.
    "I wish she were here too," she answered softly.

Later in the evening, Zelda returned up to her room, wondering about her mother's journals. She got changed into her night dress and walked out onto the balcony with the small set of books in one hand. It was a pleasant night, although starting to grow dark. She opened the first book and read through it. By ten 'o'clock, she'd started the second journal, which described her marriage to Zelda's Father and what it was like being Queen. Wow. My mother was only eighteen when she got married, nineteen when she had me, Zelda thought. She herself couldn't imagine getting married or having children so young. And Father says he was twelve years older than her too! she remembered, when her Father had told her so a few weeks previously. She wondered what had been up with her Father previously that evening. Perhaps he was having doubts about Fenella? She brushed the thought aside. Although she deeply resented Fenella, she had decided to be nice about it, as Link had previously suggested. It must have worked, since her Father had literally approved of her relationship with Link, saying they could do as they liked, without having to be reprimanded over it. She smiled to herself. Looking across, she saw that Link's tower was still dark, meaning he was obviously still downstairs, probably with Hayden or Aaron. Looking down, light spilled onto Fayette's balcony, where she had left the French windows open. She and Fayette finally had something in common - they were soon to be members of a family neither of them liked. It was evident to Zelda that Fayette thought Hyrule was nothing and that she hated Zelda. Zelda made it no secret to Fayette that she hated her, either. But perhaps in time, they would learn to bear each other, she thought. She closed the journals and walked back inside the tower, picking up her own diary to write in. She wished Link would come to see her. She could just do with one of his lingering goodnight kisses right now. Partly amused, and partly ashamed at herself for thinking such thoughts, Zelda silently admonished herself. Slipping under the bedcovers she thought it wouldn't have been on her mind a few months ago. Well perhaps it might have been, but she would never admit that. Then again, it wasn't particularly a bad thing, she thought, starting to write a new entry. She was excited for the next day too, hoping that she, Link and the rest of the group could head off the Ruto. Besides, an adventure was just what Selina needed to cheer her up, and Aaron would gain more invaluable experience. It puzzled her a little that Damon had not yet arrived, so they would have to leave without him. Perhaps he could catch them up later, she mused, as she recorded the day's events.

"Dion, we are damn lucky that that guy turned up you know, considering you had paid him before hand as well," Damon told Dion as they rode out of Mido.
    "Hey, if I asked you to do it you would wouldn't you?" quizzed Dion as they rode on.
    "Well yes, but," started Damon.
    "Well then my friend I don't see what you are worrying about. We will arrive at our chosen destinations in no time whatsoever," said Dion.
    "Yes Dion, but I'm your friend," argued Damon.
    "My poor misguided friend, every one is Dion Insequi's friend!" exclaimed Dion coaxing his steed into a canter.
    "Yeah sure Dion. Of course every one is your friend but I am your bro remember which makes me far more trustworthy than any of your friends," said Damon grinning at his friend.
    "Look bro, we concentrate on the riding instead of the fruitless conversation. Comprendi?" said Dion grinning back.
    "Yeah I guess your right. I want to get to North Castle before they leave," mused Damon.
    "Hey wait a minute. Am I hearing right? You GUESS that Dion Insequi is right? You Guess?!!" exclaimed Dion in mock outrage.
    "Okay I KNOW, that you're right!" apologised Damon laughing.
    "That is far, far better my misguided amigo," said Dion coaxing his steed into a gallop. Damon followed and they were soon on there way to North Castle.

Ganon was very pleased. He had more than three quarters of the Triforce of Power assembled. There were only three pieces of it missing. His monsters were doing their job extremely well. Only last night, his followers had found several more pieces, although they'd had to kill two men in the process. He was concerned though. The monsters he'd recently sent to search the Ruto Mountains had not yet returned. Ganon wondered if he could do the job better himself. The only good news was that Link and Zelda seemed to have disappeared from existence, but in a way, it also made him slightly uneasy. He suspected they were up to something, but he wasn't sure what. Spying on them had given him no clues. They hadn't ventured away from the castle at all. Except for today. One of the moblin tribes that inhabited Midoro Swamp had reported seeing them passing through the swamp. He'd said they had appeared to be in a hurry. Ganon still couldn't help wondering if the pair were also collecting the shards of their Triforce. It could explain why he had so few pieces for the Triforce of Wisdom. But, as long as they had none of the pieces of the Triforce of Power, it didn't matter. However, he couldn't chance the fact that they could have some. Perhaps he could bargain with them. Or even entice them to Death Mountain using the shards. Ganon realised before his take-over of Hyrule could be complete, Link had to be destroyed. Zelda too. She was more trouble than she looked. If he ever did successfully capture the two together, he would probably torture them first, he mused. Personally. It was Skoll and Aspete's main ambition in life to torture a princess, but Ganon didn't trust them to do the job well. Besides, after realising how annoying it was to have a princess who wasn't in the least bit feeble, Ganon had made it his ambition too. He was also rather interested in the current affairs of the two. Zelda's sister to be, was a seemingly perfect target for a kidnapping. From what Ganon had seen, the girl was the silly, spoilt princess he'd always wanted Zelda to be. It was too bad however, that neither Link or Zelda appeared to like her. They might not be all that inclined to rescue her. And it was interesting news about Link's brother. He could be useful. The evil wizard began plotting and planning away to himself. It was only a matter of time before the town of Saria fell to his evil forces. The whole island of South-western Hyrule was as good as his. The swamps, caves and deserts were perilous and filled with his creatures. Soon, they would begin to conquer the forests, as soon as Ganon had figured out a way to kill off those pesky faeries. And from thereon, it would be an open invitation. The towns and villages would fall first, and finally, North Castle. All in good time... And Ganon was biding his time well...

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