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The Third Triforce

Juliet A. Singleton (Scullys@bigfoot.com) & Kirsty Singleton (Space@ignmail.com)

Chapter 8


"Well, this is ridiculous. Where the hell are those kids?" Drake said. It was almost half-past four, and they'd seen no sign of Link, Zelda, Aaron or Selina. Dion, Damon and Drake had searched the catacombs, but found little. They'd also avoided several encounters with the strange, cowl wearing people. Worried that the people would frequent the hall they were in, the trio had climbed back up the rope and lay in wait for their companions.

"We wait one more hour amigos. Then, we go search for our missing comrades, yes?" Dion suggested.

"It's our only choice," Damon replied. Suddenly, Drake noticed a familiar figure appear in the hall. It was Link's brother Hayden.

"Hey, what's he doing here?" Drake asked pointing. Dion and Damon looked down to see Hayden. "Let's find out," Drake announced, not waiting for an answer. He threw the rope down, but as he reached the bottom, Hayden had already gone. "Hayden!" Drake called.

"He went that way!" Damon shouted, pointing to the doorway to Drake's left. Drake turned and ran down the passage before either Damon or Dion could stop him.

A guard stopped outside of Link and Zelda's cell. "Chief Trenon wishes an audience with you, Princess," he announced.

"Oh really? Well you can tell him I demand that you release me at once! You can't do this, why my Father rules the whole of Hyrule!" Zelda retorted angrily.

"Your audience will surely decide whether Trenon will pass you over for a sacrifice to our Leader, or keep you for his own use," the guard said.

"What about me?" Link asked.

"Chief Trenon will decide your fate later. Right now, he is only interested in the Princess. He is interested in her handling of The Golden One," the guard replied. Zelda looked offended.

"Let us go!" she ordered. Another guard appeared and said something to the guard already there in Hylian. The first guard turned back to Link and Zelda.

"We have found other intruders. A red haired woman and a dark-haired boy. Who are they?" the guard demanded.

"Oh great..." Link said, looking worried.

"No-one important. Just friends," Zelda said hurriedly. The guard gave Zelda a suspicious look. He turned to speak with the other guard again.

"Chief Trenon wants you to wear this and get yourself cleaned up," he said, opening the door slightly to pass a white dress and some soap and water through. Link was about to get up and try to push the door open, but the guard locked it quickly. Zelda held up the dress critically. It was made of a white, floaty fabric.

"Don't count on it," she replied.

"It's the Chief's orders. You stand a better chance of living, if you do as he says," the guard explained. Zelda looked like she was going to protest again, but seemed to decide against it. "

Fine. But I'm not getting changed while you're here," she said coldly.

"Okay. But we'll be back shortly," the guard answered. The two disappeared down the passage.

"Work on that lock Link!" Zelda ordered. Link got up and retrieved his trusty dagger from inside his boot. Meanwhile, Zelda slipped into the dress, just in case they didn't get out, and washed her face and hands in the water. The lock was well-crafted, and the blade of the dagger just wouldn't penetrate it. The guards were soon back, and Link was forced to stop. They took Zelda out of the cell and left Link inside. Perhaps they would leave him there alone, and he could escape, Link thought hopefully.

Chief Trenon turned out to be the tall man they'd seen earlier. His quarters were lavishly decorated, and he was evidently important. As soon as they brought Zelda in, Trenon ordered the guards out. He looked Zelda up and down with approval. She simply stood there with her arms folded and a cold expression on her face. "I was right in thinking you would dress up nice," he said.

"I shouldn't have to for the likes of you!" she retorted angrily. Trenon ignored her.

"Such a change to see someone so pretty, unlike most of the dredges down here," he added. He walked over to a small table. "Sit down here," he ordered. Zelda did as he said, still looking angry. It didn't seem to put Trenon off however. "Let us talk for a while. Perhaps you are not as hostile on the inside, as you appear to be on the outside," he said calmly. He poured a glass of a strange looking liquid. "Drink this. It will help you relax," he said, holding out the glass. Zelda took it, and eyed the liquid with suspicion.

"What sort of drink is this?" she finally asked, setting the glass down.

"Don't ask questions. Just drink it!" Trenon said gruffly. Zelda slowly brought the glass up to her lips. However, she was still wary, and put the glass back down. It probably contained some sort of drug; Trenon had poured none for himself.

"You drink some first," she said.

"You do want to live, don't you Princess?" Trenon said slowly.

"I'd rather die than follow your orders!" Zelda shot back.

"Okay, I'll drink some," Trenon said, pouring himself a glass of the liquid. He drank it all in one go. "There, have you any qualms about drinking it now?" he said, his voice growing menacing.

"N-no," Zelda replied, suddenly feeling afraid. She drank a little of the liquid. It tasted strange, but quite delicious.

"Good girl," Trenon said with approval.

"Who are you?" Zelda asked, drinking more.

"We are the Carcastans," Trenon replied.

"Carcastans?" Zelda said, puzzled.

"Tell me Princess, how did you do that magic with The Golden One?" Trenon enquired, changing the subject. Zelda had drained her entire glass by now. The chief refilled it.

"It's called the Triforce. And the only person who can use magic is it's rightful owner. Me," Zelda replied.

"But we have had The Golden One for hundreds of years. And you're surely not that old," Trenon answered.

"Well, only descendants of my bloodline then," Zelda replied. "And how many people is that?" Trenon asked.

"I'm the last," Zelda said. Trenon smiled.

"Good," was all he said. "The Master enjoys sacrifices, but I really think I ought to detain you for myself," he said, smiling at the princess.

"No! I wouldn't stay!" Zelda cried, looking horrified.

"Maybe the red-haired girl would have been a better choice. But you know about the Golden One's magic. You are too valuable to us," Trenon replied. He gave Zelda some more of the drink, smiling to himself.

Hayden ran as fast as he could to North Castle. As he approached the gates, he saw Fayette. She was letting her horse graze outside the Castle. "Faye!" he called. She turned in his direction, a smile lighting up her pretty face.

"Hayden, I thought you weren't coming back!" she exclaimed in delight. He rushed towards her and gave her a hug. Fayette went to kiss him, but he turned away before she could.

"No time Faye! Link and the rest are in big trouble!" Hayden said, running towards the drawbridge. Fayette pulled her horse in the direction of the castle, following Hayden.

"Wait up!" she called, nearly tripping over the hem of her gown. Perhaps Zelda's choice of attire was a good idea after all, she thought, attempting to hitch up her skirt in one hand, while she led Candice into the Courtyard. "Stable my horse for me!" she ordered one of the guards who was standing nearby.

"At once, my Lady," he said, taking the horse's reins from Fayette's hand.

"Hayden!" she called. He paused to wait for her. "What do you mean, Link and Zelda are in trouble?" Fayette asked.

"I think they've been captured; by extremely dangerous people. I must tell the King at once," Hayden replied, pushing open the doors in the Great Hall.

"But he's not here!" Fayette said, suddenly looking worried.

"What?" Hayden said.

"He and my Mother went to Nabooru this morning to pick material for their wedding attire," Fayette replied.

"Oh no. Who's in charge then?" Hayden asked.

"Well... it would be Zelda, but since she's not here, that makes me. But I doubt anyone would follow my orders," Fayette answered. Hayden covered his face with his hands.

"Perhaps we can save them ourselves," Fayette suggested

"It's our only choice, Get out of the clothes, borrow something of Zelda's. We've got a lot of work to do," Hayden replied. Fayette looked horrified by his order, but she realised rescuing probably couldn't be done in the dress she was wearing.

"I'll be right back," she promised.

Link smiled in triumph as the cell door swung open. Great, but what now, he wondered. He walked down the passage, searching for Aaron and Selina. He soon found them, in a small cell just around the corner. Aaron was busy trying to pick the lock. "Oh thank goodness," Selina said. Link noticed the two were dressed in white robes.

"What's with the clothes?" he asked.

"We were captured by a liche! Apparently, he wants to sacrifice us both!" Selina cried, looking frightened.

"A liche?" Link said in surprised. The two nodded solemnly. "I'll get you out," Link said. His dagger was slimmer than Aaron's, and after 10 minutes, the lock popped open. Come on, let's get out of here," he said, taking Selina by the hand. They kept to the shadowy corridors, and Link wondered where Zelda was, as well as Drake, Dion, Damon and Sprite.

He was right to wonder. Sprite had been captured and she was currently in a cage from which she couldn't escape. Dion and Damon had been imprisoned, and Drake was currently on his way to North Castle. He'd lost Hayden in the dark, twisting caverns, but had found a way outside. He guessed that Hayden had headed towards the castle, so he'd first tailed back to where his horse was, then set off towards the castle. As he approached, he saw Fayette running across the drawbridge. When Drake finally got there, he saw Hayden. "There you are!" he said. Hayden turned to see Drake.

"Thank goodness they didn't get you!" Hayden said, relief flooding over his face.

"Who didn't get me?" Drake said, looking puzzled.

"The Carcastans. I think they've captured the Princess and everyone else. If they don't force them to join, they'll surely sacrifice them instead," Hayden said.

"What? How do you know all of this?" Drake enquired.

"Trust me," Hayden replied. Fayette came out at that moment, dressed in trousers and a green top. They felt a little tight, but were still the best fit should could find. Fayette had to now admit that she was fatter than Zelda. Not fat, just right, she told herself, deciding that Zelda was just simply underweight.

"What's going on?" Drake asked, looking surprised, and faintly amused, at the sight of Fayette. "Rescue mission," Hayden replied.

"I'll get you a horse Hayden ," Fayette called, running towards the stables.

"Aaron, you and Selina look for Damon and the others. I have to find Zelda!" Link announced.

"We shouldn't separate," Selina said firmly.

"Yeah, I know you want to play big hero and all that, but I agree with Selina. We should keep together," Aaron added.

"But..." Link protested.

"But nothing. We've no weapons or anything. What can you expect to achieve?" Selina replied.

"I have my dagger," Link replied, although he secretly wished he had his sword. Selina threw him an exasperated glance.

"Fine. You look for Zelda. But be damn well more careful this time. Let's forget about the Triforce and not wander into strange rooms," she replied. Link ran off down a corridor, leaving the other two still standing there. As far as he knew, Zelda was with that Chief Trenon person. He sounded important. He kept close to the shadows of the cavern, hoping not to encounter anyone. As for what Selina had said, he wasn't planning on sticking to the plan. Zelda would never leave without the Triforce, especially not since she knew it was there. And he would have to go into strange rooms, otherwise he'd not have a hope of finding Zelda. Link trod stealthily down a set of marble stairs hoping he was going in the right direction. Without a map, this place was nothing more than a vast labyrinth. Then, he suddenly remembered that he did have a map. It might be out of date, but surely there couldn't have been that many changes to these caverns in the last couple of centuries? Sprite and Zelda had made a copy of the map inside the book Zelda had recently bought. Link pulled the piece of paper out of his pocket and held it up to a nearby torch. Well there's the Temple, he thought, putting his finger on the map. Tracing it around, he found the dungeons, then deduced where he was. I need to find Trenon's quarters, he thought to himself. Such a place didn't appear to be marked on the map, but there were some large looking rooms near the Temple. Link decided they were his best bet. Rolling the map up, and keeping close to the wall, Link began to edge along the corridor again.

"Your Evilness! See what us 'ave found!" Skoll cried excitedly.

"What? More shards, I hope?" Ganon said, looking at his almost complete Triforce of Power with glee.

"Master, here," Aspete said, handing over seven pieces. Two were red, the rest blue. "Finally!" Ganon cried, slotting the two remaining pieces into place. He held up the completed Triforce for all his monsters to see.

"Hyrule is mine!" he shrieked. "You have all served me well. Now it is time for the final battle. My creatures our first destination is Saria!" he cried. The monsters milled around excitedly, arming themselves with weapons, ready for the attack. "Aspete! Inform the Moblin and Lynel Chiefs and tell them to send their best troops to storm Saria town gate! And Skoll, get that big fat dragon Sal out of her hiding place in Saria mountains. She'll be useful," Ganon ordered. He turned to a goriya messenger. "I want zolas, darias and bago-bagos blocking the river! I don't want the King to send out his good for nothing castle guards," he said to the monster.

"At once, Your Evilness!" it saluted.

"The rest of you, I want all the entrances to the caves south of Saria blocked, as well as the forests!" Ganon commanded. Ganon looked into his magical orb, to see what Link was up to. He was in the Underworld still. The wizard was curious to what he and Zelda were doing, but it was of little concern now. At least the damned boy was out of the way, and that was all Ganon cared about. He picked up the Triforce of Power. It glowed with a red magical aura, and Ganon felt its powers seeping into him. Cackling, he placed the extra shards of wisdom in a pot with the rest. Yes, unknowingly, his old foe Enzar had done him a favour. The griffin might have thought that he'd destroyed the Triforces, but what he hadn't counted on, was Ganon's ability to seek out and restore him. And now, one was complete. While Zelda and Link remained without either, one was all Ganon needed to finally conquer the Kingdom he'd always wanted. Hyrule would fall like the ancient Hylian civilisation had, so many centuries ago. And that was only start of the process. With the power of the Triforces, Ganon would go on and prevail over the forces of good, to become the master of the entire world...

"Zelda, please tell me how to use the Golden One's great powers," Trenon coaxed. His special wine was working. It was a special blend that he kept specifically for getting people to join the sect. Zelda had finally stopped being distant and aggressive, although for some reason, she still wasn't telling him how to use the Triforce.

"Only I can use it," she said drowsily.

"So you keep saying, my sweet. But I want to know exactly how you do it. Just explain to me what you do. I only wish to understand more," he said. He didn't believe that she was the only person who could use the object, but it looked like he was going to have to trick her into explaining.

"It can't be explained," Zelda replied. Trenon was starting to get impatient. Perhaps torture would be a better method than gleaning the information from her. But she was too pretty for that. He would just have to persevere. She'd have to tell him sooner or later. He certainly admired her resistance, but it was still tiresome. Trenon stood up and walked over to where Zelda was seated. He pulled her up roughly and looked into her eyes.

"Tell me Zelda, otherwise you may share the same fate as your little friends!" he said.

"It's the truth!" Zelda whispered back, looking frightened. Trenon couldn't help himself. Although he had originally been more attracted to the red haired girl, the Princess had an enormous appeal to him. It was rare that any of the Carcastan women were ever quite so beautiful as these recently captured two. Whilst she remained helpless, her wrists held tight by his hands, Trenon leaned over to kiss Zelda.

Link pushed open a heavily embossed door with trepidation. There was a small antechamber behind it, and a warm glow came from behind a curtain. Link entered the room, brandishing his dagger warily. In one corner was a golden cage. Inside was Sprite! "Link!" she whispered. He ran over to the cage and opened it. The faerie flew out and kissed him on the forehead. "Thank you! Zelda is in there!" Sprite whispered. Link peered through the slightly translucent material. He could see two figures standing in one corner, although he wasn't sure what they were doing. But, although it was hard to tell through the material, like Sprite had said, one of those figures was Zelda. Her long golden hair was unmistakable. Not caring if they heard, he pushed the curtain aside, then froze dead in his tracks. Trenon had hold of Zelda, and was attempting to kiss her. She wasn't exactly refusing him either. They didn't notice Link, and he felt furious. Suddenly, he spied his sword lying atop the nearby dresser. Smiling to himself, he tip-toed over and picked it up. "Be careful!" Sprite whispered. Link made a dive for Trenon, and managed to floor the surprised chief.

"What the..." he muttered. Zelda stepped back, reeling from shock.

"Link! How did you..." she started. Link ignored her, concentrating his attention on Trenon.

"Don't you ever, ever dare touch her again!" he said angrily, pointing his sword down at Trenon's throat. Trenon seemed to regain his power though, and suddenly pushed Link back. Link landed down on the floor, his sword flying across the stone paving. Zelda bent down to pick it up, while Trenon pressed a small gold button. Link recovered quickly and stood up. "Give me that!" he shouted to Zelda, who was standing nearby with his sword. She passed it over.

"Too late, my friends! My guards will arrive any minute!" Trenon sneered. "Not before I teach you a lesson!" Link retorted back, lunging at Trenon with his sword. Trenon drew his own weapon and the metal blades clinked as they hit each other.

"Come on Zelda, we'll go. Link will catch us up!" Sprite called.

"But..." Zelda began.

"Zelda!" Sprite cried in exasperation.

"Go!" Link called, dodging a blow from Trenon's sword.

"Too late!" Trenon laughed, as several guards poured into the chamber. Link took a swing at Trenon, hitting him on the head. The chief fell down, stunned, blood pouring from his forehead.

"Use this," he said, thrusting Trenon's heavy sword into Zelda's hands. Sprite used her faerie magic to create a temporary sleep field. Several guards fell down, but her spell wasn't strong enough to hold most of the men off. Link ran forward with his sword, stabbing the guard in front of him. Zelda attempted to do the same, although the sword was too heavy for her to use it to any real effect.

"There's too many!" she cried.

"We can't give up. Not now!" Link replied, bringing down a guard to his left. Suddenly, he felt himself being pulled down. Trenon had recovered! He swung his sword out wildly, hoping to hit his attacker. There was blood all over the place, and as Zelda stepped back from one of the guards, she fell backwards over one of the dead bodies. "Zel!" Link called, rushing forward to help her. But, Trenon tripped him, and he ended up sprawled on top of her. The remaining guards closed in. Zelda was right. There was too many. They just kept coming and coming. It's nothing I can't deal with, Link told himself. There was a small explosion nearby. Sprite was firing magic missiles.

"Link, get off me!" Zelda moaned, pushing him away. Link stood up and hit the nearest guard to him. Trenon began to laugh again, and grabbed hold of the little faerie.

"Your efforts are foolish," he sneered, looking across at Link and Zelda. "Such resistance only makes you more desirable as Carcastan members. Or sacrifices," he said darkly.

"Never!" Link replied.

"Why, we have already recaptured the two you set free. And well, only one of your original little party remains, the knight, I do believe. Soon, we will capture him as well!" Trenon answered. "Take the Princess to the preparation room, where the red-haired girl is. As for him, he will make a valuable member of the sect. Tie him up until he is ready for the initiation," Trenon ordered.

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