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The Third Triforce

Juliet A. Singleton (Scullys@bigfoot.com) & Kirsty Singleton (Space@ignmail.com)

Chapter 9


"You diabolical little rat! I should kill you right this very second!" Drake cried, staring at Hayden in distaste.

"No, don't!" Fayette said, looking horrified.

"Shut up you," Drake said rudely. Fayette pouted.

"I'm sorry. I admit, I deserve this. But don't kill me yet. I know the quickest way through the catacombs," Hayden said. They were stood outside an Underworld entrance, and Hayden had admitted that he'd betrayed Link and the rest. "I wasn't counting on him being my brother," he added quietly. Holding his wrists out, he showed the ceremonial scars from where he and his Sect mixed their blood. "See. This is the mark of those who join the Carcastans. We are forever bound," he said.

"It's not your fault. Those horrible people forced you into it," Fayette said softly.

"Lady Fayette, do keep your little opinion out of this," Drake said in exasperation. "The only reason I'm not going to kill you, is not the fact that we need a guide, but because I'm sure Link would never forgive me," he said to Hayden. Hayden looked down at the floor.

"What are we waiting for?" Fayette said suddenly.

"Fayette, can you use any weapon at all?" Drake said sweetly.

"Er, no..." Fayette began, blushing.

"Then you are more of a nuisance than anything! Get back to North Castle and lounge about and get even fatter than you already are!" Drake said. Fayette burst into tears. Hayden took her by the hand and handed her a small dagger.

"Here. Use this, and stay close to us," he whispered. Drake snorted in disgust at them, and stepped into the dark caverns.

The King and Fenella stepped into the Great Hall. It was strangely quiet. "I wonder where everyone is?" he said.

"Perhaps they're up in the Drawing Room," Fenella suggested.

"But the guards, where are they?" the King questioned.

"Milord, what shall I do with your packages?" one of the servants asked.

"Just leave them down here," the King replied. As he and Fenella ascended the stairs, Impa came running down.

"Your Majesty! Terrible news!" she cried.

"What's up Impa?" the King asked in surprise.

"Did the messenger not reach you in Mido?" the old woman asked in surprise. Fenella shook her head.

"No. We saw no messengers at all," she told Impa.

"Saria Town has fallen to Ganon this very day! His troops have split up to take Julis and Ruto! As soon as the message arrived, Captain Krin, the head guard, dispatched most of our soldiers. Only a few are still here!" Impa said.

"No, surely that cannot be!" the King said, looking troubled.

"And Link is not here! Krin also says he saw Drake and Fayette leave only a few hours ago with Hayden, Link's brother," Impa replied.

"Then where is he? And my daughter as well?!" the King demanded. "And Faye!" Fenella added. Impa shrugged.

"Felicity the faerie says they have gone to seek the lost Triforce," she explained.

"What?" the King cried in surprise.

"It's true my lord. Zelda asked me not to tell you, but they have been gone longer than a day. It is well past nightfall now," Impa replied.

"Right. I must have all troops from East Hyrule sent over for assistance at once!" the King declared.

"The messenger also says Ganon has a complete Triforce," Impa added quietly.

"Then we must find Link!" the King decided "Yes. Impa, send out those faeries to bring my daughter and our hero back," he ordered.

"Yes, Your Highness," Impa replied.

Link found himself in a small, beautifully decorated room. Damon and Dion were seated in one corner. "Oh great. They got you as well. I was hoping you'd evade capture," Damon said. Link sighed.

"There's just so many of them. It was me, Zelda and Sprite versus about forty of fifty guards. And Zelda can't use heavy swords," he replied.

"What about the others?" Damon asked.

"As far as I know, Drake's the only one who's still free," Link answered, looking depressed. "Yeah, he went runnin' after that little bro of yours," Dion spoke up.

"What? My brother was here?" Link asked in surprise.

"Well, Drake seems to think so. He saw him in that hall, and rushed after him. Anyway, he was gone for ages, as were all you, so me and Dion decided to come and look for you. And well, we got captured," Damon explained.

"These crazy fools are going to make us join their little group. 'Tis an outrage!" Dion exclaimed.

"What have they said?" Link asked, starting to feel worried.

"Nothing, my friend. But Dion Insequi knows these things," Dion replied.

"Aaron isn't here... but I think the girls are together," Link said. He stood up, restless, and worried about Zelda. "There must be a way out of here," he said, looking frustrated.

"Believe me, we've tried. It's like a vault in here," Damon said, shaking his head. Link paced up and down the small room. Aside from what he was wearing, the guards had taken away everything he'd had on him; from food to his hidden dagger. The door out was made of a heavy golden metal, probably brass, and impossible to open without the key. He was also puzzled about his brother. What was Hayden doing here? As far as Link knew, he should have been at Mido, boarding a ship bound for Sosaria. The heavy door suddenly opened, and Trenon stepped inside.

"A drink for you, my good men. You are probably thirsty," he said, setting down a decanter and three goblets. He placed some stale bread roles next to the decanter. Then he walked out again. Damon reached for the decanter first.

"I'm extremely thirsty," he said, poring himself a glass.

"We need a plan. Perhaps next time somebody comes through that door, we should try and overpower them," Link said. Damon took a long drink.

"Are you crazy bro? There will be guards out there, with weapons!" Dion said, pouring himself a glass too.

"But Zelda... she could be in trouble!" Link exclaimed.

"That pretty princess of yours is nothing but trouble, I say! It was her crazy idea to come here!" Dion answered.

"Zelda isn't crazy. We just didn't count on this, that's all," said Link, immediately jumping to Zelda's defence.

"Too right..." Damon said despondently.

"I know. I'll hide behind the door when the guards come for us. After they take you two out, I'll come out and try to rescue you," Link suggested.

"Yeah, whatever," Damon said, pouring some more of the wine.

"Are you sure you should be drinking that? I bet Trenon poisoned it," Link said.

"No amigo, this wine is very fine. Try some," Dion said.

"Er, no thanks. I want to keep my wits about me," Link replied, moving to stand behind the door.

Zelda, Selina and Aaron were all tied up. Some women were attending to them, doing their hair. "This is awful!" Selina moaned. Zelda said nothing, as did Aaron. They were being prepared for the liche's sacrifice.

"To think, they were going to spare me! But then Link came and tried to rescue me, and we just ended up being captured again!" Zelda said.

"Where is Link?" Aaron asked.

"They're going to make him join the Sect. Damon and Dion must be with him," Zelda replied.

"So how come we're the ones getting sacrificed here?" Selina complained. They had been dressed in white robes and white shoes. After they'd had their hair done, Zelda suspected that they would be brought out for the ceremony. Her only hope was that Drake would bring help. However, there was absolutely no way that they could leave without the Triforce of Courage. Not now that they knew it was here for certain. And if Ganon somehow got to hear of it... she pushed the thought aside. Then again, even Ganon showing up would be better than what was about to happen to them.

"Surely they won't do this?" Selina said, looking distraught.

"I don't want to even contemplate it," Zelda replied. They were then dragged down a corridor and locked in a small room with a heavy brass door. Trenon peeped in.

"Enjoy your last living night!" he sneered.

Hayden's blood ran cold with realisation. The brass doors of the rooms where new prisoners were kept before sacrifice or initiation, were locked. That meant Link and the rest were inside, ready for whatever fate awaited them soon. There was only one key for each cell, which Trenon kept on him at all times.

"Well?" Drake demanded impatiently.

"They've got to be in there," Hayden replied.

"Well let's get them out then you fool!" Drake answered, stepping forward.

"Wait. Chief Trenon has the keys for those doors," Hayden replied. Suddenly, Fayette let out a shrill scream. Trenon was stood behind them.

"Well, well, well. I always suspected you were an unworthy member. This proves my point completely," he said, smiling evilly.

"I, uh, captured two more prisoners, Chief," Hayden said shakily.

"You are a traitor Hayden. I know that the hero Link is your brother. You, the Knight and your Lady have come to rescue him! You know the price for betraying the Sect, Hayden," Trenon said. Drake drew his sword and swung it skilfully in Trenon's direction. The man was quick to block the blow with his own weapon.

"Not so fast, noble Sir," he sneered.

"Release the Princess! And everyone else!" Drake demanded, lunging forward. Hayden drew his sword too, but Fayette stepped back, frightened.

"You will regret this!" Trenon shouted, managing to graze Drake's arm. The knight barely noticed; he was intent on the fight. As Hayden joined in, Trenon's band of soldiers emerged as if from nowhere, capturing both Hayden and Fayette. "Give it up, Sir Drake. You are a fine knight, worthy of your title, but you cannot overpower me, Trenon!" Trenon laughed.

" 'Give up', is not in my vocabulary, you scum!" Drake muttered angrily.

"It is now!" Trenon said, as more than twenty guards surrounded the knight...

The King was worried. Link, Zelda, Fayette and the others had been missing for two days now. A soldier had just returned, saying that Ganon's army had approached Ruto Town, and that they had a dragon with them. The rumour that Ganon did indeed have a complete Triforce had been clarified. "Where in Hyrule can Link be? We need him," he said, pacing up and down. "Your Highness, it looks hopeful that Ganon may retreat for now. When I left, many of his monsters had already been defeated. It's the dragon and Ganon himself who are causing the most damage," the soldier said. Impa walked into the chamber.

"Your Highness, Lord Hylton's troops are on their way from Valour Hold, and the Nabrooru guards have already arrived here at the castle," she informed.

"Good. Tell them to guard the outskirts of the castle," the King ordered. He turned back to the soldier. "Have you seen Captain Krin?" he asked.

"Yes, Your Majesty. He is attempting to drive the dragon back through the Ruto Mountain pass, towards the Saria River. Ruto's walls are proving a strong defence, for the army had not yet entered the town when I left," the soldier replied. Fenella stepped into the room, her heavy silk skirt rustling.

"Have you had any news on the whereabouts of Faye, Zelda and Link?" she asked. The King shook his head.

"Sadly, not yet. I hope the faeries find them safe and well," he said.

"Your Highness, I will be on my way back to Ruto now," the soldier said, saluting.

"Good man," the King replied.

Ganon decided to change his tactics. Ruto Town was well defended, and he was wasting his time. It would be better to strike the kingdom's centre of control, North Castle. Cutting through Midoro Swamp would get his army quickly to the castle. It would be undefended, for Ganon knew many of the soldiers there in Ruto were castle guards; the perfect opportunity to strike. Yes, by the next morning, the Royal household would be in for a big shock. He had not heard of Link, or his interfering friends since the day he'd seen Fayette. Perhaps they were all dead, he hoped, stranded somewhere underground, slowing dying of starvation. In the meantime, whilst his monsters travelled to the castle, he could go back to Death Mountain and use his magic to resurrect the ones that had been killed. It would take no time at all the teleport to the castle when the time was right. In the nearby forest, he could hold a meeting and carefully plan the ambush. And without Link there to help, the Royal family and courtiers would surely give in, rather than have their beautiful home destroyed. Not that he would let any of them go. He was going to personally enjoying torturing the King, and, if Zelda ever came back, he'd also enjoy seeing the look on her face when she realised what Ganon had done. He cackled gleefully to himself, holding the Triforce of Power up high, sending beams of evil magic from it. Being inanimate object, the Triforce was unable to judge whether its power was being used for good or bad purposes. That was what made it so dangerous. Ganon grabbed hold of a goriya by the skin of its neck. "Tell the Moblin Chief to re-route their troops to North Castle, along with Sal and most of my over monsters! But make sure some remain here, to keep the soldiers' attention!" he ordered, dropping it again. "I shall meet you all there in the forest by dawn tomorrow!" he added, clicking his fingers, then vanishing.

"Land here," King Charles commanded his small crew, as they approached the Southwest coast of West Hyrule.

"Are you sure that you don't want the ship landed further up the river, Sir? It's wide enough for her," one of the sailors asked. Charles looked over towards where Saria Town should be. Nothing but blackened buildings and grey smoke could be seen on the horizon.

"No. Looks like that town has recently been attacked, perhaps by a dragon. We should keep away for now," he replied. Charles was the young king of Lemmink, a country far to the west of Hyrule. There was nothing he enjoyed more than spending his time out in the wilderness, camping and hunting. Lemmink was part of a vast continent, that had terrain ranging from mountains to forests, to hills to deserts, and Charles had spent a lot of time exploring. Now he had decided to visit Hyrule, the small but beautiful kingdom that lay in the middle of the Medius Ocean. He knew that it had only small towns and villages, and so was an ideal place for exploring. He took out his map and looked at it. It would probably take a good few hours to get to North Castle. Charles thought it was best to introduce himself to the Royal Family whilst he was there. Especially since he'd heard the heir was a Princess. One of the men led his horse, Wildfire up from the hold, and pulled down the gangplank to lead the chestnut mare across. Charles stepped out onto the grassy bank, carrying his pack, weapon and sleeping roll.

"I'll send a message across when I wish to return," he told his men.

"Yes Your Highness. Enjoy your trip," they said, beginning to row away.

It was early dawn, and gold and orange flecked the dark sky in places. Charles had planned to stop by Saria, but it looked like the town had been destroyed. He mounted his steed and trotted along the river bank. If there were any dragons about, Charles would kill them. His sword was called Dracobitus, which meant 'Dragon's Death' in the old Lemmian language. He was famous for slaying them, back in his homeland. Many lived in the Brimstone Range, where there were several volcanoes, and they were constant pests, attacking villages and eating livestock. Although he was tall and slim, Charles was strong and solidly built. He was the greatest warrior in the whole of Lemmink, and perhaps beyond, as he often liked to think. His country loved him greatly, although his parents often wished he'd settle down and rule the country and get married, instead of going off to new places by himself. Only his close friend, Princess Julietta of the neighbouring country Jueland, understood his need to go out adventuring. She'd never joined that many of his expeditions though, since she preferred to host lavish feasts and dances, but she knew how much Charles enjoyed it himself. The two kingdoms were allies, especially against the country that lay on their north border, Tanol. Lord Canivaris, its ruler, was a harsh man. Tanol was a vicious country that was seeking to expand. On more than one occasion, he had attempted to invade both Lemmink and Jueland, as well as the neighbouring Catalia, which had problems enough, for the Raiders, a race from Tanol, liked to burn down villages and murder Catalia's people ever since Queen Seline had refused to marry their leader. He crossed over a bridge and rode north. He could probably reach Ruto Town before lunch time, and North Castle that afternoon. "Come on girl," he said, urging his horse to a faster pace.

Link wished that he had his sword. In fact, he almost wished that he'd never come on this quest in the first place. Maybe Dion was right when he'd said that Zelda was nothing but trouble. Nah, Link thought. Anyway, how could they have passed over the opportunity to get hold of the Triforce of Courage? He looked at his watch. It was almost 5am in the morning. Dion and Damon were fast asleep, and Link was tired too, but he had to stay awake. If not just for Zelda's sake, but for all of the group. Sighing, he leaned against the wall. Some hero he was, getting captured, not just once, but twice over. He'd be lucky if they all escaped intact, and Zelda probably wasn't very impressed either. It troubled him that Hayden was apparently here too, although he couldn't imagine why. His younger brother had been adamant two mornings previously, when he'd said he was to go back to Sosaria, almost immediately. He figured that next time he attempted to escape, he'd have to use another tactic. It was no good trying to fight off all the never ending guards at once, but instead, he'd have to be clever about it. The trouble was, could the whole group pull it off? They couldn't leave anyone, and Link also doubted that Zelda would leave without the Triforce. He walked over to the decanter, to see if any wine was left. Although he was suspicious of what it might contain, he was now very thirsty. Unfortunately, Damon and Dion had drunk every drop. He put it back on the floor, and walked over to the wall again, trying to stay awake. The sound of a key turning in the lock quickly brought Link to attention. The door was pushed open, and several guards stepped into the room. Two of them grabbed hold of a surprised Damon and Dion, and dragged them outside.

One guard was left to take Link. The hero jumped out from his hiding place behind the door, and punched the guard in the face. While the guard was stunned, Link slammed him against the wall, knocking him out cold. Bending down, he retrieved the guard's weapon, a sword, and stabbed the man in the chest, killing him. He took the guard's helmet and cloak, and wore them to disguise himself. Silently, he slipped out of the room. There was no-one around. Link made his way to Trenon's quarters, to retrieve his own sword, before anyone realised he was missing. Sprite was there, imprisoned in a magical cage. Link found key to unlock it, and freed the small faerie. "We must hurry! I heard Trenon talking to some other men, and I think they're planning a sacrifice!" she said frantically. Link took as many of his friend's weapons as possible, hoping he could dump them somewhere nearby to pick up as they made their escape. He and Sprite made their way to the Temple as quickly as possible, leaving the extra weapons nearby. Once inside, he spotted Zelda, about twenty metres away. She was dressed in a long white robe, and her hair was tied up. Selina, Fayette, Hayden and Aaron were next to her, similarly attired. They all looked absolutely terrified, although there was a more determined look about Zelda. Trenon was standing on the platform, dressed in a blood red robe. To Link's horror, a liche wearing a golden crown stood behind the chief, a red glow coming from the empty eye sockets of his leering, skull-like face. Behind them, Drake, Damon and Dion were stood, dressed in golden robes. Link tried to get Zelda's attention, but she wasn't looking over in his direction. Trenon walked over to where she stood though, and took hold of Hayden. Roughly, he pushed him up onto the platform.

"This, my people, is our traitor!" Trenon cried. The crowd let out a gasp, and Link wasn't sure what was going on. "One of us, and yet he betrays us!" Trenon added. What?! Link thought, shocked. Hayden, a Carcastan? Link couldn't believe it. And yet, there was Trenon, saying it out loud. Link suddenly remembered the two scars Hayden had had on his wrists, and recalled seeing similar markings on some of the guards down here. The realisation washed over him, making him feel slightly sick. Hayden was part of this weird sect, and had let them come in here, knowing they would be captured. But Trenon says he is a traitor! Perhaps he tried to help the others escape or something, Link thought. He readied his weapon, trying to plan his next move. "You all know what happens to traitors," Trenon sneered. He turned to where Zelda and the rest were stood, bound and frightened. Trenon smiled evilly. "Hmmmm. Which one of you deserves to die first?" he questioned. His gaze locked immediately onto Zelda. "You, for refusing to reveal the secrets of The Golden One!" he shouted. Zelda glared at Trenon.

"Don't even think about it! Why, if you killed me, my Father and my people would surely seek revenge!" she said threateningly. No-one took much notice as Link began to shove his way to the front of the crowd. Trenon pushed the Princess forward up to Hayden.

"Your idle threats mean nothing to me, Princess. Now, your time is finally up," he said. The liche stepped forward, his bony hands imprisoning Hayden. Trenon took hold of Zelda. Together, they both pulled out jewelled knives...

Link stared in horror at the sight unfolding before his eyes. He had to do something - fast. He could only attack either Trenon or the liche, but that left either Zelda or Hayden unprotected. He deeply loved Zelda, and had a fierce loyalty to her, but Hayden was his brother. The only family he had left... As the Carcastan and evil wizard brought their knives down, Link dashed forward, jumping onto the platform. He reached Trenon first, pushing him, so as the knife came down, it only grazed Zelda's side, instead of being plunged into her chest. Link turned to deal with the liche, but it was too late. He heard Hayden's cry of pain, and saw his brother fall to the ground, a knife sticking out of his chest. "No!" Link cried, jumping forward to deal with the undead creature next to him. Another Carcastan started to attack him. Sprite flew over to break the rest of the group's bonds, so that they could escape. Zelda tripped Trenon up, as he attempted to grab her, and he fell back onto the ground. Drake came forward to help Link, who was trying to fight the liche and some guards. The whole cavern was now in an uproar. Suddenly, a blast of white faerie magic came from nearby. Sprite's friends had arrived, and were combining their magic in order to make a more powerful impact. Zelda ran up to where the Triforce of Courage was, feeling the sharp pain of the cut. Red blood was seeping out onto the thin white material of her dress, but she couldn't do much about it. She picked up the unguarded prism, and, channelling it's power, she sent a golden beam of magic from her hands. The beam bounced about the cave, killing several people as it hit. Some of the Carcastans began to panic, and the entire cave was a flood of moving bodies. Zelda managed to find Link, who was dealing a last few blows to the evil liche. She grabbed his hand, and pulled him away. "Are you okay?" he asked anxiously, seeing her blood covered dress.

"I'm fine. Let's get out of here!" Zelda replied. Link noticed Drake and several of the others nearby. "They'll follow us out," Zelda said, pulling Link towards the exit while they still had the chance to escape the chaos.

"We can't just leave him!" Fayette wailed, staring down at Hayden's body, her eyes full of tears.

"He's dead woman! We can't afford to stick around here any longer!" Drake answered harshly.

"Yes, we have to leave - now!" Damon added, as Selina and Aaron made their way over towards them.

"Where the hell are Link and Zelda?" Drake questioned, looking around.

"Let's just hope we meet up with them later," Aaron panted.

"Doesn't anybody care here!" Fayette cried in protest.

"I just want to get out of here," Selina replied, glancing round worriedly.

"Amigos, I saw Link and your pretty princess playing with your magical Triforce. This Trenon will surely pursue them for it," Dion stated.

"Even if he has, we shouldn't be waiting around here to find out!" Selina replied.

"We should carry out Hayden's body," Aaron said gravely.

"Yes," Fayette agreed, smiling slightly at the young apprentice.

"You're right lad. Can someone help me?" Drake asked.

"I will," Damon volunteered. "Hurry up!" Selina answered, noticing some Carcastans nearby. Drake and Damon hoisted up Hayden's body, while the rest of the party made their way out of the Temple.

"In here," Link said, ducking into a side room where he and Zelda could rest. Almost immediately, Zelda pulled him into a hug and kissed him gratefully.

"I love you so much," she whispered.

"I nearly lost you," Link whispered back, holding her close. "Are you badly hurt?" he added, "I hope you're not losing a lot of blood from that wound." Zelda shook her head.

"It doesn't seem that deep. The knife just grazed me," she replied softly. "We'll have to get that seen to soon though," Link replied, caressing her shoulders gently.

"Are you okay?" Zelda inquired.

"Yeah. Just the usual cuts and bruises. Nothing major," Link answered, kissing her again.

"What about Hayden?" Zelda suddenly asked. Link turned away from her, looking down at the floor. "I was so stupid," he muttered . "Link...." Zelda began. Link turned to face her again.

"I swore an oath to protect you always. Except I never thought that I'd have to make a choice over it," he said.

"I admire your loyalty to me Link, but..." Zelda started.

"That wasn't just loyalty you saw back there Zel," Link interrupted quietly. "Hayden was your brother! Your family!" Zelda said sharply.

"I lost my family a long time ago," Link replied.

"Damn you Link! You shouldn't have valued me over your family! I feel responsible for his death!" Zelda answered.

"Zelda! Don't do this! I tried... but... I... in the end... I guess I just... failed," Link replied faltering. "Not just him, but myself," he added angrily. Zelda remained quiet, staring down at the Triforce she'd placed on a nearby shelf of rock.

"Was it worth it?" she murmured, staring sadly at Link.

"He was already one of them. Perhaps it was too late for him already," Link said, not really talking to anyone but himself.

"Link, I'm so sorry," Zelda said, looking down at the floor. Link took her into his arms and hugged her tightly.

"At least I still have you," he said softly. Zelda stepped back, and picked up the Triforce

"We mustn't stay. I fear that Ganon's power is somehow growing stronger," she said worriedly.

"Yes. We'd better find the others," Link said, drawing his sword. They stepped out into the passage. "Hayden. I need to get his body," Link said suddenly.

"No! I saw Drake and Damon carrying him out. We have to catch them up," Zelda answered. "Are you sure?" Link asked.

"I'm sure. Come on," Zelda said.

After a lot of walking, they finally came out into the open air. "This feels so good," Zelda breathed, standing in the sunshine. Link looked around, hoping that their companions were already out there.

"Over there!" he said, seeing a small group next to the horses. They rushed over.

"Thank goodness that you're both okay!" Selina exclaimed, seeing them.

"Is everyone here?" Zelda asked, looking around.

"All here," Drake said. Link walked over to where they'd placed Hayden's body. He stooped down, looking at his brother sadly. Zelda was going to walk over, when Aaron stopped her.

"I think it would be better if we left him alone," he said. Fayette walked over though, and placed an arm around Link. He didn't bother to tell her to go away, and accepted her embrace almost willingly. Zelda looked angry, and was about to march over, until she was restrained by Drake.

"Don't you start getting all upset. Link doesn't need you acting all huffy at him," he said.

"But Fayette..." Zelda began. She decided to keep quiet, but it didn't stop her from scowling at the scene. Selina tactfully changed the subject.

"At least the horses are okay," she said.

"Yes. It's a wonder no-one stole them. The poor beasts must be starving," Damon commented.

"Amigos, I say we get out of this place, before anything else crazy happens," Dion suggested. Link walked back over, Fayette still hanging onto his arm.

"We'll take Hayden's body to Ruto. My uncle will deal with his funeral arrangements," he said quietly. The group mounted up onto their horses and set off down the hill into the town.

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