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Shadows of Fate

Juliet A. Singleton (juliet@northcastle.co.uk) & Kirsty Singleton (arcadionseye@btopenworld.com)

Chapter 11

    Sprite and Felicity soon arrived in Hyrule Castle, flying past the guards who nodded to Sprite in respect.

"You know, I should've gone to Sosaria with Link," murmured Sprite. Felicity shrugged.

"You could've, but you have more responsibilities now than you did a few years ago. Link may be older, but he can still handle himself. He's probably coming back to Hyrule right now," assured Felicity.

"But how can he be? He wouldn't leave until he found Leigh, and she isn't in Sosaria is she? Of course, he won't know that, so how's he to know that Ewan's okay?" reminded Sprite.

"You have a point, but these Hylians, they have a way of sensing stuff don't they? You know, Link might have felt that Ewan was healed," suggested Felicity.

"No, not Link. He isn't confident enough to go on just feeling, he won't leave Sosaria 'til he knows Ewan is okay, or til he's found Leigh," said Sprite.

"Well I can't see that there is much you can do. Link could be anywhere in Sosaria by now, and that place is a lot bigger than Hyrule," said Felicity.

"Mmm, isn't there a spell you could cast or something? You know, detection or something?" asked Sprite hopefully.

"I don't really see how you'd think that would work. Sosaria's too big for a spell like that, there's too much land to cover," said Felicity.

"It was just a suggestion. Where do you suppose Ewan is?" said Sprite, changing the subject.

"He'll be with Zelda probably, I don't expect she'll be letting him out of her sight," replied Felicity.

"It's just gone noon, so I suppose they'll be eating," reckoned Sprite, flying into the dining hall. Sure enough, they spotted Zelda and her son sitting at the table, eating something that had been prepared by the castle cook. Sprite flew straight over, still unable to believe that Ewan was okay. Felicity on the other hand hung back. It was only right that Sprite had her time with them first. She was Link's Guardian faerie after all, and Zelda and Ewan were part of his family so it only made sense, it did to her at least.

"Oh Ewan, thank goodness you're okay!" exclaimed Sprite. She had to admit to her uselessness in aiding her godson during his illness, and the fact he was now well again was a huge weight off her shoulders. Ewan looked up to Sprite and smiled.

"Well, long time no see," he quipped. Zelda glanced across to Sprite.

"I saw Leigh, she healed you didn't she?" asked Sprite. Ewan nodded.

"Yeah..." he replied, his head turned to his plate.

"She has the Black Sword," continued Sprite. Ewan looked up at Sprite and then to his mother.

"I know," replied Zelda, ignoring the glance of her son.

"How come, I thought it was supposed to remain firmly under lock, key and magic," questioned Sprite.

"It's her sword. She's probably going to destroy it," said Zelda avoiding Sprite's eyes.

"Probably going to destroy it? Probably? Well what's that supposed to mean?!" demanded Sprite.

"The Black Sword? Isn't that what...?" began Ewan. He was ignored by both of them.

"Look, probably? What if she gets ideas? You know, there was an incident down at Mido pier today, people were killed," began Sprite. Zelda glared at the faerie.

"And what of it?" asked Zelda, getting up. Sprite glanced warily at Ewan, and then quickly looked back to Zelda.

"Well Leigh arrived this morning didn't she?" said Sprite rather pointedly. Ewan also rose from his seat, frowning at Sprite.

"You're worse than my mother. Why is it everyone round here has to attribute anything bad that happens to Leigh? She healed me didn't she?" demanded Ewan.

"At a price," murmured Sprite.

"How do you mean?" asked Ewan.

"That's why she has the sword isn't it? Ewan's life for the sword?" guessed Sprite, staring at Zelda.

"It was a fair trade," said Zelda quietly. Ewan looked at his mother, his frown growing deeper.

"She had a price?" he asked, confused. Sprite looked desperately from mother to son.

"If I might interrupt," said Felicity suddenly. Everyone turned to look at the head of the faerie council. "When me and Sprite saw Leigh, I noticed something odd about her," began Felicity gingerly. Zelda frowned.

"Selina said..." she began, her words trailing off, a nauseous feeling forming in the bottom of her stomach.

"Come on Flis, I wouldn't go so far as to say she was odd, just, anti-social," said Sprite.

"No, something, something in her eyes, like a flicker. You're probably going to think I'm mad, and this is just a wild stab in the dark but it's very possible she could be possessed, or under control, of the mind," said Felicity. Ewan's brow creased.

"But she's the Avatar, surely she wouldn't be susceptible to such an attack," he said, although the theory was sounding likely already.

"But she had been weakened, considerably," reminded Sprite, remembering that day when she had set her eyes on the Avatar for the first time in a decade and a half.

"You don't think she's been possessed by..." began Zelda, the thought that crossed her mind was unacceptable.

"She wanted the sword? Ganondorf is in that sword. It's entirely possible he's managed to get to her, by whatever means. Which means," began Felicity.

"Ganondorf?! Surely not!" interrupted Ewan. He began to make his way to the door. The three woman watched him.

"Ewan, where are you going?!" demanded Zelda following him. Ewan turned, stopping short of the door.

"He'll be taking her to Death Mountain," he said.

"You can't go, you don't even know if that's the case!" protested Zelda.

"I can't sit around doing nothing. Especially if Hyrule is at risk!" argued Ewan. Sprite and Felicity flew towards Ewan.

"We'll come with you," assured Sprite.

"Thanks," said Ewan.

"Well what am I supposed to do? Sit and wait for you to be killed again?!" demanded Zelda, her voice pained. Ewan stepped forward towards his mother and embraced her.

"It won't happen again, ever," he promised, stepping back.

"I'm coming with you then," declared Zelda, her voice determined.

"No, you need to stay here, in case anything else happens," said Ewan sensibly. Sprite glanced at Zelda.

"He's right," she said. Zelda turned her gaze to the floor, letting out a sigh. Finally she looked up.

"You're right I expect, but I'd just feel better if Tim or someone was going with you," admitted Zelda. Ewan broke out into a small smile.

"Hey, I've got two faeries to protect me, you've nothing to worry about," he said confidently. Zelda nodded and stepped forward, kissing her son on the cheek before stepping back again.

"Be careful," she murmured.

"I will," said Ewan with a firm nod, before leaving. Sprite and Felicity followed.

"Just like his father," commented Felicity.

"And just as handsome," added Sprite. Felicity gave her friend a sceptical glance before quickly catching up with the young prince.


Leigh marched in through the yawning entrance of the deserted Death Mountain, glancing disdainfully at the drab interior. Grey and dripping with stifling heat, it was hardly impressive. Perhaps the scale of it was, in the fashion that it burrowed both into the mountain as well as its roots, but Leigh was not particularly interested any way.

"This is your Underworld?" she asked, talking to herself as much as the sword that lay across her back. She had no answer, but as she went deeper into the mountain, it began to grow darker, and the stench of rotten nothingness filled her lungs. Following passage after passage, driven by some strange force, Leigh eventually came out into the former throne room of the Prince of Darkness. As soon as she entered, there was a hollow rattling, and a stone door slammed down to the earth behind Leigh. She turned, seeing any escape was now blocked. She turned her attention back to Ganon's former domain, seeing bones littering the floor, waste and filth and dead creatures. An ornate frame, which at one time cradled Ganon's evil jar, now lay desecrated and twisted upon the floor. But what interested Leigh was that she was no longer alone. Many cages had been carved into the walls of the room, barred now by metal grilles, but Leigh could hear breathing and movement coming from these darkened cages. But this was not the company she was now referring to. Two figures sat by the throne, tracing their fingers through the waste. They looked up as Leigh entered, standing and squinting through the darkness at her.

"Eh, okay, frow down yer weapons intruder. This is the domain of King Molasar now, so bugger off!" demanded one of the figures, stepping closer. The skeletal warrior that confronted Leigh seemed familiar, yet not in the same instant.

"Erm, Skoll, int that..." began the other figure, a fat Moblin, whose red eyes wavered in the darkness. Skoll turned to his friend.

"Wot?" he demanded. Leigh drew the Black Sword from her back.

"Int it that wotsherface? Zelda?" asked the moblin.

"Don't be stupee-d Aspete, it ain't 'er royal 'ighness, it's..." began Skoll, slowly turning back to Leigh in realisation. He took a rapid step back.

"Oh, now I's remember, it's that other one innit? The one who..." began Aspete, who also cut his sentence short in realisation. The both fell to their knees simultaneously.

"Please don't kill us oh wise one, we's don't mean no 'arm, we's was only followin' orders see, of Prince Molasar, 'ees Ganondorf's son yu see," said Skoll quickly.

"Aye, 'ee's right y'know. We wuz only followin' Prince Molasar's orders we was, we 'ave nuffin against yu we don't," agreed Aspete hurriedly. Leigh smiled, and walked past the two, ignoring them. She dusted off the grand throne and sat in it, looking into the sword. There she saw Ganondorf, smiling at her.

"Home at last," he murmured.

"Yes, and now I shall prepare to release thee from thine damned prison," said Leigh, getting up and turning, plunging the blade of the sword into the seat of the throne.

"Yes, that is what must be done, if the Guardian is to be destroyed," whispered Ganondorf seductively. Meanwhile Skoll and Aspete cowered in the corner, wondering what was going on. They had clearly heard their former master's voice, yet could see him nowhere.



"So, my pawn doth wish to keep that trinket for herself doth she? That black-tongued Ganondorf has challenged me, and I shall in return challenge him back," muttered Lord British as he paced about his hall, peering into his crystal ball. He had seen everything that had undergone between Ganondorf and Leigh, and he knew where they were. He turned to his 10 Preceptors, who all stood firm before him, cloaked in crimson red. They were his disciples, his doers of destruction, his mouth to the ears of the peasants. "The time hath come mine friends, this is the day we shall invade the pitiful land of Hyrule and claim it as our own. Take thy dragon steeds and fly to thine town, we must set sail within two hours," instructed British. This was the signal his Preceptors had been waiting for, and they kneeled upon one knee in respect, before filing out, preparing to carry the signal across the nation. They were each assigned to their own town, and had been preparing for years for such a signal. Everything would be ready, and the entire army of Sosaria would be upon the south coast of Hyrule before midnight. British smiled as they left, then settled back into his throne chuckling. He would be ready as soon as his men were, and then Ganondorf and the Avatar would wish they had never come back to the forsaken world of the Demiari.

Link didn't utter a word as he mounted the dragon, along with the rest of the Preceptors. He was amazed he had got this far. Now all that he had to deal with was the fact that he was supposed to get Conim ready to wage war against his own country. And when he could barely speak the tongue of these foul creatures, he knew it was going to be a slight problem. He would have to find Sentri.


Link didn't know how he had managed it, but somehow, he found himself separated from the rest of those foul Preceptors, and hovering once more over the town of Conim. He supposed his dragon steed was used to travelling this way, or something like that anyway. He guided his steed down to the ground, landing in the same spot as where Link had first seen the beast. He slid off its back, and looked at it. It knew. It knew he wasn't its master, but it wasn't doing anything about it. He supposed he should feel lucky. But he didn't. His own country was about to be attacked by possibly one of the most powerful countries in the Demiari. There had been no warning, and to be quite frank, he was Hyrule's only hope. He half smiled to himself. He hadn't felt that kind of responsibility for well over fifteen years. His smile turned into an expression of stern resolve. He'd never failed yet for Hyrule, and he wasn't about to start. He glanced back to the dragon. It was still watching him. Link shook his head, then walked back through the alley, making his way towards the town.

When Link arrived, he saw a few people darting in and about the town, but as soon as they say him, or rather the Preceptor, they stopped. Link ignored them and strode forward. He wondered were Sentri would be. He had to be in the town, but where he din't have a clue. He supposed the first place he could try was the inn. He walked forward, people watching him carefully, not daring to move in his presence. He marched into the inn, pushing open the door and walking inside. As he entered, people turned, their conversation halting. Link glanced around, his vision slightly impaired by the mask that he had to wear. Sentri was nowhere to be seen. He let out a disgruntled sigh, suprised at the sound he made. The owner of the inn, watched him warily.

"Is there anything we can do?" he finally asked. Link paused, wondering if he should speak.

"Doth anyone know the whereabouts of Sentri..." he began, his voice sounding dry and harsh. He had no idea of Sentri's surname. "The betrayer," he finished. People glanced around at each other.

"Last I saw of him was this morn, sire, he may have gone to Anderson the trainer," ventured the bar master. Link waited. He didn't know of any Anderson the trainer. "His home is north of the town hall," reminded the bar master. Link nodded.

"You do not need to tell me that!" said Link, feeling a little bolder.

"My apologies," said the bar keeper humbly. Link let out another snort, then left the inn. He knew where the town hall was. Hopefully, Sentri would be near by.



"Don't look now," muttered Anderson to Sentri as he pulled a fist of arrows from the archery target. Sentri looked, his heart sinking to his feet. It was the Preceptor. Had the King of Hyrule's attempt failed? Sentri keep his hand on the hilt of his sword and waited as the Preceptor approached.

"There's two of us, we could take him on," whispered Sentri. Anderson laughed.

"Art thou mad?" he questioned. Sentri shook his head.

"Serious," he said quietly. Anderson shrugged.

"British would have us killed," he reminded. Sentri frowned.

"We will die anyway," he said. The Preceptor arrived. He walked up to Sentri and grabbed him by his collar. Sentri unsheathed his sword.

"Don't," warned Link. But Sentri still did not realise. His sword came out, flashing by Link's side. Anderson stepped back, unsure what to do. Link threw Sentri to the ground, placing his boot on his chest, turning to Anderson.

"I want every member in this town by the town hall, now!" he ordered gruffly. His voice was muffled and distorted by the mask, and the result was a voice as harsh and ugly as the Preceptor Link had killed. Anderson nodded, backing away before running off to the main part of Conim. Link waited until the man had disappeared, then he ripped off his mask. Sentri stared in surprise, and Link leaned down, offering a hand to help him up.

"By the Virtues! It's you!" said Sentri.

"I'm sorry about that. Now listen, British wants every town to have set sail in two hours! I can't tell the crowd because I'm not fluent enough in that foul language, so you're going to have to do it," explained Link. Sentri was still overcome with shock and surprise. He finally nodded.

"Of course, of course. But, did British not see?" questioned Sentri, sheathing his sword. Link shook his head.

"No, but I don't know how long this luck will last me. Hopefully to my own shores at least," said Link. He looked down at the mask. It wasn't right. When he wore it, he felt different, spoke different, acted different. He didn't want to replace it. He looked to Sentri. "You will do this, won't you?" he asked. Sentri nodded.

"Good luck, I...I hope thy luck lasts, but I need something to prove the crowd of mine authority" said the fighter sincerely. Link nodded. He drew the black obsidean blade from his belt and handed it over to Sentri.

"That should convince them," he said. Sentri nodded, examining the blade. "Thank you. For everything," said Link. He turned and strode away, unwillingly donning the mask. Sentri watched a moment, then quickly made his way to the town hall.


"What is that?" asked Aden as he spotted a huge ship on the horizon. They had made it through Benlucca without being caught, or too sidetracked, and now they were in a small boat bound for Hyrule.

"It's a ship," said Rillar dryly. Aden looked at her.

"I know that," he said pointedly.

"Then why did you ask what it was?" demanded Rillar. Brianna eyed the pair coldly. How could the talk so casually before her after what they had put her through.

"It bears a flag...of Sosarian colours," said Timothy, dismayed. Had they come so far to fail at this point?

"Oh brilliant," muttered Aden.

"It looks like a war galleon," continued Tim. Aden sat up, looking across the water.

"It's heading for Hyrule," he observed, the cool feeling of realisation creeping over him. Tim nodded. "You don't think Sosarai are attacking Hyrule do you?" asked Aden meekly.

"That's exactly what it looks like," said Brianna, sounding none to bothered by the situation. Aden rolled his eyes at her comment, it was so annoyingly similar to everything else she seemed to spout these days, negative.

"Yes, well I think it's safe to say we all figured that," said Rillar coolly, glaring at the princess. She was also tired of Brianna's attitude. It seemed that only Tim was capable of tolerating her.

"It's heading towards us, there's no way we can outrun it," said Timothy miserably.

"We can try," said Aden hopefully.

"And fail," added Brianna cruelly.

"If you have nothing useful to say, do not speak," said Rillar harshly to Brianna, sick of her comments. Brianna glared at her.

"I shall say what I please," she said curtly.

"Not on this boat," said Rillar, narrowing her eyes.

"Just who do you think you are, speaking to me in that manner. Not only am I princess of Hyrule, I may also remind you that I am the Queen of your race," snapped Brianna. Aden and Timothy could only watch as the exchange of words between the two women unfolded.

"I disowned the race that you so willingly married a long time ago, when the father of your husband had my mother killed," said Rillar. Aden and Timothy stared at each other, wondering if Brianna knew who Molasar's father was.

"So this is what it's about is it? You are making Molasar suffer for something his father did!" said Brianna furiously. A callous expression took hold of Rillar.

"Do you know who fathered Molasar?" she asked. Timothy wondered whether he should intervene, but he decided against it, it may be better for Brianna to know.

"It does not matter," maintained Brianna.

"You know his mother? Balayna Anacreon, the greatest Queen of our race?" questioned Rillar.

"Yes...I knew that," said Brianna, suddenly subdued.

"She was in charge of our race when Ganondorf Dragmire returned to rule," said Rillar. Brianna's eyes widened.

"What are you trying to suggest?" she demanded.

"Ganondorf Dragmire is the father of your husband. You have joined two mortal enemies, whose arguments stretch back more than a thousand years in less than holy matrimony," informed the Gerudo. Brianna rose to her feet in an attempt to strike Rillar, but Rillar caught her wrist. "Molasar is as evil as his father ever was. Why do you think he wanted to marry you? Why do you think he was in Hyrule? He is driven by a millennia old obsession, inherited from his father, to obtain that trinket you call the Triforce!" hissed Rillar. Brianna jerked her wrist away.

"No! You are lying!" denied Brianna.

"Look, what does it matter, we have other problems slightly more prominent at the moment," reminded Aden as he desperately rowed with Timothy as the Sosarian ship drew nearer to them. His comment was ignored.

"You know I speak the truth! Why do you persist in denying it?" demanded Rillar.

"He loves me!" insisted Brianna. The shadow of the war galleon fell over them. Aden and Timothy stopped rowing. They both stood as the captain of the ship addressed them.

"Thou wilt discard all weapons thou dost have aboard," ordered the captain. A small lifeboat crashed into the water as Timothy and Aden dropped all of their weapons. The life boat approached them, four men rowing and one man standing at the bow of the boat. They boarded and searched all four of them, before dragging them aboard their own boat.

"You have no right to do this!" said Brianna, outraged. They ignored her.

As the small boat was hoisted up to the deck, Timothy and the rest of them were pushed out onto the ship. Before them stood a man, who probably was the captain, due to the way he was giving orders. However, he didn't seem like any Sosarian Tim had heard about. His face was gentle and set with kind eyes. He looked at Tim directly, and gave him a reassuring smile. He looked away to one of the men who had brought them aboard.

"Take them to my quarters...I shalt be down shortly," ordered the captain. The men looked at him.

"But sir, these are Hyurlian's to be sure! They shouldst be taken to the..." argued one of them men.

"Do as I say Hendy," ordered the captain. Hendy gave in, and along with a few of his workmates, they quartet were led into the ship.

They hadn't been there for more than a few minutes when the captain arrived in his quarters. The room was quite luxurious, with beautiful carved wooden furniture, gold trimming, the lot. The captain close the door behind him, and looked at the four.

"You have no right to do this!" snapped Brianna. The man smiled.

"Yes, thou art quite right to be sure. But thou may not have lasted long in those waters without mine intervention, there is a storm coming, a fearsome one at that. This is solely for thine safety," assured the man.

"But why, you're Sosarian. And surely in such a vessel you're heading to our shores for war?" said Timothy.

"I have no quarrel with thy nation, nor do most of the men who head for thy shores now, but unfortunately we are held under the grip of an evil tyrant. We have no choice," he explained.

"What? You're talking about that Beast British?" asked Aden. The man nodded.

"Yes, thou couldst say that," he agreed. He continued. "Fortunately, all may not be lost for thine country, for thy ruler doth have knowledge of British's evil plans." Brianna's eyes widened.

"My mother knows?!" she asked. The man looked at Brianna, surprise evident in his face.

"Thou art the daughter of Hyrule's ruler?" he asked. Brianna nodded.

"Yes. Which is why I demand an explanation," said Brianna smugly.

"Of course, of course. It is not thy mother that knows, but thine father. I met him travelling in Sosaria, and helped him escape..." said the man quickly, kneeling before Brianna.

"Oh please," muttered Rillar, rolling her eyes. The man rose.

"Sir Sentri I'shtel milady," he introduced.

"Interesting I'm sure, but what're you going to do about this?" demanded Brianna. Sentri had to admit he was a little surprised by her manner, it was nothing like her father's, but he supposed Link did have lesser roots than his daughter.

"Thou shalt all have to remain under deck for the time being, not everyone aboard is as keen to preserve thine life as I, when we reach thine shores, I shall release thee, that is all I can do," said Sentri. And with that, he made a short bow, then left the cabin. The sound of a key turning in the lock could be heard. Rillar turned to Timothy.

"Do you think he can be trusted?" she asked.

"Of course not! All Sosarian's are evil!" exclaimed Brianna. Everyone turned to stare at her.

"Isn't your aunt a Sosarian?" asked Aden.

"I meant all Sosarian's who lived in Sosaria for the last fifteen years," snapped Brianna patronisingly.

"Well, we don't have much choice either way whether we trust him or not," sad Tim slowly.


As Link soared over the country of Sosaria, he kept his eyes open diligently, watching for anything that could be amiss. From what he had gathered, all the Preceptors would remain with their town until the men were ready to leave. Then they would oversee the men's movement's to the coast, and forward onto Hyrule. He should be the only thing in the sky, but he was holding his breath. If he was spotted by any of the other Preceptor's, they would surely investigate, and his role as Preceptor of Conim would be over. If he could make it over Sosaria without being seen...he just hoped his luck would serve him for that long.

Far down below him, Link could see the golden sands of the Sosarian desert. He should be crossing Geyser not far from now, he paused, wondering if he should navigate around it. He decided it would probably be the best thing to do if he did not want to be spotted. He ragged at the reins of his dragon mount, veering to the west. He soon saw the glittering waters of the Sosarian sea, which was punctuated with many small islands. But not before he heard a deafening shriek approach him from behind.

He snapped his neck around to see what had made the noise and his heart sunk like a stone in water. He had been spotted, despite his discretion, and his luck had upped and left.

"Human!" shrieked the Preceptor in its hellish voice, pointing an accusing, gauntleted finger directly at Link. Link reached to his belt, drawing the obsidian sword he had obtained from his predecessor. He tore off his mask, throwing it to the sea far below.

"Observant, aren't you?" he questioned sarcastically. His foe screamed in fury and swept towards him, screaming in a language Link did not even want to have heard. Link dragged his steed to the left, avoiding the Preceptor's attack. He left his sword pointed out to his right however, hacking a gaping wound into the dragon steed. It shrieked in pain, its wings flapping wildly, and the Preceptor had to work hard to regain control. Link took advantage of the situation by flying in close and striking the Preceptor against the flesh with his sword. There was a hiss and Link glared at his blade as it melted and warped to the hilt. He looked at the Preceptor, who was now displaying an amused sneer, but Link didn't let him keep it for long. He hurled the blade at the dragon his enemy rode, and it embedded itself in the creature's flesh. Link drew out his Master Sword. "Evil cannot always penetrate evil, but good never fails," he muttered, swooping in a second time and lopping the head from the Preceptor's neck. He didn't even get the chance to scream. The dragon he had rode was twisting and writhing with pain, so much so, it was spiralling down towards the same watery grave as his master. Link gave a rueful smile then steered his own steed back to the direction of Hyrule, back to home.

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