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Shadows of Fate

Juliet A. Singleton (juliet@northcastle.co.uk) & Kirsty Singleton (arcadionseye@btopenworld.com)

Chapter 13

     As Ewan was about to stand, he felt the cold prick of steel pressed against his neck. A sickly feeling enveloped him.

"Too bad about the Avatar, but let's face it, she's already well outlived her welcome," sneered Molasar. Ewan swallowed nervously. He closed his eyes, anger filling him, pain filling him, remorse, regret, fury, hate all filling him at once. He stood slowly.

"As have you," he stated, drawing his own sword and whirling around. He surprised Molasar with his suddenness, and caught him off-guard. He charged forward attacking Molasar with furious swipe after swipe, Molasar powerless to do anything but to defend himself. "You will pay for everything! You dirt, you callous, evil, vile, foul creature whom calls himself a King and a man. How dare you try and kill me? How dare you steal my sister and try to corrupt her to your ways, you will die for your sins, because you shall truly receive the fate that you so sorely are entitled to!" snarled Ewan so viciously, he not only gave Molasar cause for fear, but also for himself. But Molasar was a strong fighter, and he managed to withstand the barrage of Ewan's attack.

"Your sister came with me of her own choice, brother-in-law," retorted Molasar. Ewan glared right back at Molasar across the flying sparks produced by their ever-clashing swords.

"Lies!" yelled Ewan angrily, smashing his sword against that of Molasar's.

"Nothing but the truth," Molasar sneered, glad to see Ewan loosing his grip on his feelings.

"No sister of mine would ever have succumbed to you!" growled Ewan, his iron stare holding to that of Molasar's constantly.

"Then perhaps Brianna is not your sister," bit back Molasar, his blade skipping close to Ewan's throat.

"One thing's for sure, you won't remain married for long," vowed Ewan, stepping back to avoid Molasar's strikes, before lunging forward to deliver his own.

The two fought for further minutes, exchanging angry stares and blows, neither gaining the upper hand. "This meeting is far more interesting than our last," commented Molasar over the clash of metal. Ewan just glared, his mouth a line of grim determination.

"This time it's my turn," he finally spoke to the son of his father's nemesis, and with one powerful swing of his sword, Ewan knocked Molasar's own weapon from his hand, leaving him defenceless. Ewan pushed Molasar roughly against the wall, his sword at his throat.

"Ewan, no!" suddenly screamed a female voice. Ewan turned to see his sister. She had returned to the cavern, having broken from Timothy's and Aden's grip after they had dragged her away. Molasar let out a half laugh, half choke. Ewan turned back to him.

"While her love still lives on for me, you can not murder me," sneered Molasar callously. Ewan looked back to his sister, who stared at him pleadingly. Molasar took the prince's moment of indecision to turn the situation to his advantage. He kicked Ewan to the floor and drew his dagger, plunging it towards Ewan. Ewan looked to his side, seeing his sword inches away, and in one swift motion he grabbed it, arching it through the air and cutting through Molasar's stomach. He rolled away just in time as Molasar collapsed to the floor. Ewan stood up, surveying the scene as blood spilled out from underneath Molasar's body. Brianna let out a cry and ran forward, turning Molasar over to see his face. Molasar snatched at her hand, staring into her eyes. "Never...forgive...him," he managed to half say, half croak before he let out a strangled gasp, blood bubbling at his throat. Brianna let out a cry of horror, stepping back, her hand over her mouth. She turned to Ewan accusingly.

"You..." she gasped harshly. "You killed him!" Ewan stared at his sister.

"Would you rather your brother dead?" he asked, for it was truly obvious to him that if he had not killed Molasar, it would be him there lying in a pool of blood. Brianna eyed him hatefully.


Ewan stared at his sister, shocked and upset by her plain answer. He shook his head in disbelief and rushed towards her, grabbing her by the arms.

"You... you don't mean that!" he insisted. Brianna shrugged free of his grip.

"I loved him," she said bitterly, glaring at her brother hatefully. Ewan followed her gaze to Molasar's limp body.

"He would have killed me," said Ewan, his eyes never leaving his sister. How could she be so blind? Brianna glared at him.

"He was defending himself," she stated. Ewan raised his eyebrows.

"He attacked me, Brianna, he already tried to kill me once, he left me for dead. He is Ganondorf Dragmire's son!" Ewan told her, staring her in the eye.

"You could have let him live," she muttered.

"Why? So he could try and kill me again. What's wrong with you Brianna? Has he possessed you or something?" demanded Ewan.

"What? Like your lover do you mean?" asked Brianna scathingly. Ewan took a step back.

"Don't even bring her into this. She died to save her country, this country, this world," said Ewan. Brianna smiled slyly.

"She released Ganondorf Dragmire, she has as good as destroyed this world!" she said. Ewan frowned.

"I'm not going to waste a second's more breath on you," he muttered, turning away from his sister, disappointed, hurt and confused by her behaviour. Timothy and Aden suddenly appeared, breathless.

"Brianna!" called Timothy. He ran over to her, ignoring Ewan. Aden joined Ewan.

"You killed him?" he asked the prince, speaking of Molasar.

"Yes, much to her highnesses disappointment," said Ewan dryly. Aden noticed the distracted gaze in his friend's eyes and followed it.

"I'm sorry," he murmured, when he saw Leigh's broken body.

"So am I," spoke Ewan softly, he looked towards his sister. "How did she escape you?" he asked.

"She sort of slipped out of our hands. She ran down another corridor, and we couldn't find her, then we sort of, um, got lost..." explained Aden, looking to the ground. Ewan looked around the cavern. Three were dead, but only two had deserved to die. He walked over to Leigh, his head bowed. He still couldn't believe that she was gone. He kneeled by her side, a lump fast forming thick in his throat. Staring down at her blood-stained body made his heart feel heavier than the mountain he knelt in. Blinking back forming tears, he took her hand, stroking it softly with his own.

"Where are you now?" he murmured, watching her grief torn face. She had died in so much pain, even in the end, it had not been easy. Never had Ewan dreamed that love would be this way. It was all about courting and gifts and marriage. Not about this. Not about pain and grief and death. She was still young, like him, but now she was dead, dead because she had valiantly killed one of the evil entities of this world. Justice, Ewan thought dryly, there was no such thing. He knew his feelings for the woman before him had been no infatuation. He had loved her with his heart, his mind, his soul, he would have died for her in a heartbeat, he would have taken her place without a second thought. He turned to look at his sister, who was being consoled by Timothy as she knelt by Molasar's body. He shook his head. Surely his sister had not loved Molasar. But if she had...Ewan looked back at Leigh, his heart wrenching at the sight of her. He had had to kill Molasar, or he himself would have been dead now. He idly wondered if his sister would have mourned for him? He sighed. Perhaps he should've let Molasar take his life, for he had not much to live for now. His first love, perhaps his only love was dead, and the sister he adored more than anyone in the world was a stranger to him whom hated and loathed him.


Link swayed uneasily on his feet, trying to avoid the cackling Ganondorf. He should be dead this very moment, even though he had struck Ganondorf more times than he could count. The sword had no effect but to tire Ganondorf, and at the moment, it wasn't much use to him. Ganondorf had not struck him again, not like he had before, but Link was in enormous pain, more than his body was capable of withstanding.

"You're doing well hero, your courage is lasting, but your time will come when you beg me for mercy, and for no more pain, then you will bend to my will and do as I say without question!" boomed Ganondorf proudly. Link blinked, swinging his sword against Ganon's solid form. It did nothing more than harmlessly skip away, and make Ganondorf pause from his mockery for a moment. Link did not know how long they had fought, but it felt like more than an eternity, and he didn't know how much longer he would last. One thing he knew was that he would rather die then ever beg for mercy from the evil wizard. "Your intentions are valiant as they are courageous hero, but you are a fool to think you can last for much longer. I will crush you like an insignificant insect once I have had my fun, then I will continue to crush your world," informed Ganondorf with great pleasure. Link struck again with a one-handed strike, the sword almost slipping from his hand this time, lubricated by the sweat and blood that soaked his palm. This time, the recoil of the sword sent Link stepping back, but Ganondorf paused again, amazed at the stamina of the Hylian. He shook his head, wondering how much longer it would take Link to break, if at all. There was a sudden ripple through the arena, and a bright light shone in one corner of the cavern, the smoke receding away from it. Link turned to stare at the light, shielding his eyes as he did. He suddenly felt an ice cold chill grip him, and noticed that Ganondorf was stood, motionless, an evil sneer about to form across his face. Out of the light stepped a figure, dressed in pure white, a white aura surrounding them.

"Leigh?" asked Link wearily. It was indeed her, looking more beautiful, more radiant than she ever had at any time that Link had seen her. He tried to step towards her, but found himself as motionless as Ganondorf. She walked up to him, and laid her hands on him, a warmth infecting his body, his weariness and pain evacuating him, his wounds sealing up and vanishing.

"You can defeat him Link, if you can leave this place, you can beat him," she promised, her voice barely a whisper. Link stared at her.

"How...?" he began.

"Use your virtue Link, use it and you will master him," she advised, before beginning to retreat.

"No! Wait...are you still alive?" asked Link before she left. She turned to look at him.

"I am here because of my death, but you are here as a guest. Keep it that way Link..." her words trailed off and she vanished into the light. Link stood silently still as it dawned on him as to where he must be. The Void. He looked down at himself, still smeared with blood and drenched with chilling perspiration, but every wound Dragmire had inflicted had been healed. There seemed to be a strange ripple about the arena, and Link noticed Ganondorf was back in business.

"What happened?" growled Ganondorf in confusion, staring at Link's healed form.

"Something for you to think about!" Link grinned, focusing all of his courage at the tip of his sword, before throwing a two handed blow into Ganondorf's stomach. Instead of the sword bouncing off, it sunk deep within, and Link was surprised at the softness of Ganondorf's belly. He pulled out the blade, examining the black blood that coated it. Ganondorf looked down at himself, blood slipping up his throat. Link struck him again, pushing him back. "Your rules only?" he questioned with a grimace as the sword tore through Ganondorf's side. Ganondorf let out a growl of fury, and plucked the sword from his side, flinging it away.

"You may have your courage and your strength, but you will never possess the power that I behold!" screamed the Gerudo, throwing his weapon aside and raising his fist, a red glow of power forming at his fingertips. He let out a growl of triumph as he hurled the red ball of electricity towards Link, but the Hylian was quick to react and he skipped to the side, rolled to the floor just in time to avoid the huge bolt of magic that sent shock waves through the arena as it crashed into the point Link had seconds before stood at. Link grabbed his sword from the ground and began to watch Ganondorf carefully. And that he did, Ganondorf reached out his hand, and his weapon flew back to his palm, and he strode over to Link, delivering a furious barrage of attacks at every angle and place he could possibly strike. Link could do nothing but defend, his sword becoming an object of defence rather than offence. He staggered backwards, gritting his teeth every time Ganondorf struck him, but to his relief, he remained unharmed. His bones and body may have been bruised by the force of the blows, but as yet, Ganondorf had failed to injure Link as he had before. Despite the attack never seeming to end, Link eventually found himself falling into Ganon's pattern of attack, and as he slowly mastered this, he found himself sneaking in a few deft and sly blows of his own.

Ganondorf cursed under his breath, infuriated by the weariness that was beginning to take hold on him. His power was being worn down by this mere mortal, and this was not the way the script had been written. As Link scathed across his abdomen with the tip of his sword, Ganondorf let out a cry of rage, crashing his own sword against Link's. Link fell backwards, shook through to his very soul, and he had no action but to watch as Ganon prepared to bring his weapon crashing down towards his chest. He closed his eyes, drawing up all his courage, remembering the Avatar's words.

"Use your virtue," he murmured, opening his eyes. He felt the sword strike him, but it did not tear through him as he had expected. He felt no pain where he should have, his chest was not ripped and churned by the serrated edges of Ganon's blade. He was not even scratched. He met eye to eye with Ganondorf, and the Gerudo Lord drew back in confusion, preparing to finish Link as he deserved. Again, Link felt that blow, like someone was striking his chest with a hammer, but he was not crushed under the blade as he surely should have been. Link grinned at Ganondorf, who now gazed at him with hatred, fury and utter contempt. "Someone up there like's me," mused Link, before pushing himself up and rolling away from another attempted death blow. He reached out his hand and his trusty blade flew snugly into it, just in time for Link to turn and deflect a rage filled blow from his enemy.

"Yes hero, but someone right here wants you dead," reminded Ganon, sweeping his weapon towards Link. Link barely had the time to react in order to defend himself, but thankfully his reflexes were as swift as they ever had been, and he was able to save himself from any serious injury, but he was left shaken by the attack. Ganondorf sneered.

"Where is your courage now, boy?" he demanded. Link frowned at the adoption of his old name, the one that Ganondorf had created many years former to this moment.

"At the tip of the blade in my hand, about to be planted into that foul heart of yours!" declared Link, who grasped his sword in both hands and sunk it deep into Ganondorf's startled chest. The Prince of Darkness staggered backwards, emitting a strangled cough.

"No!" he wailed gruffly, trying to tear the burning blade from his throbbing heart. Link twisted the blade grimly, watching as Ganondorf tried to extract the blade.

"Yes," he contradicted. The expression of agony that had drawn itself across Ganondorf suddenly took on a different form, as a dry laugh began to escape his lips.

"This is not, and will never be over..." he warned, before shattering from the tip of Link's sword, dispersing into a thousand pieces that simply faded away.

Link looked around in surprise, his sword dropping to the floor, wondering if Ganondorf was defeated or not. Hyrule's Hero stood there silently for a moment, running one hand across his brow, waiting, waiting for something, anything, a sign.

"This...will never be over..."

Link jumped at the voice, the echoing whisper that could not be defined as real or unreal. Had he heard it in his head, in his mind, had it been an echo? Or was it Ganondorf, the enemy of not now just Hyrule, but this entire Demiari, still here as he had threatened. Link hung his head, it was always the same. Ganondorf would be here a long time after Link was gone, every other hero before him had had to live with it, but he had never dreamed that he would.

"You'll lose Ganon, every time, no matter what, you'll never win," called Link, before pausing, waiting for an answer. Nothing replied but silence. Shaking his head, Link sheathed his sword and walked over to the blue light portal that had formed in the corner of the arena. He gingerly stepped into it, and gritted his teeth as the scenery poured away from him and reformed back inside the bowels of Death Mountain.

Everyone turned as they felt a disturbance wave through the cavern, and Ewan gaped in surprise as he saw his father. He ran forward, steadying his father, who looked dead on his feet.

"Father?" he asked, concerned. Link grasped hold of his son's shoulder, hardly believing the sight before him.

"Ewan?" he asked, spluttering the words.

"Yes, but how...?" began Ewan as surprised as his father. Link suddenly remembered Leigh, and threw his gaze across from his son, around the great cavern. He saw her, lain across the floor, and he slowly returned his gaze back to Ewan.

"She's dead?" asked Link, his forehead creasing. He still couldn't believe it. Emotions that he had buried long ago sprang back up, threatening to engulf him. Ewan followed his father's gaze and slowly nodded.

"She, she helped me..." whispered Link.

"Helped you?" questioned Ewan. Link paused. Had they known about Ganondorf? They must have, or why else would they be here.

"From Ganondorf. He won't be bothering us anymore..." said Link vaguely. He hoped there was more truth to those words than he felt. Link turned and looked at the faces around him. He looked at Ewan. "Did she save you?" he asked. Ewan hung his head.

"Not directly, but she saved this damn place, I could do nothing to repay the favour," admitted the prince.

"Who killed her?" asked Link.

"She died killing the Guardian. He is dead too," said Ewan. Link nodded, not sure what to say. He saw Brianna, sobbing and on her knees by the body of some other soul he did not recognise. He left his son and crouched by his daughter's side, laying one hand soothingly on her back and speaking to her softly. Ewan watched, wondering if his father even knew the man his sister mourned. Timothy approached Ewan, a sad gleam in his eye. Ewan cleared his throat, not wanting his voice to break as he spoke to his friend.

"There is no consoling her," said Timothy sadly. Ewan looked across to his sister.

"No. I will never forgive myself," said Ewan, looking to the ground. Timothy looked at Ewan sternly.

"You can not say that. He had to die Ewan, you know it," said Timothy.

"Yes, but so did Leigh. That doesn't mean I should accept it. If my sister truly loved that man, then perhaps it would have been better to spare his life," said Ewan.

"He was evil Ewan, pure and utter evil! He wanted your sister for nothing more than to take the throne of this country, why on Demiari would you spare his life?" demanded Timothy.

"Because my sister loved him, why, if she could find something to love about him, she of all people, then surely he could not have been that bad," explained Ewan.

"Brianna always saw the best in people, Ewan, and you know it. Sometimes, she was too forgiving," said Timothy, his voice trailing off. Ewan merely shrugged.

"Yes, well perhaps I was too rash in my decision, the blow I struck need not to have been fatal, but it was," said Ewan.

"It is too late now Ewan, what is done is done," said Timothy rather sharply. Even he was surprised at his statement, but the way he felt about the whole situation didn't leave him feeling his normal, calm self. Ewan looked at Timothy.

"That doesn't mean I have to accept it," repeated the prince darkly. He turned away from his friend and walked over to Leigh's body, picking her up in both arms. Then, without a further word, he strode out of the mountain. Timothy paused then called to him.

"Ewan! There are Sosarian's out there ready for war! Wait!" he yelled, before chasing him out of the cavern.

Link looked at his daughter, who sat deep in thought, tears staining her pretty face. He looked back to the young man that she seemed to be upset over, but he couldn't say that he recognised him. He suddenly felt a presence behind him, and he looked up to see a beautiful Gerudo woman looking down upon him. He stood up, greeting her.

"Who are you?" he asked.

"Rillar, I was a companion of Timothy's and Aden's during their stay in my country," she explained. Brianna stood.

"Father, can we leave?" she asked, cutting off any further conversation the two may have had. Link turned to his daughter and nodded.

"Of course," he assured. Hugging his precious daughter tightly, he took her arm an led her from that place. Rillar, unsure of what to do turned to Aden, who looked paler than his usual self. She saw him swallow as he looked to her.

"This is unreal," he murmured.

"Yes...yet every inch of it is real," acknowledged the Gerudo.

"Poor Ewan...and his sister too," said Aden sadly. Rillar let out a short snort.

"Perhaps it will do the royal children good to learn of a little hardship. What does not destroy the soul can only make them stronger," said Rillar. Aden looked at her.

"If you'd known Brianna...before, you might feel sympathy for her too, and as for Ewan, well he never intentionally hurt anyone, even if he was a jerk at times," said the Hylian.

"Come, we should leave this place, I feel a great evil hides within these walls," whispered Rillar. Aden took one last look around then nodded.

"Yeah...it doesn't end here though does it...outside, those Sosarians," remembered Aden.



The newly appointed lord quickly spurred his mount on, approaching North Castle. The Guardian was dead, he knew it. Every man had suddenly been released from the awful spell cast by that awful being, and realised what had happened. He had been made lord there and then, and it was his task to convince Hyrule to renew the countries alliance. Sentri was almost mesmerised by the sheer beauty of it, it was indeed the most magnificent castle in the Westlands. The moat shimmered in the late afternoon sun, while the tall, white turrets rose up high across the skyline, capped with blue slate roofs. The purple and gold flag of the country fluttered proudly in the breeze. Sentri felt sad, as he remembered his country's own castle. Once the finest landmark in Evian, now little remained but the ruins, a blackened fort built on top. As he came towards the drawbridge, he slowed down his horse to a trot, and headed on to the gate. The portcullis was down, two guards sat in the guardhouse next to it.

"Please, let me in, I must speak to thy queen at once!" Sentri said. One of the guards peered closely at him.

"You speak with a Sosarian tongue! We will have none of your sort here, be gone!" he said angrily.

"Please, it is urgent. I have news, we art no longer at war with thine fair country!" Sentri replied.

"Word was sent from Saria that your men had landed on our shores for battle!" the guard replied.

"T'was a spell, a spell! Mine men shouldst never have been there, but Sosaria has been a prisoner for years, its people under the control of a vicious daemon! But now he is dead, and we are free!" Sentri exclaimed. The two guards looked at each other, and started muttering. "Please, let'th me speak to thine fair queen!" Sentri pleaded.

"If what you say is true... but we do not believe your accursed country!" the other guard said.

"It is important!" Sentri said. Eventually, one of the guards left, and heading towards the castle. Sentri waited quietly, until he returned, the other guard keeping a very close eye on the Sosarian. After what seemed like ages, he returned.

"Her Majesty will speak, but on the condition that you go into our hall weaponless," he said.

"Yes, yes, but of course! Gladly!" Sentri said, hastily dropping his sword to the ground, along with his bow, shield and a concealed dagger. The guards checked him for further concealed weapons, and seemingly satisfied, they escorted him to the Throne Room at the back of the castle.

The room was long in shape, with a large, leaded window at the far end. The room had little furniture, but was richly decorated, and contained many portraits of previous rulers. A red carpet led right to the far end of the room, straight down the centre of the grey flagged floor. Two thrones stood on the a platform there, but only one was currently occupied. Queen Zelda of Hyrule was sat in it. She rose, upon seeing Sentri, and he gazed at her, amazed at her beauty. There had always been rumours that the Grâtia-Illustrísquídams were one of the most beautiful looking families in the Demiari. Their line was one of the oldest in the world, and so pure that they retained the god-like looks of the original Hylians. It was evidently true. Not only that, but Zelda commanded a sheer presence of great wisdom and power just with her expression alone. Sentri had a feeling she could be difficult to convince. He quickly knelt before her, removing his hat.

"Your Highness..."

"And you may be?" she questioned.

"Sir Sentri I'shtel, fair Queen. I have been appointed the Lord of Sosaria, now our old ruler is dead," he introduced. Zelda narrowed her eyes, looking displeased.

"A Sosarian? So it is you who leads the unwarned attack upon my land!" she exclaimed angrily.

"No, no! That is over, we art freed!" Sentri tried to explain.

"I should have you all hung for your foul deeds! Sinking my ships, killing my men, attacking my country..." Zelda said, ignoring his words, and counting off on her fingers.

"T'was an evil daemon, who didst possess the mind of our good Lord British!" Sentri replied.

"Oh, really? And do you really expect me to believe you?" Zelda asked coldly. Sentri sighed.

"I'm begging thee, Your Highness," he said. "Thou art well known in this world for thine fairness. I hope thou shalt giveth me a chance to explain." Zelda bit her lip, obviously in two minds.

"Sosarians are born liars!" she finally shot back.

"Please, my lady... I know people here, they shalt vouch for me. Your husband for one..." Sentri started. Zelda stared at him.

"You know Link? How?" she demanded.

"We didst meet many a year ago, at the funeral of our Avatar, but in his recent journey to Sosaria to find aid for his son, we didst meet again. Last time I saw him, he was well," Sentri said.

"And how long ago was that?" Zelda questioned. The anger in her face had melted away, now showing plain worry.

"T'was not long... he was heading back to Hyrule... but I do not understand why he is not yet arrived," Sentri replied. He watched Zelda swallow, realising that she was obviously very worried indeed. Her imposing attitude of earlier had all been a facade, employed to disguise her anxiety. "I am sure he doth live," he tried. Zelda shook her head.

"Who knows what could have happened to him in your cursed country!" she said angrily.

"Fair Queen, this is Link that we doth converse of! The greatest hero in Demiari!" Sentri said.

"Tell me more of this daemon you talk of!" she said, suddenly changing the subject. A shadow passed over Sentri's handsome face.

"The Guardian. Never before hath there been a more fouler being, save thine enemy, Ganondorf," he said. Zelda winced at the mention of her old nemesis.

"And he possessed British, but how?" she asked.

"To this day, I shalt never know. But it all didst start over fifteen years ago..." Sentri said darkly.

"Of course! When Leigh fell from the tower... and then British declared our alliance was over!" Zelda said, nodding.

"We didst not know back then... and without our Avatar, who hadst travelled to Serpent Isle which lies beyond the realms of thine world, we wert powerless to stop him," Sentri said sadly. "Corrupted our fair land became, as the Guardian turned the minds of the weak. T'was too late to cry for help, we wert stranded in an isolated land," Sentri explained. Zelda shuddered slightly, wondering if Ganondorf has ever got power, that they could have ended up like Sosaria.

"I'm sorry," she said quietly. Sentri continued.

"Great toll roads he didth impose, and watchers, spies... T'was lucky I foundeth thine husband when I did... his accent was not the best of imitations," he said, laughing a little.

"Your tongue is hard to master," Zelda said simply.

"Not as difficult as thine ancient one, my lady," Sentri replied, referring to Zelda's second language, Hylian.

"It is easy, but no-one cares to know it these days," Zelda said. "But... you say you are the new lord? How can that be?"

"The Guardian is gone, but he took British with him to the void. The men chose me to be the new leader, tis as simple as that," Sentri said.

"Then forgive me for my bad manners, Lord," Zelda said.

"No, please my Lady, I am honoured just to be in thine presence," Sentri said politely.

"Sosarian charm," Zelda muttered.

"What is that?" Sentri asked, puzzled. Zelda smiled wryly.

"Something and nothing. But we should not talk of such trivial matters. We are straying from the subject," she said.

"Sorry, my Lady," Sentri apologised, touching his cap in respect.

At that point, the double doors suddenly banged open, and the two turned from their conversation in surprise. Stood in the doorway was Link, looking absolutely exhausted. Zelda let out a cry of joy, and in a most undignified way, dashed across the room, almost tripping on her silken skirts. Sentri smiled, watching the scene, glad that his friend was back safetly.

"Oh Link... Link... I thought..." Zelda said, the tears falling freely from her eyes. Link pulled her close in a tight embrace. "I missed you so much, it's been so hard... So many things to say... to tell you..." she said, her words all coming out in a rush.

"Me too," Link agreed. They met in a gentle kiss, then drew away quickly. "Brianna and Ewan are safe, they are in the Great Hall, if you want to see them," he said.

"Oh, yes, of course!" Zelda replied. They turned to look at Sentri, and Link motioned for him to come over.

"I thank the virtues that we art rid of the Guardian," he said.

"At a price," Link said solemnly. Sentri gazed at Link in concern.

"The Avatar?" he questioned. Link hung his head, and Sentri nodded. "Her fate was pre-determined. She was created to destroy such a being, and that she did," acknowledged Sentri. Despite his words, it could be told that he was suffering to have heard such news.

"But never-the-less, it is all over now," said Link with a wan smile, the words of Ganondorf still plaguing his thoughts. Zelda looked at the two men, finally realising the Sentri had indeed, told the truth. It was all over. Hyrule and Sosaria weren't at war, and her children were safe and well.

"Thank the goddesses it's over," she whispered to herself, the tears still falling. Link wrapped an arm around her waist, and reached up to kiss her on the forehead.

"Come, I think we have much to discuss," he said. She nodded. They all left the room, and headed towards the Great Hall together.


Ewan watched grimly as the coffin which housed the body of Leigh Temple was lowered into the dark earth of Dew graveyard. He could barely bring himself to watch, so torn was he with grief. He felt a comforting hand on his shoulder, one which he knew belonged to his father. He looked to his father, who held only sympathy in his eyes, and turned away again. It had been a mere week since her death, but each day had passed as slowly and painfully as it possibly could have done. But at least during that time, Ewan had not had to bring himself to accept that she was gone, whereas now, seeing her sent into the earth, now he knew that he had lost her forever. Never again would he lay eyes upon her beautiful face except in dreams, never would he hold her, touch her, converse with her under the stars or the sun. He could not even bring himself to think her name.

"And as we consign thee, Leigh Temple, Sosaria's Champion, Avatar, we do pray that thou dost find peace with thyself, and eternal contentment, wherever the gods do deem to send thee," spoke the monk who was performing the ceremony. Ewan felt his features crumple as he strove to contain his emotions, but he knew he would fail. As he had failed at everything in life. He had failed to defend his sister from the monstrosity that had been Molasar Dragmire, he had failed to defend himself, and allow himself to slip into such an illness he surely would have never come out of, had it not been for the woman in the ground now. But most of all, he had been unable to do anything to help Leigh in her final moments, but perhaps he would not have had to, if he had convinced her never to leave for Sosaria. Swallowing, he raised his eyes to look at that hole in the ground, but he could not keep his gaze there. He dug his hands deep into his pockets, his fingers brushing against a small item stored there. He withdrew the object and looked at it, an ankh, her ankh. She had wanted him to keep this so he would never forget her. As if he ever could. She would remain with him for the rest of his living days, and beyond. He lifted the item to his lips, and pressed the cool, smooth surface of the icon against them. He pulled the ankh away, gripping it iron-like into his palm. As Lord Sentri stepped forward to cast the first handful of earth down into the hole, Ewan stepped back, and walked away from the crowd that had gathered.

Link looked to Drake who just shrugged.

"Leave him, I think the lad needs to be alone right now," advised Drake wisely.

"I know what he's feeling. When I nearly lost Zelda, after what Mara did to her..." said Link, remembering the moment as if it had occurred only a day before. Drake nodded.

"Still, no matter what you say, he'll still feel alone in this. It'd only be an insult to him if you told him you knew how he felt," said Drake. Link still shook his head.

"This should have never happened," he murmured.

"Fate's way I'm afraid," said Drake as lightly as he could. Despite his dismissive attitude, Drake felt more pain than perhaps anyone, save Ewan. His attitude was the only way he could get through the event.

"You can't believe that," said Link. Drake shrugged.

"Don't you?" he asked. Link paused, looking down.

"This time it's final isn't it? I've attended this woman's funeral twice, but this time, she is down there," said Link. Drake sighed and nodded.

"Don't dwell on it Link, nothing can be done now. She gave her life, full well knowing what she was doing, to save this cursed world, we should respect that. At least now she'll be somewhere where she can be content," said the knight. Link turned and watched as his son paced away.

"He shouldn't have to be going through this, not at his age," said Link sadly.

"Link...maybe it could've been worse," began Drake gingerly. Link looked at Drake.

"Maybe?! How could it get any worse?" demanded Link in a low voice, not wanting to disrupt the ceremony.

"Well, at least we don't have any Guardian to worry about, and Ewan didn't know her for that long, and they could've become a lot closer," said Drake. Link shook his head.

"Let's just not discuss it any further," he finally breathed, returning to silence, as Sentri stepped up to deliver his speech.


As night fell, Ewan found himself back in the graveyard. He had done nothing but walk all day, and now he was back here. He knew his father was staying in the local inn, along with Drake, before they were to head back to Evian for Link to sort out some official country business. Then they were returning home. Home, Ewan thought wryly. It hardly seemed that anymore. Brianna had said no more than a few words to him, since that day in Death Mountain, and Ewan had just felt isolated, despite everyone else's attempts to console him. He wandered through the seemingly endless rows of graves, to the back of the graveyard, where Leigh's body now lay. He hated to even think that she was down there, left to rot. He found her grave, it was the freshest one, although there were quite a few recent looking ones. He knelt by the graveside, looking at the tombstone that marked where she was buried. On it was carved two overlapping full moons, within them was set an ankh. The inscription beneath the carving read "Leigh Temple, Champion of the People of Sosaria, and forever within our hearts". He nodded to himself. She would always be in his heart, there was no doubt about that. He covered his mouth with his hand, silencing a sigh of despair. His eyes were cloudy, and he could do nothing but kneel there and consider what could have been. He reflected on what had happened in the last few weeks of his life. He had fallen in love for the first time, then had his heart broken. Then he had been on the brink of death after being attacked by the love of his sister's life. He had been brought back by Leigh, only to be not recognised by her. Then he had seen her slain, and she had known him, and told him she had loved him. Ewan felt as though ice was pouring through his veins instead of blood, and he shivered. He had watched her die, then turned and killed his sister's husband. He shook his head. Why was fate so cruel? He could do nothing, not even avenge Leigh's death, for she had taken the life of he who had taken hers. His life was without cause, and empty. His mother and father had tried to help him, but neither of them could understand what he had gone through. His father maybe had an inkling, after all, his whole family had been killed when he was half the age of Ewan was now, but that had been a long time ago, and time had healed those wounds. No, he had been helpless to save the only woman he had ever loved and he had slaughtered the man who his sister had been married to. Ewan looked to the ground, covering his face with his hands. Where had he gone so wrong? Had he deserved this? He knew Leigh never had, nor had his sister. Letting a sob escape him for the first time since Leigh had been killed, Ewan could no longer contain the emotions that had taken a deep root in his heart. Despair, sadness, worthlessness, loss, all of them seeped out mercilessly choking Ewan with bitter tears. Rain began to drizzle upon his head, as if reflecting his own feelings. He knew his life was changed forever, his attitude and outlook on life would never be the same, his relationship with his family, friends, they were altered permanently, there was no going back. He drew his dagger from his belt, and contemplated the glittering blade in the moonlight. It would be so easy, he thought, just to end it all right now. Too easy. He shook his head. It was dying that was easy, living was the thing that you had to fear. Ewan took a deep breath. He looked at the dagger one last time then slipped it into his belt. Never in his entire life had he ever contemplated taking his own life. Never. He felt sick. Sick with what he had lost, and what he had become. He would return to Hyrule, but he would not stay there long. He could not stay and wait for inheritance of the crown. Leigh had given her life for the cause of this world, and Ewan was willing to do the same. From this day forth, his life would be dedicated to saving this damned Demiari from all the evil that plagued it, that he swore.


Timothy trudged along the path to the gazebo, his stomach churning uncomfortably. Brianna, the girl that he loved, was gone. She was alive, but she was changed, somehow. He wasn't the only one to have noticed it, either. There she was, sitting in the gazebo, looking as much as an angel as ever. But all her innocence was gone, and she had been forced to grow up, so, so quickly. He swallowed, and paused. She looked up, hearing the crunch of his feet upon the crushed stone path. He pretty face quickly dissipated into an expression of anger.

"Shouldn't you be on duty?" she questioned curtly, her current expression not unlike that of her mother's, when she was feeling irate. Eyes narrowed, lips pursed. A strand of curly blonde hair fell across her cheek, and she brushed it away with an irritated gesture. She never tied her hair up now...

"Your mother does allow me a break every now and again. It is Aden's turn today, we are sharing Triforce duty," Timothy replied, suddenly wishing he'd never come. Brianna raised an eyebrow.

"I see," she said coolly. An uncomfortable silence lingered between them. Timothy placed a hand on the hilt of his sword, fiddling with it. Brianna looked back down at the book she was reading. After a while, she looked up again, still annoyed. "Did you want something?" she asked.

"I..." Timothy started. He trailed off, as Brianna's eyes challenged his. He stepped away. "No... no... I was just walking... that's all," he explained.

"Good. Now perhaps you shall walk away, and leave me in peace," Brianna replied, turning once again, to her book. Timothy hung his head, and took a few steps away from the gazebo. Then he paused. He was such a coward. Maybe not in battle, but in general, he was one. If this had been Ewan, or even Aden... they would have spoke up. They wouldn't have retreated, given up. Timothy envied his friends on that. They were never afraid to say how they felt. He, Timothy, kept it to himself, and that got him nowhere. Now, it was too late. Brianna was lost to him forever. At least, as a lover. And now as friends. He couldn't let it happen. Couldn't let the events of the past few weeks spoil what they had had, and yet, as he turned back to look at the beautiful princess, he wondered if it was what he really wanted. She was not the Brianna he had known... not the beautiful, kind-hearted, innocent young girl he had so admired. Now she was cold and angry, and even her beauty seemed defiled. Molasar Dragmire had changed her, even on the outside. Once upon a time, Brianna Grâtia-Illustrísquídam would not have worn her hair so loose and full, or made herself up to look so much older, or worn dresses that showed off her figure too perfectly. She had dressed as a young girl of 15 should, worn her hair in neat plaits, and kept her make-up light. But she wasn't a Grâtia-Illustrísquídam anymore. She wasn't a proud, honourable Hylian, whose namesake had been around for centuries. She was a Dragmire... A namesake of evil. Timothy shuddered at the thought. Brianna had married the family's worst enemy, but only he knew about him. He, Aden, Ewan and Rillar. It was such a heavy burden to carry. He knew that Queen Zelda was worried about her daughter, wondering why she had changed so much. King Link was worried too, and even his own parents. But they didn't know what had happened. They had no idea... She did not see him looking at her, or if she did, she chose to ignore him. She ignored all of them these days, instead, spent most time out alone, only the goddesses knew where, probably not acting like a princess at all. She spoke only to her parents, and Alyssand, and on occasion, when needed, to Ewan. But she cruelly snubbed both him and Aden. She hated Ewan for killing Molasar, and he and Aden for taking her away from him in the first place. Timothy rubbed his chin, knowing he also, had had no right to look upon her the way he had. A humble castle guard, who had longed for someone he could never possibly have. Someone who he didn't deserve. But now...

He stepped forward once more. "Brianna," he started, his voice almost catching in his throat.

"I thought I told you I did not wish to be disturbed," Brianna said coldly.

"Bri, we need to..." Timothy began again, trying not to let his confidence sink.

"Do not call me Bri! You know I hate it so," Brianna interrupted, her bright blue eyes flashing angrily. Timothy sighed.

"Princess..." he tried.

"You know I am more than that!" she snapped quietly. Timothy opened his mouth, then shut it again, a taken back.

"It can never be, and you know it!" he replied, about her reference to being the Gerudo Queen.

"No thanks to the likes of you, and my brother! My best friend, and my own blood, yet you betray me!" Brianna exclaimed, her cheeks flushing red.

"We did not! We saved you!" Timothy protested.

"You took away the man I loved..." Brianna replied, pouting.

"You are too young to know what love is!" Timothy said angrily.

"My mother fell in love with my father when she was just my age, so do not tell me how I cannot know! It is you who does not know love, Timothy Westley, and I hope you never shall!" the princess cried. Timothy felt as if all the wind had been knocked from his body at this comment. He stared at her in shock.

"Oh Brianna..." he started, tears beginning to form in his eyes.

"You have many girls who love you, yet you pay them no attention! Can you not love, is it beyond your pride?" Brianna continued.

"That is because I loved another... someone I could never have," Timothy said bravely.

"So, so jealous of me, you took me away from the one I loved? Was that it?!" Brianna demanded.

"No, never! But Molasar did not love you, he was evil! Brianna, he tried to kill your brother, he married you to get Hyrule's throne, Hyrule's power!" Timothy argued back.

"I shall never believe that! You lie, Timothy Westley!" Brianna shrieked, her tone much raised, and starting to sound hysterical.

"I speak nothing but the truth, your brother and Aden and our companion Rillar have proof of that!" the young hero retorted. Brianna flung her book down on the ground in anger, and stood up, drawing to her full height. She was nowhere near as tall as Timothy, but still succeeded in making him feel incredibly small.

"You did not know Molasar as I did!" she stated.

"No... of course not. But you have to believe us..." Timothy pleaded.

"I shall not!" Brianna replied. Her eyes still flashing angrily, she stepped closer to him, lowering her voice. "I shall hate you all forever, for doing what you have done. Now my beloved is gone forever, and he is given no funeral, because of the lies you have told. I shall never forgive you for that," she said.

"He did not deserve one," Timothy said, in a brave tone. Brianna stared at him, and as he stared back, he realised that there was no forgiveness in her eyes. There was nothing but cold hatred. A solitary tear ran down his cheek.

"You weep for yourself, and not for him," Brianna said, noticing.

"No. I weep for you," Timothy said, wiping it away.

"You cannot, I do not wish you to," Brianna replied, her face still hard and distant.

"You cannot stop me," Timothy murmured quietly, looking down at the ground below.

"You shall leave me alone, I do not wish to continue this conversation," Brianna said. Timothy's heart seemed to sink even lower. He could have loved her forever. But not now. Not anymore. He could not love the woman stood before him. But she had to know. He took a deep breath.

"I loved you so much, Brianna," he started, slowing looking up to see her reaction. But her face was a mask, he could not see her real feelings. Instead, she smiled cruelly.

"As any man would. But as if you would have had a chance. I would have married no less than a Prince, not some poor peasant like you! Princesses do not marry below their rank, so you should stop your lustful fantasies right now!" she said. Timothy almost gasped.

"No! It was never like that!" he protested.

"I should think Ewan would not be pleased if he heard," she continued, toying with a strand of hair. "He would kill you for even thinking about it..."

"You forget about your mother and father... when you say such things, you are disrespectful to their own love," Timothy said, almost choking at her words.

"Times have changed!" Brianna snapped. "It is a new age, and history doesn't always repeat!" she added.

"No..." Timothy said softly.

"You should be ashamed, but then, what could I expect of someone so low born as yourself? You do not have the honour a noble bred person does!" Brianna continued. Her words were like daggers, an she knew exactly what to say to hurt him. He staggered backwards, wanting to get away.

"You need not worry, for I feel not like that anymore," he managed to say. Then he turned, and ran. Ran right through the courtyard, and towards the Triforce Tower.

Brianna watched as Timothy left, casting her gaze to the ground. She reached to her throat and pulled a gold chain into her hand, attached to it was the engagement ring Molasar had given her. She gazed on it for a moment, contemplating what could have been. She had loved Molasar, as he had loved her. She couldn't believe he was responsible for the crimes her brother accused him of. She had seen herself the scuffle between her husband and brother, Molasar was prepared to kill, she had no right not to expect the same from her brother. A sob escaped her, a bitter sob of sadness. Her life up until this point had been so perfect. She had had everything. Then for such a brief, short time, she'd had the love of her life, only for him to turn out to be the son of Ganondorf Dragmire, her father's most hated enemy. But he had also been the son of Balanya Ancreon, and she had been nothing but good. Molasar had had some of his mother in him, as well as his father, but she had loved him. And her own brother had taken his life. It had been an eye for an eye. But there had been no-one to save Molasar as there had been for Ewan. Her face crumpled as she sobbed into her hands, wondering if life would ever be the same.

He had to get away, had to leave this place. Everything had changed, and he had lost the only person he had ever loved. He couldn't stay. Not seeing that beautiful girl each day, so embittered and marred. It hurt far too much. Knowing how she really felt had just about killed him. He couldn't take much more pain, or torment. He reached his room, and walked in. It was time to pack, time to leave. His time in Hyrule was over, it was time to move on. Maybe in time, all their wounds would heal, and they would all be friends again. But until then... Aden looked up as he walked in.

"Hey friend, you're early," he commented, looking up from his watch.

"No. I am leaving," Timothy replied tearfully, grabbing the pack from under his bed.

"What?!" Aden said in shock.

"I cannot stay," Timothy said shortly, walking to his wardrobe, and pulling out various outfits, stuffing them into the bag.

"Why ever not?" Aden asked.

"Brianna," Timothy said simply, walking up to his beside table, and packing his pencils and notepads, and a few treasured books.

"You didn't..." Aden started.

"Yes. I had to. But now I am sure that I do not love her," Timothy replied, packing some keepsakes.

"No-one could love that cold-hearted bitch," Aden said, anger showing in his usually placid face.

"No," Timothy agreed.

"Where are you going?" his friend pressed.

"I do not know. Far away. Maybe I shall travel the world," Timothy shrugged. Aden stood up.

"Then I am coming with you, friend," he said. Timothy looked at his friend gratefully.

"But you have..." he started.

"I have little keeping me here, save you and Ewan, and my parents. No proper job, no commitments to any ladies," Aden replied, grinning a little.

"I suppose you are right. I would be grateful of the company..." he said, smiling back.

"And we could bring Rillar!" Aden continue, his grin widening.

"Oh, you will do anything to be with her, won't you?" Timothy laughed. Aden had grabbed his own pack, putting in his few belongings.

"It will be fun, the three of us adventuring together," he said.

"Fine, I shall invite her," Timothy relented. Aden smiled. Timothy smiled back.

"There's a good man," Aden laughed.

"Too good for Brianna," Timothy joked. But deep down, he didn't really mean it. The beautiful Hyrulian princess would always have a hold on his heart, no matter where he went.

They left late at night, without telling anyone. It was easier that way. Queen Zelda would be angry when she discovered their absences, but they were leaving on a ship bound for Lemmink that very night. They would be gone before she could even investigate. Timothy felt bad about leaving Ewan in the dark, for his best friend was grieving too, grieving the loss of love too. He would miss him very much. But this was the way it had to be. He and Aden met Rillar in Ruto, and they took the boat from the port north of Saria in the early hours of the morning.

"Here's to a new beginning," Aden proposed, holding up his mug of ale.

"Yeah, a new beginning," Timothy agreed.

"For all of us," Rillar added. They all clinked mugs. Their voyage of self discovery had begun, while meanwhile it had ended for the two royal children of Hyrule...


And so it remained,
That life always should be
Laid, as Fate ordained.
The souls we cannot see;
Forever restrained,
Trapped, without the key.

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