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Shadows of Fate

Juliet A. Singleton (juliet@northcastle.co.uk) & Kirsty Singleton (arcadionseye@btopenworld.com)

Chapter 7

     Selina knocked softly on the door, and walked inside. There, she saw her friend, and the ruler of Hyrule slumped over the bed of her son, her head in her hands. She swallowed a little and stepped forward, placing one hand on Zelda's quivering shoulder.

"Zelda," she murmured quietly. Zelda ceased her shaking, and stayed that way for a few moments, before sitting up and looking up at Selina. "I came as soon as I heard. Nick had to stay in Dalsona, it looks as though Sosaria is beginning to set her sights further than the sea that lines her," said Selina, looking down. Zelda sniffed a little, looking back to her pale son's face. "I thought maybe I could help, Leigh taught me a few things back then, you know, during the war," offered Selina. Zelda looked up at Selina, barely daring to be hopeful.

"She could have taught me so much more, if she hadn't gone so soon," said Selina, looking across to Ewan.

"Please, anything...I've had the most competent healers in this land try to do something for him, even the Triforce can't help," said Zelda, her throat dry. She had barely spoken that day, or any other day before, since they had found her son like this. Selina nodded, a little daunted by this fact. If the most powerful artefact in the Demiari could do nothing, what hope did she have in helping Ewan. She knew she had to try though, whatever the outcome.

"Do you know...who did this?" asked Selina, looking over at Ewan. Zelda sniffed a little.

"No, not yet."

"Any news of Brianna?" asked Selina. She knew there would be none.

"No, but Timothy is looking for her, he knows where she went you see," explained Zelda.

"I'm sorry to have to ask you such questions, I know it can't be easy. It's just the missive I received contained so little information," apologised Selina. She heard the door of the room creak open. She turned to see Fayette standing there. She looked back down at Zelda, who was too preoccupied with studying her hands to notice her step-sister's entrance. "Excuse me a moment, I just need to see someone," excused Selina, walking over to Fayette, and grabbing her by the elbow, guiding her outside. She closed the door behind her.

"I can't believe you!" Selina stated, her voice low. Fayette glared with Selina, full of contempt.

"What do you mean. I only came to see my sister, and nephew," said Fayette angrily.

"Do you really think she wants to see you of all people? I wouldn't put it past you to gloat!" snapped Selina.

"You don't know what you're talking about. I've helped Zelda these past few days, watched over her son while she slept, which I might add she has done very little of," said Fayette. Selina frowned.

"You must think I'm as thick as you look," she said, her tone angry.

"I'm serious. I know me and Zelda have never got on in the past, but I know now that we were both very stupid," began Fayette.

"Zelda doesn't want to see you, you'd only succeed in making her feel worse," said Selina, her tone hushed.

"Oh shut up. I don't need to take this from you," said Fayette, annoyed. She pushed past Selina, meaning to go back in the room. Selina grabbed Fayette's arm and dragged her back.

"You'll only cause trouble like you always do. You're sick Fayette, someone in there is dying, and all you want to do is cause trouble," said Selina, shaking her head in disgust.

"You've got it all wrong, she trusts me now, all I want to do is support her," said Fayette. Selina walked up to the door.

"Well she has me now, so you needn't bother," she whispered harshly, before going back in the room, gently closing the door, leaving a smarting Fayette alone in the corridor. With an annoyed sigh she shot the door one last glance, then stamped off down the corridor.

Leigh jumped off the boat onto the pier, and glanced around at the amazed sailors. Immediately, a handful drew their swords.

"Sosarian!" called one of them, for it was the flag atop the ship that had drawn their attention. Leigh raised her eyebrows, placing her hands on her hips.

"Oh, how very observant of thee, thou art truly a credit to thy race," she said, glancing around at her.

"Burn the ship! It'll be full of stinkin' pirates!" called one man, grabbing a flaming torch from a nearby building. Leigh sighed, rolling her eyes.

"The pirates art nought to do with the Sosarians, you imbeciles," she stated. She walked up to one sailor, who eyed her with caution. She looked him up and down. "Dost thou know where the castle of the royal family is?" she questioned.

"What makes you think I'd tell ye, ye rotten Sosarian?" he growled.

"Well, I didst suppose out of politeness," she said simply, drawing her sword quicker than he could draw his own. "Or because thou didst value thy life," she added. He gulped a little, standing back.

"Kill it!" shouted suddenly a handful of men, rushing towards her. She sighed a little, her eyes to the sky. She rose one hand clenched, and splayed all fingers out.

"AN XEN EX!" she commanded, and suddenly all those that had charged at her, turned to their comrades, and began hacking at each other in a mass frenzy. She smiled faintly at the sailor who stood before her, a stark shadow of fear across his face. "It would have been as easy to kill them myself, but this way 'tis more fun," she confided in him as someone's severed hand went flying between them. He nodded, and took another uneasy step back. She stepped forward. "So canst thou answer my previous question?" she asked sweetly. There was bloodcurdling scream, and someone's head rolled by them, splashing into the water beneath the pier. He glanced at the bloody trail, but her eyes remained solely on him.

"Uh, what?" he asked, somewhat distracted.

"North Castle. Couldst thou give me directions?" she asked.

"Uh," he began, stuttering and faltering. Leigh rolled her eyes and pushed him in the chest with one hand, turning back to the melee of battling sailors. He let out a cry of surprise, and tottered back off the pier with a resounding splash.

"It doesn't matter, I shalt find someone else," she sighed under her breath, annoyed. She walked past the sailors, giving each a causal glance, and just as she was about to enter the town from the pier, one sailor was stabbed in the chest by a former comrade, and a spray of red blood showered her face and upper torso. The guy with the sword in his chest slumped down, revealing his killer. Leigh stepped forward and grabbed the surprised man by the neck, and twisted him round, throwing his broken slump to the floor. She wiped her face with the back of her arm, then continued into the busy and currently unaware streets of Mido.


As Molasar and Brianna parted, someone entered the room, a Gerudo guard.

"Sire, we found foreign trespassers outside the city, one is Gerudo, although not from this city," said the guard. Molasar let out an annoyed grunt, and he got up.

"Who else was with her?" he asked. The guard smiled a little.

"Two men, Westlanders we believe," said the guard. Molasar sighed, looking down. He turned to Brianna, an apologetic expression across his face.

"I'll have to deal with this," he apologised. Brianna nodded. He turned back to the guard. "Bring her to me, the Gerudo," he demanded. The guard nodded and left. Molasar walked over to Brianna, who had stood. "Perhaps you should return to your room, for now. It would be best. And tomorrow, I shall see you, mid-noon," promised Molasar. Brianna nodded looking stricken for a moment, remembering that it was the set date for their marriage.

"When we marry?" she asked.

"But of course," said Molasar with a radiant smile.

"I have nothing to wear, and it's all so soon, can't we wait?" asked Brianna.

"There is no need. Please, it will be a small ceremony, but once we return to Hyrule, then we may celebrate with your people, in your fashion," promised Molasar. Brianna finally nodded, and Molasar kissed her on the cheek.

"Until then," he said.

"Okay," she agreed. Molasar led her outside, and called to a near guard who was on duty to lead her back to her room. Just before she left, Molasar presented her with a parting kiss, then stepped away.

"Farewell for now," he bid, before watching her walk away. He walked back into his room, and sat, waiting for the arrival of his latest prisoner.

Rillar dug her heels into the floor as she was dragged along the corridor, cursing in protest.

"You can't do this," she spat furiously. The women who held her just ignored her. As they hauled her down the passage, she spotted another Gerudo, leading a pale-skinned woman in the other direction. The woman was certainly beautiful, long, golden hair and perfectly formed features. She broke free from the guards grasp with a sudden surge of energy, and caught hold of the women's hand. The woman turned, looking frightened. Rillar stared at her. "Brianna?" she asked desperately, as the Gerudo guards began to pull her back under control. The guard who was with Brianna pulled her away. Brianna watched as the young Gerudo was again pulled down the passage. "Get away! While you can!" she screamed to Brianna, a chilling message. Brianna stood and stared. She turned to the guard.

"How did she...?" asked Brianna, trailing off.

"The King announced your name this very day to the whole city," reminded the guard. Brianna nodded, realising that the woman was indeed correct. Without giving it a second thought, she followed the guard back to her room.

Molasar leaned back, waiting cautiously as the stranger Gerudo entered. She was pushed to her knees, her hands now bound behind her back. Molasar stood, and drew his sword from his belt, tucking it under Rillar's chin, forcing her to look up at him.

"What do we have here?" he asked, intrigued by the girl. In her eyes burnt a fire of determination, utter resilience, that he had rarely seen before.

"Let me go, I've done nothing wrong!" she demanded, struggling to get to her feet. Molasar leaned forward, pushing her back down with one hand.

"You were trespassing, and as a Gerudo and a Benluccan, you should know that," said Molasar. Rillar glared at him with utter contempt.

"I was hunting," she said.

"Not on my land," replied Molasar. He glanced approvingly over Rillar. She watched him with distaste.

"Just because you're a king, it doesn't mean you can treat me like the rest of the Gerudo. I don't bow down to you, and I certainly won't please your every whim and wish," said Rillar. Molasar smiled, pushing down on her head, making it bow down.

"You should watch your words, I don't take kindly to such a tone," said Molasar in a patronising tone. Rillar looked up at him again.

"Do you think I particularly care?" she asked.

"Tell me your name," ordered Molasar, changing the subject.

"I don't believe that's something you need to know," said Rillar obstinately. Molasar bent down, coming face to face with her.

"You will tell me," he said, his tone aggressive.

"Will I?" asked Rillar, although her voice wavered as she did so. Molasar grabbed her chin with his hand roughly, holding it up.

"Who are you the daughter of? One of those traitors who tried to kill me no doubt when I was a mere babe, tell me now, or I shall slit your throat," growled Molasar drawing a dagger from his belt, holding it t the tanned skin of Rillar's throat. She clenched her teeth and frowned.

"I never knew my mother," she said.

"Tell me your name," he demanded.

"Brillarindraina," she whispered as the cool blade was pressed against her throat.

"Shine of the Storm...you are her daughter, the resilient one, one of the leaders, Dindraina," said Molasar thoughtfully. Rillar barely dared to swallow, but she went ahead anyway. "I should kill you now," he threatened. Rillar looked at him. The defiant expression had vanished. Molasar smiled. "It's clear, however, that you do not possess the spirit your mother had. So I will spare you," he said, putting the knife away and standing. He helped Rillar up as he stood, and smiled at her.

"I suppose you expect my undying gratitude," said Rillar, the obstinate expression returning. Molasar smirked.

"And I suppose it would be too much to expect from you. No, I expect nothing...for now," he said. Rillar shook his head.

"I owe you nothing," she stated.

"On the contrary, dear woman, you owe me everything," he whispered in her ear. He stepped away, and looked to the two guards who stood by the door. "Cut her bonds," he instructed. Rillar glanced behind her shoulder as they undid them. Once she was free again, she checked her wrists, rubbing them a little.

"You are letting me go?" she asked hopefully. Molasar laughed.

"Of course not. If I were to let you go free, you would only encourage other Benluccan's to traipse around my city," said Molasar. He walked around Rillar, thoughtfully. She watched him carefully. "Who were the Westlanders that you travelled with? Did you lead them to my city?" questioned the Gerudo King. Rillar paused.

"Yes," she said quietly.

"And what are their names?" he continued.

"I do not know," lied Rillar. Molasar drew his knife and slid it down Rillar's arm. She winced in pain. "I told you, I don't know!" she protested.

"You must!" said Molasar.

"I do not! I only showed them the way for a few hours, that was it!" said Rillar. Molasar stood closer to Rillar, breathing down her neck.

"I do not take kindly to liar's," he warned with a growl. Rillar remained silent. "Your silence is futile. I already know the identity of one of them, the Prince's friend I do believe, and no doubt the secret admirer of my own betrothed," said Molasar confidently.

"I wouldn't know," snapped Rillar.

"They came here to take my beloved back to Hyrule, but they shall not. She knows her place now is here, with me," declared Molasar fiercley.

"The girl would willingly flee here, if she knew your real aims," threatened Rillar. Molasar turned, and hit Rillar full force in the face. She fell backwards with surprise, letting out a short cry of pain.

"My real aims? And what would you know of them, outsider?" demanded Molasar, standing over her.

"Enough to know that they are anything but good," accused Rillar bravely. Molasar drew his sword.

"I was thinking about sparing your life, but now, I am beginning to believe that is a poor choice," he said, bringing the blade down on her. She was ready for him though, a nimbly rolled away, springing to her feet. Molasar glared at her and began to make his way over to her, but she stepped back, and kept avoiding his angry slashes with the sword.

"You would kill me here? Think of the blood," reminded Rillar, avoiding another sword attack. He grunted.

"I would not mind, safe in the knowledge that the only place your blood will ever be is on my floor, and not in more of your line," said Molasar.

"I'm sure Brianna wouldn't be so keen," sniped Rillar. Molasar stopped and paused, thinking.

"Besides, what makes you think I have not already continued my mother's line? I am 21, I have heard by this age most of my race has had at least four children, even double that," said Rillar with a smug smile.

"You have never bore a child, so do not lie," said Molasar confidently.

"How do you know?" inquired Rillar, hoping to stall Molasar.

"Because, like many foolish outsiders, you believe in saving yourself. You are still looking for the 'right' man," stated Molasar. Rillar chewed on her lip for a second.

"Perhaps you are right, but if you plan to marry this Brianna, I expect she'll think that you would never even look at another woman, like many Westlander women do," said Rillar.

"And once I am married to her, I will not need to look at another woman," said Molasar plainly.

"But nothing to stop you from looking whilst the two of you are merely betrothed?" asked Rillar.

"What are you implying?" asked Molasar.

"If I offered myself to you now, this very moment, I am very sure you would find it hard to refuse," said Rillar.

"But I do not have to consider such implications. You would never do such a thing, because you do follow the values of the outsiders," said Molasar. Rillar frowned a little. She began to speak, but Molasar stopped her. He glanced at his two guards. "Take her away now. But do not let her near the other two. I fear they might try and plot against me," said Molasar, turning to look back at Rillar. The two guards approached her, and bound her with ease, then dragged her away, and to the bowels of the palace.


Zelda stared down at her son, tears brimming in her eyes. Selina stepped away from the bed, her face a picture of apology. "Zel... I'm so sorry..." she murmured, looking over at her close friend. The healer hadn't been able to do anything, except maybe provide a little relief to the young man. Not that he would feel it. He was slipping deeper and deeper into a dark sickness, one from which he might never emerge, and if he did... but Selina could not tell Zelda that.

"What did he do to deserve this? What did I do?" the queen wailed, her tears beginning to fall all over again. Selina wrapped an arm around her.

"It was just bad luck, Zel. Horrible, bad luck," she whispered.

"But both my children... both taken from me..." Zelda cried, her tone turning hysterical.

"No! Timothy will find Brianna... and Link, he'll get help from Sosaria. It has the best healers in Demiari!" Selina said.

"We are at war with Sosaria! They'll never help us!" Zelda replied.

"You must never, ever give up hope, Zelda! Never! It'll tear you apart, otherwise," Selina said, her tone sharp.

"How can I hope when all I have is practically gone?" Zelda demanded.

"There is always hope, no matter what," Selina said firmly.

"That's easy for you to say," Zelda snapped. She pulled away from her friend, and turned back to her son. She leaned down, gently running her hand across his forehead, ruffling his soft reddish-brown hair. "Will my kingdom ever be at peace?" she whispered, more to herself, than Selina. Selina didn't bother to reply, leaving Zelda to her own thoughts. Eventually, Zelda turned back to her, looking a little calmer.

"Can I get you anything... a warm drink, perhaps?" Selina inquired. Zelda shook her head.

"No, no, I'm fine," she said. Selina nodded, and walked over to the nearby window, glancing out. It was a dull day, dark and cloudy. The sun couldn't even manage to penetrate through the thick, grey clouds. Autumn really was setting in, but there seemed to be a slight chill in the air, and Selina didn't think that it was anything to do with the coming of winter, which would arrive in less than two months. It was a truly dark day, in the kingdom of Hyrule. Their heir lay dying of a terrible sickness, their King had gone away seeking help in a dangerous land, their Queen was stricken with a terrible anguish, that she couldn't even rule, and now, the sweetheart of the kingdom too, had run away, at the mere age of fifteen, with a man from another land. Dalsona, in all the time of Selina ruling there, had never ever suffered such woe. She ran a hand through her thick, curly red hair, and looked back over at Zelda. She was sat beside Ewan again. Her long golden hair hung loose down her back, wavy and uncombed. Her pale face was blotched red in parts from her tears. Selina almost felt guilty for her own impeccable appearance. She walked over to Zelda, and hugged her again, then kissed her on the forehead.

"I'm here for as long as you need me, Zel. Nick can manage without me," she said.

"Thank you," Zelda said, her voice wavering with emotion. "Thank you for being my friend," she added, her green eyes shining once more with tears.

"And thank you for being mine..." Selina replied, suddenly overcome with emotion also. They both leaned back, smiling at each other.

"How I hated you when we first met, I can't imagine!" Zelda said, laughing a little. Selina laughed lightly too.

"And I hated you! You seemed so stuck up to me, but I was so infatuated with Link, I just had to accompany you both!" she said. They both smiled again, thinking back to when they had both been much younger, over twenty years ago.

"But you made me see that I loved him. Without your competition, I might never had told him..." Zelda said.

"And if you hadn't, then I might have married him, and never met Nick!" Selina continued.

"It's funny how things turn out, isn't it?" Zelda said. Selina nodded.

"Yes. And this is going to have a happy ending for all of us, I promise," she said. They both looked over at Ewan again. Selina placed a warm hand over Zelda's. "It's all going to be fine, the goddesses will help us," she murmured.

"I hope that you're right," Zelda replied. They sat and prayed together for the young prince.

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