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Shadows of Fate

Juliet A. Singleton (juliet@northcastle.co.uk) & Kirsty Singleton (arcadionseye@btopenworld.com)

Chapter 8

     The young Gerudo girl watched with interest, as the blonde haired girl was escorted down the corridor, into the inner Royal Chambers. That should be me, she thought, her golden eyes narrowing angrily. Molasar's choice certainly was beautiful, if not a little naive looking. However, she thought the King was making a big mistake. That girl was a Westlander, no doubt about it. No other race looked quite so fair as those. She had idea of what country the girl was from, but it was a western land. Molderans were often blonde, but, she knew that Molasar had travelled north, not west from Benlucca. The westlanders were defined as being from either Hyrule, or the three small countries that lay to the west of it; Lemmink, Jueland and Catalia. That girl would never accept the Gerudo customs, never. Not the current ones, anyway. The ones set by the Great King Ganondorf, Molasar's father. The customs that her mother, Faylita, had carried on afterwards. She was Faykantra, 'She of Fire Clouds', the 14 year old offspring of the previous queen. She and Molasar were cousins, and by rights, she should have been betrothed to him. Her mother had told her often enough that one day, she Faykantra, would be queen of the Gerudo. But she was not. Giving a little annoyed snarl, she quickly hid down a nearby corridor, as a Gerudo guard walked by. She was not permitted to be in the palace, but she had sneaked in anyway, wanting to get a better look at Brianna. What she had seen had not pleased her. Down on the ground, she had seen Brianna stood up on the platform with Molasar, looking the sheer picture of radiance. She was too golden to be true. Faykantra had sneaked into the palace, and now she was displeased to see that Molasar's bride looked as pretty close up, as she did far away. The danger of the sentry guard soon passed, and Faykantra slipped back into the main hall. Eavesdropping before, she had learnt that there had been intruders to the valley; a Gerudo from outside, and two Westlanders. That was a strange combination; Gerudo Outsiders were usually those who had opted to live away, and settle in the jungle with their husbands, rather than down in the valley. She couldn't understand why Molasar was so upset over it. She had seen him drag the young girl into his chambers; she was older than both of them. But the men intrigued her. Westlander men, she'd heard, were often as handsome as their women were beautiful. Faykantra only wanted Molasar, but she was still curious to look. She also wondered if their arrival had anything to do with Brianna. Maybe they had come to take her back to from wherever they had come. In that case, Faykantra would be willing to help them. If she could get rid of Brianna without killing her, then her job of seducing Molasar would be made easier. She had already considered murdering the girl, but getting in her room would be difficult. Then she had thought about slipping poison into her food. But if these men were here to take her away... Faykantra could avoid trouble, and let them get on with it themselves. She smiled to herself, feeling glad that she knew the palace well. It had once been her home. Molasar may have killed her mother, and kicked her, Faykantra, out onto the streets, but she still loved him. And he would love her, eventually. She just had to get rid of the golden girl first.


Link sighed in relief, as he saw a line of smoke lazily curling across the skyline. It was still quite far off, but by his reckoning, he would have reached Conim by late afternoon. His journey so far had not been a pleasant one. The Sosarian landscape was even more diverse than that of Hyrule. First of all, he'd headed north from Geyser, through the sweltering desert. Eventually, the road had turned westwards, and he'd had to follow it through a small, but stinking swamp, that had been infested with crocodiles. It had been even more dirty and foul than the marshes of Hyrule. And going through it on foot had been even worse than riding. He was desperately wishing for a horse. He would have given anything to have Carefree, his old, but trusty mount. After tackling that, he'd come upon a grassy plain, dotted with small woods here and there. A rough tracked had pointed north, and Link knew that was the way to head. He'd camped out under the trees the previous night, and set off again on his journey earlier that morning. So far, he hadn't encountered a living soul. The only things that seemed to inhabit the forests were deer and rabbits and birds. Now, Link wished that he'd sought out his faerie companion Sprite, before he'd left. She would have been a ray of sunshine for him, providing light relief in this otherwise dark land. But the small faerie had been nowhere to be seen at the time, obviously having many duties back at the faerie settlement of Silva-Veredis Le'Fay, where she was now queen. He sighed, hoisting his pack higher on his back, and kept on walking. He began to think about Zelda, wondering how she was, and if his beloved son was still alive. If Ewan died, it would kill him. Zelda too. They loved their son so much, and whoever had attempted to kill him would pay in due time. Then he thought about Brianna, wondering what had gone wrong there. Why had she suddenly left?

Suddenly, the sound of shod hooves made him freeze. They were approaching from the west, where he noticed a small track branching off. Out of the dim mist, there came a rider, dressed in old, yet tough looking plate armour. Link felt glad to see that this rider bore no colours of the patrol guards, that he and Tseremed had encountered, several days back.

"Hail, friend!" the rider called, raising a hand courteously.

"Hail," Link said back, nervously.

"Why doth thou walk alone in so dangerous a wood?" the rider questioned.

"I am travelling to Conim, sir," Link answered.

"Then thou art going the wrong way!" the rider laughed.

"But I see smoke..." Link began, confused.

"Thy eyes doth deceive thee! Smoke thou may see, but the bridge across the river, it remains broken still. British hath not sent men to fix it yet, and he doth not allow the citizens of Conim to repair it themselves. If thou really wish to travel to the City of Sacrifice, then thou shouldst follow me!" the rider said. Link looked at the man warily.

"Why should I trust... thee?" he tried. He realised it had perhaps been a mistake to try and speak in that fashion, his accent, a mix of Catalian and Hyrulian, was not suited to the Sosarian tongue.

"By the virtues... thou art a stranger, art thou not?" the rider stated.

"I am from Jhelom, a fighter. My name is Gibson," Link said quickly.

"Thou dost not fool me," the rider said. Link's heart dropped. The rider dismounted, and walked closer. He lifted his helmet, removing the visor, and revealing his face. It was a handsome face, certainly, with deep blue eyes that looked honest yet intelligent, strong, chiselled features, and a kindly expression. His dark, yet slightly greying hair was neatly trimmed. He looked to be in his late forties. Link stared at him, thinking there was something familiar about the man. The man stared back, something also registering somewhere. They knew each other, but Link could not recall who the man was.

"Begging thy forgiveness, Your Highness, but thou surely must be, for I never forget a face!" the man exclaimed, suddenly kneeling before him. Link stared in shock. The man stood up, and held out his hand in a gesture of friendship. "Sir Sentri I'shtel, at thy service, King of Hyrule!"

"Sentri? Sentri, the friend of Leigh Temple?" Link asked, suddenly unable to believe this good fortune he had come across.

"Aye, a companion of the fair Avatar I once was. Not anymore, now I have a small abode in the forest south of Conim, living in solitary confinement. 'Tis dangerous for me to be seen with my old friends, we are all scattered, if not dead," Sentri said sadly.

"I'm sorry..." Link said, not really knowing what else to say.

"Do not be... it is Beast British who made it so. Times have changed in our once fair Sosaria, and so it remains. But Link, why doth thou wander this corrupted land? For Beast British hates thy fair country, and he should have thee killed upon the spot, should his patrols see thee," Sentri said.

"It's a long story..." Link started. Sentri nodded.

"Tis nothing that can't be shared over a warm meal and a drop or two of ale. Come, my home is not far from here, only an hour or so. Thou canst ride behind me, she is strong enough to carry us both. Let us get moving, before the patrols begin!" he said. They both mounted Sentri's grey mare, and rode away heading north-east.


Faykantra managed to slip past the guards easily. Molasar's security were more beautiful than bright, after all. There was absolutely no-one down in the dungeons, save two sentries posted at the top of the stairs. Faykantra had managed to cause a distraction to divert their attention, and amidst this, she had sneaked past them. She walked into the room, head held high, cocky. Besides, no-one would suspect someone as young as her for causing trouble. If she did get caught, she could put it down to childish curiosity. She saw that two of the cells were filled. She walked up close. "Well, what do we have here, then?" she announced loudly. One of the men looked up in surprise. He was slim yet strong looking, with curly dark hair and brown eyes. Faykantra stared at him, mesmerised by his looks for a moment. Why, he was almost as handsome as Molasar.

"Have you come to let us out?" the young man said hopefully.

"I just came to 'look'," Faykantra replied pointedly, smiling at him.

"Yeah, she's a bit young to be a guard, don't you think?" the other man said. Faykantra turned her attention to him, interested. He too, was handsome, but not in the way the other was. He had striking short red hair, twinkling eyes and a heavier build. The other didn't reply.

"You don't know how I old I am," she said, a little annoyed. She'd always thought that she looked at least sixteen herself.

"You're a teenager, and a young one at that," the red haired man said. Faykantra scowled.

"I'm sixteen," she said sulkily, tossing her high red ponytail.

"Sure! And I'm ten!" the man retorted, grinning at her. Faykantra scowled even more.

"You shouldn't say things you might regret," she said, her hand moving down her side to touch the dagger that was tied to her waist. The man stopped smiling.

"Yeah, shut up. We're already in enough trouble," the dark haired one said.

"Trouble? I hear you came here with an Outsider," Faykantra said boldly. They didn't say anything. "What are your names?" she pressed. "Mine's Fay, as in 'clouds'," she added, trying to appear more friendly.

"I'm Aden, as in 'nothing'," the red haired man remarked.

"I know Westlander's names have no meanings," Faykantra said. She turned to the dark-haired man again. "And you are?"

"Timothy," he stated coolly.

"What strange and funny names you both have! And how strange that you are here!" Faykantra exclaimed, her golden eyes shining.

"We're looking for someone," Aden said.

"Oh really? Well, maybe I can help you," Faykantra offered.

"Why should we trust you?" Timothy asked, looking suspicious. Faykantra put on her most charming smile.

"Never trust a Gerudo, my friend. But I assure you, I am simply a curious child, and I have always wanted to see if it was true about you Westlanders!" she said.

"What was true?" Aden asked.

"That you were the most handsome of men in Demiari!" Faykantra replied, her smile widening. Aden looked pleased by this, but Timothy's expression did not change. "And I see that it is true," she added. "How deprived we are in Benlucca! I would have married a dog, but now I know that you are indeed so handsome, I shall travel afar to your lands to find me a husband instead, when my time arrives!"

"Why, I think you'll find that us... Westlanders, have a special quality about us," Aden said, grinning. Faykantra grinned back.

"Tell us, Fay, have you seen a girl with golden hair in this city?" Timothy suddenly asked. Faykantra smiled. She had indeed struck gold after all.

"Maybe. I really can't say," she said coyly.

"Tell us," Timothy said sternly.

"I shall not do as you tell me, sir. I'll say it once, and I'll say it again. I really couldn't say," Faykantra said, annoyed at Timothy's attitude. If he wasn't so handsome...

"You can't miss her, she's pale with the brightest blue eyes you ever saw, and hair the colour of the sun," Aden stated helpfully.

"Well, maybe I have seen her, then," Faykantra said.

"You either have, or you haven't," Timothy growled, losing his patience with the young girl. She scowled at his, displeased.

"I shall tell you where she is, but first you must do something for me," she bargained.

"Anything," Aden said. Faykantra laughed, and leaned forward closer to the barred door.

"If I was to open these doors for you, you should both have to kiss me!" she exclaimed.

"No way! You're... you're a... a... a kid!" Aden said, looking horrified. Faykantra scowled again, and narrowed her eyes.

"No kiss, no freedom," she said simply.

"Fine. We accept," Timothy said. Faykantra smiled again, pleased.

"Tim! What in Hyrule are you..." Aden began. His friend silenced him with a pointed look.

"I cannot free you now, I shall return at night," Faykantra stated.

"It may be too late by then," Timothy argued.

"It will not," Faykantra replied.

"You promise you'll help us?" Aden asked. Faykantra batted her eyelashes and smiled charmingly.

"Of course I'll help two handsome Westlanders like you," she said.

"What's in it for you?" Timothy suddenly asked.

"My ticket to being queen, that's what," she answered.

"Queen?" Aden questioned.

"I would have been, until he brought that pesky girl back from the north! You must take her away, far, far away!" Faykantra said, sounding angry. Suddenly, they heard the sound of footsteps. Faykantra darted in one of the empty cells, hiding in the darkest corners. A sentry guard appeared in the room, holding a jug of water, and two cups. She filled them, and passed them through the bars.

"Here, drink. You must be hot," she stated. The two accepted readily, drinking the cool liquid quickly. She then took the cups back, and disappeared back up the stairs again. Faykantra crawled back out of her hiding place.

"I will be back tonight," she said, before dashing up the stairs into the darkness.

"Should we believe her?" Aden asked. Timothy shrugged.

"Never trust a Gerudo," he muttered, looking down at the ground.

"Not even beautiful ones like Rillar?" Aden said hopefully.

"Shut up Aden," Timothy replied moodily. They both went quiet again, both secretly hoping that the young Gerudo girl was going to keep her word.


Leigh marched through the streets, barging through whoever stood in her way. She was repaid with a few shouts and complaints and angry stares, but these did not phase her in the least. Among the crowd stood Sam Parkes, and when he saw her, he could hardly believe his eyes. He hadn't seen her since that night in the palace, when he had foolishly tried to show her his true feelings. He watched for a minute or so, and soon became puzzled as he watched bang most unceremoniously into an old woman, who was struggling with a heavy load. The woman fell to the ground, but Leigh neither paused or apologised to the woman. He quickly ran over, helped the woman up as best he could, and then ran after Leigh.

"Leigh!" he called, just seeing her blonde head through the crowd. He called again, but she still remained deaf to his voice. He avoided and stepped past all of those in his way, and weaving in and out the crowd, he soon caught up with her, just enough to touch her on the shoulder. "Leigh," he said, panting. She stopped and turned, looking at him slowly. She looked at the hand on her shoulder and brushed it away.

"Yes?" she asked, her tone cold and emotionless.

"I saw you, and I, uh, just wanted to, well, say hello," said Sparks, suddenly feeling uncomfortable under her gaze. She waited expectantly. "Hello," he finally said, feeling idiotic. She just nodded then walked off, totally oblivious to him. He ran after her again.

"Leigh, wait!" he yelled over the noise of the crowd. She stopped and waited until he came nearer. She turned once more.

"I thought you were going to Sosaria, that's what the Castle said anyway. Ewan is very ill, the King has travelled to Sosaria to look for you," said Sparks breathlessly.

"The Castle? As in, North Castle?" asked Leigh. Sparks gave her a curious look, but nodded anyway.

"Dost thou know the way?" she asked.

"Uh, yeah," replied Sparks.

"Take me there, I seek an audience with the Queen," said Leigh. Sparks looked around and nodded.

"Yeah sure, but um, Leigh, are you alright?" asked Sparks. Her behaviour was certainly strange.

"On the contrary, I have never felt better in all my living days," said Leigh. Sparks shrugged.

"Well okay, come on, this way," said Sparks, leading Leigh down a side street, and back onto another broader street, which was far less busy.

"There it is," said Sparks as they topped the hill. Leigh looked at it and sniffed.

"Thou canst leave me now, I no longer require thy assistance," said Leigh. Sparks looked at her in dismay and put his head down.

"Okay, well, I guess I'll see you," he said, his voice low. He turned and began to trudge back to Mido. He glanced back and saw she still remained on the hill, looking intently at the castle. She never looked back. He guessed he must've upset her that night, back at the Prince's birthday, but he'd never guessed her to be so unreasonable. He sighed to himself, and continued back to the busy streets of his home. Leigh meanwhile waited, then began striding purposefully towards the castle. This was were the Black Sword lay, a melee weapon of unquestionable power. And she was attaining it for British, or that's what he thought at least. She smiled smugly to herself as she crossed the lowered drawbridge and stood, waiting for someone to open the gates. After a short while, one guard peered around the gate, his eyes widened when he saw her. He flung the gates open immediately and grabbed her by the arm.

"By the Goddesses you came!" exclaimed the guard in disbelief pulling her through the gates. Leigh shrugged from his grasp.

"What doth thou mean? Of course I came," she said, a little disgruntled.

"Quickly, I will take you to the Queen, she will thank the Goddesses to see you," said the Guard, pulling her through a doorway. Leigh grudgingly obliged, and after several twists and turns and flights of stairs, they stood before a door, which the guard cautiously pushed open. Leigh looked at him, he looked back. "She is in there," said the guard. Leigh nodded and walked forward into the room.

Selina glanced to the door as she heard it open, and then to her shock, surprise, and complete joy, she saw Leigh step through the doorway.

"Oh praise the Goddesses!" she whispered, looking down at Zelda. She tapped her on the shoulder, and Zelda looked up, and then to the door. Leigh stood there looking as strong and upright as she ever had, every sign of weakness and weariness vanished. She looked across at Selina and then to Zelda, wondering which was the Queen.

"I wish to speak with the Queen," she announced. Selina gulped a little, her eyes meeting Zelda's. Zelda eventually stood up.

"Leigh, is that you?" she asked, stepping forward. It certainly looked and sounded like her.

"I require the Black Sword, if thou canst assist me, then mayhaps I wilt assist thy son," said Leigh, looking down at the bed. Zelda smiled and nodded her head,

"Of course, of course, please anything, just help my son," pleaded Zelda. Selina placed one hand on Zelda's shoulder eyeing Leigh suspiciously.

"Myself and the Queen require some time to counsel, please leave us for a moment," requested Selina. Leigh frowned, but eventually obliged, leaving the two. Zelda turned, smiling properly for the first time in weeks.

"Selina, she's here, Ewan is going to be okay!" she said excitedly.

"Zelda, she's asking for the Black Sword. Ganondorf is inside it, what if she were to free him," said Selina gravely.

"Oh nonsense Selina. I can hardly believe you. Leigh would surely never do such a thing, and it is truly her weapon to begin with. She probably just wants to dispose of it at last," said Zelda.

"Did you hear how she spoke, see how she looked? I don't think it's Leigh," said Selina.

"I'll admit, she did seem different, but maybe the Leigh we knew never was the real Avatar at all, I mean it'd sure explain a lot of things," said Zelda.

"And what about Link, where is he?" asked Selina. Zelda's smile died on her lips.

"They must've missed each other," she said. Leigh re-entered the chamber.

"Every second thou dost allow thy son to lie there, my chances of bringing him to full recovery do lessen," said Leigh.

"What do you want the sword for?" asked Selina stepping forward. Leigh looked at her, and then to Zelda.

"Why doth thou allow a mere servant to speak before thee? 'Tis most disrespectful," questioned Leigh. Zelda slowly looked at Selina, who stared back at her.

"Can you heal my son?" asked Zelda, stepping forward.

"Of course I can," replied Leigh.

"Do it, do it now, and you can have the Black Sword for whatever you wish it for," said Zelda recklessly. Leigh smiled a little.

"If thou dost go back on thy word, I will strike everyone in this country down without a second thought," she threatened. Zelda nodded, a little chilled by the ominous threat. Leigh stepped forward and looked down at Ewan. "He has been poisoned, 'tis simple to remedy," she muttered, laying her hand upon his forehead. "Vas Mani," she whispered, and felt a surge of peace going through her. It passed immediately though, and the same feeling re-entered her of hatred and bitterness. She lifted her hand and waited. Suddenly Ewan sat up bolt right, coughing and spluttering, clutching his throat. Selina quickly poured some water for the prince, and handed it to him. He drank only little, spilling the rest, but finally it was over. He breathed in heavily for a few minutes, looking around.

"What...?" he asked, losing his voice. Zelda hugged him, tears running freely down her face. Leigh stood, unimpressed upon by the whole scene.

"I have done as thou didst ask, now I ask for thee to return the favour," said Leigh. Selina glanced at her.

"Leave her be with her son, he has been on the brink of death for what seems an age. Can you not see she needs time?" asked Selina. She felt as though she was speaking to a stranger.

"Time is also my requirement, for every second I waste, my desire grows weaker. Hurry now, in the end you will have eternity to spend with your saved son," said Leigh, speaking to Zelda's back. Zelda finally stood up, and looked at Selina.

"I shall be back shortly, rest Ewan, for now at least," advised Zelda, before leaving the room, Leigh following. Ewan looked to Selina, putting one hand to his head.

"What happened?" he groaned. Selina sat down on the chair.

"Ewan, someone tried to kill you," she said quietly.

"Wha-...Oh no," exclaimed Ewan, sitting back up again.

"Do you know who it was?" pressed Selina.

"Ganondorf, he had a son," began Ewan, pausing to take another drink. He had to admit he was feeling better by the second.

"A son?" echoed Selina in surprise. She had supposed it was always possible, but now Ewan mentioned it, it was hardly a surprise that it had been an offspring of Ganondorf's that had tried to murder Zelda's son. "Did he tell you?" asked Selina. Ewan nodded.

"Yeah, just before he tried to kill me. I have no idea who he was, I'd seen him once before, camping on our land. He'd been hunting there too," informed Ewan. He stood up.

"Don't you think you should rest?" asked Selina.

"I feel fine, despite what that bastard did to me. That was Leigh who healed me wasn't it?" said Ewan, changing the subject.

"Well, so it seemed, but I don't think she's quite herself," said Selina, thinking back to Leigh's attitude. Considering the relationship she and Ewan had supposedly shared, she hadn't seemed at all bothered by his state.

"Where was she going, with my mother I mean?" inquired Ewan, pulling on a shirt and tunic. Selina looked to the floor as to give him some privacy.

"To retreive the Black Sword," said Selina. Ewan turned.

"The Black Sword? That's what they trapped Ganondorf in right?" he asked, grabbing his sword and looping it through his belt.

"Yes, but Ewan, a lot has happened recently. Your sister," began Selina.

"Yes, where is she anyway? And father too? And what about Timothy?" asked Ewan. Selina swallowed a little.

"Your father went to Sosaria to look for Leigh," she started.

"Good to see he found her," commented Ewan, pulling on his boots.

"Leigh just came here Ewan. Link is still is Sosaria," said Selina.

"Oh...well I'm sure he'll be back soon," remarked Ewan optimistically.

"And Brianna, she's disappeared..." said Selina slowly. Ewan looked at her.

"What?!" he asked.

"Timothy thought she'd gone with this man she had met, to Benlucca. Timothy's looking for her," explained Selina. Ewan put one hand to his forehead.

"My sister the eloper, huh? Who is this guy anyway?" said Ewan with a sigh. Selina thought he was taking matters considerably well.

"I'm not sure, Molasar or someone.."

"Molasar? Can't say I've heard of him," said Ewan.

"Well, it's what Timothy told your mother, then he went after her, with Aden I think," said Selina.

"How long d'you think those two will be?" asked Ewan. Selina shrugged.

"I'm not sure. Look Ewan, don't you think you should rest for a while?" asked Selina, a little concerned.

"I'm fine, really," retorted Ewan. He was telling the truth. "Whereabouts is this sword?" he asked.

"I don't know. Only your mother, Leigh and your father know where it is. You'd best off be waiting up here," said Selina. Ewan shrugged.

"I don't suppose I had a choice. This Molasar, did you ever see him?" asked Ewan. Selina shook her head. Ewan paused.

"You know, I think I remember him being mentioned, but not by my sister. Rosamund mentioned someone, Molasar Anacreon, something like that," said Ewan, suddenly remembering that day at the breakfast table. He had not said anything, but he remembered some of Renee's comments quite clearly. He stood up. "Did they go back to Brynnel?" he asked. Selina shrugged.

"They've been about I think, but not much while I was here," she offered.

"Fine, I'll go look for Rosamund. I have to do something while I wait for my mother," said Ewan.

"But Ewan..." protested Selina as he walked to the door. Ewan turned and smiled, giving her an affectionate peck on the cheek.

"Thanks for everything, I assume you were here to support my mother, I appreciate that," said Ewan. Selina smiled weakly.

"Well..." she began.

"I just would never have dreamed Brianna would elope with someone she couldn't have known surely for a few weeks. I need to find out about him, I already don't think much of him, taking my sister away just like that," said Ewan. Then he left. Selina let out a sigh, glad that Ewan had seemed to have recovered, but still not sure about Leigh, and her desire for the Black Sword.

"Leigh, I know we've had our disagreements..." began Zelda uncomfortably. She had never been all too good at apologies. Leigh glanced at her as they walked down the corridor.

"Indeed," she said.

"But I just want you to know how thankful I am, and how sorry I am for the way I treated you," said Zelda.

"Thou shouldst be grateful, considering what I did for your son," said Leigh.

"I am, I am. But I still can't condone what went on between you two," said Zelda.

"What went on?" echoed Leigh. She had no idea what Zelda was talking about.

"You and Ewan, you know..." said Zelda. Leigh let out an amused laugh.

"Oh, how amusing thou art, Queen Zelda. Me and thy son? How simply absurd," said Leigh. Zelda glanced at Leigh feeling a little worried. Maybe Selina was right. Maybe this wasn't Leigh.

"You are Leigh Temple, aren't you?" checked Zelda, feeling a little silly.

"Of course I am, who else would I be?" said Leigh.

"It's just...why do you want the Black Sword?" asked Zelda.

"Because my master doth require it," answered Leigh. Zelda swallowed a little.

"Master?" she asked. Leigh turned to Zelda.

"Why doth thou ask so many questions? All that I require is one small artefact, that I do recall is rightfully mine in the first place," said Leigh. Zelda opened the secret passage in the wall nodding.

"I suppose, but who's your master," asked Zelda, descending the steps. Leigh followed her.

"That is none of thine business," retorted Leigh. They reached the bottom of the steps. In the corner of the small room, Leigh spotted a softly glowing chest. She walked open to it, raised her hands and muttered a few words. Before Zelda could even protest, the magic around the chest shattered, and Leigh opened the chest. She looked inside, and pulled out the magnificent Black Sword, watching it in amazement. Leigh turned to Zelda, who was beginning to wonder if this was at all a good idea. "Canst thou see it?" asked Leigh, waving the sword before her. Zelda took a step back.

"Ganondorf is housed in that gem remember," reminded the Queen. Leigh looked at her.

"Ganondorf? Who is he?" she asked looking puzzled for a moment. Zelda took another step backwards. Either Leigh was suffering from a bout of amnesia, or she wasn't the Leigh Zelda knew.

"Don't you...remember?" asked Zelda.

"No, I don't believe I ever knew," said Leigh.

"But, you put him there," insisted Zelda.

"That I do not recall, said Leigh. She moved to step past Zelda, but the Queen stood firm. "I have what I came for, now I shall leave," said Leigh.

"I'm not sure if I can trust you with that sword," said Zelda. Leigh looked at Zelda coolly, then at the sword.

"It is mine, as thou didst say. And to do with what I dost please," said Leigh.

"It isn't safe. I want you to destroy it," said Zelda firmly. Leigh laughed.

"Destroy the strongest melee weapon ever created? Doth thou think I am an imbecile?" asked Leigh.

"It's dangerous!" exclaimed Zelda. Leigh smirked.

"It wouldn't very well do if our swords and spears were harmless," she commented.

"No, you don't know what I mean, Ganondorf, if he were to get out," began Zelda.

"How could he? Only if the gem were to be smashed, and I doth assure thee that it won't, couldst this 'Ganondorf' escape. I really do not see what thou art worrying about," said Leigh. She stepped forward again, but Zelda still refused to move.

"What are you going to do with it?" she demanded. Leigh fingered the blade thoughtfully, eventually turning her gaze to Zelda.

"If thou continue to block mine way, then I'm sure I couldst put this weapon to use right now," said Leigh, looking meaningfully at Zelda. Zelda swallowed a little nervously, and stepped away. Leigh smiled. "Tis no wonder thou art ruler of this land, thou doth know when to make the right decision," commented Leigh, before walking up the stairs without glancing back. Zelda stood there for a moment, hoping this wasn't as bad as it looked. Then she made her own way out of the cellars of the castle.

"Oh Ewan! Thank goodness you came out of it," exclaimed Rosamund as she caught sight of her cousin. She ran up to him, giving him a big hug. Ewan laughed a little at her reaction, then smiled down kindly at his younger cousin.

"Nice to know you missed me," he said. The confident tone he had, the cheerful expression, it was all a facade. He'd lost his sister, his love, and too much time. He felt truly lost. He suddenly realised Rosamund was standing before him, giving him an odd look.

"Are you okay?" she asked. Ewan nodded quickly, scratching the back of his head uncomfortably.

"Yeah, look, Rosamund, you heard about Brianna right?" asked Ewan. Rosamund nodded, smiling a little.

"Of course, who hasn't? I would've thought your sister was the last kind of person in the world to elope, let alone to some complete stranger," observed Rosamund.

"Didn't we all," muttered Ewan. He looked back to his cousin. "You ever see a man called Molasar Anacreon?" he asked. Rosamund nodded, looking a little dreamy.

"Yes, he saved my life, so handsome he was as well. It's just a pity he seems to have vanished," sighed Rosamund.

"What did he look like?" inquired Ewan. Rosamund smiled again.

"It was quite dark, so I didn't get that good a look, but he was incredibly handsome, perhaps even more than yourself," said Rosamund flirtatiously. Ewan frowned a little.

"What, so you don't know his description?" he asked impatiently.

"I never said that, let me see, he wasn't from Hyrule, he had a different accent, probably Benluccan, and he had dark hair, red maybe, not ginger, real red, he was unusual. And his eyes, they were like gold, mesmerising, goodness Ewan, I could go on all day about him, why would you want to know?" questioned Rosamund. Ewan stood there, an uneasy feeling over-taking him. Molasar. Of course, the stranger in the wood, his assassin. It came back to him all of a sudden, Ganondorf's son, his words.

"Ah, Brianna. Now she's different Ewan, I could really get to like her, love her even."

Whoever had attempted to kill him, he'd known Brianna. It had to be this Molasar Anacreon. He had the right description, he was from Benlucca, that's where Tim had gone, looking for his sister. He closed his eyes for a moment, as everything came together.

"Uh, nothing, look I need to go and see someone," excused Ewan, quickly leaving the room. He had to speak to his mother, most urgently.

As Ewan rounded one corner, he bumped into someone, Leigh. He was an inch or so higher than she was, and he looked down at her, not sure what to say. She looked back at him, a faint glimmer of recognition crossing her eyes. But that glimmer soon vanished.

"Thou shouldst watch where thou dost tread," she warned. Ewan looked at her in surprise.

"Leigh, I..." he began.

"I hath business to attend to elsewhere," said Leigh shortly, walking past Ewan. He turned and caught hold of her shoulder, causing her to stop. She turned, glaring at him indignantly.

"I just wanted to thank you," he said, standing closer to her. She lifted his hand from her shoulder.

"That thou has done, so allow me to proceed with mine task," said Leigh.

"Wait!" called Ewan, catching her arm again. She looked at him almost angrily.

"Is that all you have to say to me? After everything that's happened?" asked Ewan, feeling slightly confused.

"As far as I am concerned, I hath not a word to say to thee," said Leigh sharply, shrugging out of Ewan's grasp. He let her walk down the corridor, then chased her, grabbing her arm and turning her to face him.

"Do you not remember?" he asked, gazing at her intently. She looked back at him, meeting his gaze evenly.

"I remember nothing," she said. Ewan continued to meet her eye to eye, and as she began to speak again, she faltered, sounding a little unsure. She looked at Ewan, and he slowly leaned down, kissing her. She seemed, just for a moment, to let him, but then she moved back, pulling away, as if his touch burned her. He began to speak, when he heard footfalls behind him, and he turned to see his mother walking towards him. By the time he looked back, Leigh had gone, striding purposefully off down the corridor. He turned to his mother, and sighed a little.

"Mother, this Molasar, I did know him," he said slowly. Zelda stopped.

"You did?" she asked.

"He tried to kill me, he's Ganondorf's son."

"No, he can't be..." protested Zelda, her face turning pale. Ewan shook his head.

"It's true mother, why would I lie? I have to go and find her," said Ewan determinedly. Zelda caught his arm.

"No, you can't," she said.

"I can't leave my sister to him, only the goddesses know what vile acts he might commit against her," said Ewan.

"Timothy, Timothy is there. He said he'd bring her back," said Zelda quickly.

"Timothy is a good man, a brave man, but I can't trust him alone to this," said Ewan.

"But you have no way of finding the valley," said Zelda.

"I'll find a way," said Ewan. Zelda let go of his arm, stepping back.

"I can't believe it. How could Balayana carried his son? She would never have done it wiliingly, I know that," murmured Zelda. She turned back to Ewan. "Ewan, I truly believe that Timothy will come back with your sister, please don't leave me here, alone," begged Zelda. Ewan sighed.

"I feel so useless," he confided.

"We all do at times," said Zelda, her gaze cast to the ground. She was no stranger to such a feeling.

"It's just, he tried to kill me, I couldn't bear the thought of anyone harming Brianna, she's still fifteen for goodness sake," exclaimed Ewan frustratedly. He saw his mother's eyes glistening and he pulled her into a hug. "I'm sorry for letting this happen," he apologised. Zelda stepped back.

"This was never your fault Ewan," said Zelda softly.

"Then why does it feel like it is?" asked Ewan. Zelda hugged him again.

"Come on, you must be hungry," she said. Ewan half-smiled.

"I suppose I am," he said, suddenly realising he was in fact starving. Zelda nodded, then walked before her son, intending to go to the kitchens. But as they walked, she couldn't help wondering what plans Leigh had with that sword.

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