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Triad of Evil

Juliet A. Singleton (Scullys@bigfoot.com) & Kirsty Singleton (arcadionseye@btopenworld.com)

Chapter 1


The Princess of Hyrule wondered if she'd ever felt quite so despondent as she did now. The sun was shining brightly outside, but it did not lift her heavy heart as it should. A solitary tear rolled down her cheek, then down onto the bed upon which she lay. It was early morning, she had returned back to North Castle the previous evening. Not many of the court were aware of the emotional turmoil their princess was suffering, but no doubt it would soon be known. She let out a small sob, just thinking about it, her mind replaying the events of the past few days. Link, legendary hero of Hyrule, and her husband of almost eight years, said he did not love her anymore. Her beloved Link. The man she had wronged so much over the years through her own selfishness. The only man she had ever loved. Now, it was all over. Sighing, she sat up, and gazed around the room. Without Link there, the tower suddenly seemed so empty and cold. Last night she had tossed and turned, lonely in the large four poster bed by herself. A future life like this did not even bear thinking about.

Zelda could not stop replaying in her mind the final scene of realising that her relationship had descended into nothingness. After their row in the council room, where Link had insisted on their separation, removing his wedding ring, telling her that their marriage was over. She could still remember their parting kiss, the way he had held her close, as she fought to change his mind. But it had not been enough. In despair she had run from the room and cried her heart out in a forgotten corner of the hold. After a time, she had headed to find him, to beg him to reconsider. Now she wished that she hadn't bothered. A guard had pointed out the room he had seen Link enter earlier, and when Zelda had opened the door, nothing could have prepared her for what she saw on the other side. Her husband, in a passionate embrace with another woman. The colour had drained from her face, and for once, she had been unable to speak. It was Link who spoke instead.

"Yes Zelda, this is EXACTLY how it looks," he had said, his voice cold, his normally warm blue eyes full of hatred for her. The woman, Fayzie, had become flustered and looked guilty.

"Your Highness, I was just..." she had started. Fayzie was not a liar, Zelda could tell. For a moment hope had swelled in her heart that Fayzie was merely only comforting Link. But from the look on Link's face, she couldn't believe it.

"Zelda, I think you should leave," he had spoke. She had been too shocked and mortified to do anything else. They had not exchanged a word since. Her husband had forsaken her for another, just like she had always feared he would.

At that moment, there came a knock upon the door. Zelda sighed to herself, the last thing she felt like was having visitors. Before she could even answer, however, the doors opened and there stood Link, looking as handsome and dashing as ever. The only difference was, he did not smile upon seeing her. Zelda had never seen Link look like this, so cold and unfeeling. However her heart skipped a beat. Maybe he too, missed her as she missed him. She rose from the bed in greeting to his entrance.

"Link I had been hoping..." she started. He cut her off.

"Zelda, we need to talk." Zelda nodded and eagerly walked over to Link.

"Yes, yes, I agree! Oh Link I..." before she could reach him however he stood back and folded his arms coldly. It pained her to be so near to him, and yet know that they were not as close as they once had been. That they might never be that close once again.

"I might as well get to the point," Link interjected. Zelda blinked in surprise. Usually he wasn't quite so forthcoming.

"And that would be..." she ventured, her eyebrows raised.

"You've heard about Seline, no doubt," cut in Link. At the mention of Seline's name, Zelda felt her heart grow heavy. Of course, the death of Queen Seline. A long time ago... a long time ago, Seline had been like the mother that Zelda had never had. But that was well in the past, only now, years later, Zelda could still not unravel why Seline and her father had ceased to be as close as they once had. That was something they had not wanted Zelda to know.

"Of course...Catalia has declared war upon us," murmured the Princess. She could still barely believe it. Catalia, the sister country of Hyrule for an age, now Hyrule's most bitter of enemies.

"I'm going to Catalia. It may be the only way to stop him," announced Link, referring to Catalia's new ruler. Robert. He had demanded that Hyrule either hand over Link, or suffer the consequences. Hyrule had chosen the latter response of course, Link had done too much for Hyrule to just be sent away to what was bound to be certain death.

Zelda stared at Link as he spoke, her face draining of all colour at his cold words.

"Wha...what? But... you can't! You can't!" she exclaimed in horror.

"I can, and I will. I can't stay here in this country. I won't put it at risk like that. If Robert wants me, he can have me. But he better damn well expect a fight, because he will get nothing less," he stated coldly. Zelda stepped forward, putting a hand on his arm.

"But Link, if you go to Catalia, Robert will have you killed! Hyrule needs you here, Link. This is where you belong!" she exclaimed, thinking about Mara again. Link pushed her hand away and stepped back.

"No, Zelda Catalia needs me which, I might remind you, is actually MY country."

"Hyrule is your country, we need you!" Zelda argued. Link shook his head, his face a frown.

"Hyrule is not my country," he said quietly.

"You are Hyrule's hero, not Catalia's!" snapped Zelda. "What about Mara? And this entity she's released? Don't you even care?"

"It was you who didn't care, when you took us all away to hide at the hold!" Link retorted, raising his voice in anger. Zelda winced with guilt.

"I didn't know... I didn't know she was so powerful!"

"I'm going back to Catalia," Link said firmly.

"Link, please! If not for me, for Hyrule!" Zelda pleaded. Link looked down at the floor.

"Sometimes Zelda, I don't think you realise how strong you are with the Triforce. You never exercised your full potential. Maybe now is the time to learn it, and stop relying on me. And you've got Drake, and Aaron. Even Nick. You don't need me. Catalia needs me more than you ever did," he stated. Zelda swallowed uneasily, and stepped back, fighting to control her emotions.

"Forget Hyrule... I... I need you Link," she whispered, a single tear rolling down her cheek. The hero folded his arms, remaining impassive.

"I've made a decision, and I'm sticking to it. Me and you... it's just not the way it used to be," he said bitterly, turning his back on Zelda and putting his hand on the door handle. Before he could leave, Zelda spoke once more.

"Going back to her, are you? Your beloved Fayzie?" Her voice, which had been only a moment ago desperate and wavering had become tinged with animosity. Link paused, then turned back to Zelda uncertainly.

"Leave her out of this Zelda," he warned, his voice low. Zelda stood before Link, her arms folded.

"Why? Why should I? It's because of her that you're being so foolish. It's because of her that I don't have a man to call my husband nor a father for my children," spat Zelda, her eyes narrowing vehemently. Link smiled as Zelda spoke, but it was not a friendly smile.

"It might surprise you to know, Zelda, that it was Fayzie who asked me to come here. She asked me to come and talk to you," began Link, his voice cold and empty. "She thought that we could talk, maybe resolve a few things. I didn't come for Fayzie, and I certainly didn't come for you...because unlike Fayzie, I know you. You were never one to be reasoned with, and I should have realised that a long time ago. I came out of courtesy. You ought to know that I'm leaving. And I had to say goodbye to the two people who are going to suffer the most in all of this, because of our mistakes," continued Link, his blue eyes like pools of frozen water. Icy and cold.

"Ewan and Brianna," realised Zelda slowly. Link nodded. Zelda frowned. "And what about Fayzie? If you are going to Catalia, is she going with you?" demanded Zelda. Link looked at Zelda, his gaze changing for the first time. He looked ashamed.

"She doesn't know." Link admitted. Zelda smiled at Link's reply and shook her head.

"She doesn't know? The woman you gave up everything for doesn't know?" she questioned, her voice feigning concern. Link shook his head.

"No. She doesn't. I wish things hadn't turned out this way. But maybe Kylara was right. We were never meant to be together, and now we're paying for that mistake. Goodbye Zelda." And then Link left, although it pained him to do so. Being so near to Zelda, as he had been then, had been painful to the point that he felt breathless. But he knew he couldn't turn back the clock. And he knew that he had to go to Catalia. It was Hyrule's only hope.


She was furious. First, she had lost the child. And now the sell sword. Both of her bargaining tools gone. The chains which had held the sell sword lay empty, unused. A cry of rage escaped the witch's lips, this time, she was unable to contain her anger. She turned on her heel and strode from the prison, convinced she knew of the culprit.

"Enzar!" Mara cried aloud, beside herself with fury at the creature's latest stunt.

"Enzar! Show yourself to me at once!" she screamed, her green eyes flashing with anger. She stormed into the griffin's lair and screamed out his name once more.

"Enzar! You will answer me!"

"No need to raise your voice, mortal. I am here." Mara turned, her heart in her mouth, to see the majestic beast staring at her, with his amber eyes, from the shadows.

"You!" Her voice was low and loaded with contempt. Enzar smiled at her in a way that only a griffin could. Mara licked her lips, trying to regain her breath. She had ran to the lair of the griffin without pause, something for which she was now paying for with laboured breaths.

"Well? I would have a reason for why I have been summoned." Enzar began to circle Mara, his talons clicking off the stone floor as he did so. Mara watched him, her eyes narrow with evident distrust.

"I would have a reason, slave, for why you have released my prisoner!" Enzar let out a displeased snarl at Mara's words and turned his back on her.

"I am no-one's slave!" he growled. Mara wrapped her fingers around the hilt of a dagger that hung at her waist and smiled.

"Ooh, but you are wrong, foul creature. Let me remind you how wrong," she hissed, taking the dagger from her belt and sliding its pristine blade across her palm. As soon as she drew blood, Enzar let out a roar of pain, before turning to confront her.

"You will regret that!" spat the griffin, his voice slightly wavering.

"I doubt it. What could you possibly do to harm me?" she questioned snidely. Enzar had no answer for the sorceress. To harm her would only harm himself and he knew it. His life was tied to hers in a way that could not be defied. Mara's lips twisted into a cruel smile as she saw him wordless and she took a step closer to the griffin, in an almost mocking fashion.

"You still have not answered my question," she reminded, clenching her fist, blood trickling down her wrist.

Enzar flinched as she did so, his eyes burning in anger.

"I know not of what you speak," he muttered darkly. Mara dug her nails into the cut in her palm, gritting her teeth a little. This sent a new wave of pain crashing over the griffin, causing him to tilt to one side, his front left leg suddenly failing him and sending him to the ground in a defeated heap.

"Tell me the truth!" demanded Mara, in a warning tone. Enzar looked up at Mara with pure loathing in his eyes.

"I know nothing of your prisoner," he repeated with a gasp. Mara stood over the griffin, studying him closely. She opened her bleeding palm and watched Enzar let out a sigh of relief.

"I shall take your word for now, slave. But remember this meeting well, for if you should displease me again..." Mara tipped her head to one side and smiled wickedly at Enzar. "I think you know who shall emerge better off." Enzar did not move as Mara left, instead he lay still, his entire body shaking with fury. After she had gone, he got to his feet and smirked.

"Yes I think I do..." he murmured softly to himself before turning away and back into the shadows.


Zelda stood frozen, stunned for several moments, before she gathered her skirts and rushed after him.

"Link, that's rubbish, and you know it! We love each other!" she cried down the tower stairwell. Link peered back at her from around the corner.

"Not the way we used to," he replied, his voice now cold and emotionless. Anger overtook Zelda's desperation, and she rushed down the stone steps towards him.

"No! I won't let you just leave like this!" she cried.

"You can't stop me!" Link retorted.

"I can. You forget who I am," Zelda said, her expression hardening.

"You have no control over me," the hero replied, eyeing her coldly.

"Well if that's the way you wish it to be..." Zelda began, her voice catching in her throat. Link looked at her expectantly.

"Go on."

"If you choose to renounce our marriage publicly..." the Princess continued. She paused, looking him right in the eye, daring him to speak. "If you choose that, then you lose everything that comes with it. That is, your title, your wealth, your job... your citizenship..."

"I don't care for those things," Link answered. Zelda took a short breath.

"And your children," she finished. Link stared at her in shock.

"You can't do that!" he exclaimed angrily.

"Those children are the heirs to Hyrule's throne! You renounce our marriage, and you lose your title! That means you lose everything that comes with it!" Zelda retorted. Link shook his head.

"Don't you dare use our children as a bargaining tool! They're not things! They're people, they have feelings!" he exclaimed.

"And I have feelings too, but it's quite obvious to me now that you don't!" the Princess snapped.

"If you had had any in the first place, you wouldn't have betrayed me!" Link answered angrily. He glared at his wife in disgust.

"It was you who betrayed ME, not the other way around! And don't deny it, I saw you both together!" Zelda screamed, really losing her temper now.

"You drove me to it, Hyrule knows, you've accused me of cheating on you so many times in the past!" the hero replied, grabbing her arm roughly and pulling her up close. "You will not deny me my children, I will fight you for all it takes. Others might step down to you Zelda, but I for one, refuse!" Zelda tried to pull herself away, but his grip was like iron.

"Let go, you're hurting me!" she wept.

"You might be the most powerful person in Hyrule, aside from your father, but nothing in your power can prevent me from being with my own children. Nothing," Link repeated. He let her go, the force sending her stumbling back against the stairs. Zelda could not be bothered to stand, feeling almost too weak to do anything but sit and sob. Link disappeared down the stairs, and shortly she heard a door slam at the bottom of the tower. The Princess knew she had treated Link badly in the past, but somehow, she knew that she did not deserve this. Link, no matter how angry he was with her, would never have treated her like this. Without Link, her whole world would fall apart. Left alone upon the cold tower steps, Hyrule's princess wept.

As Link left his wife in the tower stair well, his normally confident step faltered. Things seemed so unreal to the hero right now, things had occurred in the past few weeks that he would have never thought possible. His marriage was in, in the words of Fayette, 'tatters'. His son had been kidnapped and his blood used in some ancient ritual to conjure up some unknown evil they had yet to face. His own life had been in the balance at the hands of his Kokiri kin. And now, on top of everything, Zelda was threatening to take away the one thing in his life that meant everything to him. His children. He had known his wife could be spiteful, but this was just unspeakably cruel.

As Fayette walked down one of the many corridors of North Castle, she was surprised to see her step sister's husband stumbling dejectedly down the corridor towards her. He looked deep in thought, his hands rammed into his pockets and his gaze locked to the floor. He mustn't have seen Fayette, she supposed, otherwise he almost certainly would have gone out of his way to avoid her. The mother of five paused for a second, contemplating on her next action, giving Link all the time in the world to see her.

"Fayette," he greeted sourly, his face a picture of disdain. The princess waited and said nothing, she could tell the hero wanted to speak. "I suppose I should thank you. For bringing my wife's shortcomings to my attention." Fayette felt a little stung by Link's words, after all, he was hardly an innocent party in all of this.

"Like you are any better than she is. I saw you two, you and that Catalian woman. Zelda's better off without your sort," she replied snidely. Link glared at Fayette and took a step closer towards the woman, his gait menacing.

"You know, I've never been able to tell you, Fayette, exactly what I thought of you. But now, I'm just a man with nothing to lose. It's hard for me to believe that a good man like Kendar Hartrend would have any interest in you whatsoever, so I can only conclude he needs you for your wealth and nothing more. I can tell you this though, Faye, even if you owned all the wealth in the Demiari, I still wouldn't look your way, because you are one of the most loathsome and hateful people I have ever had the misfortune to meet." Fayette, for a moment, was speechless. She had known for a long time that Link was not a man who would call himself a friend of hers, but he had mostly kept his thoughts of her to himself. She had never seen the man so bitter...he had always been so calm and cordial. Fayette looked down at her hands before speaking.

"For what it's worth Link, you are probably right. But not about Kendar. He loves me, although goodness knows why." Fayette's answer was hardly what Link had been expecting, it caught him off guard.

"What?!" he questioned dumbly. Fayette looked up from her hands and to Link.

"You heard what I said. Now please, leave me alone." She began to walk away from Link, but he caught hold of her arm, causing her to stop.

"I....I'm sorry," he said shortly, looking a little ashamed. Fayette turned to Link, and smiled at him sympathetically.

"I think we all are Link," she murmured, before leaving Link standing alone. He'd felt like this before. Years back...after the war against Ganondorf Zelda had thought Link was having an affair with Leigh Temple, the heroine of Sosaria. Zelda had been wrong of course, back then, Link would have never dreamed of cheating on his wife. She had told him that their marriage was over, and had sentenced Leigh to death. Zelda was not a woman to be messed with, whatever the matter.

Link watched Fayette leave, recalling a similar moment years ago, when he had felt just as useless, just as miserable and just as hurt. He didn't know why it hurt so much, he'd gone through much worse. The death of his entire family when he was no more than twelve years old. But that had been an experience in which he had been numb throughout. He'd been in denial right until he set his first foot on Hyrulian soil. But even then, it had all seemed so far away...and still so unreal. Then the death of his brother Hayden. A brother Link had thought long dead, returned to him, only to be snatched away once more by the blade of the evil liche Trenon. And Link knew he could have saved Hayden but only at the expense of his wife, Zelda. There were other things. His own death for example. Ganondorf Dragmire had struck him down, and as his life had been slipping away, he had been given one more chance by Kylara, another ghost from his past. Kylara. Link cast his eyes down to the ground, running one hand through his mess of dark hair. She had told Link things, in a dream once. That a woman, Zelda, would do him a great wrong. That his son, Ewan, his pride and joy, would do the Demiari a great evil. Were those words, words Link had been so quick to dismiss then, now bearing some grain of truth? His and Zelda's marriage was over, and Ewan, even though not directly, had raised an ancient evil that would test Hyrule to the limits once more. Link shook his head, banishing such thoughts. There was one last event in his life that had shook him to the very core but not like this. It had been Leigh Temple. Perhaps some would cite her as the start of his problems with Zelda, but they had begun long before...even their first marriage had been a sham forced by Sir Drake to marry so that they might unite the power of the Triforce. No Leigh wasn't the start of their problems, she was just one in a long line of excuses for Zelda to criticise and abuse Link. Leigh had been the best of people and the worst of people. When she had arrived at North Castle, she had been disgruntled, brash and arrogant aware of her beauty and of her talents and unafraid to follow her impulses. But then Link, and the others, had seen her other side. She had stayed in Hyrule and helped against Ganondorf's armies, she had showed courage and bravery like no other man or woman Link had ever known. She had ultimately given up her life for a country she could never have called home, and perhaps for people she could have never called friends. Whatever his feelings for Leigh, Link knew he had not loved the woman not like he loved Zelda. But she had been a friend, and a dear one at that, but because of Zelda's jealousy he had never mourned her loss like he would have wished to have done. That was something he knew he would never forgive Zelda for.

But now this he would have never thought it possible, even though all of the signs had pointed to such a rift. They were from completely different backgrounds she was royalty and he was nothing more than a scruffy serf from Hyrule's sister country. Their attitudes to life in general were as conflicting as their upbringings, Link considered himself to be a usually very calm and easy going person, whereas Zelda was passionate and demanding in every aspect of her personality. What they had originally shared was their love of adventure it was the only life Link had ever known, and a life Zelda had longed to pursue. Link had shown the princess life outside the castle walls, and for that Zelda had been thankful. Link had fallen for Zelda the first time they had met...he had known, or thought, that she was the one he would spend the rest of his days with. He'd never had such feelings for anyone else before their first meeting, and now that Link really considered it, he had never felt for anyone else so strongly since. She had resisted his advances for a long while, but eventually his persistence had won her over. Link supposed that even back then, it should have been a sign that the only person ever dedicated to their relationship was him. He had given her everything, and in return he had received nothing but scorn and heartache.

Link shook his head at such thoughts. They weren't strictly true. He and Zelda had had more than their fair share of good times, special memories and completely unforgettable moments they just seemed so far away right now. A sorrowful sigh escaped the hero's lips, and he squeezed his eyes tightly shut trying to banish the tears that were threatening to fall. He began to walk down the corridor with a new resolve, he would not stay were he was no longer wanted, or even needed, but he would not leave without seeing his children.

Fayette sighed as she walked away from Link. At times, she had really envied Zelda's seemingly perfect relationship with the man but now, she just pitied the pair of them. Obviously things had never been quite that perfect, despite appearances. Also at one time, she might have spitefully revelled in the split; but again, she just felt nothing but pity. Ever since Kendar had stepped chivalrously into her life, Fayette had realised how horribly she had often behaved in the past. Sighing again, she daintily picked up her skirts and advanced up the stairs to the Drawing Room.

Fenella, her mother, and Queen of Hyrule, was sitting quietly sewing a beautiful tapestry. She looked up from her work and smiled as Fayette stepped into the room. Fayette quietly closed the door behind her and seated herself on a chaise lounge.

"Good afternoon, mother," she said politely.

"Dearest daughter, now how are you today?" Fenella asked, smiling over at Fayette. The princess swallowed nervously, then looked her mother fully in the eye.

"I'm here about Kendar..." she began in a nervous tone. At the mention of Fayette's fiancé, Fenella looked a little annoyed.

"Dear, we've already been through this. Sir Hartrend may indeed be brave and courageous, but he really has little to offer status wise," she remarked glibly. Fayette frowned.

"Oh mother! Those things hardly matter anymore!" she exclaimed. Fenella shook her head to herself.

"Yes, but dear, look at how much you're worth! You have lands in Brynnel, riches beyond measure, a claim to Hyrule's throne, and a high title! Sir Hartrend would do very well to marry you, I'm sure!"

"Kendar isn't interested in what I'm worth mother!" Fayette argued, feeling upset. Surely he wasn't? He was interested in her as a person! Fenella put the tapestry down on a nearby table.

"Maybe. But there are many eligible men in The Demiari who would be more than happy to marry you, you could help double Hyrule's assets by a more suitable marriage," she said. Fayette looked down at the floor, feeling upset.

"Won't you at least give me your blessing, mother? I'd be so much happier if you did!" she said. Fenella let out a lengthy sigh.

"After all I have taught you..." she started. Fayette gave her mother a defiant stare.

"Those things aren't important to me anymore! Now I see why my step-sister married Link! Because..." Fayette paused here, then carried on. "She loved him. And I love Kendar, despite his humble beginnings."

"I suppose if that is what you wish, Harkinian and I shall give you our blessing. But do consider my words, dear," Fenella finally replied. Fayette rose from her seat.

"Despite what you may have thought mother, I DID marry Raymundo because I loved him. Not because of his wealth. And I shall marry Kendar for the same reason!"

"Very well," Fenella nodded. Biting her lip, Fayette quickly turned and left.

All her life, Fenella had made Fayette's decisions for her. From what she ate, to what she wore, to who her friends were and which social events she was allowed to attend. Of course, without her mother's ambitions, Fayette might not be in the place she was today, vice-princess of Hyrule, one of the Demiari's most influential and powerful countries but now, since she'd met Kendar, the title seemed insignificant. Fayette knew she would never be Queen of Hyrule anyway, that honour would be bestowed upon Zelda. She had met someone who loved her for herself, and not what she owned. And he loved her children. Not many men would be willing to take on so many children. I will marry this man, Fayette thought to herself. No matter what mother thinks. As she exited the Drawing Room, Fayette noticed her stepsister leaning over the balcony, looking down into the Great Hall below.

"Zelda," she called in greeting. The Princess of Hyrule turned to face her stepsister, an unpleasant frown upon her tear-stained face. It did not deter Fayette. "Zelda, are you alright?" she asked.

"What would you care, Faye? I suppose you've come to gloat," Zelda said bitterly, her green eyes flashing with anger. Fayette bit her lip. Usually she would have given her step-sister some snide remark; but Kendar would certainly not approve of such unlady-like behaviour, she was sure.

"Gloat? About what?" she asked innocently. Zelda's frown deepened.

"About me and Link, of course! Yes, you were right all along! We should never have married!" the Princess exclaimed angrily. Fayette put her hand on Zelda's arm.

"Look, I know in the past I might have..." she began. Zelda wrenched her arm away.

"Leave me alone! You care for no-one but yourself! Well I hope you're happy!" she spat. Fayette frowned.

"I think Link is just as miserable as you! Maybe if you two just sat down and talked about this..." she tried. Zelda shook her head, her eyes beginning to fill with tears.

"No! We tried, and he won't. He's going to Catalia with his beloved peasant girl! I should have seen it coming, when I first saw them together..." she sobbed.

"But Zelda you and Link... you've been through so much, you've been married such a long time, you can't just let him go," Fayette said. Zelda threw herself upon the balcony, resting her head in her hands, her tears falling freely now. Fayette wasn't sure what to do, she'd never seen Zelda cry like this before and she didn't feel close enough to know how to comfort her.

"He doesn't love me anymore Faye, and the goddesses know, I deserve it!" Zelda wept. Fayette gingerly rubbed her stepsister's back.

"Zelda, come on, please stop crying," she said, looking round to see if there were any servants about. Of course, it would soon be common knowledge within the court of the royal couple's separation, but the less the hired help saw and heard, the better, in Fayette's opinion. News such as this would soon travel round Hyrule after all. Zelda turned back to face her, her green eyes full of tears.

"Don't tell me not to cry Faye, not when you don't care!" she snapped. Fayette scowled, finally losing her temper.

"I was only trying to help!" she retorted.

"Well don't! I don't need you, or anyone! Just keep out of it, okay?!" Zelda exclaimed shrilly. Fayette folded her arms indignantly.

"Fine! Same as always, aren't you? No wonder Link..." Fayette stopped there, thinking of Kendar again. "Look, don't say I didn't try to help," she finally said quietly. But Zelda just stalked off towards the stairs, leaving Fayette stood there alone.

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