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Triad of Evil

Juliet A. Singleton (Scullys@bigfoot.com) & Kirsty Singleton (arcadionseye@btopenworld.com)

Chapter 12

     "Here's 100 rupees, it's all I've got on me, but I'll give you another 500 at least when you get to the castle. Please, this is your Princess we're talking about!" Link pleaded with the Head Healer at the Mido Apothecary and Healing Guild. He didn't have enough money on him to pay for their services as advertised on the board outside, but at the mention of Zelda, luckily the healers were only too ready to help.

"No need, no need! If it is Her Royal Highness, then we shall leave straight away!" the Head Healer proclaimed. Link thanked him profusely, before wandering back outside onto the street. He untied Carefree from the wooden stand that was next to the shop and mounted up.

"Come on boy, we better get back to the castle ourselves," he said, spurring his horse along the road in a brisk trot. As he passed down the street, he suddenly noticed a familiar figure seated on a stone bench, her head in her hands. There was no mistaking the cascade of red ringlets, it was Fayette. What was she doing out here in Mido? Surely no-one would have been allowed to leave the castle during the siege? She didn't look up as he approached, she was too busy crying. Curious, Link pulled Carefree to a halt in front of her.

"Faye?" he called out. Upon hearing his voice the Sosarian glanced up, her face all red and blotchy from sobbing. She gave a small sniff then delicately dabbed her eyes with a lace handkerchief.

"What do you want? Shouldn't you be in Catalia by now?" she remarked snidely. Link frowned.

"That's none of your business Faye. But what are you doing here, surely you should be at the castle, where it's safe?" he questioned.

"None of your business, Link!" Fayette snapped back, mimicking him. Link shook his head to himself, feeling annoyed at her attitude.

"Fine. Well I'll be going now, my wife needs me!" he retorted, nudging Carefree to go forward again. At his departure, Fayette suddenly jumped up from the bench and rushed after him.

"Link, wait!" she called. Link let out a sigh and pulled Carefree to another halt. He turned in the saddle, giving Fayette a frustrated look.

"What now?" he questioned shortly. Fayette let out a small sob and she wiped away her tears. "Is something the matter?" he asked, his tone still cold. Fayette gazed at him imploringly.

"It's... it's Kendar," she started, glancing down at the ground as fresh tears began to fall again. It suddenly dawned on Link why Fayette was in Mido. He took in the cream gown she was wearing, the pearl circlet in her hair, and the drooping bunch of red roses she was clutching. Fayette had been planning to marry Kendar that day. But he had never turned up. Because he had had other affairs to settle. Link stared in horror at Fayette, realising that he couldn't possibly tell her the truth. That Kendar had not been who he seemed. It was too cruel. Although he despised the Princess, there were some things that she didn't deserve. She hadn't deserved to have her husband Raymundo murdered, and now, when she thought she'd found love again, Link couldn't possibly shatter her fantasy. Fayette could never know that Kendar was really Enzar. That he had never ever loved her.

He dismounted and walked across to Fayette, taking hold of her arm.

"Faye, I'm really sorry, but..." he began.

"Why didn't he come? He promised me!" Fayette wept, sounding almost hysterical. "He said he'd meet me today at the Mido Chapel, but he never turned up. I've waited all day, all day Link! I thought he loved me, that he wanted to wed me!" she cried. Link swallowed, not really knowing what to do. Eventually he caressed her back a little, trying to comfort her.

"He did love you," he lied.

"But if he loved me, why isn't he here?" Fayette asked, still weeping. Link took her by the hand, looking her squarely in the face.

"Faye, he would have been here if he could have been. But..." he paused, feeling terrible by the lie he was about to tell. It would kill Fayette. But it would kill her even more to know the real truth.

"But what?" she asked, her blue eyes glittering with tears. Link looked down at the ground.

"I'm so sorry Faye, but Kendar, he... he fought really bravely but..." Fayette stared at him in horror, obviously realising at what he was getting at.

"No!!!" she exclaimed. "No, please Link don't tell me..." she wept. Link automatically pulled her into an awkward hug.

"He died a hero's death Faye, he was so brave but there were so many of Robert's men... I tried to help, we all did, but it was too late. I'm sorry. But I know the whole time, he was fighting for you, Faye. He told us all how much he loved you. He was so noble and courageous," he said softly. Fayette just sobbed on his shoulder.

"Oh Link, what will I do now?" she cried.

"I'm really, really sorry Faye," he replied. "Neither of you deserved this," he added, feeling there was some truth in that. Regarding Fayette, at least. He stepped away, regarding her with sympathy. "Come on, we'd better get back to the castle," he said, thinking of Zelda again. If he lost his wife, he'd be in a far worse state than Fayette, who was already suffering. He wasn't sure how anything in the past few weeks had come to pass between him and Zelda, but it was hitting home how much he loved her. He couldn't live with her, but he couldn't live without her either. And right now, she needed him more than ever. He mounted Carefree again, and motioned for Fayette to ride behind him. Then he spurred his mount on, riding him as fast as possible back to North Castle. He couldn't waste another minute not being by Zelda's side.


Back at the castle was a state of confusion as everyone attempted to get back to their daily jobs and tidy up the mess left behind from Mara's undead army and Robert's men. Selina had given birth to a baby girl, but she was still in labour for her second child and getting exhausted. Impa stayed nervously by her side, while at the same time worried about Zelda, who lay in a state of unconsciousness, her extremely anxious father right by her side as the Mido healer attempted to try and help her. Things were not looking good for either the Princess or the Dalsonian Queen. Impa dipped a clean rag in a small bowl of water, and wiped it over Selina's forehead.

"Come on Your Highness, it won't be long now," she said, trying to encourage her. Impa had helped deliver many babies over the years but never twins, and never a labour as long as this. Zelda's had both been relatively easy; in fact, Selina herself had helped deliver the princess's two children.

"Impa, I'm so tired!" Selina complained, her voice wavering as another contraction sent sharp pains shooting through her abdomen. Impa frowned, feeling anxious. Selina was losing a lot of blood, and it seemed like this second baby just didn't want to be born. She'd been in labour for hours and extremely exhausted. Nick had been in several times, but eventually Impa had ushered him, and everyone else, away. Selina's little girl, who had been born three hours previously was sleeping quietly in a crib nearby. She had light brown skin, brown eyes and masses of thick, curly black hair, weighing a healthy seven pounds. Impa only hoped that the second baby would be equally as healthy. Suddenly Selina let out a small gasp of pain, and Impa realised her contractions were getting closer together.

"My Lady, please don't give up, this baby shall be born!" she said. Tears were in Selina's eyes as she tried with all her strength to push.

"Nick... where is Nick?" she murmured, giving a sharp intake of breath. Impa stroked Selina's hair gently.

"He is close by, but you must concentrate on this baby Selina!" she said. Selina nodded, pushing again. Surely this could not go on for much longer. The pain was already threatening to overcome her. No wonder Zelda had not wanted anymore children! Selina had known that it would hurt, but not as bad as this, and certainly not have lasted so long. She wept in agony, wishing it was all over.

"Not much longer, keep pushing, I can see the baby!" Impa called, but already Selina was growing hazy. Whether she had the baby or not she didn't know as she blacked out from loss of blood and extreme exhaustion.


Link bolted up the stairs to his tower, pushing open the doors and rushing inside. Zelda was still lying upon their bed, the healer and the King by her side.

"Is she going to be okay?" he questioned the healer, who was looking extremely grave.

"We may be too late," the healer said sadly. Link looked over at the King, who had his head in his hands.

"No!" he said, reaching across the bed to the limp form of his wife, picking up her hand and holding it inside his own. "You have to do something!" he added, almost hysterically.

"Link, her wounds are too grave, she has lost a lot of blood internally as well as externally. I've stitched up the wound across her stomach but I can't revive her. Her pulse is barely there, it would take a miracle to help her now," the healer explained.

"I should never have let her leave the castle," the King said, more to himself than anyone else.

"No it's my fault. If it hadn't been for me, she would never have gone," Link said softly, gazing down at Zelda, tears forming in his blue eyes once more. The King looked up at him sharply.

"You really shouldn't be here, boy!" he said, sounding a little angry. Link hung his head.

"No Your Highness, but she is my wife and I love her. I won't leave her side, you'll have to take me by force and even then I'll fight it," he vowed.

"I see your mind is made up," the King said. Link nodded.

"Not even the Goddesses can part me from her," he stated, going round the side of the bed to be closer to her. Gently, he took her hand once more, caressing it with his own. "Zel darling, you promised me you'd hold out," he murmured, running his other hand across her cheek softly. Tears splashed down his own cheeks and down onto the bed, but he didn't care if either the King or the healer saw him crying. After all this, did anything matter anymore, apart from him and Zelda? He looked over at the healer again. "Is this all you can do for her? Is this it?" he demanded sharply.

"Your Highness, her wounds were fatal. I fear it is too late..." he said sadly, not looking at Link. The King let out a small sob himself, not speaking a word or looking at either of them. At that moment suddenly the door burst open, a panicky guard on the threshold.

"Sire! Mistress Impa pleads with you to send the healer at once if he can be spared!" he said.

"No he can't! Can't you see, the Princess needs him!" Link snapped, even though the guard had been clearly talking to the King.

"There is nothing more I can do for her, Link," the healer admonished, looking over at the guard, and then the King.

"The man has done all he can Link, all we can do is hope," Harkinian sighed.

"Hope isn't enough!" Link retorted, turning his attention back to Zelda. Her soft golden hair spilled out onto the pillows, her beautiful green eyes closed. She looked so peaceful... only her soft breaths gave any indication that she was still alive.

"It's Queen Selina, Sire. She's given birth to two healthy twins but she's fallen unconscious and Mistress Impa cannot revive her!" the guard continued saying. Link snapped to attention at Selina's name. The blood drained from his face further. Selina was ill?

"Then you must depart at once! Quickly, to second floor, this guard will escort you to Selina's chambers!" the King ordered. The healer quickly grabbed his things and left. Link shook his head.

"No..." he murmured softly. In the tower he'd thought that the nightmare had finally ended. But it was just continuing on. Harkinian walked over to him, placing a comforting arm around his shoulders.

"Come on Link, we have to be strong. For both Zelda, and Selina," he said. Link could only nod numbly.

Ewan let out a sharp gasp as he awoke from a dreamless sleep, and for a moment, the young prince experienced an uneasy feeling of disorientation. He blinked once or twice in the darkness and then slid out from his bed, his breath shaking a little as he did so. His sleep had been without event, and yet the prince felt as though something had awoken him, though he could not say what it was. A sudden compulsion overcame him, and he walked over to the window, picking up a small stool and standing on it so he could get a proper view of the castle under the cloak of darkness. As his eyes adjusted to the night's shadows, Ewan's eyes suddenly brought into focus the Triforce Tower and he knew what he must do. Stepping down from the stool, the prince crept across the room to the bed where his best friend Timothy lay, and he gently took his constant companion by the arm and shook him quietly but insistently.

"Tim," he murmured in a low voice. The boy shook his head in his sleep and turned over, facing away from Ewan. Ewan repeated his friend's name, a little louder than the previous attempt, and this time Timothy awoke with a startled splutter.

"Wh...what? Who..." murmured the boy reluctantly, rubbing his eyes.

"Tim...I need to go to the Triforce Tower. Will...Will you come with me?" asked Ewan, consciously keeping his voice low.

"Wh...why? My dad is on guard...the Triforce will be safe," said Timothy sleepily, laying his head back down on the pillow. Ewan stopped him.

"No...it isn't that. I...I need to see the Triforce," said Ewan.

"But why?"

"I...I don't know. Please come, I...I don't like the castle at night," admitted the prince sheepishly.

"Okay...but if we get into trouble," cautioned Timothy, groggily getting out of bed. Ewan smiled in the darkness, glad to have secured his friend's company. He had not been lying when he had told Timothy that he did not like his home after nightfall.

The two boys stealthily left the nursery in bare feet. They did not carry a candle with them, for no matches were left in the nursery to light them with. No doubt the two could have gained a lit candle from their nurse maid, Impa, but that would have brought questions that Ewan knew he had no answers to. Side by side, the two crept along the darkened passages which where infrequently lit by low burning torches, and the two were careful to avoid the attentions of the patrolling night guards, which was not altogether difficult in the darkness that had settled in the castle's stone passageways that night.

It took the two no less than twenty minutes to reach the foot of the Triforce tower, but to Ewan's disappointment, it was guarded. Pulling back around a corner, Ewan leaned in close to his friend and whispered his plan into Timothy's ear.

"We need to distract him...Tim...that knight's armour up the passage, if you could push it over and hide then he would come past here to see what's happening. Then I can get into the tower," said the prince softly, his heart beating hard in his chest. Timothy looked at his friend doubtfully, aware that such an act could result in punishment. Timothy was not the kind of boy who was easily pushed into anything he did not wish to do, but something in Ewan's manner and voice told Timothy that it was important he do this for his friend. The boy nodded resolutely.

"Okay," he agreed quietly and Ewan sank into the shadows thankfully and watched as his friend slinked away up the passage. Moments later a great crash sounded throughout the corridor, and to Ewan's relief the Tower guard came stalking past, sword drawn. The prince waited for him to pass, then crept around the corner and to the tower door. He reached up and opened it, before stepping inside the base of the tower.

He ran up every step, making little noise in his bare feet. When he came to the second door he paused, pressing his ear up against the wood, listening intently for any signs of movement within. Satisfied, the prince drew back and slowly opened the door, before slipping inside the tower room, clicking shut the door quietly as he did so.

The Triforce Tower was not sheathed in the darkness that Ewan had encountered elsewhere in the castle, for the three Triforces illuminated the room with their individual glittering light. Blue, yellow and red where the colours that each Triforce shone, but Ewan knew that combined, the individual Triforces would glow with the colour of gold. Timothy's father, Aaron, lay asleep in his bed, and Ewan gave him little notice before he proceeded to approach the glowing pedestal upon which the three Triforces lay. Standing on his tip toes, the prince reached out to touch the Triforce of Power which shone red light in the darkness, but his hand could only grasp at the corner of the pedestal upon which it lay. Grunting with frustration, Ewan cast his gaze about the tower for something on which he could stand, his eyes finally resting on an overstuffed comfy chair. Ewan looked to Aaron again, who still slept, very aware that he was already on thin ice. But he knew he had no choice. He walked over to the chair and angled it towards the Triforce before beginning to agonisingly push it as quietly as he possibly could towards the Triforce.

In reality, it only took moments, but for Ewan it seemed to take an age. The scrape of wood on stone as he pushed the chair was excruciating, as was every glance cast towards the Triforce's guardian. But Ewan succeeded in reaching the Triforce without alerting Aaron, and he swiftly climbed onto the chair seat, before regarding the Triumvirate of Magic with awe. Power, Courage and Wisdom. For a second, Ewan tore his gaze from the three magical prisms and looked out of the window of the tower, to another tower just across the way. To the tower of his parents, where a candle still burned, even at this late hour. Ewan knew his father would be with his mother, praying desperately for her to recover. Ewan knew this would not happen...his mother was slowly dying and he now knew there was but one way to save her. His sleep that night had not been dreamless, as he had first thought, and now he could remember the dream that had awoken him clearly. A golden women had been stood over the bed of his sick mother, and healed her with just the merest of touches. The Power of Gold. The prince looked back to the three Triforces and then reached forth with his palm outstretched, resting it against the cool surface of the red Triforce of Power. He felt the coolness within the magical Prism spread from his fingers to his wrist to his arm, and like poison he felt it reaching for his heart. He let out a gasp and then he felt his heart gripped by a hand of ice. His eyes widened and began to water, but Ewan did not flinch nor turn away. A steady hiss turned into a crackle, and a sudden shot of magical energy leapt from the Triforce of Power to Wisdom, to Courage. The sound finally awoke Aaron, but he was already too late. The stunned protector could only watch in awe and amazement as before his very own eyes he saw the mixed kaleidoscope of colours turn from purple to green to orange...and then to gold.

Ewan had never known such pain in his short life. His veins felt afire with ice, and yet he could feel the Power of the Triforce surging through him. Yet he did not let go. The Triforce began to shift and join before him and then as soon as it had begun it was finished. His palm no longer rested on just one piece of the Triforce, but its whole, the Power of Gold. Ewan felt his palm slide down the smooth golden surface and his eyes slipped half shut, and then he heard it. The voice of the Goddesses.

"Your heart is pure, make a wish that is pure of heart and it shall be granted..."

Ewan opened his eyes. The Triforce, now golden and in its true form, glowed before him in anticipation and the prince parted his lips and began to speak in a sincere but faltering request.

"My...my mother. Princess Zelda of Hy-Hyrule...Please...don't let her die. I want her to be well again...please..."

Aaron rose from his bed as he heard Ewan speak, and then he realised what was happening. The Triforce had been joined. Something he had read of in legend and seen only in dreams. Ewan was trying to save his mother.

"Pure one, your wish is as pure as your heart and shall be granted. Your mother...is well again."

As soon as the Triforce had finished speaking, Ewan drew his hand away. He regarded the Triforce silently for a moment and then his eyes rolled back into his head and he collapsed on the chair with a soft grunt. Aaron rushed to his side as soon as he fell and scooped him up in his arms.

"Ewan?" he asked desperately, looking down at the prince with grave concern. The boy was still breathing, but only just. The protector was momentarily distracted as he heard a hollow clink, and to his further amazement he saw that the Triforce had become three again. As if nothing had happened.



Hours later Link still remained by Zelda's side. Eventually the King had retired to bed but Link couldn't sleep. Earlier Ewan had tried to come in the room, upset about the absence of both his mother and father, scared because of the siege, and wanting comfort. Link hadn't wanted to tell his son that his mother was probably not going to make it through the night, luckily Impa had ushered the little boy away, insisting that he go to bed. Link felt bad, but he couldn't have answered his son's questions. Not yet, anyway. Why did it have to come down to this? Why had it had to take tragedy to make him and Zelda realise that after everything that had happened, they still loved each other? Almost fifteen years ago when he'd first met Zelda, he'd been convinced she was the only woman he'd ever love. Now he knew that that initial feeling had not been wrong. He thought of all the women he'd ever met, and not one came close to Zelda. Fayzie of course, would always be dear to his heart. Maybe as she'd said, in another life, they might have been more than just friends. But Zelda was the mother of his children, his closest friend and confidant, the one person he gave up everything for. And despite their differences, he regretted not for one moment marrying her. Even though it seemed like all Kylara's supposed prophecies were coming true he didn't care. Nothing was ever going to stop him being with the woman he loved. Nothing, of course, apart from her dying. As he held her in his arms he knew that he was going to lose her. Her previously even breathing was beginning to falter, she had shown no signs of improvement at all. He gently stroked her golden hair, laying a small kiss on her forehead. She did not stir at his touch.

"Oh Zel... If you go now, I can't possibly live," he sighed. Life without Zelda did not bear thinking about. Then he smiled to himself. He still had his children. But still... eventually he leaned down to plant a kiss on her lips, then got up off the bed, laying her down carefully.

"I love you forever Zelda," he whispered, a single tear streaming down his cheek. He knew that she was gone from him now. Hands in his pockets, trying not to shake he quickly turned away before his sorrow rendered him completely incapable of moving.

At that moment there was a flash of golden, iridescent light and Link looked around in surprise. He could have sworn he saw a beautiful woman with swirling amber hair hovering above the four-poster bed but it was gone as soon as he glanced up. However the most surprising sight of all was the fact that Zelda was sitting up in bed, blinking and looking slightly confused.

No... I'm imagining it, Link thought to himself, barely able to believe his eyes. This is just a dream...

"Link!" Her voice permeated through the air, bringing him back to his senses. "Link, where are you going?" she called again.

"Uh.... nowhere. Nowhere at all," he managed to say, dashing back over to the bed. They met in embrace, tears of happiness streaming down both their faces. "Zel, I thought... I thought..." he stammered.

"What... what happened?" Zelda asked, her expression still bewildered. Link shook his head.

"I don't know... a miracle, I think," he murmured, pulling her close for a kiss. The door banged open as a palace guard dashed into the room looking worried.

"Uh... Sir Link, Your Highness! Please do excuse my entrance but you must come at once!" he said.

"Why? What's the matter?" questioned Link.

"Sir, it's your son. We just found him up in the Triforce Tower unconscious. If it hadn't been for Captain Westley's young boy raising the alarm..." he started.

"No!" Zelda exclaimed, trying to jump out of bed. Link grabbed her arm.

"No Zel, stay here. I'll be right back," he promised. Zelda gave him a stubborn pout.

"No way Link, I'm coming with you!" she insisted. He gave in.

"Come quickly!" motioned the guard. They quickly followed him out of the tower.



"So she'll be alright then?" Link pressed anxiously, as he listened to the healer's prognosis for his wife. The physician nodded, smiling.

"She'll be fine. Never known anything like it, she's obviously resilient," he said. "A complete miracle. The goddesses were smiling down on The Princess this day." Link stuck his hands in his pockets. He didn't really know what to think himself, but Goddesses or not, he was sure that the Triforce had had something to do with Zelda's recovery. Maybe it was some use after all...

"I guess so," he finally replied. "Thank you for everything," he added, on afterthought. "I'll make sure that you receive a fine payment for all your help." The healer waved his hand and shook his head.

"Oh no, no, absolutely not! This is the Princess of Hyrule we're talking of, the most important person in the kingdom! I simply refuse to take payment," he said.

"I insist. Maybe you could put the money into researching some new remedies," Link suggested. The healer seemed to relent at this.

"Well... only IF you insist. I suppose some extra rupees would come in handy..." he mused.

"Of course they will, and of course I insist," Link said.

"You're a good man, Sir Link. I always thought that the Princess chose a good husband in you," the healer rambled, smiling warmly at Link. Link looked down at the floor, feeling slightly ashamed. He was barely a good man... nor a good husband. He still didn't even know if Zelda wanted to stay together with him. When she'd been dying in his arms she'd said that she'd forgiven him, that she didn't care, that she'd always love him. But he wouldn't blame her if she changed her mind. He'd deserve it. He looked back up at the healer again.

"The stitches... how long will it take to heal the wound?" he questioned.

"Just a few weeks. Any qualified healer should be able to deal with it... Mistress Impa should be competent as well. It's not too difficult," the physician replied.

"And there'll be no lasting damage? I mean, nothing internal?" Link continued.

"Well... that's hard to tell... everything seemed fine, but there's no sure way to be sure. Of course it was in a particularly bad place, but I don't think it should affect your wife's childbearing capacity, don't be worrying about anything like that Sir Link," the healer replied. Link felt a touch of bitterness at the man's words; Zelda had never cared for more children anyway. She had absolutely insisted after Brianna that she never wanted to be pregnant ever again.

"I'm sure she'll be happy to hear that," he said, sighing slightly. "Well I'll be sure to send someone along to the guild to settle the bill," he added. The healer tipped his hat then gathered up his belongings.

"May the goddesses smile down on you for the rest of your days, Sir Link. Good day," he said, walking out of the Great Hall.

"You too," Link answered. He stood there for a while, knowing that he had to go and talk to Zelda. But first he decided to go and see how his son was getting on. The healer had pronounced no lasting damage on Ewan but Link knew the best cure for his son was simply love. He turned and ascended the staircase.

Nick cradled Selina, his two children in his wife's arms. He placed a small kiss on her forehead and she smiled up at him happily.

"This is so wonderful," she said softly.

"You're wonderful. You and my two beautiful children," Nick replied, his heart swelling with pride and joy as he looked down at the two sleeping babes. "You know, you really had me worried though. Don't ever do anything like that again!" he laughed, referring to the previous night when she had completely fainted. Selina gave a small laugh.

"Oh, and to think, a healer needing a healer!" she exclaimed. Nick stroked her thick, luxurious red hair, before leaning close to give her a gentle kiss on the lips.

"You gave us all a scare. I was out of my mind, and what with Zelda as well..."

"Oh! How is Zelda?" Selina said, remembering her close friend.

"She's okay, I think. I saw Link before and he said the healer had given her a good prognosis, thank goodness," Nick explained. A look of relief crossed the pretty Queen's face.

"And Link? Do you think things will get sorted out between them?" she said. Nick frowned slightly at his wife's words.

"I hope so... I think it's best if we leave them to it and don't get involved," he said firmly, putting a hand over hers.

"But..." Selina protested.

"I know you just want to help, but this is between them two and nobody else my love," Nick said kindly, caressing her hand. Selina looked down at he babies again then back up at her husband.

"I guess you're right, it's just that Zelda is my best friend... and Link is a pretty good friend too. I hate to see them just being so stupid," she sighed.

"I think maybe they've realised that they still love each other. Link barely left her side last night or this morning. I'm sure in time, things will be right once more for them," Nick assured her. Selina nodded.

"Well you know, there is one thing..." she began, smiling.

"I was thinking the same. I thought, if you didn't mind, one could have a traditional Dalsonian name, and the other, Hyrulian. What do you think?" Nick interrupted, grinning widely at her. Selina laughed.

"That's a great idea! But now we need some names!"

"Go ahead," Nick grinned. Selina pouted a little.

"Hey I did all the hard work, you go first!" she laughed.

"Oh no, you caught me out! Ah well..." Nick appeared to ponder for a moment. "How about, for this tiny, beautiful girl here, Renee?" he suggested.

"Renee... that's so pretty. What does it mean?" Selina asked gently stroking the baby girl's head.

"It means 'precious gift', for which she surely is," her husband explained. Selina looked down at her son cradled in her other arm.

"Well we've decided for your sister, now you," she murmured. Only one name flashed through her mind prominently, but it was one she knew she could not choose. Aramis. She frowned a little, recalling her past love. How much she had loved him! Not like Nicolas of course, but she had loved Aramis all the same. But it would hurt Nick if she suggested such a name for their baby. Then she remembered Aramis' middle name. Alexander. It was perfect. She looked up at Nick. "How would you feel about calling him Alexander?" she questioned.

"Whatever the lady wishes," Nick smiled. "You cannot get much more Hyrulian, and it is a wonderful name."

"Sure?" Selina asked.

"Sure. Renee and Alexander Dalsona," Nick smiled looking down at his two children happily. Selina linked her husband's hand once more smiling too. She'd never felt more happy.

Zelda was sitting up in bed reading when Link finally ventured upstairs. He opened the door quietly, slipping into their room and closing it quickly behind him. He'd already spoken to the guards patrolling the foot of the tower; no interruptions, under any circumstances. Zelda looked up as he entered, her complexion still very pale and drawn, but there was a smile on her lips.

"Link!" she exclaimed happily. All misgivings he'd had before he came upstairs faded somewhat. She pushed the blankets back, sliding off the bed and standing a little shakily next to it. He walked across to slide a supporting arm around her, pulling her close. Leaning back a little she looked up at him, still smiling. He'd always loved her smile... "I've been waiting for you all day..." she murmured.

"Well, you had to get your rest Zel... and I've been with Ewan. He's much better now, was playing with Timothy when I left him earlier..." Link explained. Zelda caught hold of his hand.

"I have to see him soon. And Brianna too... I feel so awful I've never..." she started. Link brought his free hand up to caress her cheek.

"You can see them tomorrow, it's okay, you need to keep resting, the healer said so," he interrupted. "And Selina is going to be fine. Her babies are beautiful," he added. Zelda gave him another smile.

"I'm so glad," she said softly.

"So am I," Link agreed. They stood looking at each other, suddenly both quiet. Link wasn't sure what to say, while a flush crept into Zelda's cheeks.

"Link, I..." she started. She didn't get to finish. He didn't want to let her. Instead he leaned close to kiss her, in a way that left them both almost breathless. By the goddesses, he loved her. His eyes shining once again with tears, he took both her hands in his own.

"Oh Zel, Zel, I'm so, so sorry. I'm sorry. Please, I know I don't deserve it, but can you ever forgive me?" he pleaded. Zelda looked down at the ground then finally dared to meet his gaze; he saw that she was crying too.

"Can you forgive me Link?" she finally asked.

"I love you Zel, of course I forgive you. I should have been a better husband, I..." he started.

"No, it's not you, it's me! I've treated you so horribly and you never deserved it, I'm so sorry for everything, oh Link..." Zelda wept. "I promise from now on I'll be a better wife to you, I'll do whatever it takes to make you happy," she pledged.

"Just being with you makes me happy Zel, you've always known that," Link replied.

"No, no, anything! I mean, you want more children right? Why don't we try for another baby?? Wouldn't that make you happier than anything?" Zelda said, all her words rushing out in a torrent. Link sighed.

"I'm happy with having Ewan and Brianna. Just having you, Ewan and Brianna is enough," he insisted. Zelda turned away, stepping aside, her arms folded.

"Oh," was all she said.

"Zel... please don't take this the wrong way..." he sighed.

"What's the matter? Don't you find me attractive that way anymore? Or maybe..." she started, her tone angry.

"Don't be stupid!" Link interjected. "You think if I didn't love you, I would be standing here now? But can't we just take things one day at a time, huh?" he asked. He stepped forward to put a hand on her shoulder. "Of course, nothing would give me greater pleasure but I want things to be perfect between us first." Zelda turned back to face him, her face slightly flushed.

"But they are," she managed to say. Link sighed again. Who was she trying to kid? Then again...

"Come here," he motioned, pulling her back into an embrace. Zelda reached up to kiss him and he didn't stop her. It felt far too good, after all, and maybe she was right. As they reached the dizzy heights of passion, Link had already discarded his belt and tunic and steered Zelda towards their bed. She didn't resist, pulling him down beside her, still kissing him. Pausing for a moment she said, "I love you Link,", he answered simply by kissing her back.

They had barely got much further when the tower door creaked open. Zelda let out a small cry of surprise and embarrassment while Link quickly sat up, trying not to look too flustered by this unexpected invasion of their privacy.

"Should have locked it," he whispered to his wife, giving her a mischievous grin.

"I'll say," Zelda replied, her expression coy. They both turned to the doorway, only to see Ewan stood there looking quizzical. Link looked at Zelda then back to his son. Hastily buttoning up his shirt he hopped off the bed and dashed across to his young son, kneeling down in front of him.

"Hey little guy, are you okay?" he asked. Ewan nodded.

"I just wanted to see mother, that's all," he said simply. Zelda had also got off the bed and walked over.

"I'm right here, darling," she said, bending down and picking him up for a hug.

"Dad said you were sick but you were going to be okay. But I couldn't rest without seeing you," the little boy said earnestly.

"I'm fine Ewan," Zelda affirmed, kissing him on the head then setting him back down on the ground.

"He said you'd be sleeping but you aren't," Ewan added. Link and Zelda looked at each other again, smiling slightly.

"I was just about to, sweetheart," Zelda lied.

"Yeah, me and your mother were just about to get some sleep... why don't I take you back to the nursery and we can all do something together tomorrow morning, you, me, your mother and your baby sister?" Link suggested. Ewan shook his head.

"I don't want to go back to nursery. I want to stay here with you and mother dad... I want to make sure mother's okay," he said stubbornly.

"Honestly Ewan, I'm fine. You're so sweet, but you know, I've got your dad here to look after me," Zelda said.

"Yeah Ewan, you don't need to worry. C'mon the sooner you go to bed, the sooner tomorrow will come, and we can go on a nice picnic somewhere, won't that be nice?" Link suggested hopefully.

"I want to stay here, " Ewan insisted. Link and Zelda threw each other exasperated looks.

"And you want more children," the hero muttered darkly to his wife. He turned back to his son, trying another tactic.

"Hey Ewan, next month is your birthday, and how old will you be?" he questioned.

"Eight," Ewan replied automatically.

"So just think, you're a big boy now, you don't need to stay with your mother and dad at night, right?" Link suggested.

"But I miss you! You left, you always leave!" Ewan said plaintively. The hero looked down at his son guiltily, realising things had affected their son more than they had thought. He drew Zelda close with one arm, and Ewan with the other.

"I'm sorry Ewan... it's just sometimes dad has to go do things in other places, it's my job as a hero," he explained.

"But I don't like you leaving! Me and Brianna, and mother!" Ewan said.

"Ewan we're all together now, and not one of us is going anywhere," Zelda reassured their son. He clung to both of them. Link turned to Zelda, laying a small kiss on her cheek.

"Another night maybe?" he suggested quietly. Zelda nodded.

"Yeah... I guess we better let him stay here tonight," she sighed. Link rubbed her on the shoulder comfortingly.

"We've got plenty of time to be alone together. Come on, let's try and get some sleep," he said, leading both his wife and son over to their bed.

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