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Triad of Evil

Juliet A. Singleton (Scullys@bigfoot.com) & Kirsty Singleton (arcadionseye@btopenworld.com)

Chapter 2


"Link," greeted Impa, her voice tinted with faint surprise. Link had been hoping no one would be around...his and Zelda's split was well known in the castle and Zelda's bitterness had led her to stipulate that Link was no longer welcome in his former home.

"Impa...please, I just want to see my children." He didn't want an argument, least of all with Impa. She had helped him enormously over the years, and he bore her no ill will...and hoped that she would feel the same.

"I tried to reason with her, Link, but she would not listen. She is very distressed by all that has gone on, and I fear that she is not thinking with an objective mind as late. She has ordered me, and others, that you should not even have a sight of your children, never mind speak to them." Link sagged at Impa's words, detecting a mournful note in the old nurse's voice.

"Please Impa, let me see them. You can't agree that this is right? They are my children as much as they are hers!" pleaded Link, his brow furrowed with frustration. Impa remained silent, instead staring at Link, directly into his eyes, before finally letting out a weary sigh.

"You were a good man Link, the greatest of all I have known. I know you mean Ewan and Brianna no harm, as does Zelda. But have you even considered what you would say to them? They miss you dearly Link, and yet they do not know what has become of you. Could you even begin to explain to them, when I sense you cannot even explain to yourself how and why things have become so senseless?" Link averted his gaze from Impa's, fearing that there was some truth in her words. No. There was more than some truth, for Link had not even thought of what he would tell his young son and daughter.

"I just want them to know that I love them." Impa stepped aside.

"Then tell them that, Link. Ewan has asked after you every day since you left, and Brianna has been difficult to settle. She knows something is amiss, even if not what is amiss." She smiled kindly at Link as she spoke, and he leaned down to hug her.

"Thank you Impa. You'll never know how much this means to me." Impa smiled again at Link as they drew apart, but it was a smile tinged with sadness.

Link slowly opened the door to the nursery with a steady hand, hoping not to disturb the children from their sleep. He crept inside the spacious, airy room and was glad to see that all of the children were sound asleep, unaware of his presence. He made his way over to Brianna's cradle, and looked down at his sleeping daughter, marvelling at her innocent and calm face. He lifted the sleeping babe into his arms and sought retreat in a big, old comfy chair that was sat by the window of the nursery. She stirred a little as he lifted her, but did not wake, and as Link seated himself, she emitted a tiny snore, causing Link's face to light up with joy.

"Yeah, you're just like mum aren't you? She always snored too – though she'd never admit it," whispered Link with a grin. He watched in fascination as Brianna opened her deep, blue eyes and stared at Link contentedly, letting out a small yawn, and catching hold of Link's thumb in her tiny, pink fist.

"Hey there, little one. It's just your daddy," greeted Link with a smile. Brianna squeezed his thumb, almost in response, letting out an amiable squeak. Link slowly began to stroke the top of Brianna's fair head with his hand, holding his daughter close to his chest.

"I know you probably don't understand me, but I just want you to know, Bri, that even though I might not be around, I'm still thinking about you and your brother everyday and that I love you two more than anything. I wish it didn't have to be this way, I really didn't...but me and your mother have had a lot of differences and we've hurt each other a lot. Maybe...maybe in time things won't become too bad between me and your mum...but I can't promise anything." He smiled down at his daughter as he spoke softly to her, but she did not smile back, perhaps sensing his bright mood was all a facade. Instead she watched him, almost enraptured by him, her mouth moving up and down as he spoke but without making a sound. "I love you, kid," whispered Link finally, giving Brianna a light kiss on the top of her downy head. Brianna made a gurgled response, shaking her fists and wriggling back and forth. Link smiled down at his precious daughter once more, then stood and carefully placed her back into her cradle. She resisted a little, and gurgled in dismay as she was put back down, but Link stood over her for a while, humming an old Kokiri tune in a bid to calm her. It seemed to work, and in no time she was fast asleep – as angelic and serene as any child Link had ever seen. He finally turned away from his daughter, although it pained him to do so, and turned his attentions to his son, Ewan. He walked over to his son's bed, and watched him for a moment, admiring the boy's youthful and handsome face. Link noticed, however, that unlike Brianna, Ewan looked worried as he slept. Link had long known that his son suffered terrible nightmares from time to time – similar to those that Zelda had experienced when she was just a young girl. Ewan tossed and turned in his sleep, wrapping his blankets about him as if to protect himself from someone, or something. Link knelt by Ewan's bed and reached out a hand to his son, brushing him on the top of his head. In a second, Ewan awoke, springing to a sitting position and looking a little wary. In the dim morning light, he saw a figure by his side, and relief filled him when he saw that it was his father.

"Father!" he exclaimed, his face a picture of joy and delight. He lunged forward, grabbing his dad by the neck and hugging him tightly.

"Mother said you had gone away again...like last time but longer. I was scared...'cos last time you weren't here...something bad happened." Link nodded, and hugged his son back fiercely. He hated himself for having put himself in the situation where he had to tell his son that he was leaving him, but supposed there was little that he could do to rectify it. Ewan drew away from Link and smiled hopefully.

"Are you back to stay?" The question was like a knife through Link's heart, and he now realised the wiseness of Impa's words. Brianna had been simpler she, after all, had not been able to ask questions, whereas Ewan could. Link smiled back at his son, smoothing down Ewan's wild nest of spiky hair and shook his head.

"No." Before he could finish, Ewan grabbed his father's hand, or at least as much of it as he could manage.

"But dad..." implored Ewan. Link paused, unable to meet his son in the eye.

"Ewan...your mother and I...we've had a fight. A big one. We both said and did things that we can't forgive one another for, and that means I can't live here anymore." Link's voice was slow as he spoke, and he often faltered, trying to find the words to explain why he would have to leave their home. He barely understood himself.

"Well....can't I come and live with you dad? Mother could have Brianna and I could come and live with you," suggested Ewan. Link smiled at his son as he spoke, and gave him a hug.

"I wish you could Ewan but, see...well you know how your mother? She's going to be Queen someday. Well, you're her son and you'll rule Hyrule someday just like Grandfather. So that means that it's really important that you stay here – with the Royal family. So that you can learn how to do things right when you finally become King." Ewan watched his father, feeling a little confused.

"But what about you Dad? I...I thought you were important too. You're a hero!" exclaimed the young boy. Link gave a wry smile.

"It's not the same Ewan. Before I married your mother, I was just a palace guard. Just a normal guy who got lucky. Now, I want you to promise that you'll behave for your mother, and look after her and your little sister," Link put on a sterner voice for his last sentence, but Ewan just frowned.

"But where will you be? I mean, won't you be nearby?" Link looked at Ewan, and took a breath.

"You know Ewan, I wasn't born in Hyrule like you or Brianna. I was born in a place called Catalia, just to the west of Hyrule. There's a bad man over there who's doing bad things...and I need to go and stop him," began Link. Ewan waited for his father to finish before speaking.

"So you're going to be a hero again?" he asked. Link nodded and stood.

"I hope so."

As Link left the nursery, he found it difficult to recall a harder task he had ever had to undertake. He had never thought he would have to say goodbye to his children...not like this. His head hung, he walked away, when he heard the click of a door behind him. He turned to see his only son standing in the passage, watching Link leave with a look of sadness on his young face.

"Don't go dad. You and mother can forgive each other." Link turned to his son, and looked down to his opened palms. A lump in his throat formed as he sought an answer for Ewan, but none would come. Ewan walked up to his father, and looked up at him earnestly. "You can't just leave. Not now." Link drew in a sharp breath, his eyes meeting his son's.

"I have to. One day, you might understand. I just hope you never have to." Link got to his knees, and took his son's hands in his.

"Please don't go dad...please," murmured Ewan, his eyes shimmering with tears. Link felt his heart break as he watched his son fight back against the tears, close to them himself.

"I wish, Ewan, I wish I didn't have to. But sometimes in life we have to do things, no matter how much it hurts...whether we like it or not."

"But why...?" Ewan's voice was barely above a whisper as he asked the question, and Link could do nothing but close his eyes and shake his head.

"Sometimes there are no answers, Ewan. No matter how hard you look for them. I'm sorry." Link drew his son into a fierce embrace, tears finally falling on both sides. Link couldn't help thinking about what had happened. He had had everything...and now he had lost it all. Back to square one. Like the first time he had set foot on Hyrulian soil. Back then he'd had nothing to lose. He'd lost it all back in Catalia when the village had been attacked. Now it was happening again. "I love you, kid," said Link, his voice choked.

"I love you too, dad," murmured Ewan softly.

"And your sister...make sure she always knows that. No matter what."

"I will dad." Silence settled on the two for a few moments more, Link well aware that he might never see his son again once he travelled to Catalia.

"What about mother?" asked Ewan earnestly, breaking the solemn silence. Link bit his lip.

"I'll always love your mother, Ewan." He wasn't lying. Even now, he still felt something for Zelda... The two drew apart, and Link stood, looking down at his son.

"I'll miss you dad," said the young boy. Link looked down at his feet, then put his hands to his neck, lifting a silver chain over his head. On the chain was a carved green wooden ring. It was simple, but it was perhaps the last symbol of Link's heritage. It was a Kokiri ring...every Kokiri was given one at birth – to keep for life. It was all Link had left to give though, and he did it willingly. He crouched down and took Ewan's left hand, opening it with his fingers, before placing the ring and chain into the boy's palm.

"Keep this safe, Ewan. I've had it since I was born...it's a Kokiri ring, a sign of where I come from." Ewan looked down at the ring, then closed his left hand around it.

"I will," he swore solemnly. Link nodded, then stood once more.

"You look after yourself. I'll be thinking of you, and your sister." And your mother, he added mentally. Ewan nodded grimly, his blue eyes lacking their usual shine.

"Okay...but don't stay away for too long. We need you." They exchanged one last hug, and then Link turned and left, unable to look back. For he knew that if he did, he wouldn't be able to bring himself to ever leave.

Walking through the gates of North Castle, Link felt as if a huge weight were bearing down upon him. The early morning sun had vanished, replaced by dark looking rain clouds, that soon threatened to shower the earth once more.

"Link!" The Hyrulian hero heard someone call his name, and he turned, smiling a little as he saw an old friend approaching him.

"Damon," he greeted, his voice low.

"I just heard...I don't know what to say," admitted Damon, approaching Link with a look of concern.

"Then don't say anything. Me and Zelda...well I guess they always said this would happen, didn't they?" said Link with a shrug. Damon shrugged back, an uneasy look in his eye.

"To be honest Link, I thought you and Zelda would never be apart. You seemed made for one another," admitted the ranger.

"Well, that's what I thought. But I was wrong," replied Link dejectedly.

"Look, I just wanted to say, if there is anything, and I mean anything, I can do, I'll do it Link. You've done so much for Hyrule, and I think it'd be wrong to forget that," said Damon seriously. Link looked over Damon for a moment, then his body sagged inwards.

"I'm going to Catalia, Damon. I have to try and stop Robert now, before it's too late," confessed the hero. Damon stared at Link and shook his head.

"Into the lion's den? Link, are you sure that's a wise idea?" questioned Damon. Link let out sigh.

"I just wish I knew what was wise and what was not, Damon. I just don't know anymore, maybe I never did. Perhaps so far I've just been lucky," retorted Link.

"You've got by on far more than just luck, Link. I know that as much as you, but I really think you should reconsider going to Catalia. It sounds to me like this Robert is a war-monger. He's not going to stop – not even if you hand yourself in to him."

"Maybe not, but I'd like to think I at least tried to stop him. Look, I'm telling you this for a reason. You see, Fayzie and I...we were never going to happen. I don't know what I was thinking, and she knows I still love Zelda...it was all a big, stupid mistake. Well I brought her over here, and she has nowhere to stay...so I guess I'd like to ask you if maybe you'd take her in?" Damon frowned as Link spoke, before giving a slow nod.

"Sure, I'd do that. Any friend of yours is a friend of mine right? But see...I don't know how wild Zelda would be to know I was putting up the woman who broke up her marriage," began Damon warily. Link grimaced as Damon spoke and turned away.

"It was never Fayzie's fault. It was me and Zelda who broke up our marriage, no one else. Please Damon, I can't go to Catalia unless I know she's going to be okay," pleaded the hero, turning back to Damon. Damon cocked his head to one side, still looking unsure, but he finally gave Link a nod of agreement.

"Look, I'm here for the council meeting, and then I have to start sorting out a few things, but I have an uncle in Mido she can stay with. But I have to ask Link, are you sure she was a mistake? I mean, it sounds to me like she means a lot more to you than just some stupid fling," said Damon seriously. Link hung his head as Damon talked, before replying.

"I appreciate your concern, I really do. But there are some things best left unsaid," said the hero. Damon gave Link a tight smile and nodded.

"Fine. Where are you staying?"

As Link left North Castle, he couldn't help but feel defeated. He turned to look back on what had been his home for so long, a place of memories; that was for sure. He turned his back on those majestic towers, leaving it all behind. He trudged on and away, a chill wind in pursuit. Each footfall on the earth left Link cold, the ground beneath him was soft and mulchy from the constant rain that had drenched Hyrule for the last few days. As Link walked on, he couldn't help but catch a reflection of himself in the puddles that littered the road ahead. He no longer recognised the face that looked back...it was no longer the Link he had known and grown comfortable with. It was someone else, a stranger. The cool breeze in the air whipped around Link, leaving him wishing for a thicker cape, it scorched his ears and his cheeks and the dust that the wind carried was scattered into his eyes and mouth – causing his eyes to water and his tongue to taste like ash. The morning sun was soon forgotten as new rain began to spatter down onto the earth once again, fat, wet droplets splashing off Link's head and shoulders – soon soaking him through to the bone. But Link pressed on without pause, because to him, nothing mattered now. Not anything.

"Link! Look at you," exclaimed Fayzie worriedly as Link set foot inside the warm inn room that they had been staying in. The Kokiri woman got to her feet and rushed over to her kinsmen, regarding him with obvious concern. Link noted that she made no move to touch him, so he stepped away, hauling off his cloak and throwing it over a nearby chair.

"It's just a bit of rain. I've seen worse," he muttered darkly.

"Did you talk to her then?" Link turned to Fayzie, and looked her over.

"Yes I talked to her." Then he turned his back to her, walking over to the bed and sitting down before proceeding to pull off his boots.

"And? Is that all you have to say?" Fayzie was glad that her son was not around to witness Link's mood. The boy had made friends with the innkeeper's wolf hound which had kept him pretty much occupied for the last day or two. Link turned and stared at Fayzie, his eyes filled with frustration.

"Yes. That's all I have to say," he growled, his voice low.

"Fine. I'll just leave you to it then," said Fayzie, a little taken back at Link's attitude. It was her who had persuaded Link to go back to North Castle...to see if he could resolve things for himself. It was evident to her from his mood that it he had not succeeded.

"No...wait, don't go," said Link suddenly as Fayzie reached the door. She turned and looked at him carefully, her hand still on the handle of the door. Link stood and walked over to Fayzie, taking a breath, before reaching out to her with one hand, tracing the line of her jaw with a tender touch. "I'm sorry," he murmured, angered by his own attitude. Fayzie cast her gaze to the floor a moment, then brushed Link's hand away.

"Don't," she whispered, her skin tingling at his touch. Link backed away and turned from Fayzie, running a hand through his hair.

"You're right," he murmured, before turning back to her. He let his eyes settle on her for a moment wishing, and not for the first time, that none of this had happened. He stepped forward and drew Fayzie into a hug, which she gladly accepted.

"It would never have worked anyway," sighed Fayzie quietly into Link's shoulder.

"I know, I'm sorry," acknowledged Link. They drew apart and Fayzie smiled at Link kindly.

"Not in this life time at least," she said. Link blinked, then grinned.

"Hey, maybe Aden and Brianna..." he began. Fayzie swatted him over the head playfully.

"I don't think," she started.

"Well, you do realise that your son is the last true Kokiri? He's special," stated Link matter-of-factly.

"He'd be special regardless," said Fayzie solemnly. Link nodded.

"I know." Silence permeated between the two for a few moments more.

"Zelda doesn't want me to see my children." Fayzie looked up at Link, shocked.

"But they are your children as much as they are hers...she has no right to..." began Fayzie, the words a stream from her mouth. Link shrugged.

"If circumstances had been different, and Aden's father was still alive, would you have still let him see your son?" asked Link. Fayzie paused, then walked away from the door, sitting down on the bed. Link joined her, and took her hand in his.

"I'm sorry...I didn't mean to..." he started. Fayzie turned and looked at Link.

"I wouldn't. If Aden was still alive I would do everything to stop him from seeing his son. But that doesn't give Zelda any right to stop you from seeing your son and daughter." Link dropped Fayzie's hand and looked away.

"To be honest, I don't think it's going to matter."

"What do you mean?" questioned Fayzie, a frown on her weary face.

"Robert has declared war on Hyrule. Because of me. I've got to go over there and stop him," said Link simply. Fayzie let out a small gasp as he spoke, and took hold of Link's arm.

"No. You can't Link. It's...it's suicide!" she remarked, horrified that Link would entertain such a notion. Link turned to Fayzie and smiled at her as best he could.

"I can't just sit here and wait for him to go to war with us. We're only just recovering from the last war. And with Mara cooking up goodness knows what...this could mean the end for Hyrule. I won't let that happen. Not while there's still a breath in my body." Fayzie stood and looked down at Link.

"And how exactly do you think you're going to help Hyrule by getting yourself killed?!" she asked angrily. Link got to his feet and faced Fayzie.

"I'm not afraid to die, Fay, and if that's what I have to do to help then I will!"

"You're not afraid to die? It sounds to me like you'd welcome it with open arms! Don't use this as an excuse to escape your problems, please!" implored Fayzie. Link looked unmoved by Fayzie's pleas, and she knew that he had made up his mind. So she played the last card that she had, although she despised herself for doing it.

"What about me? You bring me away from my home, my life and then you leave me here? I can't do this alone, Link. I - I don't know how." The tears in her eyes were real, those, she could not put on. "Can't you see Link? Your country needs you here...and so do I." Link hung his head, and Fayzie knew that her pleas had failed.

"You'll never know how sorry I am that all of this happened. It was the last thing I would have ever wished for – to cause you pain." He said it with such remorse in his voice that Fayzie could not help but know that he spoke the truth.

"Don't do this Link. Don't go to death willingly." Link turned his eyes to hers, and shook his head.

"No. I would never go to death willingly. But this I have to do. I have a friend, Damon, who has agreed to take you into his home until I come back. He'll look after you and Aden – so you need not worry about that."

"It seems I have little choice," said Fayzie, knowing there was little she could now do to change Link's mind. Link suddenly got down on his knees and took Fayzie's hand in his own.

"Say you'll forgive me," he urged hopefully. Fayzie smiled down at him.

"There's nothing to forgive Link. I already told you that. Just don't get yourself killed – for your children's sake. You need to be able to come back from Catalia and make sure they never forget what a remarkable man you are." Link stood up, suddenly conscious of how close he and Fayzie were. Although they had both admitted and agreed that any kind of relationship would be a mistake, Link knew that his feelings for Fayzie were as real as they ever had been for Zelda. He leaned forward and lightly pressed his lips against hers, but just for a second. Then they parted. Fayzie looked a little surprised by Link's gesture, and he noticed a sadness in her eyes that reflected his own feelings.

"Come back alive," whispered Fayzie, before giving him a final kiss, soft and bittersweet. Link nodded at Fayzie and then turned to leave, although it was reluctantly done. Fayzie watched him go, her eyes now shining with tears that were yet to fall. "Goodbye Link," she murmured, before letting out an anguished sob and closing her eyes, wishing she did not have to say farewell.


A noise made her wake up. Hyrule's Princess sat up, alert, looking around in the darkness of the tower.

"Zel… it's just me," came a voice in the night gloom. She let out a short breath and pushed the covers back, stepping out of bed to greet her husband.

"I thought you were leaving!" she said, a little sharply. Link came into view, only a few feet away from her. He looked as despondent as she felt.

"I… I couldn't," he whispered. Zelda cast her eyes down to the floor, her heart skipping a beat. Link came closer to her, close enough to touch. "Please Zel, I'm so sorry, I'm sorry for everything. Can't we try again?" he asked. "I love you so much," he added. Zelda bit her lip, still unable to look at him.

"How did you get in? I told the palace guards under no circumstances were you to be allowed in this castle!" she said.

"You forget I know this place inside out," he replied. "Anyway, does it matter?"

"Yes! How DARE you defy me like this!" Zelda exclaimed, flushing angrily. Tears sprang in her eyes, because although she was glad he was there, she still felt humiliated by the events from the past few days. Link leaned towards her, brushing his hand across her cheek. She reeled back as if she'd been burnt. "Don't! I'll call for the guards!" she warned.

"I'm sorry. I just…" the hero started, but he backed away, doing as she said. Zelda swallowed, more tears streaming down her face. This time, it was so much harder to forgive. She remembered for an instant, back to many years ago, when Link had left her the first time. Thinking she was dead, he'd left for Catalia with Kylara. But it had all been a cruel trick of the evil Trenon, an illusion, and Zelda had escaped his clutches to return home to hear that her husband-to-be had gone. Back then, when Link had returned to her, it had been hard. She had felt nothing but anger and resentment mixed with desire, but now, the pain was far worse. The first time, Link had not left her intentionally for someone else. And this time, he had. And that first time, they had not been married, with two children. But it was almost an exact mirror of that time, so long ago. Zelda's heart felt so heavy that she was almost weighed down by it, she felt weak and dizzy, so distraught. How could Link have done this to her? Because you drove him to it, a little voice said inside her head. She looked up and met her husband's gaze for the first time. His face was nothing but sincere, his blue eyes also full of tears. She let out a sob and rushed into his arms.

They seemed to stand like that for an eternity. Link ran his hand through her long golden hair, pulling her close and right there, no matter how much he had hurt her, she felt safe.

"What we have together, it's worth fighting for," she wept.

"I know, I was so wrong to leave, I knew it as soon as I left," Link replied sadly. There was still one question that burned Zelda inside. Fayzie. What of her? She leaned back slightly, gazing up into his eyes.



"What about…" she started. But before she could finish, he silenced her with a searing kiss.

"Let's forget it all, let's start again Zel," he breathed.

"Start again…" she murmured back, sinking deeper into his warm embrace. "Can we really start again?"

"Please Zel, I made a mistake, don't drag this out," her husband pleaded. Fresh tears glistened in the Princess's eyes as she struggled to come to a decision.

"Oh Link… I want to but…" she wept.

"You said it's worth fighting for, our love…" Link replied, running his hand softly along her cheek. He brushed away her tears gently, before kissing her once more…

Zelda woke up suddenly, shaking with emotion. The space where Link should have lain next to her in bed was empty. The room was pitch dark, aside from the moon casting its meagre light through the filmy drapes across the windows. It had all been a dream. Link would never come back to her. He was gone from her life for good. He had packed up his things and left, carrying a ban from North Castle with him. The entire court was in shocked silence, and Zelda herself was yet to speak with her father on the matter. She knew he would ask her soon, probably before the council took place in the oncoming morning. Sighing, she rolled over in bed. It was still difficult getting used to sleeping alone. Zelda was a vivid dreamer, and often, she'd wake herself, and it was a comfort to find Link beside her, sleeping soundly. I'll always be alone now, she thought to herself sadly. She could never, and would never, love anyone else in her lifetime. For a moment she considered Kaibre… that all seemed so long ago now. For one, insane moment, she had thought she loved another. But it was nothing compared to the love she felt for Link. No matter how bitter and angry she was over their separation, no matter how humiliated she felt that he had forsaken her for another, she would always love him. It was the only thing she would ever be sure of. As the sky grew lighter outside, the princess' thoughts drifted to the current situation Hyrule was in, and the blood in her veins felt like it had been replaced by ice as she considered Mara and Robert. In every single battle against evil, Zelda had had an ally. She had had Link. But now she was alone against a double adversary she never imagined could be so powerful. Hyrule's army was one of the most powerful, despite its small size, and Zelda was unrivalled in her magical prowess, but could they alone defeat the oncoming evil? Link, I need you so, so much, she pleaded mentally. But she felt nothing back in return, no connection to her lover. He was far away from her now, and probably always would be…

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