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The Order of Fate

Juliet A. Singleton (Scullys@bigfoot.com) & Kirsty Singleton (arcadionseye@btopenworld.com)

Chapter 1


Hyrule, 4567...

A young girl, about fifteen years of age, slowly made her way up the rickety wooden staircase that led into the castle's attic. At the top of the staircase was a small landing, which was high up near the roof of the castle. A dark doorway led into the space under the roof, which was built over the main body of the castle. Lighting her oil lantern, she opened the door, and walked into the attic. It was dark and gloomy inside, the only light came from her oil lantern, and some small skylights set in the roof. Spiders webs, covered with dust stretched between the rafters, and there were many, many wooden crates and chests. The wooden floorboards creaked eerily, but the girl wasn't frightened. In fact, she was rather excited. Imagine what things might be stored up here! Her mother had told her that she too, had sometimes explored the attic, when she'd been younger. It was a rainy afternoon, and she'd had nothing else to do. She walked across the room to where some large, dusty chests stood, and placed her lantern down on the floor, and opened one up.

The girl, was in fact, a princess. Princess Brianna of Hyrule, to be exact. She was the daughter of Princess Zelda and Hyrule's most famous hero, Link. Brianna was absolutely beautiful for her age. She looked a little like her mother, with her fair complexion, delicate features, blonde hair and tall, graceful figure. But instead of deep green eyes like her mother's, she had bright blue ones, just like her father's. And her hair was curly, not straight like Zelda's. She was, some people might say, a perfect Hylian. Blonde-haired and blue eyed. The Hylians were one of the two races in Hyrule. They were elfin-like people, with a high aptitude for magic. The other dominant race were the humans, who had softer, rounder features and a lower skill in such ethereal powers. However, the two races had mixed over hundreds of years, and so were much more diverse. Some humans, for example, were excellent at magic. The only thing that separated the two now, was the fact that the Hylians had slightly pointed ears. Brianna was already showing that she would be highly skilled in the magical arts. Like Zelda, she was a quick learner, in fact, she adored learning. Diligently, she would pore over old history books, learning about the past, study ancient scripts in order to learn the difficult ancient Hylian language, or mix different reagents to try and make new spells. She was presently studying the magical art of thaumaturgy, which was one of the hardest in the field. But, Brianna liked a challenge. She was determined to become a skilled thaumaturgist within the next few years. Never mind studying, she also enjoyed painting, sewing and writing poetry, and sometimes she even liked to play the piano. And, thanks to the teachings of her mother, she was already becoming a fine archer, and she loved to ride on horseback, too. In all, Brianna was well-loved by the whole kingdom, mostly for her good and kind nature. She never seemed to have a bad word to say about anyone, and though she frequently liked to voice her opinions, they were usually good ones. The only person she ever argued with, was her older brother.

Kneeling down, Brianna rummaged through the various items in the chest. She didn't care that the heavy silken skirts of her purple gown were probably getting dirty and dusty on the floor below. Smiling to herself, she pulled out some old gowns. Probably some of grandmother's, she thought to herself. Sometimes, Brianna wished that she'd known her actual grandmother. She liked Fenella, her step-grandmother, of course, but still, she wasn't the same. Her mother had told her all sorts about Grandmother Alina, and Brianna had seen several painted portraits of her. Brianna thought that she must have been a wonderful person. She held one of the dresses close to the lantern, studying it intently. It was really beautiful, very intricate. Dresses these days tended to be a lot less fancy. For example, the dress Brianna was wearing at the present moment, consisted mostly of plain purple silk, no decorative needlework at all. Carefully, she replaced the gowns back into the trunk, and closed it. She opened another trunk, it contained more clothes. Brianna wondered what it would have been like in Hyrule over fifty years ago. Her mother told her that a lot of things had changed over the years, especially in recent times. Then she wondered what it might have been like, over hundreds of years ago. One of Brianna's worst bad habits, was her ability to lapse off into long, imaginative daydreams at any given moment. Leaning back against one of the chests, she started to imagine herself as a Hylian princess, several hundred years ago...

"Let's sneak in and frighten her!" Ewan grinned at his good friend, Timothy Westley. Ewan was Brianna's older brother, older by six years. He was a young man now, while she was still simply a child. He was the first born of Link and Zelda, and so obviously, the first heir to the Hyrulian throne, not that he really cared. Ewan was a rover by nature, and he and Timothy often went off on quests together all around Hyrule, and sometimes beyond. He enjoyed exploring new places, improving his combat skills, and becoming more knowledgeable. Ewan was a highly skilled in sword fighting, and hardly anyone else could match him. He was also gifted in the art of magic, but unlike Brianna, chose not to specialise in any particular field. Ewan was almost twenty-one years of age, and a very handsome man indeed. He was much sought after by many women, but so far, he had turned most of them away. He wanted to find that 'special someone' by himself. His most ardent admirer of course had to be his beautiful step-cousin, Lady Rosella Tantalon-Arguelles, daughter of Princess Fayette, Zelda's hated step-sister. But, Ewan didn't have any feelings for her, other than family love. He was profoundly handsome; tall, strongly built yet also lithe and athletic, a typical Hylian build. His reddish-brown hair was slightly unruly, but cut very short. His eyes had darkened over the years, so that they were now a deep, intense blue, rather than the bright, sparkling blue of his sister and father's. He always wore a slight smile on his face, and at times, it would break out into a mischievous grin, the exact replica of his father's. He was wearing that grin right now. However, he was a great deal quieter than his younger sister, though they shared the same good natures. He was perhaps a little more prone to getting upset over things, but was never angry for long. He had great judgement and a kind heart, things that would make him a great leader in time. He had inherited his mother's slightly psychic abilities, and his father's great fighting skills. As for Brianna, he loved her to bits, and protected her fiercely. But he still loved to tease her immensely.

Timothy was the son of Aaron Westley, one time Protector of the Triforce, and one of the Royal Family's greatest friends. He was now head of the Hyrulian army, since the infamous Captain Krin had retired. Timothy had taken the job on, after Aaron's apprentice, Sparks, had left to set up his own blacksmith business. He looked very much like his father, they had the same jet black hair and light but strong build, even the same gentle smile. But his eyes, instead of a soft blue like Aaron's, were a warm brown like his mother Aimée's. He and Ewan had been brought up together, and were a similar age, Tim was a year younger. The pair were best friends, almost like brothers. He too, was an excellent swordsman, and his archery skills were something to be proud of. In his other spare time, he liked to write, mostly poetry, but sometimes heroic tales too. He was quiet and shy, but greatly admired throughout the land. Secretly, he also adored Brianna, but would never admit to it, not even to Ewan. She was, after all, far too young for him for one thing, and for another, would probably marry some rich, handsome prince one day. She would never look at a plain peasant boy like him. Tim did know that Brianna's father Link, had had very humble roots, but he had been Hyrule's greatest ever hero, he'd worked hard to gain the respect of the people, he deserved the title of King which he had today. He, Timothy Westley, certainly was not kingly material. Just because Zelda had fallen in love with someone low-born, it didn't mean that her daughter would. However, it didn't stop him from secretly admiring her from a distance. She was so beautiful, so lovely, after all. He turned to smile back at his friend in agreement.

"Yes, let's! She'll be so terrified, she might think that a ferocious undead creature, hiding in the darkness of the attic for centuries, has crept out to get her!" he suggested. Ewan laughed, and then peered around the doorway.

"Brilliant. She's got her back to us!" he said, still grinning.

He stepped inside the room, careful not to creak the floorboards. He and Tim had taken off their heavy leather boots, so as to make less noise as they crept across the room. Brianna appeared oblivious to the presence of either one of them; she was leaning against an old wooden trunk, one elbow propped upon it, her hand resting under her chin. Ewan tiptoed across the floor as quietly as possible, when all of a sudden, one of the boards made a massive creak. He and Tim quickly ducked behind a chest. Brianna suddenly looked in their direction, a puzzled expression on her face. She held the lantern aloft, and glanced around, but could see nothing. Shaking her head, she put it back down, and returned to her daydream. A few minutes later, Ewan stood up, and quickly crept over to her. He placed his hands on her back, and Brianna jumped up in shock, and screamed loudly. Ewan chuckled, along with Timothy, and they both grinned at the Princess, who had now begun to glare at them in an expression not unlike her mother's, whenever she was angry about something.

"Ewan!" she moaned loudly. "You almost gave me the fright of my life!" she added.

"Well, that kind of was the intention," Tim grinned.

"So it appears," Brianna answered. She smiled a little. "I forgive you. But next time..." she began, trying to copy her mother's threatening tone. She didn't quite pull it off though, and Ewan and Timothy laughed loudly.

"Bet you thought I was an evil zombie!" Ewan teased.

"I did not! In fact, I was conjuring up this most lovely story about this princess who..." Brianna began. Ewan cut her off.

"Oh Bri, you and your stories! Please, spare us!" he exclaimed, still laughing. Brianna frowned a little.

"But it was simply lovely!" she protested.

"Yeah, sure," Tim said, grinning widely at her. Brianna couldn't help smiling back at them both. "Well, not that I'd expect you to understand. Mother says that all men..." she started.

"Well, dad says that all women..." interrupted Ewan.

"Oh shut up! I hate guys sometimes," Brianna sighed.

"Found anything interesting?" Timothy questioned.

"Nothing much, except these rather lovely dresses which I think belonged to grandmother Alina," she replied. Ewan pushed open a trunk. "Cool, old weapons," he remarked, reaching in to pick up an antique sword. Timothy walked over to take a look as well.

"I wonder if there's any old armour too?" he pondered.

"Let's look," Ewan replied. Brianna smiled. Only they would find that interesting, she thought, smiling.

She looked through some old crates, and then came across some really old furniture at the far end of the attic. While Ewan and Timothy messed around with some old helmets, acting most immature (in Brianna's opinion), she pulled open some drawers, and found an intricately carved wooden box. It was locked tightly, but Brianna found the key in the back of the drawer in a secret compartment. When she unlocked and opened the box, she found something exceptionally beautiful inside, wrapped in a piece of old purple velvet. Crafted from silver (which was of course, slightly tarnished, was a small ocarina. An insignia of the Triforce was crafted onto the handle. It seemed to have some sort of magical aura about it, she sensed. She gazed at it in awe. Ocarinas weren't used much these days, the flute had kind of taken over. That was a shame, Brianna thought, because the sound of the ocarina was so much sweeter than it's longer, thinner cousin. She gently wiped it with her hand, and blew the dust of the ages away. Feeling almost compelled to do so, she then brought it to her lips, and played a simple tune, the lullaby that her mother and nursemaid had sung to her when she was a small child. The notes were soft and mellifluous, calming. I play quite well, she thought to herself in surprise.

"Hey Bri, nice music!" Ewan praised from somewhere else in the attic.

"Thanks," she called back. Cradling the ocarina under her arm, she decided to go and show her mother her find.

Zelda looked up from the missive she was writing, as she saw her daughter enter the study. Brianna walked up to the desk, smiling brightly.

"Mother, look what I found in the attic!" she said, holding up the ocarina for Zelda to see. "That looks very old," she commented. "Probably part of an old instrument collection," she added. Brianna shook her head.

"I think it was someone's own special ocarina," she replied.

"Does it have a name on?" Zelda questioned.

"No. But it was locked up in a little box," Brianna answered. She handed it other to Zelda, who studied it intently for a moment.

"You know, this seems to have some sort of magical aura about it," she said. Brianna nodded.

"I thought so too. It must be enchanted. I wonder who it belonged to?" Zelda smiled, and placed the instrument down on the desk.

"Probably one of your ancestors," she remarked, finishing off the letter. Brianna sat on the edge of the desk, and picked up the ocarina again.

"Mother, I was just thinking about my ancestors. I should think it must have been much more scary to be alive back then, but they did have nicer dresses," she stated. Zelda smiled again. "That's true, I suppose. But Brianna, you do have some lovely dresses," she said.

"But none as nice as Grandmother Alina's!" Brianna protested. Zelda suddenly thought of her mother. How she would have loved Brianna, and Ewan, she thought to herself.

"Yes. She had some beautiful state dresses," Zelda verified. She signed the bottom of the letter with a flourish. Brianna noticed.

"Who's that for, mother?" she questioned.

"It's for your Aunt Selina. I'm inviting her down for Ewan's twenty-first birthday," Zelda replied, referring to her old friend. She and Selina, and her husband, Nick, the King of Dalsona, were such good friends, that they all treated each other like family.

"Oh good! Does that mean that Renee and Xander will be coming to stay?" Brianna questioned, looking excited. Renee and Alexander were the twin daughter and son of Nick and Selina. They were a little younger than Brianna, almost both fourteen.

"I certainly hope so! I'm sure that they wouldn't want to miss the party!" Zelda said, laughing. Brianna hopped off the desk.

"I'm going to make up a song especially for Ewan," she stated, smiling at her mother. Zelda smiled. She's everything I'm not, she thought to herself. Brianna was so thoughtful, so warm and kind hearted. When Zelda thought back to when she'd been fifteen, she felt rather bad about the way that she'd acted occasionally. She'd been so mean to Link sometimes, she couldn't imagine how he had forgiven her half the time. And half the time, he'd apologised when she'd started an argument. He was still like that now, in fact, although they rarely argued these days. Aside from the fact that Sosaria had isolated itself from almost every other country in Demiari, ruling Hyrule was relatively stress free, now that there was no threat, like Ganon, around.

"Mother? Are you okay?" Brianna suddenly questioned, looking concerned. Zelda snapped out of her daydream, and quickly smiled.

"I'm fine," she said, quickly sealing the letter with some wax, and stamping it. Brianna looked thoughtful for a moment, then she leaned over the desk.

"Mother, how old were you when you fell in love for the first time?" she questioned, her blue eyes glinting mischievously. Zelda leaned back in her chair, and smiled to herself. If all truth be known, she'd fallen in love with Link from almost the moment they'd met each other. He'd been so good looking, so... so different in nature to any other boys his age, especially the princes who came to try and court her. But they'd not shared their first proper kiss together until over five years later. Zelda fondly recalled the moment. It had been at the celebration party, when Kain had retrieved the Triforce of Power. She and Link had slipped away from the main hall, into the back passage near the towers. She'd been upset because her father wanted her to marry Kain, and Link was upset because he thought Kain might take his job. Zelda had realised, over the past few days, that she couldn't hide her feelings for Link any longer. She'd done so for many years, too frightened to admit to herself that she had fallen head over heels in love. She eyed Brianna evenly.

"I was the same age as you are now," she admitted.

"Really? You know, I know heaps of nice princes and boys, but I'm not in love with any of them!" Brianna said, her eyes wide.

"Brianna, you'll know when you are. You might not even see it coming... I didn't, and well, it's something that you just know, when it happens," Zelda replied, toying with a strand of her long golden hair thoughtfully.

"Was dad the first person you fell in love with?" Brianna asked, looking curious.

"I guess so. Well, there never really was anyone else for me," Zelda said, smiling across at her daughter.

"Absolutely no-one at all?" Brianna persisted.

"No-one, but him," Zelda verified.

"But mother, you're so pretty, didn't you have lots of princes offering to marry you?" Brianna questioned.

"Well, yes, but I loved your dad too much to even notice them, I think," Zelda replied. "Brianna, I would have done anything to be with him, if we couldn't have been together," she added in a serious tone. The she got up from her chair, and she and Brianna walked outside into the library together.

"That must have been so... so lovely! I think I'll write a poem about it, it makes such a beautiful love story. I mean, I couldn't imagine being so devoted to someone!" Brianna said. "Well... we didn't really confess our feelings until much later... well, I didn't. Your father did, but I was too shy," Zelda replied, feeling herself blush a little.

"Did you do romantic stuff together, like going for moonlit picnics?" Brianna asked. Zelda laughed a little.

"We still do!" she exclaimed.

"Oh, but mother! You and dad are too old for that now!" Brianna said, grinning.

"Excuse me, young lady. Your father and I are not old! Anyway, if you ask me, you're never too old for love and romance," Zelda replied, smiling back good-naturedly. They walked out of the library and into the gallery.

"Well, I think I'm too young for it at the moment. I think I shall just write about it for now," Brianna answered, leaning down over the balcony and looking down into the Great Hall. She could see Ewan and Timothy below teaching some sort of card game to Raymundo, and Drake's twelve year old son, Zachary. "Really mother! Ewan seems to think that every boy ought to know how to play poker. I don't even think it's all that exciting," she remarked. Zelda peered down over Brianna's shoulder.

"Actually, it can be quite fun... if you use real money," she grinned.

"But mother, Zak is only twelve!" Brianna said, giving her mother a horrified look. Zelda grinned.

"That lad will be drinking ale before you know it, if I know his father well enough," she laughed. Brianna walked away from the rail.

"Perhaps I shall end up marrying him! Or maybe I will marry Timothy! Then I shall be just like you, mother," she smiled.

"Brianna, I promise that your father and I will not stand in the way when you wish to marry someone. I believe that you should be able to pick the one that you truly love. I was almost married off by my own father to someone I would have hated, and so was your dad. We won't let that happen to you," Zelda replied, her tone taking on a serious air. Brianna suddenly reached forward to give Zelda an affectionate hug.

"Oh mother, I love you and dad so much!" she exclaimed. Zelda hugged Brianna back, then they walked into the Drawing Room.

As they stepped inside, Zelda saw Link sat over near the window, reading a book. He stood up as the two approached, and smiled warmly.

"How are my two favourite women?" he questioned, his smile turning into a grin. Brianna rolled her eyes, but Zelda grinned back at him. Even after all these years, she was still so much in love with him. He might be almost forty-two, but he was still extremely handsome. His dark brown hair was barely touched by grey, his face without a line. And he still had that irresistible smile... She liked to think that he still thought her to be as beautiful, as she thought him attractive. Zelda walked towards him, and her pulled her close into a hug.

"We're fine," she replied, reaching up for a kiss.

"Oh please! Do you have to do that while I'm here?" Brianna asked. The two turned to look at their young daughter. She was grinning widely. "Then again," she added, "it's quite good inspiration!"

"Inspiration for what?" Link questioned.

"I'm writing a poem about... love," Brianna said, glancing over at her mother knowingly.

"Hey, why don't you go and write it now? Perhaps when you've finished, I'll show you some that I wrote," she said.

"You wrote poetry mother? I didn't know," Brianna said. Zelda nodded.

"Yes... in my journal sometimes. It's not half as good as yours, though," she replied, smiling. Brianna smiled back.

"I can't wait to read it! Well, I guess I'll get working on my own!" she said, before heading outside the room.


Thousands of miles away, in the hot, steamy country of Benlucca, Molasar Dragmire, King of the Gerudo tribe, sat thoughtfully eyeing an attractive group of Gerudo women. He might only be fifteen years old, but he looked much older. Mature. And also devastatingly handsome. He obviously owed his good looks to his mother, not his father. He was tall, broad, with well-developed muscles. He had burning, golden eyes, which could turn red sometimes, particularly when he was thinking evil thoughts. His face was striking; a strong chin, perfect nose, dark eyebrows. His hair was a brownish red colour, short and slightly spiky. He snapped his fingers, and pointed over at one of the women. She was a petite girl, perhaps about the same age as him. She was exceptionally well-developed, with large breasts and curvy hips. She was wearing little on her upper torso, aside from a purple bikini, purple gloves and several pieces of jewellery. Her legs were covered up by billowing purple silk trousers, and on her feet were a light pair of silver coloured sandals. Her mouth was hidden by a veil, and her long, thick red hair was tied up in a high ponytail. She looked like any other Gerudo woman really, nothing special. But Molasar wanted her tonight. He didn't know why, he just did. Molasar's lips curved into a smile as the woman came and knelt before his golden throne.

"What is your name?" he questioned, his voice commanding sheer power, so that everyone in the room stopped and listened. The girl looked up, her golden eyes almost burning into his. "Kiadarli, my Lord," she replied in a nervous tone. Her name meant 'She of Desert Dancing'. Molasar looked her up and down with approval.

"Tonight you shall come to my chamber after midnight," he ordered. The girl swallowed, a sign that she was nervous. She would be a woman by the time he was finished with her, Molasar thought to himself.

"Yes, my Lord," she finally said, her voice shaky.

"Do not disobey me, or you shall be sacrificed in honour of the Great Ganondorf!" Molasar said, speaking of his father. At the insistence of his Aunt Faylita, a sacrificial ceremony was held every month. Molasar would pick out an unlucky victim each time, usually women who failed to satisfy him, or those who followed the Old Ways. The 'Old Ways' referred to how the Gerudo life had been when Molasar's mother, Balayna, had been alive, before the return of Ganondorf Dragmire. Now, the Gerudos lived in a reign of terror, with bloodthirsty rituals, lustful activities and sinful, evil thoughts. It did not sate the terrible, vengeful hunger Molasar had inside him, though. He knew that he had a purpose in life, one that had not yet been fulfilled. He knew that his father would instruct him, when the time was right. Ganondorf was actually trapped inside a spirit gem, buried deep under the realms of the world, but he could contact the Gerudos through telepathy. Molasar knew that one day, he might consider freeing his father, if he could ever find him. But not yet... no. He wanted to make the most of being the leader of the Gerudo for now, and take pleasure in life as it was. He suddenly rose from the throne. His father was calling him. Perhaps it was time...


"She really is something, isn't she?" Link said, grinning as Brianna walked outside.

"Mmm, yes. Goodness knows where she gets her big ideas from," Zelda replied, smiling at her husband lovingly.

"Oh come on Zel, you're a bit of a writer yourself," Link said, tousling her hair affectionately.

"I can't write anything special. Brianna's stories and poems are always so... so... creative!" Zelda answered.

"She is pretty talented, isn't she?" Link agreed.

"She's so good at magic, too. But it's a shame that she chose to do thaumaturgy, rather than theurgy. I mean, she can't control the Triforce with that!" Zelda said, suddenly frowning for an instant. Link stepped back and regarded her sympathetically.

"I know you want her to follow in your footsteps Zel, but I think it's best if we leave her to do her own thing. She's a very sure sort of person, I don't think she wants us to interfere. Anyway, its so peaceful these days, that we don't even need to use the Triforce," he said. Zelda looked up at the ceiling for a moment, then back to Link.

"But Hyrule still has its enemy countries! We may be allies with the richest country in the world, never mind the western states, and Dubatio, Moldera and Brynnel, but it doesn't stop others attacking! You know that Tanol will stop at nothing to get their revenge on us after we massacred the Carcastans, and what of Sosaria? Goodness knows what British is thinking right now. You know how unreasonable he's been over the years, ever since what happened to Le..." she stopped there, flushing guiltily.

"Zel, that wasn't our fault. Just because it happened here. Anyway, Sosaria is isolating itself. You know they won't let in any ships from countries that are our allies now," Link replied, folding his arms, and frowning slightly.

"Link, I've tried and tried to sort it out, but Lord British sinks any ships I send through as soon as they are sighted in Sosarian waters," Zelda sighed. "If I was a good Queen, I'd be able to..." she began.

"Zel, you are a good Queen. A great Queen. Hyrule loves you, and you've continued to keep the alliances that your father, and his father before him, and so on, formed. This country has never been at a more prosperous time. And it's all thanks to your good leadership," Link interrupted. "Our good leadership," Zelda corrected softly.

"Thanks Zel, but I just help you along. You do most of the paperwork, hold the councils, make the speeches," Link said, smiling at her wryly.

"Well, you help me just fine," Zelda replied, smiling at him.

"Did I ever tell you that you have the most beautiful smile in the whole of Demiari?" Link asked, grinning at her. Zelda nodded.

"Probably. But I think you just say it to get me..." she began. Link leaned forward and kissed her softly. She pulled back, and smiled again. "Brianna thinks that we're too old for this sort of thing," she said, giggling a little. Link laughed.

"We'll never be too old for this," he replied steadfastly. Zelda smiled a little.

"Well actually, I can see her point. When my father and Fenella got together, just the thought that they might be... well you know, quite embarrassed me," she admitted.

"I guess so. But that was different. I mean, your father was a lot older than Fenella for one thing. He was like fifty when she was forty, right?" Link said.

"He's twelve years older than her, so yes, that's about right. But anyway Link, didn't you just say we'd never be too old for this?" Zelda asked, her deep green eyes glinting playfully.

"Uh... well, you see Zel, I reckon your dad and Fenella probably got married more for companionship than anything else. But you and me, well, we got married for love," Link replied, clasping both of her hands.

"Yes, we did," she replied softly.

"I still can't believe it, though. I mean, you actually married me! When we first met, I didn't believe that you'd ever even look at me," he stated, looking at her with a fond expression. Zelda smiled wryly.

"Oh Link, you practically made my mind up for me!" she joked.

"I couldn't help myself," he replied, grinning. Then he drew her close. "I'm so glad that I have an incredible, beautiful, amazing woman like you to make my life complete," he murmured, before kissing her gently on the lips.

Fayette walked into the Drawing Room at that particular moment. She was still living at North Castle, more to annoy Zelda than anything. Since her mother still lived there, Zelda could not throw Fayette out, although she had threatened to do so on many occasions. Roderick, her oldest son, aged twenty-one, was living at her mansion back in Brynnel, managing his father's merchant business, quite successfully. Her first daughter, twenty year old Rosella, was living it up over there as well. She liked to host lavish dinner parties, to which she would invite all her Brynnelian friends. At the moment, the twins, Fayette's youngest daughters, both eighteen, Rosalind and Rosamund were also over there. Only Raymundo, her youngest son, aged fifteen, remained at North Castle. He was quite friendly with Zelda's children, and Fayette was desperately hoping that Raymundo would perhaps fall in love with Brianna, and marry her. Not that Zelda would ever allow it, though, most unfortunately. But she was always going on about how she wouldn't intervene if one of her children wished to marry someone, so perhaps Fayette could use her step-sister's vow to an advantage. Fayette also knew that Rosella was madly in love with Ewan, but he didn't seem to notice. Sometimes, Fayette wished that she could go back to her native country of Sosaria, back to the city of Evian, where all her old friends were. But it was impossible to go there now. Sosaria had isolated itself from the rest of Demiari; it wouldn't even let people who had originated there back. So, she was stuck in Hyrule for now. She frowned when she saw Link and Zelda caught up in one of their little cosy embraces.

"Really!" she exclaimed loudly. "There are places for that sort of behaviour you know! Like the bedroom," she added. Zelda scowled and straightened her peach silk dress up.

"Faye, this is my castle, and I'll do what I please in it," she said coldly.

"You could at least have some dignity!" Fayette almost screeched. She'd always been slightly jealous of the fact that Zelda had the sort of husband who completely adored her and lavished loving attention on her almost every second of the day. Not to mention that he was terribly good looking, and that she felt slightly attracted to him from time to time. Zelda certainly didn't deserve him, in her opinion.

"Excuse me? I'm the Queen of Hyrule Faye, don't tell me that I need to have dignity!" Zelda retorted, her own voice beginning to rise also.

"Jeez, can't you two at least be civilised for even five minutes?" Link asked, looking a little troubled.

"She started it!" Zelda said, pointing accusingly over at her step sister.

"What?! I simply just made a comment, and you had to reply in that awful, smug tone," Fayette said, looking angry.

"I did not! And if I did, well, you deserved it, Faye!" Zelda replied, equally angry. Link quickly steered Zelda close to him, and shot a cold look over at Fayette.

"How about we follow her advice, and carry on in the correct place," he grinned suggestively.

"I won't have her tell me what to do," Zelda said, turning to eye Fayette, who had begun doing a tapestry in the far corner of the room. Fayette was excellent at needlework, just like her mother. She turned back to Link. "But, I think I'll take up your offer," she added, taking his hand, and pulling him outside.


Molasar pushed the Gerudo girl, Kiadarli, or whatever she was called, away from him, off the plush, silken mattress. It was early in the morning, about 1am. She hadn't been bad, he decided, but he saw no need to give any of the women big heads, by making them think that he actually liked them. Otherwise, they'd probably start thinking that they were going to be queen.

"You have satisfied my needs. Now, be gone!" he ordered. Kiadarli hopped into her scanty outfit, and dashed out of the room. Molasar smiled to himself, and leaned back against the plush cushions which adorned the mattress. It was almost time for him to perform his first task. To get rid of his aunt Faylita. She had to go. Ganondorf had told him so. Faylita had big plans for Molasar, plans that Ganondorf did not like. You must finish her off, before she messes everything up, Ganondorf had commanded. Molasar had nodded. He did not like his aunt. She still acted like she was in control of the Gerudos, even though he had become the King. She could not be Queen anymore, but it hadn't stopped her from acting like she was. Sometimes, Molasar pitied her. She was becoming an old, deplorable woman. Well, she wasn't that old actually, but she was compared to him. Her time had finally come, and her days were over. Soon, he would go to her room, and murder her in her sleep. Then he would drink her blood, to give him power. Molasar liked the taste of blood. It made him feel strong, and almost placated the hunger in his heart. Almost. He knew that his destiny had not yet come, but that it was drawing closer to him. Yes, his needs would soon be satisfied. He knew it had something to do with a golden aura... it was there in his psyche, just out of grasp. He thought about it, concentrated hard. All of a sudden, a golden triangle sprang into his mind. It glowed with infinite power, shimmered and danced before him. That son, is what you seek. The Power of Gold... Ganondorf said.

"Yes, father," Molasar said. He knew what the longing was all about. He longed to be the most powerful man in the whole of Demiari, the ruler of the entire world. But he needed help. This object... this, artefact. Yes, it would help him to achieve this. Slowly, he rose from the mattress, and pulled on some dark clothes. Reaching into a heavily jewelled casket, he pulled out a jet dagger. Then he moved among the shadows, down the dark stone fortress' passages to his victim's room, intent on carrying out his terrible task.

Faylita suddenly stirred, hearing a sound in the darkness. She sat upright, looking around, but her vision was limited in the current conditions. She strained to hear, and there it was again. The sound of a soft footstep. It approached her, though she could see nothing.

"Who is there?" she demanded out loud. No-one answered. Faylita wrapped the thin sheet around her vulnerable barely clothed body, suddenly feeling afraid. The intruder finally stopped padding towards, and when Faylita looked up, she found herself gazing into a pair of fiery red eyes. "Molasar!" she gasped. No-one else, aside from Ganondorf, had had eyes like that.

"Aunt," he replied, in a calm tone of voice.

"Why do you come to my bedchamber at this time of night?" Faylita demanded.

"I had something to do," Molasar replied, still in that eerily calm voice. He bent down to look at her, and grinned cruelly. "Aunt, you have stood in my way far too often. Now is the time to be rid of you," he smirked. Faylita gasped in horror, her golden eyes wide in surprise.

"No..." she said slowly.

"Yes. I know that you plan to marry me off to your despicable daughter, Faykantra, so that she will be in control, and carry on your traditions," Molasar stated.

"So what if I do? Faykantra will make a fine wife for you," Faylita replied. Her daughter was a year younger than Molasar.

"I will not marry a Gerudo! I desire a woman far different to them! As different as possible! None of these women here will make a fine Queen! They are nothing but pitiful concubines and slaves to me!" Molasar roared.

"Molasar, the people of the north and the east will never follow our customs. They are too different for that," Faylita stated.

"I am very persuasive," Molasar answered smugly.

"You are making a big mistake," Faylita said.

"I plan to conquer the world, Aunt. What use is it marrying a plain Gerudo girl, when I could marry the princess of a foreign country? Then I would have a whole country to myself, not this pitiful excuse for a valley in a country I do not own!" Molasar shouted.

"Once you reclaim The Power of Gold, there will be no stopping your take over," Faylita argued. Molasar narrowed his eyes. How did his aunt know of this sacred relic?

"You are scum, Aunt, and I shall not follow your pathetic plans anymore. It is time for you to die!" he cried. Faylita jumped off the mattress and grabbed her spear, and held it in front of her defensively.

"If it means protecting my own life, I shall kill you, Molasar," she said in a strong tone.

"You can never kill me, wretched woman! I am too strong for you! And soon, I shall have the wisdom, power and courage of a thousand kings! Then there will be no stopping me!" Molasar laughed. He grabbed the spear by its blade, not seeming to notice that it cut into his hands, and flung it across the room.

"You are too presumptuous! Your father failed to get that relic, and he had experience and powers that you can only dream of!" Faylita cried, her eyes flashing in anger. Molasar stepped closer, and gazed at her evilly.

"I am young and strong, and the cursed two, those two despicable fiends who foiled my father's plans over and over, will now be old and feeble! I shall crush them like insects, and take their power away!" he stated in a triumphant tone.

"They are not that old! They are more dangerous than you think! For centuries, their family lines have thwarted Ganondorf's might! And now their lines are together, they have children that are the same generation as you, who will be as strong as you!" Faylita replied.

"I will not cower before such mere mortals as them! I am a great warrior, a necromancer of black magic, and I have no fear!" Molasar said. He cupped Faylita's chin in his hand, his nails digging into her fragile skin. She attempted to speak.

"Commit your crime then!" she said, as his hand snaked down to her neck.

"It is another time, another life! This time, I will reign supreme! Demiari will be mine, and the people shall quail before my mighty rule!" Molasar said, beginning to laugh.

"It is lies! You are not yet powerful enough! You must resist temptation. You are not ready. Wait, and grow stronger!" Faylita ordered.

"Witch! You have told me what to do for long enough, and I will not stand for it! I know it is time for me to complete my father's work, and you cannot hold me back any longer!" Molasar retaliated, his eyes burning. As he raised his dagger, Faylita suddenly created a ball of black coloured magic, and threw it at her nephew. Molasar screamed with rage, and swung out of the way. The bolt hit off the wall, leaving a blackened, smoking patch. "You shall regret trying to get rid of me!" he shouted in anger. He threw the dagger, and it landed directly into Faylita's chest. The Gerudo woman let out an agonising scream, and collapsed down onto the floor, her body covered in blood. Molasar bent down, and pulled out the dagger. He licked it greedily, savouring the taste of the warm, salty blood as it trickled down his throat.

"You have done well, my son. Soon, you shall set out on your journey, your mission. Soon..." Ganondorf's voice faded away, and Molasar smiled to himself. Finally, his destiny had arrived.

The next day, Faylita's body was burned to ashes. The Gerudo women all danced around the fire, singing and shouting their praises.

"Long live the King! Long live the King!" they cried.

"Prepare for the revolution of the century! Our race will dominate, and rule the world! We shall grow and grow, and become superior!" Molasar shouted, raising his golden staff in the air. "Superior!" the women agreed. Molasar smiled evilly, as he watched the body burn. It was already becoming a blackened mound of charred ashes.

"Poor, poor Auntie," he said to himself, almost leering in amusement. He had enjoyed drinking her warm, sticky blood last night. It had made him feel stronger, much stronger. No-one would dare to cross him now, not after what he'd done. He knew that they were afraid, and that was how he liked it. He fed on their fear, after all. Yes, they cowered beneath him. They would not disobey him. He had complete power now. Control. Supremacy. And it felt good. Very good indeed. "We will be respected, saluted, adored, bowed before!" he shouted out loud. "And I shall reign, without dispute, without revulsion!" he finished. The Gerudos all cheered loudly.

"Long live the King!" they cried.

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