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The Order of Fate

Juliet A. Singleton (Scullys@bigfoot.com) & Kirsty Singleton (arcadionseye@btopenworld.com)

Chapter 10

     Leigh glanced around as she stepped outside of her room, wondering what to do. She was supposed to have been with Zelda, unlocking that damned chest, but after the little blow-up a few minutes earlier, she wasn't altogether sure if that would be happening. She couldn't believe she and Ewan had been caught, by Zelda of all people. She realised how, how teenish it sounded. Caught by her lover's mother. She was 26, scratch that, 27 years old. Ewan was 6 years younger than her. She shook her head and began to make her way down the passage, wondering how she had gotten herself into such a predicament. Ewan had come to her, not the other way round. She should've stopped it right at the start, perhaps then she would've had at least half a chance of making up with Zelda. Looking back to how Zelda had treated her, not just now, but then as well, Leigh secretly thought Zelda was the one who should be apologising to her, but as that wasn't looking likely, Leigh decided it was up to her to eat the humble pie. Those few months she'd spent with her friends from Sosaria, and then those that followed, where she had been alone, not trusted by anyone made her realise that she was the Avatar and she did have responsibilities. And that included, in her book at least, not having some petty argument with anyone. Including Zelda. Her main priority now though was to get back to how she had been, mentally and physically strong and fit, so that she could return to Sosaria and sort whatever was going on out. As she contemplated all of this, she didn't see Fayette, who was flouncing down the corridor towards her.

"Oh Leigh, Just the woman I've been wanting to see!" piped up the widow loudly. Leigh looked up and grimaced slightly. She hated Fayette, Fayette was one of those people who really annoyed her. She decided that perhaps she should just keep her mouth shut, and keep her temper. She wanted to show people, especially Fayette, that she couldn't be wound up like she had been. "Really, you should be ashamed of yourself," began Fayette in a snooty voice.

"Oh really?" asked Leigh, her voice a little on the sarcastic side.

"Yes. Having an affair with a man, no a BOY whose six years younger than you, even more if you count up all of those years you've been around. To be quite frank, it's a disgrace," said Fayette overly dramatic. Leigh raised one eyebrow slightly.

"Fayette, you really make me wonder. One might think you just happen to be saying that because you know you couldn't get a younger man, or a prince, even if you tried so hard you'd go blue in the face," said Leigh in an even tone. Fayette glared at Leigh.

"Excuse me, but I'll let you know right now that I could have any man I wanted to if I chose so," said Fayette. Leigh tilted her head to one side, scratching one eyebrow.

"I very much doubt that. After all, it look's like you never managed to get Nick, and he wed, what was she, oh yes, as you like to say 'a mere peasant'," pointed out Leigh.

"That's because I decided he wasn't for me, he was simply devastated when I told him," said Fayette beginning to get a little flustered.

"Faye, Faye, Faye, really, you must think I was born yesterday. I happen to know that Nick couldn't, and still can't stand you, not unlike everyone else around here," said Leigh shaking her head a little.

"You be careful what you say, or, or I'll have you thrown from these premises!" said Fayette, raising her voice.

"Go ahead Faye, I'll be leaving soon anyway, I'm a big girl now, and I can fend for myself," said Leigh. Fayette let out a snort.

"Last thing I heard you were being pushed through a pair of French doors by a disgruntled guest," said Fayette, smiling slightly at the thought. When she noticed Leigh was stumbling for a reply, she quickly added

"What's wrong Leigh dearest, cat got your tongue, or would that be young Ewan?" said Fayette, really quite pleased with herself. Leigh frowned in disgust.

"That is so low," she complained. Fayette just smiled, glad that the tables were turning back her way.

"Not lower than having a sordid little affair with someone who you knew when they were five and you were 26," retorted Fayette.

"That, that isn't even anything to do with this," protested Leigh.

"Does Ewan dear know about you and his father?" leered Fayette.

"Actually, for your misguided information, he knows everything, including that whole non-existent thing with his father," said Leigh, smug.

"Anyone could tell, can tell, that you love Link, you adore him," accused Fayette.

"No I didn't, and still don't," said Leigh, feeling herself blush a little.

"You're lying, I can tell," stated Fayette.

"Yeah, you'd know all about lying wouldn't you?" said Leigh, her temper slipping from her grip a little.

"How dare you accuse me of such a thing, as if I'd lie," said Fayette in disbelief.

"Oh give it up. You're the most conniving, snakey, sly, liar I've ever met," said Leigh, even though the statement wasn't entirely true. There was Batlin the Sage after all, but he didn't count in this situation.

"Well in that case, you haven't met many people then," said Fayette after a moments pause. "I've met more people you could meet in a lifetime, 2 or 3 lifetimes even, so don't tell me I've not met many," replied Leigh coolly. Fayette opened her mouth to reply, but changed her mind. The argument was clearly over.

"Hmmph!" snorted Fayette, before hitching up her skirts and pushing past Leigh down the corridor. Leigh turned and watched Fayette as she literally bounced down the corridor, a slight smile on her lips.

"No...I don't. But how come you want to know?" replied Ewan as he answered Tim's question as to where Brianna was, and where she was going every day. Timothy shrugged.

"It wasn't really me, it was Alyssand, she wants me to follow Brianna with her tomorrow," explained Tim. Ewan nodded and squinted across at the distant target. He drew back his bow, firing off an arrow towards the target. He turned back to Timothy.

"Well why d'you want to follow her? I mean, don't you have better things to do?" asked Ewan. He turned back to see the destination of his arrow. It was inches above the bulls-eye. Timothy shrugged.

"It's Alyssand's idea, I don't know why, girl's stuff I suppose," said Tim. Ewan raised an eyebrow.

"Girl's stuff? As in what exactly?" asked Ewan.

"I, I don't know, I guess we're just watching out for her, that's all," said Timothy. Ewan turned back to the target, taking another arrow from the quiver that was slung across his shoulder.

"Knowing Bri, she'll have just found a place to write poetry or something, you know what she's like," he said casually.

"But she shouldn't be going off alone, anything could happen, I mean after those two guys got murdered, it's dangerous!" said Timothy, blurting it all out suddenly. Ewan looked back at his friend surprised, then he smiled teasingly.

"I never knew you cared," he joked. Timothy looked to the ground, scuffing his boots.

"But it's true Ewan, you know it is," said Timothy, skirting along the subject. Ewan turned back to the target.

"So why don't you just ask her, tell her it's dangerous, hell, I could do it," said Ewan, placing his arrow on his bow.

"Yeah, but..." began Timothy, realising the whole concept was a far better idea.

"She might get mad though, if we confront her I mean," he suddenly said. Ewan turned back to his friend and raised both of his eyebrows.

"Tim, it's far more likely that she'd get mad if she spotted you following her around," said Ewan.

"Fine, you're right. Look, I think you should have a word with her, you are her brother," said Timothy. Ewan nodded.

"Sure whatever, I'll see her when she gets back," said Ewan, turning back to his target practice. Timothy nodded, feeling a little confused.

"Yeah okay, well, I'll see you around," said Tim, before leaving Ewan alone in the courtyard.

Leigh walked down the steps to the cellar, wondering if Zelda would be there. Not that she needed Zelda, she could probably open the chest herself, even if that meant breaking Zelda's magic. That was if she was strong enough yet. Suddenly, a figure stepped out of the darkness, causing Leigh to gasp in surprise. She stepped back, pulling a dagger from her belt, wielding it in front of her. The figure was cloaked, and also wielding a dagger.

"Look, whoever you are, this isn't funny," began Leigh, hoping it was a joke of some kind. After all, how had someone managed to sneak down here in the first place. Then she heard a movement from behind.

"Uh-huh, yes it is, its wheeel funny!" spoke a muffled voice from behind Leigh. She whirled around. "Yeah, wheeeel funny!" repeated the other figure, his voice far more whiny.

"You won't be saying that when you're cut to ribbons on the floor," threatened Leigh stepping forward.

"Like wees gonna be scared o' you pwincess!" said the figure before her. Leigh rolled her eyes, how she could be mistaken for Zelda or Brianna was still beyond her.

"She isn't a princess," spoke a deep voice, to Leigh's side. Leigh turned, feeling a little relieved, perhaps there was some help at hand. As she turned she immediately regretted it, as she felt a cold blade of steel pushed against her throat.

"Wot?" asked a voice from behind her. Leigh squeezed her eyes shut for a second, barely daring to breath. Whoever was holding her at knifepoint spoke.

"Because she clearly isn't Zelda, and...she isn't Brianna," said the voice.

"Yeah, that's right, do you have a problem with that?" demanded Leigh bravely. She could almost hear her tormentor smile.

"Not at all, it means we can deal with you now, and not too much of a thing will be made of it," he replied.

"Yeah, nowone will take no notice, will dey?" mocked another voice.

"Can we kiwl 'er now den?" asked the other voice.

"Drop the knife," commanded whoever was in front. Leigh obeyed immediately. The knife clattered harmlessly to the ground, skittering across the floor. She felt herself being shoved back, and she fell clumsily to the ground.

"Now you can, deal with her while I get the sword," said the figure, leaving her with his two henchmen.

"Oh goody, I ain't kiwled a human bean in a while," slobbered one voice.

"Me neiver, let me kiwl 'er first, slit 'er twoat why don't you?!" replied the other voice. As they both dived towards her, Leigh slid herself back, and the two clumsy henchmen crashed into each other. Leigh got up and glanced around for her dagger, spotting it in the corner. She sprinted across the room, and grabbed the sliver of silver.

"Awww, where's she gone, eh? He's gonna kiwl us!" she heard one of them moan.

"She's over der, get 'er!" said the other, and they both turned, ready to give chase. Leigh meanwhile was ready for the two, deftly tripping up the first, and slashing the second across the face with her dagger. They both fell to the ground moaning, but Leigh figured she didn't have enough time to finish them, because the other one was after the sword, and the only sword worth acquiring down here was the Black sword, and if that fell into the wrong hands... She didn't pause to mull it over any longer, and charged down the nearest passage, one which she recalled led to the hidden chest.

Molasar smiled as he watched Leigh run down the passage, and began to follow her. She would lead him straight to his father, and the sword. His father had informed him all about Leigh Temple, and her prowess at magic. Zelda would not be needed to open the chest, Leigh could manage it alone. And he was sure he could convince her to do it for him as well, with a little persuasion.

Leigh looked at the open wall in dismay, the wall was normally closed, a concealed entrance to the chamber which contained the sword. That meant they were already there. She looked down at her dagger, then plunged into the darkness below.

"You took your time," complained Zelda when she saw Leigh arrive, when she noticed Leigh wielding a knife, she paused.

"What, may I ask, are you doing?" demanded Zelda. Leigh looked across at Zelda.

"I've just been attacked, I heard one of them say, say they were coming down here for the sword, I thought they were already down here," said Leigh, barely breathless despite her sprint.

"And you were right," said a voice from behind the two. Leigh whirled around.

"Oh brilliant, you led him right here," moaned Zelda. Leigh turned to Zelda for a moment.

"Hey don't you go blaming this on me, how was I supposed to know?" asked Leigh, then she felt a firm hand grasp her around the throat, the all too familiar feel of cool steel against her skin. The dagger in her hand dropped to the floor once more

"Really, I was expected so much more from you...Avatar," said the figure. Leigh's eye's widened at the mention of her title, she hadn't thought that many knew of her around here, unless it was some poor sod who'd been possessed by the Guardian or something.

"Okay, now you, yes you, take off your own spell," instructed the figure to Zelda. Zelda stood there, and calmly asked,

"Or what?" Leigh felt the blade press further into her neck, she couldn't even gulp.

"I think it should be painfully obvious," said the figure with a laugh. Zelda shook her head. "Not to me it isn't," she said calmly.

"Is this obvious enough for you?" asked the figure, drawing the blade across Leigh's neck, cutting deep enough to draw blood, but not enough to kill her. Zelda looked a little shocked by the threat, and then he let go of Leigh, sending her to the floor. She choked a little, and looked up at Zelda.

"You'll have to threaten her with something a lot more of value to her if you want to get anywhere," said Leigh, her voice just above a whisper. She put one hand to her throat, to ebb the flow, blood spreading around her hand in a grim outline. Zelda looked down at Leigh, immediately feeling guilty, she looked up at the figure.

"Fine, but don't think I'll be able to open her magic," she agreed, turning to the chest and slowly chanting a few words. The blue light around the chest faded for a second, and was replaced with a paler blue. The figure kicked Leigh roughly.

"Go on, it's your turn," he said. Leigh used her free hand to grip the wall and haul herself up. She drew her hand away from her throat and looked down at it, it was soaked with her own blood. She gulped a little, glad the cut was only superficial, she was still worried at the amount of blood she was losing. "Open the chest," demanded the voice, impatient at Leigh's faltering.

"Or what?" asked Leigh, turning around to face the figure.

"Or else that slit in your throat will be far, far wider," threatened the figure. Leigh smiled slightly.

"But then you wouldn't be able to open the chest, ever," pointed out Leigh. The figure appeared to think for a moment, then spoke,

"Well I'd just have to live with that, won't I?" Without warning, he leapt forward towards Leigh, and knocked her to the ground, landing on top of her. The figure held his knife up above and tried to bring it down, but Leigh reached up and grabbed her attacker's arms, using all of her strength to ensure he couldn't bring the blade down. She felt herself losing more and more blood as the muscles in her neck strained with the pressure. Her eyes began to cloud, and her vision began to swim, and she felt herself growing weaker and weaker, the knife inching closer and closer to her neck until everything went black.

"No!" yelled Zelda from behind the two. Using the Triforce, she zapped a bolt of blue magic towards the masked assassin, knocking whoever it was from over Leigh and across the room. She winced as the recoil sent her stumbling backwards against the wall, but was quickly on her feet again and rushed over to Leigh. She glanced down at the Avatar, who was out cold. She felt for a pulse on Leigh's neck, finding one, although it was fairly weak. She looked around, and saw the figure standing up, slightly shaky on his feet. Zelda stood up. "Who are you?!" she demanded, feeling a little uneasy herself.

"You'll soon find out, in time," sneered the figure, before walking calmly away.

"Wait! You'll never get past the guards! Guards!" yelled Zelda loudly. "Guards!" she yelled again, then she got to her knees besides Leigh, and quickly attempted at trying to heal the wound on Leigh's neck. The wound slowly closed up, the blood easing away miraculously. Zelda let out a sigh of relief and checked Leigh's pulse once more, it was beginning to become stronger. "Come on, wake up," urged Zelda impatiently. She stood up and jogged up the stairs. "Guards!" she yelled. No-one could probably hear her, she thought. Surely whoever it was couldn't just walk out of the castle, unquestioned. She glanced back down the stairwell. Sighing, she ran back down, to find Leigh just stirring. The young heroine held a hand to her head, dazed and confused.

"What happened?" she murmured. Then she looked up and saw Zelda, and it all came flooding back. Her hand immediately flew to her neck, which was, of course, now healed. She turned her gaze back to Zelda. "What happened?" she repeated.

"Whoever it was they got away, they were this close to killing you," said Zelda, looking unhappy. Leigh looked down at her hands, then back to Zelda, noticing a smear of blood across the Queen's own hands.

"You...saved me?" she asked warily.

"Don't think it changes anything between us. It's your turn to owe me, Leigh," said Zelda coldly. Leigh stared at Zelda in disbelief.

"What?" she asked incredulously.

"You heard me. Now I hope this may give you the incentive to fulfil my previous request," said Zelda, before leaving the room, walking back up the steps. Leigh quickly scrambled up and followed Zelda, catching up with her halfway up. She caught hold of Zelda by the shoulder, turning her round to face her.

"Your previous request?" questioned Leigh, her head still throbbing.

"That you keep away from my family, and my son," said Zelda. She glared at Leigh, a stare that the Avatar laid even with.

"Fine. I'll be glad to get of this goddamned place as soon as possible," said Leigh furiously, although inside, her heart was tearing in two.

"Don't let me keep you. The sooner you leave this place, the better," said Zelda, turning and retreating back up the stairs. Leigh stood there for a moment, then followed, not saying a word.

"Bri?" asked Ewan, tapping on the door to his sister's room.

"Yeah?" replied his sister's voice. Ewan pushed open the door and stepped inside, his sister was sitting on the bed, looking down at a scroll. She smiled when she saw Ewan, and patted the bed beside her. Ewan sat next to her, smiling back.

"Um, Alyssand and Tim are kind of worried about you," began Ewan, interlocking his fingers. Brianna stared at him, looking a little puzzled.

"They are?" she asked in surprise. Ewan nodded.

"Alyssand told Tim that you've been leaving the castle grounds, going off somewhere...they don't think, nor do I, that you should be wandering about without people knowing where you are going, or without protection," said Ewan. Brianna tucked a stray lock of hair behind her ear.

"But I'm not, not really. Where I go, it's safe," she assured her brother.

"Well where is it?" asked Ewan.

"Oh, nowhere special," said Brianna quietly, glancing back down to the scroll she had in her hands.

"Really?" asked Ewan.

"Well, it is," said Brianna smiling to herself as she thought of Molasar. Ewan caught the smile.

"Bri, are you keeping something from me?" he asked, interested. Brianna turned and looked at her brother.

"Well, yes, kind of," she admitted.

"What? What is it?" he asked.

"I've met someone," said Brianna. Ewan frowned.

"Who? A guy?" he asked. Brianna looked at her brother, slightly annoyed at his attitude.

"Yes a guy, what's your problem?" she asked. Ewan shrugged, and then squeezed Brianna's shoulder apologetically.

"You know, you're still my kid sister, I just want to look out for you," he said. Brianna smiled at her brother forgivingly.

"Okay, but this guy, he's so, I don't know. He just makes me feel so special..." said Brianna smiling dreamily.

"How old is he?" asked Ewan.

"I don't know, same as me I think," said Brianna, lying back on the bed.

"Who is he?" asked Ewan, keeping up with the questioning. Brianna shrugged.

"I don't see why I should tell you," she answered coyly.

"I told you about Leigh..." pointed out Ewan, allowing his thoughts to travel to the woman for a moment. He hoped she was okay. He decided after he'd talked to Brianna, he'd go and see her. "I suppose..." mused Brianna, fiddling with a loose strand of her.

"Come on, I told you, it's only fair," pointed out Ewan.

"Did I tell you I met Leigh?" asked Brianna, craftily changing the subject.

"You did?" asked Ewan, sitting down and looking at his sister with interest.

"Yep," replied Brianna, nodding her head.

"She's nice, huh?" said Ewan, smiling happily. Brianna nodded.

"Yeah, she was a bit off at first, but I think she was just upset about something," said Brianna.

"What did you talk about?" pressed Ewan, suddenly forgetting why he was there in the first place.

"Oh...nothing much, just how gross you are," said Brianna, smiling teasingly.

"Yeah, sure," said Ewan, half grinning.

"She's a theurgist," added Brianna.

"Magic?" asked Ewan, remembering faintly that his father had mentioned something about Leigh's prowess at magic.

"Like me," said Brianna, smiling.

"Mother caught the two of us, in her room," admitted Ewan, looking down at his feet.

"What? You were in her room?" gasped Brianna in surprise. Ewan looked up, catching a glimpse of his sister's expression.

"No, it was nothing like that, we were just...talking and stuff," said Ewan.

"Oh, and which were you doing more of, talking or stuff?" asked Brianna her lips curving into a smile.

"Bri! This isn't funny. Why did I have to fall in love with someone who my mother chose to despise?" asked Ewan in despair. Brianna watched her brother carefully, a little shocked. "Love?" she echoed. Ewan looked at his sister.

"Father always says he fell in love the moment he laid eyes on our mother, you know, it's like that now... When I first saw her, I was attracted to her, then I approached her and knew...And now, every time I'm with her, it's like nothing else matters, but being with her," admitted Ewan. Brianna nodded. Although she would never tell her brother, that was exactly the same way she felt with Molasar, when she had first met him, she had found him un-deniably attractive, but now every time she saw him, spoke with him, she felt such a connection between herself and him that it couldn't be anything else but love. "You probably think I'm being stupid, but if you knew how I felt, you'd understand," murmured Ewan. Brianna nodded again.

"I believe you Ewan, you don't have to worry about that," promised Brianna.

"Pity mother can't see it that way, d'you know what this rift is all about?" said Ewan. Brianna shook her head.

"Not really, she explained about the time structure difference, that's why she hasn't aged," replied Brianna. Ewan half smiled.

"Mother was jealous of Leigh, because she thought her and our father had a thing for each other," said Ewan,

"Pretty stupid huh?" Brianna nodded, keeping a smile on her face. But underneath, she wondered if it really was so stupid after all. Leigh was very much like her own mother in some respects, and after seeing how hard her own brother had fallen for Leigh in such a short time, she wondered if it was possible that Leigh could have had the same effect on her own father.

"You know, I'm going to go now, go and see Leigh," announced Ewan, standing up. He looked at Brianna. "And remember what I said, you know about going off places without telling people?" he added in a big-brotherly tone. Brianna nodded.

"Sure, although there was no need to worry anyway, where I go, it's perfectly safe," ensured Brianna. Ewan smiled and nodded, then left quietly, leaving a thoughtful Brianna, wondering if there ever had been a 'thing' between Leigh and her father.

Leigh glanced at her belongings, which there were not much of, as she managed to fit them all into a small pack. She quickly attached her bedroll to the top of the pack, wondering where she would go now. She looked across at her sword in the corner, and walked over to it, managing to pick it up. It still felt heavy in her hand, too heavy to lift in defence even. She sighed, lifting up the sword and plonking it on the bed, sitting down beside it. She certainly couldn't stay here at North Castle, there was Zelda for one, and Link. Bad as she felt, there were still feelings she had for the hero, even though she shared the same type for his own son. And there was no way she could take shelter at Sparks' residence, not after he'd revealed his true feelings for her, it would be too, weird. And he'd probably not want her there anyway, not after the way she had rejected him. She sighed again, wondering how her life had become such a mess. Before she'd thought she had it hard, with just the responsibility of being Sosaria's champion, but now, now everything was a mess. She longed for that life she had once, before one mistake had gone and screwed everything up big-time. She laid back on the bed, staring up at the ceiling, thinking about Sosaria, and her homeland, back on Earth. On Earth, she would be missed, her remaining family would be worried sick, but she had no way of returning home. One time she had been away from Sosaria for two months, when she returned two hundred years had passed by. That meant that roughly every three days she was on earth, a year in this world passed by. So in Demiari years, she'd been away fifteen, which meant she'd been away from Earth for over forty five days, more than a month. Sighing once more as she thought of this, she closed her eyes, allowing herself to drift into an uncomfortable and uneasy sleep.

Leigh jolted awake when she felt a warm hand on the cool skin of her bare shoulder. She glanced up, meeting with the gaze of Ewan.

"You frightened the life out of me," she admitted, easing herself into a sitting position. Ewan seated himself beside her, his eyes full of questioning.

"What's all that?" he asked, motioning to the pack and bedroll on the end of her bed. Leigh glanced across at it all.

"I...I'm leaving," she said quietly, not able to meet Ewan's gaze. She tried to get up, but Ewan stopped her, catching her arm and turning her towards him.

"Leaving?" he asked. Leigh looked at the surprise, and sadness that filled the young man's eyes.

"Ewan, you don't understand, I have to," she said, sliding his hand from her arm and getting up. Ewan stood up, jumped onto the bed and back onto the other side, next to Leigh.

"Tell me why," he pleaded. Leigh edged past him, towards her pack.

"I have to Ewan, I need to go back to Sosaria," she said truthfully, as she sorted her pack. She did need to go back, but not until she was fit.

"But not until you're fit," said Ewan, almost as if he had read Leigh's mind.

"No, look Ewan, I can't stay here," said Leigh.

"Stay for me," pleaded Ewan. Leigh felt a lump forming in her throat, and Ewan placed one hand on her shoulder, which was bare due to her shirt slipping down. She quickly adjusted that, and turned around to face Ewan, his hand falling from her shoulder.

"Ewan, it's best that I go now, before you fall even more for me, us, we could never work anyway," said Leigh, finding it hard to talk under his sincere gaze. Ewan stepped closer to Leigh.

"I'm afraid you're already too late Leigh, I've already fallen harder than any man could, if I fell any harder, I'd be down at your feet," said Ewan, reaching up a hand and caressing the side of Leigh's face. Leigh touched his hand with her own.

"Ewan, don't," she pleaded, although her resolve to end things with the handsome prince was crumbling faster by the second.

"Why not?" asked Ewan, his face inching closer to hers, his eyes tracing her face.

"I have to go back to Sosaria, I can't stay," breathed Leigh, beginning to feel the intensity of his touch.

"Then I'll come with you," said Ewan.

"But you can't, you need to stay here, for your country," said Leigh, her voice wavering.

"My country doesn't need me, but, I need you," stated Ewan, leaning in for a kiss. Leigh placed her hands onto his chest, in an effort to push him away, but as his lips touched hers, that resolve disintegrated, and she allowed herself to be enveloped in his strong embrace.


"Zel?" asked Link as he saw his wife stalking across the great hall, looking less than pleased. She marched up to him, glowering.

"Did you know?" she demanded.

"Know what?" asked Link, genuinely puzzled.

"About our son, and her, that wretch who calls herself an Avatar!" spat Zelda unhappily. Link looked at Zelda in confusion, and shock.

"Ewan and, Leigh?" asked Link, feeling as though he had been dealt a blow to the stomach.

"Yes, those two. I was going to see Leigh over that whole sword thing, and what do I find? Her and Ewan all over each other, I can't believe her," said Zelda, clearly very annoyed. Link swallowed carefully.

"Ewan? And Leigh?" he asked for a second time, he couldn't believe it.

"Fayette already said something was going on, but to see it with my own eyes. I'll never forgive her for this, ever!" announced Zelda. Link rubbed his chin.

"I can't believe it," he admitted. Zelda cast Link a cold stare.

"Why not, you thought she'd reserve her feelings for you forever?" she snapped.

"No! Of course not, me and Leigh, we were only ever friends, just I wouldn't have thought..." said Link.

"Well if you ask me, it's disgusting. She's double his age!" said Zelda.

"Look, are you sure about this?" asked Link.

"Yes Link, I saw it with my own eyes, I told you," said Zelda. Link shook his head.

"Look Zel, it's not that bad," said Link slowly, although he was having mixed feelings about the whole situation himself.

"It is that bad, she brought nothing but trouble fifteen years ago, and I can see it happening all over again. She's leaving this castle at the first opportunity," said Zelda.

"But Zel, she's not fit," protested Link.

"If she's fit enough to seduce my son, she's fit enough to leave this castle," said Zelda in a low voice.

"Zel, that isn't fair," said Link.

"Well what she has done to me and my family isn't fair either, this is my home, and I won't have people like her spoiling it or its inhabitants," stated Zelda coldly.

"She's weak, you can't throw her out," said Link.

"I won't throw her out, she will leave of her own accord," said Zelda. Link shook his head. "Zelda, you can't..." he said.

"Link, anyone would think you wanted your own son to be seduced by a woman who did exactly the same thing to you fifteen years ago," said Zelda.

"Leigh never seduced me, she never even tried," said Link angrily.

"Oh, you would say that!" said Zelda.

"Let's not fight over this," sighed Link. Zelda looked a little regretfully towards Link, and nodded.

"You're right," she sighed.

"But still, that doesn't mean she can stay," she added.

Molasar growled angrily as he paced in the vast underworld throne room, that had once homed his father. He was upset at his failure to open the chest, at his ability to control his temper. He should have never leaped at that damn Avatar, never tried to kill her. She was required to open the chest. The powers that were contained in that sword, it could be used as a tool of pure evil. That's what it was though. And after his meeting with that arrogant prince, that upset him even more. A thought occurred to him as he thought of the young prince, realising that if Ewan were to die, Brianna would be heir to the throne, and if he and Brianna were to marry, that would make him King of Hyrule, and part possessor of the Triforce. It was an interesting idea, certainly, one he would have to think of more often. But as for now, he still had the problem of getting the sword. And he couldn't wait so long as to marry Brianna to claim the Triforce. Once Zelda and Link discovered his true origins, he would never be allowed to marry the beautiful princess anyway. He held his hands aloft, feeling the magic, the power, that flowed through his veins reaching up to the very tips, burning and tingling.

"This power, this will rise and grow, and then I will be able to defeat the hero, and claim the Triforce as my own!" he roared. Suddenly, a buzzing filled his ears, causing him to fall to the ground, covering his ears with his hands in agony.

"You will kill the hero's son, his is your true threat! Retrieve the sword and vanquish the hero's son, his death will acclaim you with ultimate power. Then no-one will stand in your way!" whispered a voice. Ganondorf's voice. Molasar uncovered his ears as the buzzing faded away, and got up.

"So to kill the son of the hero will grant me ultimate power... But first I shall need the sword? Then it is decided, I must return for that weapon, and claim it whatever it shall take me," summarised Molasar. He smiled. "To have a reason for murdering that arrogant noble is simply exquisite. I shall enjoy twisting that fine black blade through his conceited heart, till he bleeds dry," murmured Molasar, cheering up considerably. Laughing almost maniacally, he swept himself from the throne room, to his sleeping chambers, where he would stay the night until dawn, and then return to North Castle to carry out the deed of slaughtering Prince Ewan of Hyrule.

As Link made his way back to his and Zelda's room for the night, he heard the swish of fabric across the stone hallway, causing him to glance around. It was Fayette. Shaking his head, he began to walk forwards, towards his and Zelda's tower. Then Fayette called his name.

"Link!" she called, her voice sounding unbearably smug. Link continued just walking on, ignoring the stupid woman, but he knew she would just continue to hound him until he stopped anyway. She was like that, Fayette. Persistent. He stopped and wearily turned around. He was surprised Fayette was still up and about. It was fairly late, as he had been in the great hall, along with Drake and Aaron and the rest. Zelda had retired a while ago, along with the rest of the women of the castle.

"Yes?" he asked. Fayette strolled, or more like floated up to him.

"Oh, I just wanted to see how my favourite brother-in-law was doing," said Fayette sweetly. Link narrowed his eyes.

"Your only brother-in-law, and a step one at that," he reminded. Fayette tilted her head to one side, appearing to think. Link knew that was all it was, an appearance. Fayette couldn't think if she tried. "Well?" he asked impatiently. He knew she already knew what she was going to say.

"It's just..." she began.

"Look, I know what this is about Faye, it's about Leigh and Ewan isn't it?" said Link. Fayette fluttered her eyelashes innocently.

"Just can't get her out of your mind, can you?" she asked. Link felt like thumping her.

"You just can't resist it can you?" he asked sharply.

"Resist what?" asked Fayette, although she fine well knew what he was referring to.

"You just can't leave it alone can you? You have to stir," said Link angrily. At times Fayette could really, really annoy Link, and it took a lot to annoy Link.

"Stir? Why I don't know what you mean," exclaimed Fayette. Link turned his back on Fayette and began to make his way towards the tower door. Fayette quickly caught up with him.

"Oh Link, please, don't leave like this, I'd hate for us to part on bad terms," she gushed. Link stopped again and faced Fayette.

"Faye, why don't you go and get a life, instead of trying to ruin other peoples?" he asked bitingly. Fayette frowned.

"I have a life thank you very much, and excuse me, but it was hardly my fault you decided to betray my sister by having that sordid little affair with that common little wench," said Fayette defensively. Link frowned.

"I never had an affair with Leigh, so don't even start. And not only that, but she's hardly a, a whatever you want to call her either," said Link. Fayette raised her eyebrow.

"Quick to defend her aren't you? How would you know whether she's a whore or not, hmmm? In fact, I saw your son go into her room quite a while ago, and he hasn't come out since. So it looks like it wasn't enough for her to seduce just you, she had to seduce your son as well!" snapped Fayette.

"You'd better watch what you say Fayette, because not everyone is as tolerant as I am. And what's more, I'm not even interested in what you have to say," said Link. He turned to leave again, but Fayette caught his arm.

"I know you still have feelings for her. Zelda wouldn't take kindly to that you know," she said. Link sighed angrily and turned back to Fayette.

"When will you get it out of your thick skull that nothing happened between me and Leigh, and that the only feelings we have for each other is as friends," said Link. Fayette looked at him coyly.

"Whatever you say, but you still can't deny your feelings forever. The longer she stays, the harder it'll be for you to restrain yourself around her," she said in an infuriating tone. Link shook his head and stalked off down the hall way, not even dignifying her assumption with an answer. He yanked open the door to the tower, stepping inside, and slamming it behind him. Fayette watched with a slightly amused smile on her face, before turning around and heading back off down the corridor.

Link leaned against the tower door, thinking for a moment about what Fayette had said. He didn't have any feelings for Leigh, did he? And she didn't for him either. But what about what she had said about Ewan. He waited for a few more moments, then opened the door, peering outside. The corridor was empty. He stepped outside, deciding he would go and see Ewan. There were a few things he and his son had to sort out.

Leigh sighed as she sorted through her meagre possessions. Ewan had just left, grudgingly. They had spent hours just keeping each other company, and it seemed a pity for it to end. For good, thought Leigh sadly. She had made up her mind, that she had to go, leave, because the longer she stayed, the worse the situation would get. Besides, Sosaria needed her. She sighed again. Who was she kidding? The last thing Sosaria needed was a weak Avatar who could barely lift her own sword or cast a spell that could aid her in any way. But she knew she had to leave anyway, the whole Sosaria thing just gave her a better excuse. Leigh looked down at her pack, and the few belongings that were scattered around it. It was the third or fourth time she'd taken the stuff out, and put it back in the pack since Ewan had gone. Suddenly, she heard a knock on the door. She sighed, glancing at her pocket watch. It was already late, and the only person she could think of who would be at her door this time of night was Ewan, and she really didn't want to see him again tonight, because it would just make her leaving in the morning all the more harder. She contemplated on just ignoring whoever it was, hoping they would go away, but another knock dashed those hopes down to the ground. She sighed and then walked over to the door, partially opening it, to see who was there first. To her surprise, she came face to face with Link. She stepped back, allowing the door to open a little wider.

"Link..." she said, feeling a little shocked. He was the last person she had expected to see that night. He stepped inside the room, closing the door behind him. Leigh took another step back.

"Leigh, hi. I was just walking by, to see Ewan. But, I have to ask you if it's true?" asked Link straight away. Leigh looked to the floor.

"I take it you're asking about me and Ewan. I'm surprised Zelda hasn't already told you in every last tantalising detail," said Leigh, turning away. She walked over to the end of her bed, and began to neatly pack everything away.

"So it is then. Look, I know I'm going to sound, well I don't know, but Ewan?" asked Link, walking closer to Leigh.

"You don't have to worry about it. I'll be gone tomorrow anyway, so just forget it," said Leigh, still keeping her back turned to Link.

"Gone?" echoed Link. Leigh picked up her pack and turned around, moving past Link, and placing it on a chair by the door.

"Yes, leaving. I'm sure it will please Zelda to no end," said Leigh.

"But you aren't even fit. Anyone could see that. Where will you stay for a start?" protested Link. Leigh turned and looked at Link.

"I'll survive," she said coolly.

"Come on Leigh, don't do this. You know it's stupid, it won't do you, or anyone else any good," said Link.

"The sooner I leave the better. Believe me. If I stay any longer, Zelda is just going to do exactly the same thing as last time, overreact and do God knows what," said Leigh. Link took a step nearer Leigh.

"And what about Ewan, does he know about this?" asked Link solemnly. Leigh paused and looked down at her feet.

"No, no he doesn't," admitted Leigh, Link detecting a tone of regret in her voice. "But that's the way I want it to stay, I don't want him to know. Not until I've gone in any case," said Leigh quietly.

"So what is he to you Leigh, just some fling?" asked Link.

"Link, I really don't want to talk about this right now," said Leigh, walking past him again, and drawing shut the curtains.

"Then when will you?" asked Link.

"Never. There's no point, it'll serve no purpose to anyone and it'll just be a waste of my breath," stated Leigh. She moved across the room again, apparently to do nothing, but to just keep moving, to keep busy. She wasn't sure why, but Link's presence made her feel on edge, nervous. Link caught her by the arm as she passed him, forcing her to stop. He forced her to look at him, and for the first time since he'd stood outside her door that night, their eyes met. Leigh finally looked away, and slipped her arm from his grasp. He was still as handsome as he had been fifteen years earlier, greying a little, but still as handsome, if not more. "You can't leave, not while you're still like this," said Link, sounding genuinely concerned. "Do you really think you should be here? It wouldn't surprise me if Fayette had her ear to the door, ready to take back everything to her precious step-sister," said Leigh, sitting on the bed. Link ran a finger across his left eyebrow as he thought.

"Don't be stupid," he said quietly, although he knew it would be hardly surprising if that was the case. Leigh stood up.

"Look Link, don't hate me for all of this with Ewan. It was never by my actions that this whole thing started," said Leigh earnestly.

"It wasn't?" asked Link.

"No. Do you think I would be so stupid as to deliberately get involved with your and Zelda's son? I still don't know how I managed to let it go this far in the first place," said Leigh. "Ewan approached you? And does he know, I mean, everything that went on last time you were here?" asked Link.

"Yes he approached me, and yes he knows why Zelda and I don't get on. I even tried to apologise to her Link, after all that she did to ME, and she still wouldn't accept it. She seems to think I started off the whole thing with Ewan, with some idiotic plan to try and take the throne. Why would I want to do that? It's just stupid," said Leigh, taking a deep breath. She suddenly realised how close both her and Link were standing, and quickly turned away. "Like I say, as of tomorrow, there will be no more problems to worry about, not concerning me anyway," said Leigh, her tone sounding final.

"Well, if you've made up your mind, I don't think there's much else I can do but say I hope you'll think this whole thing through a little more thoroughly before you leave, and hope that you'll realise it's not as good an idea as you seem to think it is," said Link with a sigh. He began to walk to the door.

"Goodbye Link," murmured Leigh, her back still turned, her head bowed. Link glanced over his shoulder and nodded, not saying a word, and then leaving, closing the door quietly behind him.

Link paused outside Leigh's door wondering whether he would go and see Ewan after all but all that he could think was that was there any point? He sighed, shaking his head, and turned towards his and Zelda's tower. She'd be wondering where he was anyway.

Later that night, Ewan decided to slip in and see Leigh. He couldn't sleep for his thoughts of her, if he could just see her once more, he knew he could rest at last. He tapped quietly on the door to her room, and when no-one answered, he smiled and pushed open the door quietly.

As he stole into her room, he held up a candle he had used to guide himself safely from his own room and set it down on the bedside table. He turned and saw Leigh asleep in the soft candle light. He noticed how calm she looked, and he sat down on the bed beside her. She stirred as the bed creaked, and opened her eyes tiredly. When she saw him, a look of surprise wiped across her features, and she sat up, wide awake.

"Ewan, what are you doing here?" she asked, a little angry at his invasion.

"I had to see you, I couldn't sleep," said Ewan, smiling down at her.

"Ewan, if someone has seen you come in here do you know how it might look?" demanded Leigh. Ewan cast his gaze away from Leigh's.

"Let them think all they like, it doesn't matter," said Ewan. Leigh raised an eyebrow.

"Oh no? If this were to get back to your mother, she'd have me killed," said Leigh, her voice dropping to a whisper.

"I wouldn't let her," vowed Ewan seriously, before breaking out into a grin.

"This isn't funny!" exclaimed Leigh, finding it hard to resist the prince's charming grin.

"Did I ever it say it was?" asked Ewan.

"No, but you're sitting there grinning like it's the biggest joke you ever heard," pointed out Leigh.

"Look, I just wanted to see you. Is that such a crime?" asked Ewan imploringly. Leigh sighed, shaking her head.

"If your mother finds out, it'll be the worst kind," said Leigh. Ewan sighed.

"Okay, perhaps I'll go. I've seen you now anyway," he said, standing and preparing to leave.

"Oh, so you come in here, wake me up, then just leave?" asked Leigh. Ewan turned to face her.

"Well, you said you wanted me to leave," reminded Ewan.

"Did I?" questioned Leigh, smiling at Ewan.

"Well, maybe not in those words, but..." started Ewan.

"Look, I'm awake now, you might as well stay a while," conceded Leigh. Ewan broke out into another grin before planting himself back on the bed.

"I knew I'd wear you down," boasted Ewan proudly. Leigh raised an eyebrow at him.

"I'm sure you did," she agreed, although her tone was far from sincere.

The two had been talking for hours, and it wasn't until the night's darkness gave way to early morning grey that the two realised just how long they had been awake.

"Is it that time already?" questioned Leigh, a degree of surprise influencing her voice. Ewan let out a short chuckle.

"Must be," he concluded. Leigh smiled at him before letting out a short yawn and lying back on the bed.

"I can't believe we've spent the night talking," she admitted.

"No, nor can I. No-one has ever tolerated me for that long," joked Ewan. He lay down beside Leigh, and she turned to watch him thoughtfully.

"I'm sure that can't be true," she consoled. Ewan turned on his side to look at her.

"It must be love," he grinned. Leigh smiled at him as he spoke, her eyes fixed on his. After a moment of silence, she leaned towards him and met him with a soft kiss. They parted after a short while and Ewan lay back on his back, staring up into the darkness. The candle beside him had almost burnt down to nothing now. "I should go. I've kept you up long enough already," he finally said.

"I don't mind the company," replied Leigh, quicker than she realised. She mentally cursed herself. She should have told him to go at the start, this was just making her task in the morning all the more difficult. Ewan turned back on his side and gaze at her. Leigh returned the look, but quickly snapped away from the gaze, a sudden heat rushing through her. It had been a long time since she'd ever been so close to anyone like this.

"Do you want me to stay?" inquired Ewan.

"Perhaps..." started Leigh, licking her lips nervously as she considered the end of the sentence. She swallowed. "Perhaps it would be a bad idea," she finished. Who was she kidding? She knew it would be a terrible idea. The longer Ewan stayed, the more likely she would do something she would inevitably regret. And she had thought things had been hard around his father. She wanted so much to be close to Ewan, she wanted his lips against hers, his body against hers, she wanted to be with him so much, more than anything. After all that had happened to her months before, in this very same country at the hands of those Tanolian savages, Leigh had doubted she would ever want a man near her again, let alone touch her as she was allowing Ewan to.

"Yeah, you're probably right," conceded Ewan, suddenly breaking Leigh's thoughts. The bed creaked mournfully as he sat up, ready to leave, but Leigh caught him on the shoulder.

"It would be a terrible idea for you to stay, but I want you to," Leigh whispered. Ewan gazed at her.

"You're afraid of what might happen if I stay?" he guessed. Leigh swallowed for a second time.

"I'm afraid of what will happen," she confessed shakily. Their eyes met again.

"What will happen?" asked Ewan.

"I think you already know," replied Leigh. Ewan nodded, the easy going atmosphere they had created hours before had suddenly evaporated, the tension between them now was almost unbearable.

"Would it be so bad?" questioned the Prince. Leigh gazed at him longingly.

"I want it to happen Ewan, but there are the consequences to think about," sighed Leigh.

"Then don't," murmured Ewan, pressing Leigh against the soft mattress with his own body, and delivering a long and heartfelt kiss. Halfway through the kiss, Leigh placed her hands on Ewan's chest and parted her lips from his.

"Ewan, if this were to get back to your mother," she began.

"She'd have to accept that I'd found the love of my life," finished Ewan, before resuming their kiss.

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