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The Order of Fate

Juliet A. Singleton (Scullys@bigfoot.com) & Kirsty Singleton (arcadionseye@btopenworld.com)

Chapter 11

     Early the next morning, Ewan woke, and smiled as he remembered the night before. He turned on one side expecting to see his lover beside him, when he realised she wasn't anywhere in the room, let alone beside him. He noticed all of her belongings were gone and let out a rueful sigh. So she had gone after all. He supposed he should have expected it. Perhaps that was why she had succumbed to him the night before. He rose from the bed, and grabbed his clothes which had been carelessly discarded there in previous hours and quickly put them on. He shook his head, and walked over to the curtains, drawing them apart, and looking out into the new day. It was grey, and raining. Dawn had only just broken, she couldn't have gone far, he thought. He'd catch up to her, make her reconsider, he had to. It was beyond him how she could leave now, so shortly after what they had shared. If he couldn't manage to make her change her mind, then he'd at least get to say goodbye. Running a hand through his thick hair, he quickly left the room, determined to catch up with her.

As Leigh made the lonely walk to Mido town, she heard the sound of hooves behind her. She turned and grimaced when she saw who was approaching her.

"Leigh," called Ewan, dismounting his horse and jogging up to her.

"Ewan, don't make this harder for me," she began. Ewan walked up to her.

"I couldn't let you just leave," he murmured, stepping closer, Leigh reached up to his chest with one hand.

"No Ewan, don't," she said, her words more like a warning. Ewan looked at her confused. "I have to go back to Sosaria, full stop. I can't stay here with you, and I never can. This place has too many memories for me anyway," she continued.

"You don't have to stay here, I'll come with you," said Ewan.

"I need to go alone," stated Leigh.

"You'll never get to Sosaria, you need a boat, and a willing crew," pointed out Ewan.

"I'll find one," replied Leigh, feeling terrible.

"You said you would stay," murmured Ewan.

"I lied," admitted Leigh, casting her gaze to the muddy path. The two were getting soaked in the rain.

"Why?" asked the prince.

"Because I knew you would try to stop me," sighed Leigh. Ewan stood watching her, trembling.

"You're cold," he observed.

"I'm fine," insisted Leigh. For the second time since they had met, Ewan took off his cloak and draped it over his shoulders. "Ewan," she protested.

"If you're leaving, I don't want you to forget me," Ewan said, gazing at her. She looked at him.

"I never could forget you," she whispered. She wanted to step forward, fall into his arms, but she couldn't. Her heart wanted her to, so dearly. But her head refused the request. A lump formed in her throat. She placed her hands behind her neck, unfastening her necklace. She stepped forward, taking Ewan's hand and pressing the small ankh and chain into his hand, before stepping away again. "Maybe one day, maybe one day I'll see you again," she said. Ewan also had a lump forming in his throat.

"I could still come with you," he said, gazing at her sincerely.

"No, I wouldn't want any harm to come to you," she refused.

"And nor would I wish any harm to come to you. I could protect you, I'm a strong fighter, at least until you regained your strength," protested Ewan suddenly, unable to contain his words. Leigh looked at him. It would a lie to say she was not tempted. She shook her head.

"No, I have to do this alone. I wish you could come, but no, it wouldn't be right," she said. Ewan looked down at the necklace she had given him.

"I probably should have ceased to wear it a long time ago. It used to represent everything I stood for, but I have broken my virtues. You on the other hand still have them to keep. If I can prove myself worthy, then I will come back for it, for you, if you have not found someone better to steal your heart," spoke Leigh, her gaze following Ewan's.

"I will never find anyone better," he swore, his gaze locking onto hers.

"You will Ewan. Don't save yourself to me, I may never return," said Leigh, although to speak the words made her heart weep.

"I will wait my life and an eternity of years beyond it before I love another woman as much as I love you," vowed Ewan. Leigh smiled sadly to herself. She stepped forward, taking his hand and kissing him lightly.

"Thank you Ewan. I've never told anyone this before, but I think I may love you also," she confided, her voice wavering as she spoke. Her words were true, and it broke her heart to utter them to a man she had to leave behind. But before Ewan could reply, she turned and walked away. He stood there and watched.

"I love you!" he called, but she did not turn. She couldn't, because just merely walking away from the first man she had ever felt and told that she loved them was breaking her in two. Ewan watched her leave, unable to move. It seemed like an age had passed before she had left his sight. He looked back down to the necklace, and the symbol. The ankh. "You'll always be close to my heart," he murmured, fastening the chain around his neck. He'd never thought that the day that the woman he loved confessed her own love for him would ever be the most heart-breaking of his life. Shaking his head, he turned and mounted his horse, heading back to the castle. He knew he could follow her, but he realised that it would be selfish of him to do so, selfish and very likely to be fruitless. He began to make his way back to the castle, but then changed his mind. He couldn't let her go, not till the very end. He turned and began to follow her.

As Molasar trotted towards North Castle atop his steed, he spotted another figure on the path before him, also on horseback. Molasar pulled up, and squinted after the figure, his lips curving into a smile. Perfect, he thought. Just the man he was looking for. He dug his heels into the sides of his steed, and took off again after the rider. He knew his father had instructed him to get the sword first, but Molasar figured he could deal with Ewan alone. Ewan had no magical weapon either, so they would be even. As far as he was concerned, his father was only telling him to get the sword so that he could be released, and as soon as his father was released, where did that leave him? He knew his father had far more power than he did, and he wanted to take all for himself. Alone. Father or no father, and as long as his father was locked away in that sword, he would have his way.

As Molasar drew closer to Ewan, he called out.

"Ho there!" he called, slowing slightly. Ewan turned, and frowned when he saw who it was. He pulled back on his horse's reigns and turned the horse sideways, to get a better sight of Molasar.

"What do you want?" he asked. Molasar shrugged.

"A word, if it's not too much to ask," said Molasar, riding up close to Ewan. Ewan glared at him. Molasar glared back, unblinking.

"What about?" asked Ewan, his horse pacing unsteadily. Molasar smiled. He quickly drew out his dagger, and drew it across Ewan's horse. The horse reared up, whinnying in pain, and Ewan, being unprepared, slid off the horse's back, and into the mud. Molasar leapt off his horse, slipping his dagger back into his belt, and drawing his long curved blade. He pointed it at the grounded Ewan's throat. Ewan looked up at him, his elbows in the mud. Molasar kneeled and came eye to eye with Ewan.

"Do you want to know who I am?" he asked. Without answering, Ewan began to slide his hand down to his belt, reaching for his own sword. But Molasar caught his hand with his own. "Your worst nightmare, Prince Ewan," spat Molasar. Ewan meanwhile, lifted his leg and kicked Molasar in the stomach. Molasar let out a sharp gasp of pain and stumbled backwards. Ewan grabbed his sword and leapt on top of Molasar, catching Molasar's shoulder with his blade. Molasar's forehead creased up in pain, and Ewan grimaced laying his own sword over his attacker's throat.

"Give me one reason why I shouldn't kill you now!" demanded Ewan, breathing heavily. He was still visibly shaken from Molasar's attack, but managing to keep his head.

"How about because I'll kill you first," breathed Molasar. Before Ewan could react, Molasar, who had his dagger ready when Ewan had landed on top of him, plunged the dagger into Ewan's stomach, then pushed him backwards. Ewan's forehead crumpled and he gasped as the pain inflicted by the dagger shattered through him, and he fell backwards into the mud. Molasar sneered as he stood over Ewan. "Some hero," he muttered, kicking Ewan in the side. Ewan gasped again, rolling away from Molasar, wincing in pain. He pulled away his hands from the wound and winced as he saw them soaked in his own blood. Molasar walked over to Ewan, laughing. He crouched down next to Ewan, whose forehead was soaked in perspiration, his midriff covered in dirt and blood. "I'll tell you who I really am, do you remember Ganondorf Dragmire?" asked Molasar, his hot breath on Ewan's face. Ewan could hardly speak, the pain in his stomach was so unbearable.

"Wh..." he began.

"Yes that's right, I'm his son," confided Molasar grinning at Ewan evilly. Ewan tried to gulp, but failed. "You know, I'm a little disappointed in you, I was expecting a better fight," sighed Molasar. He stood up. And kicked Ewan again. Ewan groaned and rolled onto his front, clutching at his wound. "You're going to die out here Ewan, no-one's going to help. No-one. And what's more, since you're dead, that Triforce is mine to take Ewan, and you know what that means," mocked Molasar.

"Brianna, she'll...." began Ewan, though running out of breath before he could end his sentence. "Ah, Brianna. Now she's different Ewan, I could really get to like her, love her even," said Molasar, almost dreamily. Ewan frowned. "No..." he protested. He rolled over to face Molasar. Molasar smiled at him. "Pity, one day we could have been brothers-in-law," said Molasar. As he inched closer to Ewan, he noticed the ankh around the young prince's neck. "Ah friend of the Avatar are we?" he questioned. He had seen that same necklace around the Avatar's neck the day before. Ewan grimaced.

"Don't you hurt her, or my sister," wheezed Ewan. Molasar smiled.

"What a fine idea. Are better yet, I could show your lady friend things no man has ever shown her before," he suggested. Ewan gritted his teeth.

"No..." he protested.

"I think I shall do that, yes indeed. But first, I have to deal with you, can't leave the job unfinished could I?" said Molasar. He stepped away from Ewan and took his sword, cracking the hilt across Ewan's skull. Ewan made a half-choked cry of pain, his form slumping to one side. Molasar smiled, then snatched a small glass vial from his belt. He would love to finish off Ewan the old fashioned way, but magic was key to making sure Ewan stayed dead. He uncapped the vial, which was full of a deadly poison, used by many an assassin. He prised open Ewan's jaw, then poured in the colourless liquid, before forcing Ewan's mouth shut. Satisfied, he flung the vial to the ground, clambered atop his horse. "So long," sneered the Gerudo, before sheathing his sword and riding away, leaving Ewan's crumpled body in the mud, amidst the driving rain.

Leigh looked around Mido port quietly. It was relatively quiet, with little activity going on. Leigh sighed. She needed a ship, but what sane captain would take her to the shores of Sosaria. None, well probably none anyway. She was quite surprised that Ewan hadn't appeared yet, trying to convince her to stay. Part of her was wishing he would, but in a way she was glad because if he had, she may have listened to his pleas this time. That or leave him again, which was something she was sure she couldn't have done. She looked towards one boat that was quite busy for the hour and strolled over.

"May I speak with the captain?" she hollered up. One of the busy sailors peered down at her. "And what would a lady such as yersslef be wantin' wit' our captain?" he asked.

"I need passage, to my homeland," said Leigh.

"We're headin' to Brynnel lady, and you look like you have not one ounce of Brynnelian blood in you," said the sailor. Leigh shrugged.

"But that is where I need to be," she lied. The sailor shrugged.

"Cap'n!" he yelled over his shoulder. A weathered man appeared behind him, sporting a white beard, and holding a pipe. The sailor whispered a few words to his captain, who then nodded down at Leigh. "It'll cost ya!" he warned. Leigh jumped aboard, and walked up to the captain, standing close to him.

"How much?" she asked, smiling at him flirtatiously. She had no money, none at all, so she would have to rely on other means to get across the water. The captain looked at her intrigued, then smiled.

"Well it's nothing we can't sort out once we lift anchor, I'm sure," he commented. Leigh smiled at him again, thanking her lucky stars.

"I'm sure it isn't," she said. The captain smiled at her.

"Well, how about I show you down to yer quarters, lass? Make sure you can get comfortable," offered the man. Leigh nodded.

"That would be great," she said, following the captain down into the bowels of the ship.

Brianna jolted awake, shivering. She looked around, drawing the covers up around her. What had awoken her? She got up and looked around the room. Everything seemed to be in order. It hadn't been something in her room that had awoken her. Ewan! she suddenly thought. She'd had a dream, about her brother, that's what had woken her. She quickly pulled on some clothes, and pushed open the door to her room, quickly moving down the corridor, to her brother's room. She opened the door and looked inside. Her brother wasn't there. But the room didn't look in any disarray. In fact, the bed was neatly made, a rare occurrence in Ewan's room before the maid's started their rounds. She sighed, wondering where her brother could be, at this time in the morning. She turned and left the room, then caught sight of an ajar door across the hallway. She knew who's room it was, Leigh's. She walked across and peeped in, and saw nothing. She walked in and looked around. She noticed the bed was in a bit of a disarray, and a candle on the beside table indicated it ha been burning all night. She smiled a little. Her brother must be somewhere with Leigh, it was too much of a coincidence that both of them were out from their rooms at this early hour. They had to be together. Perhaps they had been together the night before as well. Brianna smiled a little at the thought of her brother in love. It was true, at times, she thought her brother could be a real pain, but for most of the time, he was really nice to her. And Leigh seemed nice too. Perhaps not the ideal choice on Ewan's behalf, what with Leigh and her mother's feud going on, but still. Brianna walked over to the window, noticing that it was raining. Strange that they had chosen to go out on a morning like this, she thought. As she turned, she noticed an envelope on the bedside table. Curious, she walked over, and noticed it was marked with Ewan's name. She picked it up and fingered it, turning it over. It hadn't been opened. Brianna frowned. If they were together, what was with the letter. She paused a moment. Unless they weren't together. Well, they couldn't be, could they? Not if this letter was anything to go by. She knew she shouldn't, but she quickly opened the envelope and unfolded the letter inside. She quickly read it,


By the time you read this, I'll be gone. I know I said I wouldn't leave, but I have to go back to Sosaria. And it'll probably be for the best anyway if I leave now. I'm sorry about all of this, but I can't stay in Hyrule. You could try and follow me, but it won't be worth it, because you'll either not find me, or I'll just disappoint you. I'm sorry about the length of this, you deserved more, more of an explanation, especially after last night, but I really don't have the words to describe why I have to go. Like I said, I'm so sorry this all had to happen,

All of my Love, Leigh

Brianna folded up the letter and frowned. So Leigh had left, and Ewan wasn't here either. But he hadn't read the letter so, she wasn't really sure what was going on. Brianna dropped the letter on the table and walked from the room, feeling confused. What was going on? She shook her head, not knowing what to do. But she had a feeling that there was something what to do. Perhaps her brother already knew Leigh might leave and gone after her anyway, in which case he would be close to wherever Leigh was headed. Which would probably be Mido, to hire a boat. Not that there would be any boat that would take her to Sosaria. Well, it looked like that's were she would have to head, but she wasn't going to go alone. She walked out, heading for Timothy's room, knowing he would provide decent escort.

"So this is just a hunch?" asked Timothy as he helped Brianna tack up her own horse. Brianna shrugged.

"A hunch, yeah I suppose that's what it is," she confirmed. Timothy nodded, helping the beautiful young princess upon her horse.

"So, where do we head?" he asked, mounting his own horse.

"Mido I would guess, because that's the most logical place to go if you wanted a ship, right?" suggested Brianna. Timothy shrugged.

"I guess it is," he agreed, his horse beginning to walk forward. Brianna followed.

Molasar frowned as he spotted two figures riding across the plains, through the rain. He finished bandaging his wounded shoulder, then flipped his cloak back over it. He rode closer to the riders, then suddenly realised one was Brianna, the other was that friend of Ewan's. Molasar smiled a little at the thought of the dying prince. He wondered what to do. He paused on the path and waited. He would have to stall the two from continuing down the road, it wouldn't do to have Ewan discovered just yet.

"Hail friends!" called Molasar as the two drew nearer. Timothy pulled up sharply, watching Molasar carefully. He knew the guy, he was familiar anyway. He didn't notice Brianna smile a greeting to him though.

"Didn't we tell you to leave the first time we met?" asked Timothy angrily, not happy at this stranger's apparent arrogance. Molasar smiled a little at Timothy.

"I was, in fact, just leaving," he said cheerfully. Timothy spurred his horse on, intending to continue past Molasar.

"Good," muttered Timothy.

"Leaving?" echoed Brianna, staring at Molasar in surprise. She had been hoping to get to know him a little better, looked like she could scratch that thought. "You haven't seen my brother have you?" asked Brianna, catching Timothy watching her and Molasar from the side of the path. Molasar shrugged.

"I don't recall your brother," he lied.

"You know who Ewan is," said Timothy coldly.

"Do I?" asked Molasar, turning to Timothy.

"That guy I was with last time we met, the one who ordered you off his father's land," reminded Timothy.

"What?" asked Brianna. Molasar turned and smiled at the pretty princess.

"It's true," he verified.

"But..but..." began Brianna. Timothy glanced at her questioningly.

"You know this guy?" he asked, a little surprised. Brianna smiled a little, glancing at Molasar.

"We know each other," she confirmed. Timothy frowned.

"Well, I must go, business to attend," said Molasar, tiring of Timothy's accusing glares.

"As do we," commented Timothy, passing Brianna a meaningful stare. Brianna nodded.

"Yes...yes we do, Tim, you go on, I just need to talk to Molasar about something," said Brianna. Timothy waited.

"Molasar?" asked Timothy. So this was the guy Brianna had spoken of, that night in the maze. He couldn't believe it. He raised an eyebrow at Brianna, who simply nodded. Tim looked Molasar up and down, noticing his clothes were smeared in mud, as if he had been in a scuffle. "Been in another fight?" asked Timothy. Molasar smiled faintly, seeming embarrassed.

"I fell from my horse," he admitted. Timothy said nothing. He rode up to Brianna.

"I don't trust this guy Brianna, come on, let's just go," whispered the young warrior, rain dripping from his face.

"Look Tim, just a minute okay, just go on ahead," said Brianna, her tone less soft. Timothy looked across at Molasar, who wore a neutral expression against his rain soaked features. Timothy shrugged. Brianna was usually a good judge of character, maybe he and this Molasar guy had just got of on the wrong foot.

"Okay, fine, whatever," sighed Timothy, urging his horse into a walk. "A minute, though, that's all you'll be," warned Timothy. Brianna nodded and smiled, glad that Timothy would trust her. Shaking his head, Timothy trotted off down the path, leaving Molasar and Brianna alone.

"Why are you leaving?" asked Brianna, having to raise her voice over the rain. Molasar shrugged.

"There is nothing to keep me here. I may return, one day," said the young man.

"One day?" asked Brianna. Molasar shrugged.

"I have not yet decided," he confided.

"But, we barely got to know each other," protested Brianna. She looked down to the ground, feeling a little shy. Molasar pulled up close to her, and laid one hand on her shoulder.

"We still could," he whispered, close to her ear. Brianna looked at Molasar questioningly. "Wh-what are you suggesting?" asked Brianna, feeling a little shy, and flustered at this young man's suggestion. Molasar smiled a little.

"Exactly what I said. Why don't you come back to Benlucca, with me?" he asked. Brianna shook her head.

"I couldn't. I couldn't just leave Hyrule, my family, my friends," she spoke in a soft tone. "What is there here for you Brianna, other than that? You will never be able to fulfil your true potential, after all, your brother is heir to the throne," reminded Molasar, although now he thought about it, Brianna would be heir.

"That doesn't matter, I love my country. I could never just...leave," said Brianna. Molasar shrugged. He didn't have the time to try and persuade her to accompany him, that damn friend of Ewan's would no doubt discover Brianna's brother's bloody corpse soon. And he could not risk being caught. He decided to give it one last try. He leaned forward and caught Brianna's chin with his finger, lifting her face to his.

"I may never see you again," he murmured, before leaning over, and finally kissing her beautiful lips for the first time. For the first time that it really mattered, anyway.

"No fool! What are you doing? She is the enemy! Kill her, slaughter her, she is nothing but a threat to our ultimate goal!" screamed a voice. But Molasar ignored his father, and continued to kiss Brianna, his free hand dropping the reins of his horse and cupping the side of the princess' face, his fingers running through her wet hair. Brianna, caught in the moment, also neglected the reins of her horse, her hands caressing Molasar's face, one hand slipping down to his neck. Suddenly, Molasar winced, as Brianna's hand traced the wound, made by her own brother, on his shoulder. He jerked away. Brianna looked a little surprised, flustered even. She was speechless, that had been her first kiss, and she had certainly never imagined it would be like that, so...passionate, and never in such weather either.

"I'm sorry," apologised Molasar.

"What is it?" asked Brianna, wondering if it was her at fault. She looked down at her hands, then realised one was tainted with blood. She looked at Molasar.

"Your shoulder, it is wounded?" she assumed. Molasar smiled.

"You could say that," he conceded.

"I am an accomplished healer, let me look at it," said Brianna, reaching forward. Molasar back away atop his horse.

"No, 'tis just a scratch, nothing time won't mend," assured Molasar. The two gazed at each other for a while. Molasar suddenly realised the time he was wasting, but could not help but feel captivated by this girl's face, her features. There seemed to be some kind of aura about her.

"The aura of good you damn fool! The force of light! She is nothing but a threat!" boomed Molasar's father. Molasar squeezed his eyes shut, trying to rid himself of his father's voice. "I must go," announced Molasar, turning and beginning to head the other way.

"Wait!" called Brianna suddenly, not even realising she was speaking until the words had completely left her mouth. Molasar turned and looked at her. Brianna gazed into his eyes, they were so unusual, captivating. Golden. She admired his handsome face, his immaculate nose, strong chin, his dark brow. His dark reddish brown hair had been soaked by the rain, but it still looked as appealing as ever. If he was indeed 15, as he had told her, he certainly didn't look it.

"What?" dared Molasar, his breath catching in his throat.

"I couldn't bear to leave my country, but I can't help but think what would happen if I were never to see you again," admitted Brianna. Molasar scratched one eyebrow and walked his horse back towards her.

"It was a stupid idea anyway, we barely know each other," sighed Molasar. He didn't look like he believed the words he was speaking.

"But what if, what if this was meant to be?" asked Brianna. Molasar looked down to the ground. He had just killed this beautiful woman's brother, with glee, but now that glee was beginning to fade. He looked up at Brianna.

"There are things, that maybe were never meant to be. Perhaps this is just fate's way of telling us," said Molasar. Brianna stared at Molasar.

"Do you really believe that?" asked Brianna. Molasar looked away from her again. Brianna reached over to him, touching his hand with hers. Molasar looked at her hand, then he took it in his own, not like he had first grasped her hand when they had first met, but gently, almost as if her hand would break if he dropped it. He lifted her hand to his lips, and kissed it softly, his eyes lifting to meet hers. Then, he gently dropped it, and turned and began to ride away. Brianna sighed sadly and turned, intending to go and meet Timothy, but suddenly, something inside her snapped. Something her mother had told her, about her and her father. It had not been so long ago in fact, but it bore extreme relevance to the current situation. "Brianna, I would have done anything to be with him, if we couldn't have been together." Brianna turned her steed, then rode in the opposite direction, after Molasar. She had not known whether she was in love with him, not until she'd felt she might lose him. Which was now. She had to go after him, whatever the consequence.

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