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The Order of Fate

Juliet A. Singleton (Scullys@bigfoot.com) & Kirsty Singleton (arcadionseye@btopenworld.com)

Chapter 12

     Timothy idled down the path atop his horse, wishing Brianna would hurry up. He had been going at a relatively slow pace, so that the young princess could catch up, but he had yet not seen a sign of her. He began to regret leaving her with that Molasar. He was clearly no good. Trust Brianna to fall for him. He looked around, pulling his horse to a halt, and turned to see if he could spot Brianna. No sign. He sighed, contemplating whether to go back.

"She'll probably just get mad," he sighed aloud to himself. He wondered if Brianna's worries about her brother had been correct. Well he certainly couldn't see his friend anywhere right now. He sighed again. It seemed, that while everyone else was finding someone to love, he was stuck, alone. Just everyone's friend. Good old Tim. Tim shook his head, feeling a little frustrated. He liked Brianna so much, in fact, he more than liked her. But because of their differing status, there was no way they would ever become more than friends. He grunted. That Molasar guy didn't seem to have any status, but Brianna had no trouble falling for him. He remembered that day he and Ewan had found Molasar hunting in the woods. His arrogance towards Ewan, his threatening warning. Timothy groaned and began to ride back up the hill. He should have never left Brianna with that guy in the first place! How stupid was he? On the way back up the hill, his horse suddenly slipped in the mud, and Timothy was thrown from her back. He landed in the mud, rain pouring upon him, with a groan. He got back up and looked down at himself, covered in mud. So that was what had happened to Molasar. As he turned to mount back up on his horse, he spotted a crumpled mass not far from the road, something he had failed to notice before. Curious, he approached the form, then kept back a gasp of horror when he saw a murky pool of red surrounding the body. Timothy quickly ran over, and kneeled at the form, and turned it over, and gulped back revulsion. It was Ewan. His face was covered in blood, from a wound near the top of his skull. Not only that, but there was a devastating opening wound in Ewan's stomach, which had grown fetid in the rain. Timothy stood up, not knowing what to do. He didn't want to leave Ewan alone, but Timothy could never lift his friend onto his horse, and he needed to go and get help. He kneeled back by Ewan's side, and pressed two fingers to the prince's neck, not believing what was happening. He could feel no pulse. He jerked his hand away, and realised that his whole body was shaking. He pressed his fingers back against his friend's neck, hoping to pick up a weak pulse. He kept his fingers there this time, and managed to detect an extremely weak pulse. "Ewan!" called Timothy sharply, hoping to wake him. No such luck. He looked around again, hoping to see Brianna approaching. "Come on Bri, where are you?" demanded Timothy through gritted teeth. He shook his head as he examined the wound in Ewan's torso. It could be fatal, it was surprising it hadn't been. "Come on pal, you're strong, you gotta get through this," pleaded Timothy. Ewan didn't seem to be losing any blood, but Timothy was no expert, when it came to healing. He quickly stripped off his cloak and draped it over Ewan, it was the best he could do for now. "Hang in there, I'll be right back," promised Tim, before running and mounting his horse, riding as fast as he could to the spot where he had left Brianna conversing with Molasar.


Timothy looked around wildly, but saw no trace of Brianna or Molasar, except a patch up muddied horse tracks. He sighed. He couldn't believe Brianna would choose now to go and have some romantic moment with that Molasar, especially in such weather. He looked back in the direction of where he had left Ewan, and decided he could waste no more time. He had to go to North Castle for help, quickly. Brianna was bound to turn up sooner or later, but that couldn't concern Timothy's right now, because for his friend, the future ruler of Hyrule, every second counted, and not one could be wasted. He spurred on his horse, hoping it wouldn't tire on the journey back to the castle, and just hoped there would be someone around to help.

Brianna squinted through the relentless rain as she rode hard in the direction she had seen Molasar charge off in. She was cold, and wet. But she had to catch up with him, she just had to. She suddenly realised what she was doing. She and Tim, they were meant to be looking for her brother, and here she was chasing some guy she had only ever met a couple of times. But that kiss. That kiss they had shared, it had been so...so special. But she couldn't go charging off like this, it was irrational. She slowed down almost coming to a halt. She had to go back, Tim would be worried about her. But just before her, she spotted a figure, riding along the track. It had to be Molasar. She turned her head to look behind her. She was so close to him, it would be a shame if they parted like this. She might just be able to convince him to stay...for a while. She quickly began to ride again, calling his name.

Molasar turned as her heard someone calling through the rain, and saw Brianna. He smiled. She had changed her mind! He halted his horse and waited, a big smile across his face.

"Oh Molasar, I'm so glad I caught up with you," gasped as she drew near to him.

"As am I," reciprocated Molasar. She looked at him longingly, and drew up by his side.

"I had to try, just once more," she explained, looking down at the ground.

"Try?" asked Molasar. His heart plummeted, so she had just tried to come and convince him to stay. Well that was out of the question, he had to leave, until his strength returned. And until he had planned out a better strategy for capturing the Golden power.

"I couldn't just allow you to leave, not without at least trying to persuade you not to," continued Brianna. Molasar shook his head sadly.

"I'm afraid I must leave, my community needs me," said Molasar dutifully.

"But what about you? What do you need?" asked Brianna. Molasar gazed at her. He knew what he wanted, what he needed, it was her. But unless she were to accompany him back to Benlucca, that was impossible.

"I don't know," he lied.

"Please, consider it, just stay another day," pleaded Brianna.

"It would only be prolonging the inevitable," said Molasar.

"Then do it, prolong this," said Brianna.

"It would do nothing but make the wound more painful when we parted," sighed Molasar. He began to push his horse forward. Brianna watched him, then caught up with him. She took a deep breath, wiping the rain from her eyes.

"Maybe we don't need to part," she whispered.

"You know that isn't true," said Molasar.

"Let me come with you," whispered Brianna again, searching Molasar's golden eyes.

"Do you mean that?" breathed the Gerudo King. Brianna nodded.

"Yes. I think I do."


Timothy charged into the courtyard of North Castle, looking around, beginning to panic slightly. He saw the nearest guard, who saw his distress and came rushing over.

"What is it?" asked the guard.

"The prince, he is badly injured, you must go and fetch the healer at once!" demanded Timothy. He dismounted. The guards eyes widened.

"The prince?" he asked.

"Yes. You heard what I said, not a second must be wasted. I will go locate the King and his wife," said Timothy. The guard nodded and quickly rushed inside the castle, Timothy sprinting behind. Once in the castle, he ran all the way to Link and Zelda's tower, knowing they would still be asleep. It was early morning still, so they should be in their room. He rapped on the door hurriedly, then burst in, without waiting for a reply.

"What the-?" asked Link, waking as he heard someone rapping on the door. Zelda awoke also, and both stared at the rain drenched Timothy as he entered their chamber.

"What is the meaning of this?" demanded Zelda, she liked Timothy, he was Aaron's son after all, but she did not appreciate him barging in on them like this. But when she saw the young man's expression, a cold shiver ran through her heart. Link was already up, pulling on his boots and tunic.

"It's Ewan," began Timothy, breathing heavily.

"What about him?" asked Zelda, also rising, but keeping her blanket huddled around her.

"Brianna, she came to me this morning, she thought something was up..." began Timothy again through ragged breaths.

"Where is Brianna?" asked Link, realising the absence of his daughter.

"I don't know! We met some guy she knew, but I went on without her, and then I found him," said Timothy, each word rushing out one after the other.

"What?" asked Link, slipping his sword through his belt. Zelda walked behind the dressing screen, and pulling on a pair of trousers, and a shirt. She had the feeling her normal attire of a dress was not going to be entirely appropriate.

"Yes, I don't know what has happened, but he has been wounded. I had to leave him, I had to fetch help!" insisted Timothy. Link walked over to Timothy.

"It's okay, just lead us to him," he said reassuringly.

"But that's just it your majesty. I don't know if it is okay," said Timothy, his tone sounding final. Link shot Zelda a worried glance, who quickly pulled on her old adventuring boots. She had not worn these in a while, but she figured there was no time like the present.

"Wounded? Has he been attacked?" asked Zelda, her heart pounding. If anything had happened to her son...

"Yes, a sword blow to the stomach, and a head wound. He had lost a lot of blood, he was unconscious when I reached him, with barely a pulse to indicate life still went on within him," said Timothy.

"Fine come on, we have to leave now, get to him as soon as possible," said Link, walking from the door. Timothy waited for Zelda to follow, but instead she just stared solemnly at Timothy. "He was still alive?" she asked. Timothy nodded, and reached forward, grabbing her hand.

"Come on, I have already sent for the castle healer," he told the Queen.

"What if it isn't enough?" she asked.

"It will be," said Timothy determinedly, only hoping his words would turn out to be true.

Timothy lead the gathered party to where he had left Ewan. As soon as Zelda saw her son's crumpled form at the road side, she let out a cry, and then leapt from her steed, rushing over to him. She kneeled down next to him, regardless of her clothes, and cupped his face with her hands.

"Ewan..." she whispered, devastated by her son's condition. She looked over him, at his wounds, feeling horrified. "Who would do such a thing?" she questioned, her voice wavering. Link came and knelt down beside her, placing a supportive hand on her shoulder.

"Oh God..." murmured Link, looking down at Ewan. He was pale, and covered in dirt, and blood. Link turned and beckoned the healer over to them. The young healer came immediately, and stooped down beside them. Zelda looked at the healer, whose normally soft features were etched with concern.

"Well?" asked Zelda. She could still feel her son breathing, that was a good sign at least. The healer turned to Zelda.

"These wounds, they should be fatal. By rights, your son should be dead by now," the healer informed Zelda solemnly.

"By rights!? What are you talking about? What can you do for my son?!" demanded Zelda angrily. "Sssh, Zel, come on, calm down," said Link softly. The healer shrugged.

"I can try to stabilise his condition, but these wounds, they are so deep, it will be very hard to heal him fully," said the healer. "Then do as you can, so we can get him back to the castle at least," ordered Zelda. Link pulled Zelda up and led her to one side as they let the healer prepare. Zelda looked at Link, tears springing in her eyes. "Who would do this to our son?" she wailed. Link kissed her on the forehead.

"I don't know," he replied truthfully. Surely there would only be one person in the Demiari capable of doing such damage, especially to Ewan, who was an accomplished swordsman. Ganondorf. He tried to put the thought out of his mind. Ganondorf was trapped, imprisoned in that Gem prison, trapped there by Leigh... He stopped.

"Leigh," he muttered.

"What?" asked Zelda, looking up.

"She could heal Ewan," said Link. Timothy rode up to them, overhearing a snatch of their conversation.

"Leigh has gone," said Timothy.

"Gone?" asked Zelda in surprise. Then she clenched her eyes shut in horror. Of course Leigh was gone, it was she who had told her to leave.

"Brianna found a letter to Ewan, from Leigh. That's when she thought something was wrong," explained Timothy. Suddenly, the healer turned, her expression even more morose.

"What is it?" asked Link, holding Zelda close.

"Poison. Someone has poisoned him, it is preventing my healing skills," said the healer. Zelda pushed Link away and marched over to the healer.

"What do you mean?!" she asked.

"Someone has poisoned your son, your highness. It is a deadly toxin, with no cure. If your son does not die from the wounds he has now, the poison will certainly finish him off," explained the healer seriously. Zelda gasped.

"No!" she whispered, looking down at her son's crumpled form. Link was already mounting his horse.

"Leigh can't have gotten far, she'll be in Mido, I'll go and find her!" vowed Link. He knew that Leigh was a brilliant healer, astounding even. She had brought back from the dead before, so there was no reason why she could not bring anyone back from the brink of it. Zelda watched him leave, knowing that Leigh may be the only hope left for her son. She turned to Timothy.

"Please, go and find my daughter. I need to know that both of my children are safe," said Zelda softly. Timothy nodded.

"Don't worry, I'm sure I can find your daughter," vowed Timothy, before turning and riding off in the opposite direction, sincerely wishing that this was one vow he could fulfil.


Leigh sighed and wiped her brow, feeling a little queasy. She was beginning to regret boarding this ship in the first place, it certainly wasn't sailing weather. Well, at least no one had asked for her travelling fee yet, she supposed. It had been at least a day since she'd set off from Mido, which by her calculations, meant they would be close to the tip of western Hyrule. Which, meant time for a slight change of direction. She stood up, checking she had the correct tools which would be required for the captain to see her point of view about which course this ship would take. In the middle of the ocean, however, with a whole crew against her, she was wondering if this was a good idea. Ha! Wondering! Who was she trying to kid? It was a bad idea. Period. She took out her sword, and allowed it to arc through the air in front of her. She smiled a little. Her strength was certainly returning, almost at an alarming rate. She could take on this ship's crew no problem. Feeling a little more confident, she replaced her sword in her belt, and walked to the door of her cabin, pushing it open, and stepping outside.

As she walked across the deck, her appearance was met with wolf whistles and approving nods. Leigh simply ignored them, and headed straight for the captain's cabin. She was glad it was only drizzling, she didn't feel like being soaked right now. Instead of knocking on the door, she marched straight in, shutting the door behind her. When the captain heard the door click, he turned, and smiled at Leigh.

"Ah, so you've come to discuss your fare," he said, seemingly pleased with himself. Leigh reciprocated the smile, walked over to him, and placed one hand behind the captain's neck. He smiled at her, but begfore any more could be said, Leigh whipped out her sword with her other free hand, holding it to the captain's neck. He froze, all colour draining from his rosy face. "What in Demiari?!" exclaimed the captain. Leigh smiled a little, glad to get the upper hand over the cowardly little man.

"It's time this ship took a little detour," she began.

"You aren't getting the goods from my ship lass!" said the captain defiantly. Leigh laughed. "It's not goods I want. I want to go to Sosaria," corrected Leigh.

"What?!" asked the captain.

"You heard me, turn this ship towards Sosaria, or feel the steel of my blade," threatened Leigh. "Hah! You stupid lass, you'll never be able to direct this ship without me, so your threats are empty ones," mocked the captain. Leigh drew closer to the captain, pressing the sharp edge of her sword against his neck.

"You'd be surprised at what a lady might learn in her years in the wilderness," said Leigh. "This ship needs a crew, they would never obey you," said the captain.

"But they would obey you," pointed out Leigh. She pressed her sword heavier against the weathered skin of the captain's neck, causing him to gulp in pain. She drew back, giving the captain passage to the deck, to speak to his crew. He looked at her, and rubbed his neck.

"So go tell them about this," said Leigh casually.

"They'll never head to Sosaria, it's a death trap! Those oceans are riddled with pirates!" protested the captain.

"Isn't that what you are?" questioned Leigh.

"They'll never agree, nor would they follow your orders either. Leigh shrugged.

"The decision is a simple one captain, you and your crew can die now, by a lady's hand, or die at sea, taking your chances with the scourge of the Medius ocean. If I were to kill you now, I could easily take one of your spare boats to shore, and you know it. I have nothing to lose from this," sighed Leigh. The captain paused, then sneered.

"Yeah, as if you could take on my whole crew!" he laughed. Leigh raised an eyebrow at the captain.

"I would not advise you to mock me captain, I may feel the need to prove my prowess of the sword to you, get the point?" snarled Leigh. The captain smiled.

"Fine, you beat me in a duel, then I'll consider your proposal," he agreed.

"How about we do it on the deck, so all your men will get the message?" asked Leigh. The captain shrugged.

"Fine by me," he said. Leigh opened the cabin door.

"Lead the way, captain," she said amicably. He smiled back and left. Leigh followed close behind.


Zelda sat by her son's beside, tending to Ewan with a damp cloth. She let out a sob, so upset to see her son like this. It wasn't meant to go like this, how could Ewan be made to suffer so? He'd never done anything to hurt anyone. And Brianna was missing. She got up, and walked across to the window and looked out. Where was her daughter? She walked back over to Ewan, who lay limp upon his bed. She sat down again.

"Please wake up Ewan," she whispered. He didn't stir. Zelda found herself wishing she hadn't turned Leigh away, or that the heroine was as thick-skinned as her step-sister. Then maybe she would still be here, and would be able to help. Leigh was the only person Zelda knew who had such a power to heal, and to restore life. No one in Hyrule was capable of such feats, and nowhere else either, except maybe Sosaria, which was currently out of bounds. At that moment, someone entered the room, Zelda turned, expecting to see her husband, but it was Drake. As soon as he saw her, he walked over, and enveloped her in a big hug.

"God Zelda, I'm so sorry," murmured the brave knight.

"So am I," whimpered Zelda.

"If there's anything I can do to help," said Drake, still holding onto Zelda.

"I know, I know," said Zelda, her voice breaking. They stepped apart, and both looked down at Ewan.

"Who could have done this?" asked Drake.

"I don't know, there was no-one," murmured Zelda, shaking her head.

"Where's Link?" asked Drake.

"Looking for Leigh," said Zelda quietly, hanging her head in shame.

"She wanted to go back to Sosaria," commented Drake.

"I know. But she can't, can she?" said Zelda.

"She was pretty determined," said Drake.

"She's the only one who can help. Damn this feud!" said Zelda frustratedly. Drake placed one hand on Zelda's shoulder.

"You can't blame yourself over this Zelda," he warned.

"And why not? She apologised to me Drake, she wanted us to make up, but I wouldn't!" said Zelda, sitting by Ewan's bed and holding her head in her hands.

"She apologised?" asked Drake, a little surprised. It was certainly news to him.

"Yes. Now can I blame myself?" asked Zelda pertinently.

"No, Zelda. This won't help anyone," said Drake firmly.

"But she could. I saw her do it with Nick, she could help Ewan," said Zelda.

"And Link will find her," said Drake surely.

"She could have found some way to Sosaria by now, and we could never reach those shores," said Zelda miserably.

"If we have to, we will," said Drake.

"But how?" asked Zelda.

"Send out an Armada," said Drake. Zelda looked up at the head knight.

"You mean declare war?" she asked, slightly taken aback by his suggestion.

"You'd do anything for your son, this may be something you have to do," said Drake solemnly.

"You could be right," said Zelda quietly, looking down at the pale face of her son.


Leigh smiled triumphantly as she held the tip of her own sword to the captain's neck.

"Looks like this ship is going to Sosaria," she said confidently. The captain frowned.

"Not so fast lass," he said, attempting to push her blade away. Leigh stood firm, her smile fading.

"What exactly are you implying captain? You wouldn't go back on your word, would you captain?" asked Leigh, her tone turning slightly menacing. The captain looked down at the sword at his neck. He gulped.

"Uh, of course not," he muttered nervously.

"Of course not," echoed Leigh. She gave the captain a short smile, then looked around at the shocked crew. She heard the captain sigh.

"Go on then men, turn towards Sosaria," he ordered, sounding bitter. There were a few groans of protest. The captain turned to Leigh, smiling a little. "You can't make them do what they aren't willing to do," he informed Leigh.

"Then you will," said Leigh, thrusting her sword at the captain.

"I'd rather die," spat the captain.

"I have no qualms about killing you," warned Leigh in a low voice. She was a little surprised at her own statement, but was hardly surprised that she had been forced into making it.

"As I have none about killing you, nor do any of my men," sneered the captain. Leigh glanced around, the sound of weapons being drawn filling the air. She quickly backed up to a stack of crates and leapt atop them, looking down at the advancing crew.

"You can surrender now, and we may spare your life," said the captain.

"I could issue you the same option," said Leigh, kicking one crew member in the face as he climbed the crate. She hoped her strength would last.

"You could never take us all on," said the captain. Leigh raised an eyebrow.

"Oh really?" she asked. At that moment, all the men on board let out a battlecry, and ran towards Leigh, who began to prepare herself. As they all leapt towards her, she span on one foot, spinning, her sword thrust outwards. It was at times like this that she wished she still held the services of the Black Sword and Arcadion. She surprised even herself at the strength she possessed, cutting into anyone who came near her. She knew it was a dangerous game she was playing, but she had ther power, and the confidence to succeed. Something she could have never done a few days ago. Leigh indeed had an advantageous position, and had soon managed to eliminate any of her attackers. Many of them lay groaning on the deck, tending to their wounds, and they were the ones that were lucky. Leigh climbed down from the crate and looked around, regretting her actions slightly. It wasn't that she regretted inflicting damage to the men, she had done it to so many pirates before them, it was just with an injured crew she could never expect them to fight the hoards of the Medius Ocean, the stretch of water between the shores of Hyrule and Sosaria. She shook her head. She would have to find another way to get back to Sosaria, because it was obvious this way was not going to work. She walked over to the other side of the ship, and jumped into the lifeboat, cutting the ropes with her sword, and holding tight as she landed in the water. She sheathed her weapon, and took up the oars, and began to row back to the east isle of Hyrule.


Timothy urged his steed to go faster still, following a fresh set of muddy tracks, praying they were those of Brianna's. He noticed there were more than just one set of horse tracks, there were two.

"Molasar," muttered Timothy darkly. It was then that it suddenly struck him. Molasar had come from the same direction where Ewan had been left. And he was covered in mud, which could have easily been picked up in a struggle. And those two had never been on good terms, they'd hated each other from the day they had set eyes upon each other. Tim shook his head in disgust. What worried him even more though was that he had allowed Brianna to follow the scum. Things weren't looking good. Tim desperately tried to recall the few details that Brianna had given him about Molasar, but his mind was blank. He squinted through the blinding rain, hoping to see the two further up ahead. But they'd already had a good head start on him, and unless they weren't hurrying anywhere, an unlikely event in this weather, he had no hope of catching them, unless of course they had decided to stop somewhere until the weather cleared up, but Tim had already passed through Ruto, and the nearest town from here was Saria. He had no idea were they might go, the tracks he was following were his only hope.

It was early evening now, about 5'ish. Timothy was exhausted, so was his horse. But he had to keep going, he had to find Brianna, for Zelda's sake. The tracks had taken him to the east coast and then across to Death Mountain isle. It was there he saw a small boat, leaving the shore. He spurred on his steed, which sensing his urgency, obliged, and he galloped to the shore, where he promptly dismounted and ran into the water, fully prepared to swim after the boat.

"Brianna!" he cried desperately, his body running purely on adrenaline now. He called out again. He was waist deep in the water by now. He didn't even know if Brianna was on that boat. Then he turned, and saw further down the beach, two horses. One was Brianna's, the other was the same that Molasar had been riding. Timothy plunged into the cold water and began to swim with all his strength after the boat, but he soon knew his chase to be fruitless. He was getting tired, and if her didn't go back now, he would surely drown. He swam back to shore, were he fell onto the pebbly sand, exhausted. He had failed in his promise to Zelda, and now Brianna was in the hands of some unknown stranger, who had to be responsible for the attempted murder of Brianna's very own brother, Ewan.

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