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The Order of Fate

Juliet A. Singleton (Scullys@bigfoot.com) & Kirsty Singleton (arcadionseye@btopenworld.com)

Chapter 2


Zelda chewed on her quill thoughtfully, as she hand wrote out the invitations to Ewan's twenty first birthday celebration.

"Half done," she remarked, turning to look over at Link, who was also writing out invites. He grinned.

"Well Zel, you would insist on inviting half of Demiari! Anyway, I'm almost done with my pile," he replied.

"Well, it is Ewan's twenty first you know, it's very special. And you're only almost finished because you write so messy. You don't take the time, and care, unlike me," Zelda smiled. She picked up one of Link's invites, and critically compared it to one of her own. It was neater than she'd expected. Link tended to have a scrawling, loopy hand, but it was evident that he'd taken care over his writing on the invitations. Zelda's script was very small, very neat and very ornate, but she always took ages to write things out because of it. If she wrote fast, her writing became looped and sometimes difficult to decipher to the untrained eye.

"I write messy?" Link exclaimed, in an incredulous voice.

"Sometimes," Zelda said, smiling. "I suppose it is no good trying to even send out invites to Sosaria," she said, suddenly sighed. Link shook his head.

"Not unless you want to lose another ship," he replied. Zelda began another invitation, this time to King Charles in his family.

"Charles told me in his last missive that he lost part of his fleet as it sailed along the Windward Strait. That's not even near Sosaria, but the ships bore their colours!" she said. Link nodded.

"Yes, I heard about that. Seems that they're out to get our allies as well as us," he said. Zelda frowned to herself, and then signed her name at the bottom with a flourish.

"Something is wrong in Sosaria," she stated. "They used to be such a peaceful country, it was so like Hyrule really, except without Ganon," she added.

"It's almost like Lord British has gone totally mad," Link mused. Zelda looked up for a moment, thoughtful.

"Perhaps he has been possessed by an evil spirit. And without Leigh there to help Sosaria..." she let her words trail off, but they both knew what came after.

"Zel, there is nothing we can do. It's too dangerous to try and even go there, it's like one huge fortress. Captain Mercutio tells me that Conim has a great wall around it, lined with canons, goodness knows what the Capital Evian's port is like, if a mere town such as that is so well protected," Link said. Zelda sighed.

"I guess you're right. But sometimes, I can't help feeling partially responsible for all this," she said. Link eyed her across the table sadly.

"Zel, it was more my fault, than anything. I... I let Leigh fall..." he said in a quiet voice. Zelda leaned over he table, and clasped his hand in hers.

"Look, perhaps she is still alive, that bolt was surely magical. What's done is done, we can't change the past, but we can move on from it. It's no good blaming ourselves," she said.

"I doubt she is alive. I mean, it all happened over fifteen years ago, we should have heard something by now if she was, surely?" Link said.

"Perhaps the bolt took her to another world... another dimension, and she is trapped there, no way to get home. Like when we got stranded on Koholint," Zelda suggested.

"Maybe," Link said. Zelda decided to change the subject. She never did like talking about Leigh. It only brought on feelings of guilt, because the woman had disappeared in Hyrule, and feelings of anger, because she almost split Zelda and Link up. Trying to smile brightly, she said,

"I wonder if Ewan shall finally choose a bride." Link shrugged.

"Maybe. But don't force it on him. You know how you hated it when your father invited all those princes from all over Demiari to your eighteenth birthday, in hope of marrying you off to one," he remarked.

"I'm not trying to. But he is twenty-one, you know," Zelda replied. Link smiled a little.

"If I recall myself, you weren't keen to get married off too quickly either," he said, in an amused tone. Zelda coloured visibly.

"Uh... I... I did want to get married, it's just that I thought..." she stammered. Link grinned. "You know, it's probably a good job that Drake forced us to get married when he did, else we might never have got back together," he said. Zelda looked down at the table for a moment, remembering. It had been a terrible day. But at the end, one of the most happiest of her life. In order to fulfil an ancient prophecy to kill Ganon off, they'd had to join their lines. They'd been fighting bitterly that day, with no hope of a reconciliation. Sir Drake had forced them through a hurried marriage ceremony, hoping that it would be enough to satisfy the prophecy. It must have been... almost. They had sent Ganon to the Dark Realm, but years later, he had broken out, as alive and well as ever. And more powerful. The two had two wedding anniversaries because of the situation. An 'unofficial' one, the first time they got married, and of the course, the 'official' one, which the whole kingdom had attended. Not many people knew of this fact, except those closest to the couple.

Zelda looked up again, and smiled at her husband.

"Ewan is not a bit like you in the relationships department!" she said. Link grinned.

"Perhaps he's like you. Always denying his feelings!"

"I was not like that! Well... not really," Zelda protested.

"Oh come on Zel, I made it clear I was interested from the moment we met, and it took you six years to reciprocate the feelings! Or should I say, admit them?" he smiled.

"Ahem, I was just shy, actually. Anyway, it wasn't becoming behaviour for a princess like me," Zelda answered, grinning slightly.

"Don't offend me," Link warned, grinning back.

"Yes well, like you even seemed to care about me! Half the time, you were running about with girls from Rauru and Mido!" Zelda said.

"Well, I had to... uh... you know. Anyway, I was just trying to make you jealous," Link replied. "Like you even succeeded!" Zelda jibed.

"I reckon I did. Remember when I started going out with that girl called Aemilia from Rauru, and I dated her for three months? Sprite says she caught you crying your eyes out when you saw us kissing. Now if that wasn't envy..." Link began, his tone smug.

"I was not! Sprite's lying!" Zelda protested, a blush appearing quite visibly on her cheeks. She quickly finished off the invitation to Dion that she was writing. Link didn't say anything, he just smiled to himself. "Well, perhaps I was a bit jealous," Zelda eventually admitted. "But what I was really upset about was... was... the fact you liked her so much. I mean, she... she... she only dated you because you were like... a great hero!" she added. Link shrugged.

"So what? She had the desired effect of making you jealous," he grinned. Zelda sniffed, and proceeded to gather up some of the invites that she'd done so far.

"Hmmm. Sure. Well, I suppose I shall have these delivered. The overseas ones must go first. I hope that British's pirates don't attack my messenger ships," she said.

"You worry too much. Our messengers know to keep away from the dangerous southern parts of the Great Sea and the Medius Ocean," Link replied, handing over the overseas invitations that he'd done.

"But you said yourself, British's ships have been spotted down the Windward Strait! However will our ships reach Lemmink?" Zelda wailed.

"They could land on the Catalia side, and pass through walking," Link answered rationally.

"I shall have to call a Royal Council meeting on the matter. If anymore ships are attacked, we may have to declare war," Zelda said.

"Isn't that going a little too far?" Link questioned nervously. He'd served through one war himself, fifteen years ago, against Ganondorf's army of thieving Gerudos and bloodthirsty Tanolians. and hadn't liked it one bit.

"When my ships, and my allies ships are being sunk for no reason other than a petty incentive on Lord British's part, then yes, I think it is time for such action," Zelda stated imperiously. "Then a Council we will hold," Link replied. He didn't look too happy, but Zelda didn't notice. "Come on. We shall hold it tomorrow morning," she said, walking out to inform her advisors.

Brianna walked around North Castle's formal gardens early the next morning, feeling excited that soon, she and all her friends would be together again. Brianna did have one best friend, her handmaiden Alyssand. Though Zelda had never had one herself, Brianna had insisted that she have one, once she started to get older. The normal function of a handmaiden was to help dress, and do other personal jobs for the person who employed them. However, Brianna chose Alyssand to be more of a companion. The only other people her age in the castle, were practically all male, and aside from Renee, and King Charles' daughter Beth, she had little other female company.

Renee and Beth were only there when their families came to visit her parents, often on special occasions, such as birthdays. They all had a group together; herself, Alyssand, Ewan, Timothy (although those two sometimes acted like they were too old to be hanging around the rest), Renee and Xander, Zak, Beth and Jack. Dion had got married recently, and had two children of his own, and Damon had remarried too, to Fayzie, and they had had there own child together, aswell as Aden, whom was Fayzie's child from another marriage. Of course, her cousins sometimes tried to hang out with them while they were there, Brianna liked Raymundo, but she hated Rosella. The twins were okay, but everyone simply detested Roderick, because he acted so overbearing all the time. Last time they'd all seen each other had on the 15th of August, when it had been Brianna's birthday. The princess sat down on one of the stone benches, and took out her treasured ocarina, and began to play. She was trying to make up a tune that she could play at Ewan's birthday. She'd been planning on playing the piano, but now that she'd discovered the ocarina, she thought that it might be more special to use that instead. After all, lots of people would play the piano. No-one else she knew, had an ocarina. The notes drifted out softly, into the pleasant, autumn air. Some red-gold leaves fluttered to the ground around her, but she barely noticed, lost in her playing. She also didn't see the handsome young man walking towards her, Triforce Protector Timothy Westley.

Timothy walked into the ornamental gardens, following the sound of the sweet music. He knew that Brianna must be playing that ocarina again. The sound was so beautiful, she played it really well. In fact, Brianna seemed to have no end of talents. There seemed to be nothing that she couldn't do. He couldn't play music very well himself, so it was easy to admire Brianna's skill. He followed the neat path of tiny crushed white pebbles, and walked across to the seating area near the lake. Brianna was seated on a bench there, oblivious to his presence. He stood there for a moment, simply taking in her beauty. She looked like an angel sat there, with her long golden hair loose, wearing a soft cream coloured dress which fitted her slim figure closely, playing such euphonious melodies. Then he chastised himself for even staring at her. It wasn't right for him so do so, after all. Shoving his hands in his pockets, he walked towards her. She looked up, hearing the crunch of pebbles under his boots. "Hey Tim," she greeted, smiling prettily.

"Hiya Bri," Timothy replied in a friendly tone, smiling back. She patted the bench next to her. "Off duty?" she questioned. He nodded.

"Your mother is very kind to give me such a lot of free time," he said.

"Oh, the Triforce hardly needs protecting really, except at night. Anyway, mother's spells keep most threats at bay," Brianna replied.

"I suppose you have a point. By the way, that music was lovely," Timothy complimented. Brianna smiled.

"Hey, thanks. I'm kind of trying to make up a special song to play on Ewan's birthday," she said.

"Got one yet?" he questioned. She shook her head.

"It kinda has to portray him, y'know? Somehow, I just haven't managed to play a tune that does so far," she said.

"Well, don't worry. You've got four or five days at least to do it, and I'm sure you'll come up with something," Timothy replied, placing one hand over hers. She smiled again, then stood up. "Actually Tim, I'd like to show you something," she said.

"Yeah?" Tim asked, his heart almost skipping a beat. She nodded.

"Come on, we'll go to the gazebo. I left some of my notebooks in there."

"A new poem?" Timothy questioned, as he quickly followed her down the path, past the rose bushes. He would have liked to pluck one to give to her, but they had begun to dry up and wither, since summer was over.

"Yep. How did you guess?" Brianna said, turning to him and grinning.

"Well, you usually write them in those notebooks of yours," he replied, smiling softly. Brianna laughed, and jumped up the painted wooden steps into the gazebo. On the small table there, lay some sheaves of paper, notebooks and a quill and inkpot. The gazebo was Brianna's private haven, she did a lot of her writing there, when other people weren't happening to use it. She liked the tranquil setting, and it often inspired her.

They both sat down on the bench that ran around the inside wall of the honeysuckle entwined bower. Brianna picked up a loose sheet of paper and handed it over to Tim. He studied it, admiring the neatness of Brianna's flowing script. On it, was a poem of several verses, a love poem in fact. He read through it slowly, taking in every word. It was certainly a good piece of work, very emotive and moving. He placed it back down on the table a few minutes later, and turned to look at Brianna.

"So, what do you think?" she asked, a little nervously.

"Bri, that was beautiful. I think it's your best love poem yet," he praised.

"You don't think it's too... too romantic?" Brianna questioned, clasping her hands together in her lap.

"No, no, it was really lovely Bri. Just like the others you've written. And besides, what's wrong with romance?" Timothy asked, grinning at her shyly. Brianna smiled wryly, reminiscent of Zelda for a moment.

"Well, nothing, except I don't really know how it feels, so sometimes it's just like I'm making it up, and sometimes it feels like I might be wrong," she said.

"It's great Bri, really. Would I lie to you about how good one of your poems was?" Timothy questioned her. Brianna shook her head.

"I guess not. You're a poet too, so you understand. I mean, if I showed it to Ewan, he would just lie and say he liked it, probably, because well, he doesn't really perceive it properly," she replied. Timothy nodded. She was right. Sometimes, Ewan laughed at him for being a writer, mostly because he wasn't remotely interested it himself, despite being an avid reader.

"Well, that's Ewan for you," he grinned. Brianna laughed.

"We really ought to get him to write something one day. Then maybe he'll stop laughing at us!" she suggested, her blue eyes shining. Timothy laughed at her idea.

"Ewan, write something? The day he does that, will be the day Sosaria decides to become part of Demiari again!" he said.

"I think Mother is having a meeting about it today! I heard that there might be a war!" Brianna said, looking excited.

"Yes, my dad mentioned it. I hope there isn't, for me and Ewan will have to go out and fight, and you might never see us again," Timothy replied, suddenly looking sad. Brianna didn't appear to have thought of this. She grabbed hold of his arm.

"Oh no, that would be simply too terrible! I thought it sounded rather exciting, but I've changed my mind," she said.

"I mean, I'll support my country to the end, but..." he let his words trail off.

"Let's change the subject," Brianna said quickly.

Zelda sat down at the head of the long table in the debate room. Link sat to her left, and Drake to her right. Her father Harkinian was also present. He liked to help out when he could, and Zelda valued his opinions. Although Harkinian was in his mid seventies, he wasn't the doddering old man that you might imagine. Many Hylians lived to be over hundred at least, they aged slightly differently to humans, often having a much longer life, up to twenty or even thirty years more. He had been happy to hand over the rule of the country to his daughter and her husband, and spent an enjoyable, quiet life with his second wife, Fenella. They spent most of their time travelling around Demiari, seeing old friends, and making new ones. He had ruled for thirty-seven years, Zelda had ruled for around ten so far. He thought that she was doing a pretty good job. Hyrule was prosperous and happy, almost perfect. Aside of course, from the Sosarian problem, which was why they were all gathered here today for a meeting about the matter. Sir Drake, the Head Knight, was also concerned. He was fifty seven now, his sandy blonde hair becoming lighter. He had begun to grow a bit of a beard too, along with his trademark moustache. The Hylian had finally settled down, and married a barmaid called Gwen several years earlier. They had a young son called Zachary, who was twelve years old. Despite being much older now, he was still as jovial and sarcastic as ever, not to mention unbeatable at jousting. And of course, if he couldn't be found anyway in North Castle, you knew that he'd be frequenting one of his favourite taverns. Right now, he was having a look at a naval map, which Zelda's head sailor, Mercutio Jamison, had prepared. It had marks on of all the places that Lord British's ships had attacked. Other members of the council filed in, including Impa (now almost eighty), Captain Jamison, and Aaron. When everyone had arrived, Zelda held up her hand for silence. The room went quiet, and it was time for the meeting to begin.


Molasar handed some pieces of gold to the old sailor sat on the pier on the outskirts of the capital city of Eridye. In fluent Benluccan, he asked the man if he would sail him to Hyrule. The man counted the pieces of gold, and then eventually nodded. Molasar smiled to himself, and then climbed aboard the small ship and stood near the prow, gazing at the ocean. It glittered enticingly, and Molasar longed to know what lay beyond those turquoise waters. He'd never left the shores of Benlucca, after all. He knew that Hyrule lay to the north, up along the Great Sea. It would take at least a day's sailing, if the weather wasn't against them, to reach the southern shore of the country. Ganondorf had told him that he had to head towards the castle, which lay in the northern part of the kingdom, about a day or two's walk. Yes, he would be there soon, and he could hardly wait. Molasar had no plan of action as of yet, but he was sure that he'd think of something by the time he arrived at his destination. He had dressed in some plain black light Gerudo armour, and a richly decorated cloak and leather boots. A large, fearsome looking curved sword hung at his waist. The scrawny Benluccan sailor was rather frightened of him. Molasar enjoyed seeing fear. It was another thing that made him feel stronger. The man scuttled on board, along with his crew, and they pulled up the anchor, and untied the boat.

"I wish to arrive there within the day!" Molasar stated to the captain. The man nodded, replying in Benluccan, that they would reach Hyrule by sunset. Satisfied with this, Molasar returned to the prow, and continued staring out over the ocean, trying to imagine what Hyrule would be like. He suddenly questioned one of the nearby sailors. The sailor replied that Hyrule was cold, with great brown mountains and forests. It sounded very different to Benlucca. Benlucca was a sweltering place, that consisted mostly of vast jungles, deserts down in the valleys, and grassy plains to the south. When it wasn't raining, it was roasting hot. Down in the secret valley of the Gerudos, they did not get much rain, but Molasar liked it like that. He did not like the sound of Hyrule. Cold. He had never felt coldness, and felt it perhaps might be unpleasant. He asked the sailor if this was so. The sailor nodded. He stated that you felt 'shivery' and that you longed for the desert heat. Molasar sighed, and began to watch the sea again...


Back in Hyrule, the meeting was in full progression.

"I think war may be going too far," Drake stated, his brow furrowed.

"But however else can we stop what's going on?" Zelda questioned.

"We are unable to reason with the country, and yet they persist on petty attacks," Link said. "War is expensive," Harkinian argued. He knew the price well enough; Hyrule had lost lots of men, as well as money, during the Great War against Ganondorf several years back.

"And yet it may be the only option we have left!" Aaron said. "

You are all young, and inexperienced! I think you may be acting in haste," Impa said, referring to Zelda, Link and Aaron.

"I know what I am doing!" Zelda snapped. She hated to be reprimanded by the older members of the council, even though their advice was nearly always wise. "We may have no other choice," she added, her tone quieting.

"I admit, we have lost many a ship to those dogs, especially trading ones that go down to Moldera, and Lemmink," Mercutio said.

"See, we are losing trade!" Zelda said.

"And men," Mercutio added quietly. "We have lost but thirty in the past month alone," he said, referring to the naval map that had been laid out in the middle of the table.

"A problem indeed," Drake stated.

"Which needs solving," Zelda said shortly.

"We'll solve it," Link said, squeezing her hand under the table comfortingly.

"Not through war," Harkinian said firmly.

"Father! It is our last option. We can't let them go on sinking our ships. What will it be next? Perhaps they will try and invade! We mustn't be weak, we must fight for our honour!" Zelda cried.

"Beast British wouldn't dare go that far," Drake said, trying to sound confident.

"Like he's not gone too far already!" Zelda argued.

"Drake has a point. What would they gain from trying to invade?" Link questioned.

"What are they gaining from sinking our ships?" Zelda replied promptly.

"I don't think he'd invade. We have the Triforce, what does Beast British have? A half-baked army?" Aaron said.

"He could have been building an army up for years for all we know," Drake admitted.

"Precisely! Which is why we strike now, before they strike us," Zelda said. Impa slowly shook her head.

"War is not the way, my children," she stated.

"Besides, how will our army get to Sosaria? You know that our ships will only be sunk, even before we reach Sosarian waters," Harkinian said.

"We could try and sneak in with unmarked ships," Aaron suggested.

"They'll be sunk, whatever colour they fly," Mercutio said firmly.

"I know this sounds a bit off, but perhaps we can use Ewan's birthday to an advantage," Link suddenly said.

"How?" Zelda questioned.

"Well, the leaders of many countries will be here. Perhaps we should discuss with them, the best way to deal with uh, Beast British," Link replied. Zelda suddenly smiled slightly.

"Yes, that's quite a good idea. Second opinions," she said.

"People may not be keen to discuss such matters during such a celebration," Harkinian warned. "Father, we might as well. After all, we're all suffering because of Sosaria's treacherous actions. I'm sure many people will be glad of the opportunity to gather together and discuss the matter seriously," Zelda replied. She began to gather up her papers. "Let us vote. Should we hold a meeting with the other leaders after the celebration?" she questioned. Members of the council who agreed raised their hands, and the vote was won by a large scale. "Then it is decided. The day after Ewan's birthday, we shall hold another meeting to discuss this matter," she said. Everyone nodded, and stood up. "Thank you," she added quickly, as they all filed out. Zelda clasped her hands together and frowned to herself. Link placed an arm around her.

"Don't worry," he whispered. She wished that she could follow his words, but the problem was already far too serious for that...

Ewan dipped his sword blade down into the running water of the stream, watching as it sparkled like silver. Timothy was sat beside him, also cleaning his sword.

"Y'know Tim, what would you say is the ideal woman?" Ewan questioned, pulling the blade up, and wiping the droplets of water off it.

"Uh..." Timothy blushed a little, and turned away so that Ewan wouldn't see. He knew what he could say. Brianna. He thought that she was perfect in every single way, from her appearance, to her personality, to her talents. But he couldn't tell Ewan that. He swallowed, and turned back to face his friend. "Probably a girl with golden hair," he said. Brianna had hair like spun gold. Ewan laughed.

"Sure, but what about her personality?" he asked.

"Well, she'd have to be kind, amusing, intelligent, caring," Timothy listed, counting on his fingers. Ewan leaned a little closer to his friend, grinning in a conspiratorial fashion.

"I think my mother is hoping that I'll hit it off with some maiden that she's bound to invite to my birthday party," he said. It was Timothy's turn to laugh.

"Oh yes. But you never know, there might be someone there who you like," he said. Ewan nodded. "There probably will be, it's just..." he let his words trail off.

"Just what?" Timothy asked.

"Well... I guess I'm being picky, but, well... I just always seem to find a fault with every girl I meet," Ewan said.

"No-one's perfect," Timothy admitted.

"I guess so. But take my cousin Rosella, for example. I mean, she's absolutely beautiful, totally perfect on the outside. But, sometimes her attitude leaves a lot to be desired," Ewan stated.

"Actually, I think Bri..." Timothy began. Then he stopped. He'd been about to say that Brianna was more beautiful than Rosella.

"What about Bri?" Ewan asked.

"Uh... I just think she's prettier than Rosella, that's all," Timothy said quietly. Ewan grinned.

"Yeah. Bri's beautiful. But she's my sister!" he said, laughing. "I know why you said that!" he added, still grinning.

"You do?" Timothy said in surprise, looking a little nervous.

"Sure," Ewan said confidently. "It's because you only like girls with blonde hair! I suppose you mustn't like Rosella's fiery locks," he said.

"Well... uh, yeah. I always think blonde hair looks the prettiest," Timothy replied quickly. "Well, I really have no personal preference, but Rosella really stands out. And girls with red hair always look so much more exciting, I think," Ewan said. Timothy nodded.

"I suppose they do. So, you have a thing for Rosella, huh? I always thought it was just her having a thing for you," he replied, his turn to grin.

"Nah, but you must admit, she is stunning," Ewan said, wiping his sword softly with a rag.

"Yes, but if you don't mind me saying, she's an idiot," Timothy replied. He didn't like Rosella all that much.

"She's not that bad. Just a bit misled. It's probably Rod's fault," Ewan said, referring to Rosella's older brother.

"Her other sisters are nice, those twins," Timothy said. Ewan shook his head.

"No thanks. Too sugary, and not striking enough," he said firmly.

"Jeez Ewan, I'd rather have one of them than Rosella and her conceited airs," Timothy replied, staring at his friend in surprise.

"Hey, I never actually said that I liked her. I just said she was beautiful," Ewan replied.

"So in other words, you fancy her," Timothy laughed.

"Hey, so what if I do? Not that I'd tell her, else she'd be all over me forever. But anyway, enough of me. What about you? I know you've got your eye on someone, who're you writing all that soppy poetry for?" Ewan asked, his blue eyes twinkling.

"I don't write soppy poetry!" Timothy protested lightly, looking a little offended.

"Alright. But still, who is she?" Ewan pressed.

"No-one you'd be interested in," Timothy replied, trying to steer off the subject.

"Does she live nearby? Or was it someone you met at one of the dances or festivals? I know, let me guess!" Ewan said.

"You'll never guess," Timothy said, trying to sound confident.

"It's that lovely barmaid in the Red Swan in Mido, isn't it? The young one, with grey eyes and big blonde hair!" Ewan guessed. Timothy shook his head. "Alright, it's that girl we saw down by the river that time, a few weeks back," Ewan suggested.

"No, no, no. Look, you might as well give up while you're ahead, because you'll never guess, and I'm not going to tell you," Timothy said firmly. Ewan placed his sword back into it's sheath. "Fine. But I'll find out - when I see you gettin' cosy with her at my birthday party!" he grinned. Timothy smiled back uneasily.

"Uh maybe," he said, standing up.

"There's no 'maybe' about it!" Ewan laughed, standing also.

"Well, we'll see," Timothy said.

"I've no doubt about that," Ewan grinned, as the two started to walk back to the castle.

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