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The Order of Fate

Juliet A. Singleton (Scullys@bigfoot.com) & Kirsty Singleton (arcadionseye@btopenworld.com)

Chapter 4


Link looked around as they all settled down to dinner that night, but Leigh was not present at the table. The dinner bell had rung ten minutes ago, so if she was going to the grace them with her presence, she surely would have arrived by now. Zelda noticed him glancing about, and gave him a questioning look. He leaned over towards her.

"I was wondering if Leigh would come down, that's all," he whispered.

"Oh," Zelda replied. She didn't sound too happy, and he could have kicked himself. Obviously, he was treading dangerous ground. He wished she'd get over the whole incident. Fifteen years on, and she still acted angry whenever he mentioned the Sosarian Avatar. For a moment, he'd mistakenly thought that she'd put it behind her. But from the way she was looking at him, she obviously hadn't. He cleared his throat nervously, and leaned over again.

"Not that I care, but she said I might as well inform everyone that she was alive and well," he stated.

"I suppose you must," Zelda remarked shortly. Some servants walked in, setting down platters of food before them all. A young woman poured them all glasses of wine. They were all sat at a great long table, he and Zelda at the head. Drake, Aaron, Charles, Selina, Nick, Aimée, Rachella, Fayette and Gwen were also present. Zelda's father and Fenella had chose to have their meal upstairs. The children all sat at another table, nearby. Ewan and Timothy acted rather aloof, and were sat at one end of the table discussing the likelihood of ever getting to visit Sosaria, while Brianna kept the rest entranced by some fancy tale she had made up about goodness knows what.

As they settled into the meal, Link decided that, despite the fact that Zelda was giving him icy stares, he would tell everyone about Leigh.

"Something surprising happened last night, actually," he remarked.

"Yes?" Nick asked. Link glanced over at Drake and Aaron. They just shrugged.

"Well go on, tell us," Selina said, smiling. "Well, you might never believe this, but well... Leigh arrived here last night," Link said. Charles, Selina, Fayette, Aimée and Nick all looked shocked.

"But..." Charles began.

"What? She arrived here, and I didn't know about it?" Fayette demanded.

"You weren't there," Drake stated.

"Who's Leigh?" Rachella asked somewhat shyly.

"An old acquaintance," Zelda remarked coolly.

"I think she was a bit more than an acquaintance, Zelda," Drake said, giving her a surprised look. Zelda didn't reply, but merely took a sip of her wine.

"She's been stranded in another world for the last couple of years," Link explained.

"Is she okay?" Selina asked anxiously.

"She's... fine," Link replied, nervously glancing over at Zelda. She was pointedly ignoring the conversation.

"She looked awful last night, poor thing," Aaron remarked.

"She... she seemed to be feeling better this morning," Link replied carefully.

"Is she here now?" Fayette piped up.

"I think... I think she'd upstairs," Link answered.

"Gracious, just wait 'til mother hears this!" Fayette said excitedly.

"I think Leigh would prefer it if you didn't go blabbing your silly little mouth off," Drake said, glaring at Fayette in annoyance.

"Excuse me Drake, but Leigh is the patron of mine and my mother's country! I think she'll want to know that Leigh is alive and well!" Fayette retorted.

"Does Leigh know of the situation in Sosaria?" Nick quickly asked, steering the conversation away from the argument that might form.

"She didn't... but I told her. She said she hasn't been back to Sosaria since..." Link started. "It's all her fault anyway! This... this problem with have with Sosaria!" Zelda suddenly said, interrupting.

"Ahem, it wasn't her fault that she got zapped here. It could have happened anywhere," Drake said in a rational tone.

"Yes, but it had to be here, didn't it?" Zelda said.

"She can go back to Sosaria for all I care. Nothing good has ever come from there, and I don't care that Hyrule is no longer it's sister country!" she added, looking pointedly at Fayette. "That's a bit rich, coming from you, considering your own mother came from Sosaria!" Fayette retorted shrilly. Zelda blushed a little at this remark, and the whole table fell into an uncomfortable silence. Finally, she said,

"My mother was a Hylian, and all Hylians originate in Hyrule, so that makes her Hyrulian, not Sosarian!"

"She still came from Sosaria, though, didn't she? Admit it Zelda, you just want to insult Leigh because you..." Fayette began smugly.

"Excuse me, I can't believe that you of all people would make a big deal about Leigh, after what you did when..." Zelda interrupted. Brianna, Ewan and the others were glancing over at the table in interest.

"Alright, enough! Just for once, please can't we all sit together and have a meal without you two throwing insults at each other?" Link asked, looking from one woman to the other.

"Fine by me," Fayette said in a flippant tone, smiling around the table as if nothing had happened. Zelda said nothing, but she looked suitably ashamed of herself.

"Uh, more wine anyone?" Drake asked tactfully.

"Why not?" Link said, quickly holding his glass out, and wishing that the whole incident had never happened.


Molasar looked around the underground cavern with interest. This, the Underworld, had once been his father's domain. It had stretched right under most of Hyrule, the main base being here, under Death Mountain. A crumbling, cracked jar, massive in size, lay in one corner of the hall, disused. Some of the torches still burned, providing light. A massive pit lay in the centre of the floor, dropping down into darkness, right under the ground. To his right, there were several portcullis', which had obviously once housed something at one time, perhaps some monsters. A wooden door with metal studs on it had a metal plaque on the centre which declared 'The Dungeons'. Refuse, rotting remains and other horrible rubbish lay scattered about the floor, and there was a festering smell in the air. A great iron chandelier with burned out candles hung from the centre of the ceiling. Dark passages led off in all sorts of directions. Old, worn tapestries of unknown horrors, leering white skulls and rusty weapons adorned the walls. At the far end of the room, near a clawed pedestal, stood a stone throne. And upon it, was the most ridiculous sight Molasar had ever beheld. A yellow moblin wearing leather trousers, chain mail and bone jewellery, was sitting on the throne, along with a leering stalfos skeleton with burning red eyes, who had a rusty tin crown on top of his skull, and a tattered purple cloak around his neck. The moblin was holding a golden sceptre and had a stupid grin on his dog-like face. They surely had to be the two imbeciles that his father had spoken of. His special scouts. Befriend the creatures of the dark, my old followers! he'd said. You'll find it useful to have them on your side, however much idiots they might be. So Molasar was here to try and befriend the two. When they spotted Molasar, the skeleton jumped up and pulled a long rope nearby. A bone began hitting a nearby skull, in a primitive alarm fashion. Molasar jumped swiftly out of the way, as dozens of monsters, big and small, began to pour into the room. The moblin let out an almighty roar and cried

"Guards, ged 'im!" Molasar blocked the attack skilfully, and fought his way right over to the throne.

"Call them off, before I kill you both!" he shouted. Cowering, the pair began to make their way towards a nearby passage.

"Not so fast!" Molasar exclaimed, reaching out and grabbing the pair.

"W..wot d'ya want?" the stalfos questioned nervously.

"I am the son of your old master," Molasar announced.

"We don't 'ave no master. Us is da 'ead of da Brother'ood of Underworld Monsters," the moblin announced proudly.

"Fools! You will be no longer, for I intend to be your leader. And don't pretend you don't know who my father was!" Molasar said angrily. The stalfos scratched his bony skull.

"Eh?" he finally said. Molasar would have throttled him, if he hadn't been afraid the skeleton would fall to pieces if he did so.

"My father was the Great Ganondorf Dragmire, King of Gerudos, Prince of Darkness!" he shouted.

"Oh yeah... , 'Is Evilness, master Ganon. Ah remember 'im, old 'og'ead," the moblin said. Molasar cleared his throat.

"Well I am his son," he said. The pair began to laugh hysterically. "Silence, fools! You will help me, or I shall destroy you!" Molasar shouted. The two began to quiver again.

"Uh, yeah boss," the moblin finally agreed.

"Anythin' ya say, Your Evilness," Skoll added.

"Good. Now, pay attention to me. We are going to kill that wretched hero and princess," Molasar began.

"Oh yeah, great idea boss... dat hero, wot's 'is name, Dink?" the moblin questioned.

"No, it's Mink ya idiot!" the skeleton argued.

"And dat Princess friend of 'is, now wot wuz she called?" Aspete said.

"It begins with un F... Flema, woz it?" Skoll asked.

"Shut up!" Molasar ordered. The two really were beginning to try his patience. They shut up. "Your names?" Molasar asked.

"Ah'm Skoll, an ee's Aspete," the stalfos said, pointing to the moblin.

"I am Molasar, King of the Gerudo, Prince of the Night," Molasar said.

"Crikey, us'll never remember all dat palaver," Aspete exclaimed.

"You may simply call me Master," Molasar stated calmly.



"I'll make a wish today, down by the flowing river," Brianna sang to herself in Hylian, as she walked along the edge of the stream that fed the lake that surrounded the island North Castle was built on. The stream started in the Midoro mountains, and it was a beautiful place to walk along. "I'm in this world alone, give me a loving admirer," she continued, daintily stepping along the rocky path. She paused, looking down into the crystal clear brook. "Oh I dream of him here, down by the running water..." Little did the princess know, but she had caught someone's attention. A mere passer-by; or so they might seem. Molasar had taken a shortcut through the Midoro swamp to reach the castle, and he stood, hidden in a copse of trees nearby, entranced. Never before had he seen someone so captivating. She walked gracefully along the river bank, pausing every now and again to look around her. He couldn't quite hear what she was singing, bit whatever it was, her voice was certainly beautiful. It had a slight lilt to it, unlike any voice Molasar had heard before. Then again, everything about this place was strange, from its trees, to its wildlife, to its buildings and to its people. He watched the girl again, taking in her appearance. Her pale skin, that long, curly golden hair... he wished he was close enough to see her face. She wore a long, white gown that swirled around her ankles as she moved. Gems sparkled on her fingers and at her throat, flashing in the early morning sun. She carried on walking, still singing, coming closer and closer. Molasar stepped out of the shade of the trees, and waited for her to notice him. Presently, she did, and her lovely singing ceased. She stared at him in surprise. He attempted a friendly smile. The girl smiled back, a soft, warm smile. Molasar stepped forward.

"Fair lady, I couldn't help but overhear your singing. It was beautiful," he praised. The girl looked down and blushed shyly.

"I feel embarrassed that you should hear me," she replied in a modest tone.

"But it was a pleasure to hear!" Molasar said. She smiled at him again.

"I was making it up as I went along, it was rather silly," she remarked. He noticed that she had bright blue eyes, the colour of the sky above them. He could feel her aura, it was a golden one, one of pure goodness. He only hoped that she could not feel his; he had taken precautions to try to disguise it, for his father had told him that Zelda, one of the two who had defeated him, could sense auras of darkness.

"I didn't really hear the words, I was too far away," he admitted. The girl laughed prettily, her eyes twinkling.

"I should think that if you had heard it, it would not have made sense to you! You are not from round here, are you?" she questioned. Molasar suddenly stiffened. He had not to let his origins be known, and yet... it could not harm to tell this girl.

"No. I hail from the south," he replied.

"So you don't know Hylian?" the girl asked. He shook his head. "Oh, by the way, my name is Brianna," the girl introduced.

"Molasar," Molasar replied slowly.

"It's lovely to have met you, Molasar, not many people seem to visit Hyrule, too boring, I guess," Brianna laughed.

"From what I have seen so far, it is a beautiful place," Molasar praised.

"Yes... I must admit, I am lucky to live here," Brianna replied, glancing around her. They both fell silent, admiring the landscape around them.

"Brianna... that's a lovely name," Molasar suddenly said.

"It is a terrible one, I can't imagine what my parents were thinking! But my whole name, it is awful!" Brianna replied, grinning. He noticed that her accent, as well as being mellifluous, was also very refined. As if... as if she were a noble. She wore no crown upon her head, and her dress was plain, but the jewels she wore indicated that she must indeed, be rich.

"If you don't mind me asking, what is your full name?" he pushed.

"Oh, it is too terrible to tell, it really is!" Brianna protested lightly.

"Please tell me. You intrigue me," Molasar stated intensely.

"Oh but kind Sir! I would tell you, but you are a stranger! Do tell me why you are in Hyrule," Brianna replied. Molasar swallowed.

"I am visiting... I am visiting the inhabitants of that castle over there," he said, pointing over at North Castle.

"Oh! You must be attending my brother's twenty-first birthday, right? I swear, Mother has invited the whole kingdom!" Brianna laughed. Molasar stared at her in surprise, hardly able to believe his luck. Could this girl's mother and father be the ones he pursued? And a party... the perfect means to get into the castle, and take the Power of Gold!

"Yes," he finally said. "Well, consider yourself lucky to have met me beforehand! Now you shall not feel so alone at the party! Allow me to introduce myself properly Sir," Brianna said. She held out a dainty white hand. He wasn't sure what to do. Were they supposed to shake hands? He grasped it firmly in his own tanned one, and she looked a little surprised. He quickly dropped it.

"I am sorry... I am not familiar with northern customs," he admitted. Brianna smiled again.

"Oh, don't worry. If you must know, well here, the women kiss the men on the cheek, and the men kiss the women on the hand," she stated.

"Oh, I see now. Let us start again," Molasar offered. A kiss from this fair maiden would be... divine.

"Okay," Brianna said amicably. She held out her hand again. "Allow me to introduce myself, good Sir," she stated. He took her hand, and kissed it gently. She smiled.

"I am Brianna Alina Medila Grâtia-Illustrísquídam, Princess of Hyrule," she announced. "My surname means 'the great ones' in Hylian. Very silly, I know, but its been that for centuries," she added, her eyes twinkling. Molasar smiled.

"Fair Princess, I am also royal, but with more humble bearings. I lead a small community in the country of Benlucca. My full name is Molasar..." he paused. His surname was Dragmire, but his father had been the enemy of this girl's parents. He could not reveal his parentage. He decided to use his mother's surname. "Anacreon. King Molasar Anacreon," he stated.

"Oh, such a pleasure to meet you, Your Highness!" Brianna said, smiling at him mischievously. She then leaned over, and planted a light kiss on his cheek. Molasar resisted the urge to pull her close to him, so that he could kiss her properly. She really was the most beautiful girl he'd ever seen.

"But, if you don't mind me saying, you look a little young to be a king!" she added.

"My father... he died," Molasar said, somewhat truthfully.

"Oh... I'm sorry," Brianna said, her features turning slightly sad.

"Brianna..." he began. Suddenly, a voice shouting over the fields interrupted him.

"Bri! Bri! Quit your dreaming and dallying, lunch is ready!" the voice called out. Molasar noticed a young man stood on the crest of the hill. Brianna turned to look.

"Coming, Ewan!" she shouted back. She turned back to Molasar. "I must go now... perhaps you would like to come to lunch?" she questioned. Molasar shook his head. He wasn't quite ready... no, he had to wait until his father gave him further orders.

"No, but thank you for the offer," he said softly, gazing at her longingly. Brianna gazed back at him, and felt something strange, a kind of spark, jumping between them. She quickly stepped back.

"It was lovely to have met you, I hope we shall meet again, at the party tomorrow night," she stated.

"Same here," Molasar replied.

"I shall be wearing a blue dress!" she said, before turning and walking away quickly, back towards the castle. Molasar watched her, until her figure became tiny, and finally disappeared over the horizon. His red cloak whipped out behind him in a sudden gust of wind, and the spell was broken. He turned away, and walked back towards the trees. But, something made him look back. He gazed at the large white castle, it's purple and gold flags fluttering in the breeze. One word escaped his lips as he looked that way.


Ewan and Timothy wandered out into the courtyard later that afternoon, after lunch.

"Excited about tomorrow night?" Timothy pressed, as they walked towards the training range. "Maybe," Ewan replied.

"Oh come on, it's your twenty-first birthday!" Timothy exclaimed.

"Yeah... but everyone is making too big a deal of it. I mean, it's only a birthday, and look at my mother! She invited like the whole of Demiari, almost!" Ewan replied. He pulled out his sword, spun it into the air, and then caught it. "She totally wants me to get married, I just know it," he added.

"Well... you know parents. My mother's the same," Timothy sympathised.

"My mother doesn't like Rosella. Well, in fact, she hardly seems to like any of Aunt Fayette's family. It's quite unfair, because Ray's pretty decent, and the twins too. I want to know why mother and Fayette don't get on... I reckon there must have been a scandal or something, there has to be a reason why they both hate each other so much!" Ewan said, grinning.

"Probably was. But we'll probably never know. You know what they're like, they never tell us anything," Ewan replied. Suddenly, Ewan smirked. "I just had a great idea!" he said.

"What?" Timothy questioned.

"That faerie... Sprite, dad's faerie guardian, I bet she'd know! Dad says she's been his guardian for like nearly thirty years or something," Ewan said.

"Woah, thirty years? Your dad is like forty odd... but Sprite, she looks real young," Timothy replied.

"Yeah... it's true though. I mean, she must know, surely," Ewan replied.

"We'll ask her... although, I never see her much these days," Timothy said, glancing around. "Yeah... well, she is Queen of the Faeries you know," Ewan stated. Suddenly, he paused, and stared straight ahead. Timothy followed his gaze, and spotted a beautiful, blonde-haired woman, leaning against the oldest tree in the courtyard, the one that had said to have been planted when North Castle was first built. "Wow..." he breathed. "Hands off," Ewan replied shortly. "I wonder who she is, I've never seen her around before," he added.

"She must be a guest to your party," Timothy replied, still gazing over at the woman. Why, she could be the perfect excuse to get his mind off Brianna! She didn't look much older than him, either. However, when he looked at his friend, he realised that he had been serious about his comment before. And Timothy didn't dare compete with his friend, because Ewan would surely win every time. His shoulders slumped, as Ewan began to purposely stride over to her. Then again, he thought hopefully, perhaps Ewan's fussiness would intervene, and that would leave the way clear for him. As he followed Ewan across the courtyard and caught up with him, they both stopped when they noticed Aaron walking over to the woman also. He handed her a sword, and patted her on the back, spoke a few words to her, and then walked away.

"Ah, a warrior as well as a fair maiden. Perfect!" Ewan exclaimed, looking more impressed by the minute. The woman attempted to lift the sword, but immediately dropped it to the ground.

"Oh typical!" Ewan grumbled. "Why is it that girls just can't use swords?" he pondered.

Leigh grimaced as the blade fell to the ground. Her trusty mage bane. She'd left it in the forest because she hadn't been able to carry it, and that morning, Link had gone to Silva-Veredis Le' Fey to see Sprite, and he'd picked up the sword and brought it back to North Castle for her. She'd thought she was strong enough to use it again, but obviously, she'd been wrong. I need more rest, she thought, running a hand through her hair with disappointment. Suddenly, she heard the sound of footsteps, as she bent to pick up the sword again.

"Need some help there, fair maiden?" came a male voice.

"No thanks," she said coldly, concentrating on the sword.

"It's just that, you look like you're having a little trouble there," the voice continued. Leigh looked around angrily, and then dropped the sword, shocked.

"It's always the same. You hold the sword like my sister. Women, they're just not built for holding such heavy weaponry," the young man continued. Leigh couldn't believe his audacity. At the same time, she couldn't believe his likeness to Link. And the other man stood next to him, he looked so like Aaron... these are their sons, she thought, unable to speak. They had to be, they looked so alike. And yet, there were differences, too. She glared at the one who looked like Link, angry at his words.

"Maybe you should learn the full story before you go around making such statements," she stated coldly.

"Oops. I think I offended her," she heard him whisper to his friend.

"I'm not surprised!" the friend replied back. Leigh frowned, and began to drag the sword away. The young man was behind her in an instant. He grabbed the sword out of her hands.

"Allow me," he grinned.

"Excuse me, do you mind?" she asked angrily.

"I do when you object," the young man replied. He grinned at her. "Allow me to introduce myself. My name's Ewan," he stated.

"Leigh. Leigh Temple," Leigh replied shortly. Her guess had been confirmed. This incredibly handsome young man had once been that sweet little boy that she'd seen last time she'd been in Hyrule.

"And I'm Timothy. Timothy Westley," the other handsome man introduced. Ewan took her hand before she could protest, and kissed it. She quickly pulled away. He frowned for a moment, but it was soon replaced by his smile.

"So are you here for my birthday party?" he questioned.

"No," she replied shortly.

"Then why are you here?" Ewan pressed. Leigh glared at him in annoyance, dying to ask if he got his bad manners from his mother.

"I should think that that's none of your business," she answered.

"Oh, but it is. This is my castle, after all," he replied, somewhat smugly. Leigh just shook her head to herself, and walked off. Ewan stood staring after her.

"I think you upset her," Timothy finally said.

"Goodness, she really was quite off. I've never had a girl act like that before," Ewan replied, sounding incredulous.

"I'd hardly say she was a girl. She looked a little older than us," Timothy stated. Ewan ignored him.

"You know Tim, I think she's the one," he said.

"What?" Timothy said in surprise.

"I felt something... and she's totally beautiful," Ewan replied. Timothy shook his head. "Infatuation," he remarked.

"No... I really like her. I want to get to know her better," Ewan said earnestly.

"Well, you sure hit it off well, didn't you?" Timothy said sarcastically.

"Yes, I think we did. I think she was attracted to me, that's why she was acting so edgy," Ewan said. Timothy let out a short laugh.

"Ha, yeah right Ewan! She was totally offended!"

"Alright. Maybe I took the sword thing a little too far... but still, you have to admit, girls oughtn't to even bother trying such stuff," Ewan remarked.

"Ewan, that's so sexist. Anyway, wasn't your mother supposed to be a good archer when she was younger? And my dad says that Her Highness, Queen Selina helped out on the battlefield during the Great War," Timothy stated.

"Alright, so there are exceptions. But, she really couldn't lift this sword," Ewan replied, holding it up. It was quite ornate, and had a magical aura about it. "This sword is almost as cool as Dad's," he remarked, studying it closely.

"Do you think it was hers?" Timothy questioned.

"What would someone like her be doing with a sword like this?" Ewan replied.

"Well, she was wearing a tunic and a cloak, she looked like an adventurer," Timothy stated.

"I guess so. But she could barely lift it," Ewan said, looking puzzled. "Maybe dad knows who she is," he added.

"Well, let's go and ask," Timothy answered, and they headed back inside.

That evening, there was another arrival at the castle. Fayette's children had travelled over from Brynnel. Leigh was still keeping out of the way. She hadn't joined the castle for any meals at all so far, and she hadn't even seen Zelda. She didn't really want to. It seemed to her, that the princess... or should she say queen?, was also going out of her way not to see her, either. That suited Leigh just fine, although in some ways, she was quite curious. What would Zelda look like now? Would she still be as cold and condescending towards her? Leigh remembered Zelda in all negative aspects, because the woman had never been the least bit nice to her, or even acted grateful, despite the fact that Leigh had helped save the kingdom. Leigh was not disliked by very many people, so she couldn't understand why Zelda still persisted in holding a grudge. Then again, she herself didn't feel like she ever wanted to make up with her. After all she had done... Leigh knew that Zelda would probably not have changed her feelings, she wasn't sure why, she could just feel it. And there was one thing she would hold over her - she was still young. She smiled to herself, imaging Zelda's expression when they finally encountered each other. She'll be as jealous as hell, Leigh thought smugly. True, she wasn't looking her best right now, but it was nothing time and a little rest couldn't heal. True, Zelda had had an almost ethereal beauty, with her delicate, pointed features , deep green eyes, and that beautiful, long golden hair. Leigh wished her hair was the colour of Zelda's. Hers was much lighter. However, having said that, she was happy with the way she looked. She knew that she must be pretty, because so many men were attracted to her. She gave a shiver, thinking of some of them. Brendan, for example, the leader of the Wolves, when she'd joined the group back on Serpent Isle. He was supposed to be a knight, but he'd hardly had knightly virtues. A bit like Sir Stobbart of Moldera, actually, now that she thought about it. Of course, not all knights were like that. Like Drake, for example. She sighed softly, thinking about him. She couldn't believe he was married now, that he was... old. Last time she'd seen him, he'd been maturely handsome, and single. A lot has happened in fifteen years, she thought, somewhat bitterly. Drake reminded her so much of her old friend, Sir Dupre... she suddenly let out a sob, remembering him. He had been one of her long time companions, and he had nobly died to save her, and the rest of her companions. She missed him so much... never mind Shamino, Iolo and the rest. Somehow, she would have to get back to Sosaria, despite the blockade that had been placed upon the country. She had to get home. As Leigh saw the carriage draw up in the courtyard, she made herself scarce once more. She watched the people from outside her bedroom window instead.

"Oh mother!" cried a young woman with long, red silky hair, jumping out of the coach, and rushing over to give Fayette a hug.

"Rosella darling, you look lovely!" Fayette replied, stepping back to take a look at her eldest daughter. She really was a striking girl. Rosella was fairly tall, with lightly tanned skin, wide blue eyes, a lovely smile and long chestnut coloured hair, which was slightly wavy. At the present moment, she was wearing a white dress, in the many tiered Brynnelian style, each tier finished off with masses of lace. Rosella smiled widely, and then turned to Zelda and Link. "Aunt Zelda, uncle Link, so lovely to see you again!" she exclaimed.

"Yes, it's nice to see you again too, Rose," Link replied, smiling back. Zelda just smiled politely, and then Rosella went on to greet Harkinian and Fenella. Next climbed out the two twins, looking as charming as ever. They too, were also attractive, although not in the dazzling way Rosella was. Theirs was a more earthly beauty, with their thick, curly black hair, brown eyes, tanned skin and kindly expressions. They too, wore Brynnelian style dresses; Rosalind's was purple and she wore her hair down, Rosamund wore a red dress, with her hair up. Last of all came Roderick, quite a handsome young man, with curly brown hair and dark eyes. However, he always seemed to have a permanent frown upon his face, which quite spoiled his chances of people wanting to be friends with him. They all politely greeted the rest of their family, and then walked inside, into the Great Hall. Brianna, Ewan and the rest were all waiting there. Rosella, as usual walked right up to Ewan.

"Hey there birthday boy," she smiled.

"Hello Rose," Ewan replied amicably.

"Looking forward to tomorrow night?" his step-cousin pressed.

"I suppose so," Ewan answered.

"Oh, but you ought to be! Just wait till you see the dress I'm going to wear," Rosella smiled. "Sounds great," Ewan replied.

"You don't even know what it's going to look like yet!" Rosella protested.

"Well, whatever you wear Rose, you always look simply stunning," Ewan said, smiling at her. Timothy, who was sat nearby threw his friend a surprised look. Ewan simply grinned. Rosella looked like she was about to faint.

"Oh Ewan, I just know that it's going to be a night to remember," she sighed happily.

"Indeed it will be," Ewan agreed. Rosella leaned closer to him.

"Well Ewan, how about a welcome kiss for your favourite cousin?" she asked hopefully.

"What a great idea," Ewan said, smiling at her again. He took her hand, and kissed it softly. "Welcome to Hyrule again, favourite cousin," he grinned. Rosella looked a little disappointed. "You know, In Brynnel, it's custom for the women to kiss the men on the..." she began. Ewan suddenly stood up.

"Do excuse me, fair Rose, but I think I should welcome your brother and sisters. We shall talk... later," he said, giving her a meaningful look. Rosella suddenly brightened up by this. "Oh yes, of course. Until then..." she smiled.

"Yes, until then," Ewan replied, walking away.

After Ewan had said hello to the twins and Roderick, Timothy came over, and they walked outside into the courtyard.

"Ewan! What in Hyrule was all that about?" he questioned, almost laughing.

"What?" Ewan asked, also laughing.

"You flirting so terribly with Rosella!" Timothy said, grinning. Ewan laughed again.

"I really had her, didn't I?" he said, looking pleased with himself.

"Oh you're leading her on, it isn't fair!" Timothy replied, still grinning. Ewan shrugged. "Well, she oughtn't to be so gullible," he replied, sitting down on one of the benches in the centre of the courtyard.

"She can't help it. She's in love with you," Timothy smiled.

"Correction, she's infatuated. But come on, do you blame her? I'm the most handsome guy around, not to mention charming, intelligent, rich..." Ewan listed.

"Alright, alright. Come off the high horse, Ewan," Timothy grinned.

"Well, it's all true!" Ewan replied, laughing.

"You, my man, are getting far too big headed for my liking. You need to learn to be more modest," Timothy said, in a mock serious tone.

"Ah, you're just jealous because I can have any woman that I want!" Ewan joked. Timothy didn't smile at this. Sometimes, he really was jealous of his friend. Ewan was far more desirable than he, after all.

"Hey, what's up?" Ewan asked, suddenly noticing Timothy's expression.

"Oh... nothing," Timothy replied, sticking his hands in his pockets.

"If you say so," Ewan said. He suddenly grinned again. "It was pretty funny, wasn't it? Jeez, Rosella really has got it bad for me!"

"Yeah... she has. You'll have to let her down gently sooner or later," Timothy said.

"I've got no intention of doing that. She's the one setting herself up for a big fall," Ewan replied.

"Oh Ewan, you're so heartless!" Timothy laughed.

"Alright, maybe you're right. That is a bit horrible. I will tell her... one of these days... I'm just having a little bit of fun, that's all," Ewan stated. He stood up. "Come on, we'd better go inside for supper," he said. Timothy nodded.

"Yeah. Come to think of it, I'm totally starving!" They both laughed, and walked back towards the castle.

"Don't look now, but here comes the wannabe queen!" Renee remarked, referring to Rosella. "Shush!" Brianna said, trying to suppress a giggle. Alyssand and Beth looked amused, then tried to straighten their faces. Renee fluffed up her already massively curly hair, then smiled sweetly at Rosella.

"Greetings, Rosella," she said.

"Hello Renee. Why, you're starting to look rather grown up now!" Rosella replied, in a rather patronising tone.

"Why thank you. I am overcome with such joy to have heard such a gracious comment from the person I look up to most!" Renee exclaimed, keeping her face totally straight. The rest of the group almost burst out laughing, but somehow managed to hold it in.

"Oh, you see me as a role model? How quaint!" Rosella said, really believing the young girl. "Yes. I want to be just like you, Rosella. We all do," Renee replied. Brianna began to giggle. "What's so funny?" Rosella asked, immediately looking suspicious.

"Oh, nothing. I just... I'm really giggly today, I suppose I'm just excited for the party tomorrow night," Brianna quickly said.

"Oh yes, of course. I used to get very excited too, when I was your age. But you're right, it is quite exciting," Rosella said.

"We all can't wait to get dressed up!" Beth remarked, still nearly laughing.

"Yes, that's one of the best parts of parties. I suppose you'll all have nice new dresses?" Rosella questioned.

"Of course," Brianna smiled.

"I'm going to do everyone's hair all fancy," Alyssand remarked.

"How lovely," Rosella said, in a false tone. She didn't really like Alyssand, because the girl was nothing more than a mere peasant. She couldn't understand why the three young princesses liked her so much. She suddenly turned to Brianna.

"Cousin, there's something we need to talk about. Alone," she stated. Brianna shot her friends a quick look of mock horror, and then got up and walked away with Rosella.

"Yes?" she questioned, when they were finally out of earshot.

"It's about your brother. I want your complete knowledge on this, okay?" Rosella said sternly. "Sure. What do you want to know?" Brianna asked, knowing fine well exactly what Rosella was going to say.

"Has Ewan... mentioned me at all, recently?" Rosella asked, looking hopeful. Brianna scanned the room for her brother, and grinned wickedly.

"Why cousin, he's staring at you right now!" she said, noticing her brother sort of looking in their direction.

"Really?" Rosella said, turning to look. A faint blush appeared in her cheeks. "But has he said anything? Anything at all?" she questioned. Brianna nodded.

"Oh yes. On several occasions," she replied sweetly.

"What, what?" Rosella asked. Brianna smiled.

"Oh, how about he couldn't wait to see you again," she lied.

"Oh, goodness!" Rosella exclaimed.

"And how beautiful you were. How his heart beat faster, when he saw you, with your fiery locks and deep blue eyes. How you were more beautiful than all of the goddesses put together," Brianna continued.

"He really said that about me?!" Rosella cried happily.

"He certainly did. In fact, I do believe he never shuts up about you some days," Brianna said. Rosella quickly hugged Brianna.

"Oh Brianna, you're such a dear! I always knew me and Ewan belonged together!" she exclaimed. Brianna nodded.

"Indeed," she said, her eyes glinting mischievously. Rosella didn't notice. She had already dashed off to relate this information to her sisters. Brianna grinned to herself. "Let's see you get out of this one, dear brother," she murmured to herself smugly, before turning back to find her friends.

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