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The Order of Fate

Juliet A. Singleton (Scullys@bigfoot.com) & Kirsty Singleton (arcadionseye@btopenworld.com)

Chapter 5


"Father?" inquired Ewan quietly, tapping on the door of his parents bedroom.

"Come in," replied his dad, who was changing for the evening reception. Ewan walked in, leaning casually against the door.

"Me and Tim, we spotted this woman in the courtyard. I was wondering who she was, any ideas?" asked Ewan, thinking back to his brief meeting with the beautiful, yet fiery woman. "She said her name was Leigh," he added. Link finished pulling his tunic on, and paused, turning to look at his son.

"It's a long story," he said, not sure what exactly he should tell his son.

"I have quite a bit of time on my hands," said Ewan, nonchalant.

"It's a little complicated, but you have met her before, when you were about five, I think. She helped us during the Great War with Ganondorf Dragmire, just before she disappeared. We all thought she was dead, but she's reappeared after all these years, without ageing. She should be mine and your mothers age, but she's been in a different land, perhaps a different world, where the time structure was different. She thought she had been away no more than four months or so, but she knows differently now," explained Link, kneeling down to pull on one of his shiny leather boots. Ewan frowned.

"What, you mean, she's your age?" he asked.

"No, she hasn't aged," said Link, pulling on the other boot.

"How old is she?" enquired Ewan.

"26, perhaps 27, why?" asked Link.

"Just wondering, that's all. You say she helped in the Great War, how exactly? Magic? It certainly couldn't have been in combat, I saw her trying to lift a sword today and she nearly fell over," commented Ewan. Link looked up.

"She's lost a lot of strength since that war. Until this point, I'd have to say she is the most skilled and powerful fighter I have ever had the honour of fighting alongside," said Link sincerely. Ewan smiled.

"Surely not, I saw her with that sword of hers, she could barely lift it, I doubt she could fend off a fly," said Ewan.

"Like I said, she's lost a lot of strength. You should've seen her back then, I remember that year when she arrived, it was Din's day, she enrolled for almost every tournament, an unheard of thing for women to do even these days. Not only that, but she ended up beating Dion Insequi at archery, but she almost bested me in the armed combat, she would've won as well, I'd wager, if she had not slipped on a patch of wet grass," admitted Link.

"You sound like you admire her," said Ewan.

"I do, only don't tell your mother that. Those two never did get on all that well. Leigh's an expert fighter, not to mention mage, and I think your mother couldn't help but feel a little jealous," said Link.

"She was pretty short with me when I attempted to converse with her," remarked Ewan.

"She's the reason British used for breaking sister-ship with Hyrule. He blamed us because she had died here," said Link.

"Well she's anything but dead, British can hardly hold us to that anymore," pointed out Ewan. "True, but we have no way of telling him that, any ship we send will be fired upon sight," said Link. Ewan shrugged.

"Is she staying at the castle?" he asked. Link nodded.

"But I don't think it would be wise to disturb her, she's had a rough time of it recently," said Link gravely.

"Well, if that is the case, she's hardly the wreck you would expect to find most girls in, seemed pretty sure of herself to me," said Ewan.

"Perhaps I'll go and see she has everything she needs before I go down," mused Link.

"Quite friendly are you?" asked Ewan with a grin. Link raised his eyebrows.

"And what of it?" he asked.

"Mother wouldn't be too pleased," said Ewan, still grinning.

"Your mother won't know," said Link.

"No, she won't, especially if you put in a good word for me to Leigh," said Ewan with a conspiratorial wink. Link grinned.

"Bribing your own father eh?" he asked, laughing. Ewan shrugged.

"I wouldn't call it a bribe. Thanks anyway, I'll see you downstairs," said Ewan, before leaving. Link smiled to himself, following his son out, making his way to Leigh's quarters.

Link tapped softly on the door, waiting for an answer. Seconds later, the door opened, Leigh stood in front of him. Link managed a smile, and a greeting.

"Hi, I just wanted to see if you were okay," he said.

"I'm fine, thanks to you," she replied. She stepped back, motioning for him to enter. "I'd just like to ask you a few questions," she explained, once he was in the room.

"Sure, whatever," he agreed.

"It's about Sosaria," started Leigh.

"There isn't much to tell. After you disappeared, British just totally started isolating Sosaria from us, and any of our sister countries, shooting down any ships that bore our colours. Not only that, but his fleet has started to move out and destroy ships near Lemmink," said Link. Leigh listened, horrified.

"How do you mean, after I disappeared?" asked Leigh.

"British sent a missive, stating that he held us responsible for your 'death' and that he wanted to dissolve our sister-ship. Things have just gotten worse from there," said Link sadly.

"Hang on, Richard held Hyrule responsible for my death? How could he of? He knew I was alive, it was him who sent me to Serpent Isle!" exclaimed Leigh. Link frowned.

"So he knew you weren't dead, yet he used the fact that we thought you were dead to isolate us from them!" said Link angrily.

"I can't believe that he used me as an excuse to do what he did!" fumed Leigh.

"How did he seem before you left for Serpent Isle?" asked Link.

"Like he always had, nicer. He apologised to me, admitted it had been a stupid mistake, but now that I think about it, he didn't seem 'right'," said Leigh thoughtfully.

"Look, the day after tomorrow, Zelda is holding a meeting with all the leaders of all of the sister countries, so that we can decide what to do about the whole situation, I think you should be there," said Link.

"Oh, I don't know, Link. I know Zelda has let me stay here, and I'm grateful for that, I really am, but I get the feeling she's been avoiding me as much as I have her," said Leigh.

"If it makes any difference, I'll be there," chided Link.

"I suppose it is a good idea, for me to be there that is, but I don't agree with war," said Leigh.

"None of us do, but we can't allow this to keep on happening, he's affecting trade, and our stability of sister-ship with other countries," pointed out Link.

"You have a point, but if you don't mind, that's all I wanted to know. I think it's best if I get a bit of sleep now," said Leigh, getting up.

"Yeah okay. Before I go, I hear you met my son today," said Link with a smile. Leigh smiled back, a little nervously.

"I'm afraid he didn't see my best side," she admitted.

"I wouldn't worry about him holding it against you, he's fairly thick skinned," said Link.

"I suppose I couldn't ask the same of your wife," said Leigh despondently.

"I'd say she'll get over it eventually, but I'm not all that sure," said Link apologetically. "I'll live. Anyway, I've kept you enough, you should go," said Leigh. Link nodded, and opened the door.

"I'll see you around," he said, before leaving, shutting the door behind him.

"I guess so," said Leigh quietly, slumping down on her bed, preparing for a long night.

Link quickly walked into the Great Hall, were many early guests for his son's 21st birthday, which was to be held the following day. He spotted his wife almost straight away, in amongst a small crowd of friends, including Selina, Nick, Dion and his wife, as well as Drake and Gwen. Link walked over and smiled.

"You took your time," commented Zelda, taking Link to one side. Link shrugged.

"You wanted me to look my best, right?" he asked with a grin. Zelda looked him over critically. "How's Leigh?" she asked casually. Link looked down at his feet, placing his hands behind his back.

"She's been better," he said.

"Is that where you've been?" asked Zelda, her tone still balanced and even.

"I just dropped by to see if she was okay," said Link uncomfortably. He wished she wouldn't treat him like this, trying to make him feel guilty. "She told me that British knew she wasn't dead," he added, as the thought crossed his mind. Zelda stared at him in disbelief.

"Pardon?" she asked.

"That bolt of lightning that hit her, it took her to Sosaria I suppose, and from there, British carted her off to this Serpent Isle," said Link.

"So now he didn't even have a reason in the first place for starting off this whole thing, I'm sure this will be noted with great interest when we hold our council the day after tomorrow," said Zelda. Link shrugged.

"I actually suggested she should be present," said Link, not even looking at his wife for her reaction.

"I suppose she could give us a useful insight onto what could've happened," mused Zelda.

"She doesn't agree with war," Link told Zelda.

"Oh, so because it's her opinion, it's immediately right!" snapped Zelda suddenly.

"I didn't mean it like that," protested Link, a little taken back. Zelda let out a deep sigh and shook her head.

"I'm sorry, it's just we should be celebrating, not worrying about war," said Zelda miserably. Link gave her a small hug.

"Then we won't, not for the next few days anyway," he reassured. Zelda smiled up at her husband.

"Hey, you two, stop bein' antisocial!" called Dion from nearby. Link placed his arm around Zelda's waist, leading her over to the group.

"Us? Antisocial?" asked Link incredulously. Dion just grinned and shook his head.

"Okay, perhaps I couldn't accuse you of that, but still, I come all the way from my home, and you just go talk amongst yourselves!" said Dion, although he didn't look particularly offended. "Well, we're here now so," started Link.

"An' I hear about a certain fair maiden we alls thought was dead!" exclaimed Dion, still not letting up.

"If you're talking about Leigh, she's alive, and well, staying here in the castle," said Zelda coolly.

"An' where is she now, at this moment?" questioned Dion.

"She's in her room, resting," answered Link. Dion nodded.

"I suppose it's too much to hope that now she's back again, British will stop his idiocy," said Dion.

"There's no way of letting him know," said Zelda, wanting to get off the subject as quickly as possible.

"Ah well, enough of that. What about this son of yours, hoping he finds a bride tomorrow night?" asked Dion.

"We won't complain if he does," said Link.

"Ah, but does it not make you feel so aged, your son is 21 years of age tomorrow, mine are not even past a decade," said Dion with a grin.

"Yeah, but that was just 'cause you were late in starting a family!" said Link with a laugh. "True," conceded Dion, still grinning. As they all conversed, Selina, who was still quite shocked by Leigh's return, was wondering if she could somehow get Link alone, to see if she could at least visit Leigh. Although she hadn't known the woman very long, she felt they'd become quite good friends, and if the rumours about Leigh's condition were true, then it looked as though the Avatar could do with a friend.

"Oh Ewan, there you are! I've simply been searching everywhere for you!" said Rosella, her voice taking on a high pitched tone. Ewan smiled wryly at the young woman, his eyebrows raised. "You have?" he asked, hardly surprised.

"But of course, you being my favourite cousin and all," exclaimed Rosella.

"The feeling surely has to be shared," said Ewan slyly. Rosella's eyes widened at his comment, but she quickly tried to hide her expression.

"I was talking to your little sister before, she told me quite a few interesting things," said Rosella, smiling at Ewan, twiddling with a piece of her fiery red hair.

"She was? She always is," said Ewan, downing his drink, watching Rosella from the corner of his eye. She was beautiful, stunning in fact. He was surprised she didn't already have a string of suitors on her arm. She probably did, he supposed, in her home country.

"Yes, in fact, she did mention some things that were extremely interesting," continued Rosella. Ewan looked at Rosella, frowning slightly, wondering what his sister had been saying this time. "So, d'you think you could find a prospective bride tomorrow night?" pressed Rosella. Ewan smiled, keeping his eyes on his cousin.

"Perhaps, in fact, I think I've already found her," he said. Rosella smiled, looking highly pleased with herself.

"Oh really, so tell me about her," said Rosella. Ewan scratched his chin thoughtfully.

"She's the most beautiful woman I've ever laid my eyes on," he started, looking up and down at Rosella. Rosella's smile grew wider. "And her temperament, it seems so fiery and determined on the outside, yet I'm sure if I really got to know her..." said Ewan, his voice trailing off. "Oh, well I'm sure you will!" gushed Rosella, thinking he really was referring to her. Ewan looked at her carefully, wondering whether to burst her bubble or not. He smiled to himself, wondering what her expression would be. He suddenly felt a little guilty, leading her on like that, but he knew she deserved it. Take her down a peg or two.

"She's called Leigh," he sighed, watching as Rosella's face fell.

"Leigh?!" she asked, her voice a decibel or two higher than she had probably intended.

"Yeah, Leigh Temple," said Ewan, trying to keep his face straight.

"Oh..." started Rosella, who was beginning to look absolutely devastated. At that moment, Timothy approached, smiling broadly at his friend.

"Hi Ewan, Rosella," said the Triforce Protector. Rosella barely acknowledged Tim's greeting, before she hitched up her skirts and dashed across the room, towards the door. Tim watched in surprise, finally turning to his friend with a questioning look.

"I can't help it she's so presumptuous," protested Ewan, grinning. Tim raised his eyebrows in disbelief.

"I bet you got her hopes up didn't you," said Tim. Ewan shrugged.

"Perhaps, maybe. But she's so up of herself in the first place, I couldn't resist," defended Ewan.

"I know, but so that she reacts like that?" asked Tim.

"She's flighty, what can I say?" said Ewan, throwing up his hands in protest.

"Yeah, well you should just be careful what you say, and do," warned Tim.

"You sound like my father!" exclaimed Ewan.

"Great minds think alike then," retorted Tim good-naturedly.

"You are right though. I felt a bit guilty about doing it, but it's Roz, it's not like she hardly deserves it," said Ewan.

"You have a point but still," said Tim.

"You worry too much," cut in Ewan with a broad grin.

"It's called consideration," said Tim, smiling.

"Hey, I do know about consideration, but it should only applied to certain people," said Ewan. Timothy laughed and shook his head.

"Whatever you say," he said.

"Well, come on anyway, I can see my sister waving us over. Apparently she's been telling Rosella a few things, I want to know what," said Ewan, spotting his sister amongst a group of friends across the room.

"I'm sure it's nothing you couldn't handle," said Tim, as they walked across the room to join Brianna and the rest of their friends.

"Oh mother, it was simply awful!" wailed Rosella as she burst into her mother's room. Fayette, who had been busy deciding what to wear, turned around, surprised by her daughter's entrance.

"Oh what is it dear, what's wrong?" asked Fayette, a little worried. Rosella literally threw herself onto the bed, face down. Fayette quickly rushed to her daughter's side, and perched on the side of the bed.

"It's Ewan," moaned Rosella. Fayette frowned. Although Ewan was her worst enemy's son, she'd always liked the boy. He'd never been nasty to her, and had always been quite friendly, not carrying the scorn for her like his mother did.

"What about him, dear?" asked Fayette.

"He, he was so mean to me!" said Rosella, sniffling a little.

"How was he mean to you?" asked Fayette.

"Well, he was telling me that he thought he might've met the perfect bride- to-be, and he was describing her to me, and mother, I honestly thought he was describing me! Then he went and told me her name," said Rosella between sobs. Fayette's face fell. She had always secretly hoped one of her children could be married off to one of Zelda's offspring. It would've been the sweetest and most perfect revenge possible, she had always thought. "I've never even heard of her! So it means he's not even marrying royalty, for all I know, she could be a total peasant which would be even more humiliating!" exclaimed Rosella.

"Tell me her name, I might know of her," said Fayette, giving her daughter a hug.

"I can't even remember it now. It was something like Leigh, yes that's it. What kind of a name is that for a woman anyway," sniffed Rosella.

"Leigh?" asked Fayette in surprise. She only knew of one Leigh, Leigh Temple.

"Yes, he told me her surname as well, but I was so upset I didn't register it," said Rosella mournfully.

"It wasn't Temple was it, her surname I mean?" asked Fayette. Rosella looked up at her mother. "You know her?" she asked.

"Yes I do," replied Fayette. She was a little upset about the fact that her daughter was out of the running for Queen of Hyrule, but this could turn out to be just as sweet. "Yes I do know her," said Fayette quietly. When Zelda found out about her son's latest infatuation, she would go spare. That vow she and Link had made to never stand in either of their children's way in their search for the 'right' one, would soon turn sour, she was positive.

"What is she like mother, is she as beautiful as he described her?" asked Rosella.

"Perhaps, I haven't seen her for a while," said Fayette, smiling to herself.

"Why are you smiling mother, it's terrible!" wailed Rosella, throwing herself back into the pillow. Fayette didn't bother to reply. Leigh really knew how to get up someone's nose she supposed, glad she wasn't Zelda. First time Leigh had arrived, she'd attempted to seduce Zelda's husband, this time round, she was attempting to seduce Zelda's son. It made her feel a little worried in fact, because if Leigh were doing it as some kind of act of revenge, she dreaded to think how she would try and get Fayette back for the pack of lies Fayette had told about her. "She isn't, a peasant is she?" asked Rosella. Fayette paused for a moment, thinking about the question.

"No, she isn't," she finally replied. Rosella sat up again.

"So she's the daughter of a rich merchant then? Or a lord of some kind?" asked Rosella.

"No, I don't think so," replied Fayette, wondering what category Leigh really did fall into. She certainly wasn't a peasant, she was the Avatar after all, but as far as Fayette knew, she had no actual status, except as the Avatar, and she could hardly tell her daughter that. What surprised Fayette though, was that Leigh couldn't have gone back to Earth for the past fifteen years, Leigh had told her herself. So she had to have aged, which meant Ewan had fallen for someone who was old enough to be his mother. She could never tell her daughter that.

"Please mother, I must know about her," pleaded Rosella.

"I don't know all that much about her," she lied. Rosella flopped down again, her cheeks stained by her freshly shed tears. "It may never happen dear, I happen to know that his mother, Zelda, detests Leigh Temple more than one could imagine," said Fayette.

"But Aunt Zelda always said that Ewan and Brianna could marry who they wished to," said Rosella. Fayette smiled confidently.

"I'm sure this shall be the exception," she said. Rosella got up, and smiled at her mother. "So you think I'm still in with a chance?" she asked.

"I don't see why not," said Fayette. Rosella hugged her mother.

"Oh thank you, I knew I could count on you to sort things out for me," she gushed. Fayette stood up.

"Well, I am your mother, that is what I am here for," said Fayette. Rosella stood up also, and selected a dark green velvet dress with a sweetheart neckline and lacy sleeves, and handed it to her mother.

"You'll look simply ravishing in this mother," she said. Fayette took the dress from her daughter and held it up to examine it.

"You're right," she said, pleased at her daughter's choice.

"I'll see you down stairs then," said Rosella, before promptly leaving, closing the door behind her. Fayette smiled at herself in the mirror. Perhaps she should take a leaf out of Leigh's book, after all, if Leigh could seduce a young prince at the age of forty, there was no reason why Fayette couldn't either. Now that would really set Zelda's teeth on edge. But then Fayette thought of her own mother, and the horrified expression she would surely wear if Fayette tried to seduce anyone under her own age. Well, she supposed she could still tell Zelda the wonderful news, just to see her expression. In fact, that was exactly what she was going to do. Fayette quickly slipped into the dress her daughter had selected for her, and left her room, intent on finding her step sister as soon as possible. This was news that really could not wait.

"Don't look now, but here comes your sister," said Drake, grinning at Zelda. Zelda pouted at Drake.

"She's not my sister, she's my step sister!" she protested.

"Same thing," said Dion, shrugging. Zelda raised an eyebrow at Dion, before turning to her step-sister.

"What do you want?" she asked, her tone anything but pleasant. Fayette smiled.

"I'd like a word, if you aren't too busy entertaining. I happen to know something that I'm sure will be of great interest to you," said Fayette, who really did look like the cat that had got the cream.

"What you have to say, you can say here in front of my friends," said Zelda. Fayette looked around at the group, then back at Zelda.

"Oh, I really think this is a matter that you would appreciate being told in private," she said. "No, come on Faye, we want to hear," said Dion. Fayette shrugged her shoulders a little. "Well, if you really do insist," she started, looking smugger than ever. Zelda held out her hand.

"Wait. No, I think Fayette's right," she said quickly, before Fayette got a chance to speak. The queen really hadn't liked the look of her step-sister's expression when Zelda had insisted she speak before the group.

"Very well, although I'm quite happy to tell everyone else," said Fayette. Zelda took her sister roughly by the arm and led her out into the passage.

"No, you did say it needed to be discussed in private," said Zelda sweetly. Once they were in the passage, Zelda turned to her step-sister.

"What is this 'matter' you want to discuss then?" she demanded.

"Oh, well I just thought you ought to know, that's all," started Fayette coyly.

"Go on then, I'm listening," said Zelda impatiently.

"It seems that Ewan, your son, has found himself a prospective bride," said Fayette, unable to keep the smile off her face. Zelda froze, her heart almost stopping. Surely Ewan hadn't decided upon the unbearable Rosella as his bride. It would be too terrible for words if that was the case. Fayette saw Zelda's expression and smiled. "I wouldn't worry Zelda dearest, it isn't who you're thinking of," she assured her.

"Then who is it?" asked Zelda, assuming Fayette had been referring to her own daughter.

"It really is quite interesting, in fact, I was quite shocked when I heard," said Fayette, savouring the moment.

"Come on Fayette, out with it," snapped Zelda, her patience, which had already been thin, running out.

"I do believe that now that Leigh Temple has tired of trying to seduce your husband, she's turned her attentions to your son," said Fayette, feeling immensely satisfied upon seeing Zelda's reaction.

"What?!" demanded Zelda.

"Your son seems to have quite a thing for the woman who you know, could've quite easily led your darling husband astray," reworded Fayette. Zelda raised her hand and brought it across Fayette's cheek. Fayette stumbled backwards, her hand flying up to her burning cheek. But she didn't even look surprised, she still wore the same smug smile that she had worn before, even more so.

"You're lying," said Zelda when she finally found the words to speak.

"That's what he told my daughter," said Fayette.

"He was probably just trying to put that over bearing little daughter of yours off!" said Zelda. "I thought about that for a moment, but I don't really think so. In a way, it makes sense. Perhaps the men of your family have a gene which has an undeniable attraction to Leigh Temple," said Fayette, thoroughly enjoying herself. Zelda rose her hand, as if to strike her sister again, but then appeared to think better of it. "Just as well I didn't say this in front of the guests, what would they of thought? I mean, the future King of Hyrule, falling for a woman who not only is old enough to be his mother, but is also despised by the Queen of the land," said Fayette. "I mean, how old must she be now? Your age I should think, maybe a little younger," mused Fayette.

"She hasn't aged," said Zelda bitterly. Fayette stopped and stared at her sister.

"She hasn't?" she asked in surprise.

"No," said Zelda shortly. Fayette didn't know if the situation was better or worse, but she supposed it didn't really matter.

"Where is she?" asked Fayette.

"Like I'd tell you," said Zelda snidely.

"She'll be staying in her old room won't she?" said Fayette, ignoring Zelda's comment.

"This conversation is over," said Zelda, walking back into the Great hall, leaving Fayette alone. Fayette, wasn't too unhappy though, because now she was going to pay another visit, just to see if it was true. If the Avatar really hadn't aged. She'd still be older than Ewan though, five years, and relationships like that just weren't done in Hyrule, especially not by the future King.

Leigh groaned slightly when she heard a knock at the door. She had only just succeeded in drifting off, and that had taken her a while. She quickly got out of her bed, straightening the covers, and tying her night gown around her. She walked over to the door and opened it, only to come face to face with an old acquaintance. Leigh squinted a little at first, not sure if it was who she thought it was.

"Fayette?" she asked. If it indeed was Fayette, she had changed a little in the past fifteen years, added on a few pounds here and there, and a few fine lines across her face, but her hair still bore not a touch of grey, and her eyes still were the same pale blue they had been Leigh had last seen her. Fayette ignored Leigh's question and barged straight into the room. Leigh turned around, hugging her arms tightly around herself. "Pardon me, but I was in the middle of doing something," said Leigh angry that Fayette had invaded her privacy so brashly. Fayette looked around the room.

"I won't ask what," said Fayette, the distaste in her voice evident.

"What exactly do you want?" asked Leigh, annoyed.

"To see my home countries patron after all of these years," said Fayette, as if it were that simple.

"You were probably glad when the came back saying I was dead," said Leigh bitterly. Fayette batted her eyelids innocently.

"Me? Well maybe, but I wasn't the only one," said Fayette, her tone sugary sweet.

"Can't you just leave?" asked Leigh, placing her hand on the door handle to emphasise her point. Fayette sat down on the bed, still smiling.

"Not yet, I have a few questions to ask you," she said. Leigh sighed.

"Well I can tell you aren't going to move until I do," she said in annoyance.

"You're exactly right. Have you met Ewan yet?" asked Fayette. Leigh stared at Fayette.

"Why?" she asked, wondering why it was so important.

"Oh, it's just something I heard," said Fayette, looking down at her immaculate nails. "I would say you're looking well, but you aren't really," added the princess.

"Well you've hardly changed. I can still you're still the impudent nothing you always were," said Leigh, folding her arms. Fayette gaped at Leigh, offended by her words.

"Did it ever occur to you that I might not want to hear your opinion of me?" she snapped.

"Yes, right before the words came from my mouth," retorted Leigh. Fayette looked a little taken back, and said nothing. "And yes, I have met Ewan. I've answered your questions, so why don't you do humankind a favour by jumping from a very tall cliff," said Leigh. Fayette stood up. "That's what you'd like. I don't have to take your petty insults," said Fayette.

"Well you have to leave if you don't want to hear it," said Leigh.

"Do you enjoy seducing men who are really half your age?" asked Fayette suddenly. Leigh frowned.

"Excuse me?" she asked.

"You know what I'm talking about. You may not have aged on the outside, but there's no fooling me. Zelda will be kicking you out shortly, so don't get used to it," said Fayette. Leigh shrugged.

"Oh that hurts," she said sarcastically. Fayette gave Leigh one last glare before rudely pushing past her, and giving her hair an arrogant flip as she left the room.

"Cradle snatcher!" Leigh heard her mutter as she left the room. Shaking her head, she pushed the door shut. Sighing, she climbed back into the bed, hoping she would drift off shortly, she was so tired, she was sure she would.

"What was all that about, with Fayette?" asked Link later that night when he and Zelda were alone.

"Oh just Faye being her usual stupid self," replied Zelda. Link nodded.

"Thought so, what did she have to say this time?" he asked.

"You don't want to know," said Zelda, turning away from him slightly.

"Go on, you can tell me," chided Link. Zelda turned round to face her husband.

"Has Ewan met Leigh?" she asked.

"Yes, in the courtyard I think. He was asking about her," said Link carefully. Zelda chewed on her lip.

"Fayette told me that Rosella had told her that Ewan had said he thought he had found a prospective bride," said Zelda.

"Really? Who? No, let me guess, Rosella," said Link grinning.

"I wish," muttered Zelda quietly.

"That bad huh? Who is it?" asked Link.

"Leigh," said Zelda, looking down at her feet.

"What?" asked Link with a laugh. "He told me that she'd been pretty short with him, not exactly the perfect meeting," said Link.

"Why would Rosella tell her mother that unless it was true?" demanded Zelda.

"Perhaps Ewan was winding her up," said Link, helpfully.

"It's not funny Link!" said Zelda, seeing his grin.

"I never said it was, I just think you're over-reacting. Leigh's five years older than him, he knows that, and besides, Ewan prefers the quieter type," said Link.

"Do you think?" asked Zelda hopefully. Link gave his wife a small kiss on the nose.

"Sure," he said confidently.

"I hope your right," said Zelda.

"Well, there's only one way to find out, here he comes now," said Link, as he saw their son approaching.

"Hi," greeted Ewan as he walked over to Link and Zelda.

"Hi," retorted both of his parents.

"Yeah, I was just wondering about tomorrow," started Ewan.

"Yes, what about it?" asked Link, grinning.

"When do you think all the guests will be arriving?" he asked.

"Six or seven I should think," answered Zelda. Ewan nodded.

"Well, that's all I needed to know," he said, before turning to leave.

"Wait a minute Ewan, I want a word," said Zelda.

"What is it?" asked Ewan.

"We hear you may have found a prospective bride," said Link. Ewan shrugged.

"Uh, where did you hear that?" he asked.

"Is it true?" pushed Zelda.

"Nah," said Ewan surely.

"Oh well, then that's all," said Zelda, barely able to conceal her relief. Ewan gave them a small smile, before walking off to join his friends.

"See, I told you," said Link to Zelda.

"Okay, okay. But can we just not mention it again?" asked Zelda.

"As far as I'm concerned, it never was," said Link with a grin.

Early the next morning, before everyone else was up, Ewan was awake and walking about the landscaped grounds of the castle. A lot had changed he supposed since he had been born. The Castle was huge compared to what it was, with an extra wing and all. Then when his mother had taken power, she had had all of the grounds re-landscaped, and extra buildings like the temple of the three goddesses and conservatory in opposite corners of the grounds. There was also a small lake with a boat house and a monument commemorating the knights of Hyrule and their fight during the Imprisoning War. As North Castle was already on an island, so there was only so far they could go. As Ewan walked around the lake, he spotted another figure off in the distance, they had their back to him. But, with their long blonde hair, Ewan guessed it was his sister, she was the only one who would be up at this time. He was surprised he couldn't hear her singing, or playing some kind of instrument. He walked towards her, then, as she turned he realised it wasn't his sister. It was Leigh. He waved to her and jogged over.

"Hi," he said breathlessly as he arrived.

"You're up early," commented the Avatar, who was busy watching the stillness of the lake.

"As are you," retorted Ewan.

"This place has changed a lot in the past fifteen years," she commented.

"It has," agreed Ewan.

"My mother did a lot of this as soon as she took the throne," he added. Leigh turned and looked at Ewan, looking him over for a minute or two. She had to admit, he was undeniably attractive, and he knew it. He reminded her so much of Link, barely of Zelda.

"Congratulations on your birthday," she said, quickly glancing back to the lake, away from Ewan's handsome face. Ewan smiled.

"You're the first one to tell me that," he said, grinning.

"What an honour," said Leigh mockingly.

"Hey, give me a break," protested Ewan lightly.

"I'm sorry about yesterday. If you knew what I'd been through though, you might understand," said Leigh, looking back out at the lake. Ewan, gazed at her profile for a moment, savouring her every feature.

"My father told me what had happened. How you helped in the Great War and all, you were right, I shouldn't have assumed," admitted Ewan. Leigh smiled wryly, her gaze still locked on the lake.

"You're right, you shouldn't have," she said. Ewan looked to the ground, rubbing the back of his neck with his hand.

"You know, you sound like my mother," he complained. Leigh almost laughed out loud at the comment. Maybe a lot had changed in fifteen years. If she was starting to sound like Zelda...

"Hey, what's so funny?" asked Ewan. Leigh gave him another glance, shaking her head.

"Nothing," she assured him. Ewan nodded slightly.

"Oh," he murmured. She began to walk along the lake side.

"So, what made you rise so early?" questioned Ewan, staring out at the lake.

"I woke and couldn't get back to sleep. So I came out here to look around," explained Leigh. "You never did answer my question," said Ewan.

"Which was?" asked Leigh.

"Why you are here?" he repeated from the day before.

"I had no choice. I ended up here, and I didn't know anywhere else but North Castle," said Leigh.

"So you're sheltering here?" asked Ewan. Leigh nodded.

"It sums it about up," she said.

"You know, I don't want to offend you, but you're the most beautiful woman I've ever set my eyes on. I've wanted to know more about you from the moment I saw you," admitted Ewan, still not looking at the woman. Leigh turned and looked at him.

"That's meant to offend me?" she asked with a laugh. He turned to her, a sheepish smile on his face.

"When you met me yesterday, you thought I was an arrogant pig, right? I know I acted like one. But, if I tell you that you're attractive, without saying I want to offend you first, you think that I think I'm doing you a favour or something. If you get what I mean," said Ewan, grinning. "Well perhaps you're not quite as bad as I first thought. But still," said Leigh, turning back to admire the view.

"So could I? I mean, get to know you better?" asked Ewan.

"I doubt your mother would approve," said Leigh offhandedly.

"Pardon?" asked Ewan in surprise. He had just assumed that Leigh was a friend of his mother's. Leigh turned to Ewan and then shook her head with a sigh.

"You really don't want to know," said Leigh.

"Go on, I'm intrigued," said Ewan.

"No, really, it's too complicated," insisted Leigh.

"Look, you've got me started now, I won't give up until I've found out. I could just easily ask mother, or Sprite perhaps," said Ewan.

"Sprite? She was the one who started it all," said Leigh, smiling wryly.

"What exactly?" asked Ewan.

"You'll find out eventually I suppose, but once you know, well, put it this way, it'll be a little strange," said Leigh.

"Now I am intrigued," stated Ewan.

"Look, I'll cut it short. When I first arrived here, I made the mistake of becoming attracted to, this is a little embarrassing, your father. I didn't know he was married, and I kissed him. Sprite saw, told your mother and it just spiralled down from there," started Leigh, blushing a little.

"My father? You're kidding!" said Ewan, laughing. He paused. "You're right, it is a little strange," he admitted with a good natured smile.

"Hey, don't forget, I was his age back then. I would be now if the time structures weren't all messed up everywhere else!" defended Leigh.

"I could see why my mother might not like you. After all, a woman who can fight and who is beautiful, I guess she must've felt a little jealous," mused Ewan. Leigh smiled a little at Ewan's flattery, but kept walking by the lake.

"It was more than that, she absolutely despised me. I'm hardly an innocent party either, which makes it all the worse," said Leigh, stopping and sitting down. Ewan joined her.

"So that's it? It's a little weird hearing about it though, I mean here you are, five years my senior, yet you were the same age when my parents were only in their twenties," said Ewan.

"If you think it's weird for you, think about me. Last time I saw you, you were only a little kid!" exclaimed Leigh, shaking her head.

"I was a cute one though," protested Ewan.

"Mmm, what went wrong?" asked Leigh teasingly.

"Hey, thanks a lot!" exclaimed Ewan, staring at Leigh incredulously. For a second, their eyes locked, an intense energy seeming to pass between them. Leigh quickly averted her gaze, but Ewan couldn't keep his from her.

"May I?" breathed Ewan.

"What?" asked Leigh dumbly, her breath catching in her throat.

"Kiss you?" he asked. Leigh looked at Ewan for a moment, his earnest expression on a handsome face.

"Oh, I..." she started meaning to protest. But she didn't get the chance to finish, as Ewan leaned over and kissed her as softly and gently as she ever had been. After a minute or so, she finally placed a hand on his chest, pushing him away.

"Ewan, I shouldn't, moreso, we shouldn't. We don't even know each other," she said, quickly standing up. He stood up with her, taking her hand.

"I'm sorry, I don't know what came over me," he said, a little flustered. She swallowed, her throat dry.

"This thing between your mother and I, it's serious, it'd be just another reason for her to stick the knife in," said Leigh, turning to leave. Ewan caught her hand, preventing her from leaving.

"Leigh, I, I don't know what to say!" he said.

"Just don't say anything, to me, or anyone else about this," she said. Ewan grimaced a little, and dropped her hand.

"I'm sorry. I shouldn't have been so presumptuous," apologised the young prince. Leigh managed a small smile, her heart softening, before leaning forward and giving him a small kiss on the cheek before leaving him, standing by the lake.

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