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The Order of Fate

Juliet A. Singleton (Scullys@bigfoot.com) & Kirsty Singleton (arcadionseye@btopenworld.com)

Chapter 8

    Brianna and Timothy made their way to the centre of the maze. Brianna doubted Molasar would be able to find them here. People, especially visitors, were always getting lost in the maze, it was such a difficult one. Tall hedges surrounded the many paths that wound about the area, all neatly clipped and well maintained. However, even in the dark, Brianna knew exactly where she was going. Ever since they were young children, she, Timothy and Ewan had enjoyed playing in the small, living labyrinth, and they knew the route to the middle, never mind the numerous exits, which led to the courtyard, topiary and rose gardens off by heart.

"Bri, what's going on?" Timothy finally questioned, once he and the princess had taken a seat on the small wooden bench that surrounded the tree which grew in the centre of the small clearing. "Oh... er, nothing," Brianna replied quickly, blushing a little at her behaviour. But, she really couldn't see Molasar right now. Not after what had happened.

"Oh, come on Bri. I know you better than that. Who are you hiding from?" Timothy pressed. "Um..." Brianna began. She turned to look at Timothy. Yes, she could trust Timothy. He would never breathe a word of this to anyone, not even to Ewan. Sometimes, she felt like he would make a great brother. Ewan would probably have just laughed, but she knew Timothy didn't.

"Alright, I guess you win," she conceded, cracking a small smile. Timothy grinned back.

"What happened then?" he asked. Brianna proceeded to explain her meeting with Molasar down by the river the previous day, and then later on at the party that night.

"Tim, I know it sounds most awfully silly, but... well... I got this really weird feeling when I was around him," she remarked.

"What like exactly?" Timothy asked, not quite understanding.

"Well, uh... this is quite embarrassing," Brianna admitted, a pink blush creeping up into her cheeks. Timothy remained silent, but he squeezed her hand reassuringly.

"Tim, I... I think... uh... well.. well, you know. I think I quite... um... like, him," Brianna stuttered, blushing even more. Timothy smiled at her.

"Ah, young love," he stated. Brianna looked down at the ground, embarrassed.

"Tim! I thought you wouldn't laugh!" she said, sounding a little disappointed.

"Sorry Bri. I don't think it's funny at all. I'm... I'm really pleased for you," he replied, not looking at her. Brianna noticed.

"You are?" she asked.

"Uh, sure," Timothy agreed, finally meeting her gaze. She smiled.

"So... you don't think I'm dumb? It's just... well, I got all nervous, and I needed to get away," she explained.

"Of course you're not dumb. But... well, you might have upset him by dashing off like that," Timothy replied.

"I didn't mean to. Anyway, perhaps... perhaps he's not the man for me anyway. And I'm far too young to be thinking of such things too," Brianna said.

"Are you sure?" Timothy questioned, looking surprised. The princess nodded.

"Certainly. Anyway, after tonight I shall surely never see him again, so it doesn't matter," she replied. She suddenly realised that she was still holding Timothy's hand. He noticed too, and quickly pulled away.

"Uh, Bri..." he began, clearing his throat.

"Yes?" Brianna asked.

"Brianna, I think I ought to tell you that..." Timothy let his words trail off there, looking faintly abashed. Brianna raised her eyebrows.

"What?" she pressed.

"Oh... it's getting a bit late, and well, we might be missed," Timothy began. Brianna suddenly laughed.

"Oh Tim! Sometimes you can be such a worrier! We shan't surely be missed, there are so many people at the party you know," she exclaimed.

"I guess so," Timothy agreed, smiling again. Brianna leaned closer to him.

"Besides, it is quite nice to sit here and get away from the crowd," she remarked.

"Indeed," Timothy agreed.

"I thought I'd never get away," said Ewan to Leigh as they walked, side-by-side through the grounds of the castle. "Mind you, it's just as well it was only Rosamund, if it'd been Rosella, I would've never gotten away," added Ewan with a grin.

"Sounds like someone has quite a string of admirer's, but your cousins?" said Leigh with a laugh.

"Well they aren't really related to me are they? Not by blood in any case," said Ewan.

"But still," said Leigh. She stopped and then turned to Ewan, gazing at him sincerely. "About before," she started.

"Yes?" asked Ewan, listening.

"It's just that," she began, when a howl ripped through the quiet. Leigh swung around, coming face to face with a pack of at least six slobbering moblins.

"Get 'em!" ordered the leader of the pack, raising an axe above his head, ready to bring it down onto Leigh. Ewan grabbed her arm and pulled her back, drawing his sword. Leigh stumbled backwards, watching as Ewan took on the beasts. She wished she could help, but she had no weapon, and she wouldn't have been much use anyway. She looked around for anything that might serve as a defence weapon, or even anything that might help Ewan. Her eyes quickly rested on a fallen branch, which she leaned down to grab. As she stood up, she felt cold steel against the back of her neck.

"Wook's wike we got ourselves a pwetty wittle hostage!" slobbered a voice. Leigh was hauled around clumsily, to face her captor. Over his shoulder, she could see Ewan was surrounded by the other five moblins, still battling away. "Heheheh, we's gonna take you captive wittle pwincess!" chuckled the moblin.

"I hate to disappoint you, but I'm not any princess," said Leigh, attempting to hit the moblin in the face with the branch she was wielding. The moblin was too quick, or she was too slow and he reached up, grabbing the branch, flinging it aside.

"Perhaps I'll spoil your pwetty wittle face!" threatened the creature, brandishing a knife close to Leigh's face.

"Or perhaps, you won't," said Leigh, ducking under the moblin's raised arm, tripping him over on the way. He fell heavily to the ground, dropping his knife, which Leigh swiftly took, she bent down and stabbed the knife into the dog-like creature's chest, a sickening crack emerging. But Leigh realised, she hadn't dug it in hard enough, not enough to kill anyway. She gave it another twist, before using all of her strength to yank the knife out again, she turned to help Ewan, but something crashed against her head, knocking her to the ground unconscious.

Ewan skilfully dodged and parried the attacks of the moblins but he wasn't getting in too many attacks himself. As one moblin clumsily lunged forward with its spear, Ewan quickly side stepped, and cut off the unwilling creature's arm. He glanced behind his shoulder, and quickly back flipped over the top of an approaching creature. He then struck it in its back, causing it to howl with pain before hitting the ground. He looked around at the remaining moblins who were looking a little unsure.

"Any more of you want a piece?" he asked, tossing his sword casually from one hand to the other. One moblin bravely rushed forward, spear first. Ewan struck at the moblin with his sword, it blocked with its spear, but on Ewan's second blow, the spear snapped in half. The hapless moblin fell to the ground, and Ewan quickly finished it off. "Anyone else?" asked Ewan looking up, but then suddenly he remembered Leigh. He saw a form not too far off, white, and blonde, it had to be Leigh. A moblin was stooping over her. Ewan rushed forward, pushing the remaining two moblins aside and running over to Leigh. "You keep away from her!" warned Ewan menacingly. The moblin turned and grinned, spinning its spear threateningly.

"Oh yeah, and what you gonna do 'bout it?" asked the creature. It was obviously the leader, as it was adorned with various items of bone jewellery and such.

"I'll kick your sorry hide," said Ewan. He stepped forward, ready to attack, when he was grabbed from around the neck and pulled to the ground. He struggled for a moment, dropping his sword and dragging his dagger from his belt, stabbing behind. He then dragged himself up, coming face to face with the moblin leader who had retrieved Ewan's sword, and was swishing it around menacingly. Ewan smiled and plunged his dagger forward into the belly of the leader, sending it to the ground. He grabbed his sword and stepped over its body to the limp form of Leigh. He placed his hand on her neck, feeling for a pulse. There was a strong, frequent one. He thanked the goddesses and got up, looking around. He suddenly saw the last remaining, one armed moblin, charging towards him. His sword slipped from his hand, leaving him weapon-less, so he grabbed the wood of the spear, just above its head, and drove it downwards towards the ground, so it dug into the earth flipping the moblin upside down. Ewan then grabbed the spear and used it to kill the ugly mutt. Then he turned away and back to Leigh, to see if she was still coming round. He placed his sword through his belt and leaned closer to Leigh. "Leigh?" he asked. No response. Then her eyes fluttered open and she seemed confused for a moment, then she realised what had happened and sat up.

"Are you okay?" she asked immediately.

"I coped," said Ewan with a smile.

"I, I don't know what happened. But my head, it's killing me," admitted Leigh. Ewan kissed her on the forehead.

"I don't know what happened there either. Moblins, I haven't seen them in months, and never on here, on North Castle Island," said Ewan. He wrapped his arms around her comfortingly.

"I'm sorry I couldn't help more," apologised Leigh.

"What? You should be mad at me, I let you get knocked out. What kind of guy does that make me?" asked Ewan dejectedly. Leigh caught hold of Ewan's chin, gazing at him evenly.

"Don't say that, I should've been able to handle it myself. Not so long ago I would've," said Leigh, mournfully.

"No, I should've been there for you, instead I was too busy showing off," said Ewan firmly. Leigh smiled.

"I have to admit, from what I saw you seem pretty good with a sword," she complimented. Ewan managed to crack a smile.

"Thanks," he said. He stood up, helping her up also. "Perhaps we'd better get in," he suggested. Leigh nodded then looked down at herself, sighing with relief.

"For a minute there I thought I might have ruined this dress," said Leigh.

"Nope, still as perfect as ever," Ewan assured her. They began to walk back to the castle, stopping for a moment in the darkness of the courtyard.

"I might not see you again tonight," said Leigh. Ewan smiled, and leaned forward, and kissed her longingly. "No, uh, I'm sorry Ewan. That kind of came out wrong, I still feel a little..." began Leigh, pushing him away slightly.

"Oops, sorry," came two voices from the shadows, and the two sprang apart, it was already too late though.

"Rosamund? Rosalind?" asked Ewan, annoyed and surprised at the same time.

"We'll leave you two to it," said one of them, before quickly leaving.

"I should go after them," said Ewan, turning to leave.

"Night Ewan. Thanks, for everything," said Leigh. Ewan watched her go, then decided he'd better follow his two cousins, and find a way of making them promise they wouldn't say a word of what they had seen.

Timothy glanced upwards at the stars. Shouts drifted upon the night air, but he ignored them. It was probably rowdy party guests. Brianna leaned on his shoulder, seemingly unaware of the effect she was having upon him. He felt he had to push her away, should he get the wrong impression, and yet, knowing Brianna, if he did so, she would be offended and confused by his action. Just hearing her talk about Molasar had made him so jealous. Jealous beyond belief. It was unfair that she should love a complete stranger, rather than him. But he thought he knew how Brianna felt about him. She loved him, but only as a friend. And it could never be anything more. He let out an audible sigh. Brianna moved away so that she could look at him.

"What's up?" she asked.

"I guess I'm a bit tired," Timothy quickly sighed, averting his eyes. She looked especially beautiful tonight... he could almost believe that she was a woman, rather than a mere girl of fifteen years of age. Then he noticed that she was wearing a different dress. For some reason, he hadn't noticed up until now. Before, when he'd last seen her, she'd been wearing a simple blue silk gown, which had looked completely stunning. But the dress she had on now... it seemed to give her something more. "Nice dress," he commented casually. Brianna suddenly grinned. "Oh... yes. I had rather a terrible accident with the other," she confessed, still grinning. "Terrible accident?" he asked, looking amused.

"Uhuh. Let's just say it got a trifle... uh... dirty. I was climbing up a tree you see," Brianna replied, her blue eyes sparkling.

"Whatever for?" Timothy asked.

"Oh... just to get a better view of my dear brother smooching with his new... uh... lady friend," Brianna grinned.

"Who?" Timothy asked, interested.

"Oh, just some blonde girl," Brianna replied casually.

"But enough of my brother, he's boring," she added, laughing.

"Was it Leigh?" Timothy guessed. The princess nodded.

"Yeah. Her," she said.

"Oh..." Timothy replied dully. He turned to look at Brianna again. She was smiling. They were so close to each other... The princess reached over to give him a friendly embrace.

"Y'know Tim, sometimes I don't know what I'd do without you!" she laughed. They leaned back, so that they were facing each other once more.

"Can I..." Timothy started. Then he stopped. Brianna gave him a quizzical look.

"Tim, you really are acting rather strange tonight," she remarked. He swallowed nervously.

"It's just... well, I... I find you really..." he tried, trailing off again.

"Really what? Boring? Tiresome?" Brianna asked.

"No... uh... astonishing. Yes, astonishing," the young hero said quickly.

"Astonishing?" Brianna asked, looking puzzled.

"Ah, it doesn't matter. Perhaps we better get back to the party," Timothy replied, standing up. "If we must," Brianna said wearily.

"Come on, I'll race you there!" Timothy grinned, running off.

As Leigh walked inside she was confronted by a red-headed woman, who looked less than happy. "Just who do you think you are? Seducing a guy who has to be at least half a decade younger than you," demanded the girl.

"I'm sorry, I didn't catch your name," said Leigh pleasantly.

"Rosella. Rosella Tantalon-Arguelles. And I don't appreciate you trying to lure Ewan away from me," said Rosella angrily.

"I'm afraid you've got the wrong woman. I have nor seduced or tried to lure anyone away from anyone recently, so why don't you get your facts straight?" said Leigh.

"I'll get them straight alright!" said Rosella, slapping Leigh hard across the face. Leigh, caught off guard, stumbled backwards and crashed through the glass of the French doors, causing quite a commotion. Leigh fell backwards to the ground, shards of splintered glass all around her.

"What's going on here?" demanded a voice as Zelda rushed forward. When she saw who was on the ground, she couldn't help but feeling a little self-satisfaction. It was something she should've done the first time round.

"She started it!" bawled Rosella.

"Let me help you up," offered Nick, stepping forward. Leigh took his hand and managed to get up, dusting off the remaining shards of glass. Her arms and face, not to mention the back of her neck were scattered with cuts and scratches.

"Leigh, are you okay?" asked Sparks, pushing his way through the crowd. Leigh glanced over at the smirking Rosella, tempted to argue back, but she was too tired, and a little wiser.

"No I'm not," she said simply. She walked past Rosella, nudging her slightly as she made her way to the staircase.

"Don't you dare nudge me!" screeched the princess, who rushed forward and stopped in front of Leigh.

"You're as bad as your mother," said Leigh in distaste, causing many people to gasp in surprise. Rosella stepped forward to slap Leigh again, but this time the heroine was ready. She caught Rosella's hand just in time, forcing it back down to her side. "Ladies think with their heads, not their hands. Obviously, that's something you wouldn't know," said Leigh.

"Why you!" started Rosella, fuming.

"Kindly, get out of my way," requested Leigh. It sounded less like a request and more like an order. Rosella scowled, refusing to budge. "I said, get out of my way," repeated Leigh, forming the words in a patronising tone and fashion.

"Why should I?" asked Rosella.

"Because I need to get up the stairs, and obviously I can't if your mass is in the way," explained Leigh. Rosella 'hmmphed' then barged forward, knocking past Leigh quite unnecessarily. Leigh stepped back, rubbing her shoulder to ease the pain. Then, as dignified as she could, she ascended the great stair case, Sparks closely behind her.

Zelda turned to Link.

"She's hardly been here five minutes, and look at the trouble she's causing. It's like history is repeating or something," she said.

"You know Rosella's always been flighty, it looks like she was the one who started it anyway," said Link, watching Leigh closely.

"Mind you, she just let Rosella barge past her. And it seemed to hurt her," said Zelda thoughtfully.

"Well Zel, I'm sure I've said she hasn't even half the strength she had. Why, she can't even lift her own sword," said Link. Zelda raised her eyebrows in interest.

"What?" she said. So, Leigh wasn't quite the woman she was fifteen years ago, was she not. If she was so weak, perhaps she wouldn't be quite so hot at magic anymore either, which made her not so amazing.

"You heard Zel, but I bet as soon as she gets her strength back, she'll be back to herself," said Link.

"You'd like that, wouldn't you?" asked Zelda accusingly, storming off angrily.

"Hey, what did I say?" he protested, but gave up. Once Zelda had her mind made, it was made.

"Thanks," said Leigh, once in her room. Sparks smiled.

"All part of the service," he said. Leigh patted the bed beside her.

"Come and join me, that is, if you don't want to get back to the party," she invited. Sparks sat next to her.

"Not that much was happening anyway," he said. Leigh stood up, and stood in front of the wash stand, dipping a sponge into a bowl of water and dabbing at the cuts on her face and neck, and arms. She bunched up all of her hair in one hand, lifting it over her head.

"You couldn't give me a hand could you? See if there are any cuts on the back of my neck?" asked Leigh. Sparks quickly stood up, taking the sponge from Leigh's hand. He dabbed on one of the two cuts on he neck, when he realised how close they were. "Anything wrong?" asked Leigh, noticing his pause.

"Uh, nothing," said Sparks, quickly dabbing at the other cut. "All done," he said. Leigh allowed her hair to cascade back down her neck and turned round. They came face to face, or nearer face to nose.

"You're taller than me," remarked Leigh for the first time.

"Your observation skills are amazing," joked Sparks. Leigh playfully swotted him on the arm. "I'd not noticed it, that's all. I haven't stood this close to you until now," said Leigh, her words slowing.

"Leigh, about those cuts, couldn't you just use heal?" asked Sparks. Leigh shrugged, glad for a different topic.

"I'm too drained. But it won't be for much longer," she added, squeezing past him and sitting back on the bed. Sparks rejoined her.

"Leigh, someone said something to me tonight, and they made me realise something," started Sparks. He noticed Leigh looked a little preoccupied.

"Leigh, I think I love you," he murmured. Leigh turned to him.

"Pardon?" she asked. She hadn't heard a word he'd said. Sparks stood up.

"Er, it's nothing, it doesn't matter," he said.

"Going so soon?" she asked, a little surprised by her friend's abrupt exit.

"Yeah, you obviously have other things on your mind," said Sparks, turning to leave. He felt Leigh's hand on his shoulder, and paused.

"Wait, please don't go. I could do with a friend's company right now, your company," pleaded Leigh. Sparks smiled and sat back down.

"I'm sorry I wasn't listening, it's just...you can tell me now, my ears are yours," offered Leigh.

"It doesn't matter, really. What was that thing with you and Rosella about anyway?" asked Sparks. Leigh looked away shyly.

"I don't know. She just go real mad at me and slapped me. She didn't actually push me through the glass, I fell through," explained Leigh. "I seem to have that effect on people, you know, making them want to slap me or push me over, or generally do me any physical damage," she added wryly.

"You don't have that effect on me," said Sparks, not able to help himself. Leigh looked up at him, and saw his face. He leaned across to kiss her, but she placed a hand on his chest.

"It'd be like kissing my own brother," she said quietly. Sparks smiled and leaned back.

"You're right, I'm sorry," he said, looking ashamed.

"It's just not me Sparks, but there will be someone else, I'm sure of it," said Leigh. Sparks nodded, then stood up. On an after thought he gave her a peck on the cheek.

"I'll go now," he said, smiling. "I'll see you tomorrow perhaps, or soon at least," said Leigh. "Maybe," agreed Sparks, although he didn't sound too sure. Then he left. Leigh sighed and stood up, stripping off her dress and draping it carefully over a chair. She then slipped into her night dress and under the covers.

"He hates me," she whispered to herself. She wish she hadn't had to hurt Spark's feeling's that way, but it'd been half true. She hadn't the heart to tell him of the other half why. Ewan. He was too young for her numerically, but then so was every guy everywhere in the Demiari. After all, she had been around for centuries. And Ewan, he acted older than his age, most of the time. However, she knew it would have to end, because if Zelda ever found out, she'd hit the roof, and more than likely, Leigh would hit rock bottom.

Ewan walked back indoors feeling reasonably annoyed. He'd attempted to have a word with the two twins, but they'd just giggled and made stupid comments. As he walked back into the castle he noticed the French doors had been smashed, tiny shards of glass, shining like crystals all over the courtyard. Ewan stepped inside, and spotted his mother nearby, having a discussion with his father. He also saw Rosella, who looked less than pleased. When she saw Ewan, a cruel smirk twisted across her face.

"Something tells me your lover won't be crossing me again in a hurry," she hissed as he walked by. Ewan turned and looked at his cousin.

"What?" he asked.

"I said," began Rosella.

"I heard what you said, what I meant is what exactly do you mean?" cut in Ewan.

"Why don't you go and ask her for yourself. Last I saw of her was her running off with that friend of hers, Sparks," said Rosella smugly.

"Sparks knows her?" asked Ewan suddenly. He'd seen the two dancing, he'd cut in, but he just thought that he'd asked her to dance and that she'd accepted.

"Oh yes, very good friends I hear," started Rosella.

"Rosella, for once in your life, could you just shut up for half a minute and let me think?" snapped Ewan.

"Ooh, touchy. Me thinks someone is jealous," said Rosella. Ewan glared at her, she shut up. "Hey, Ewan," called a voice. Ewan turned to see Timothy, and walked over to him, glad to have an excuse to be rid of Rosella.

"Where you been?" asked Tim, he looked like he'd been running.

"Around, but hey, before I forget, I got attacked by a load of moblins not so far from the lake," said Ewan.

"Really? You hold them off okay?" asked Timothy, surprised to hear that Moblins had managed to get into the grounds of the castle.

"I'm here telling you right now aren't I? What gets me though is how they got there in the first place, I mean, they couldn't have gotten in by the front entrance, it's too well guarded, and, well, the only other way to get on the island is by boat or by swimming. And I never heard of moblins in the water before," said Ewan. Timothy nodded thoughtfully.

"Perhaps we should tell your father, or Sir Drake. That way, either of them can alert the guard and perhaps get a closer security around the grounds," suggested the young Triforce protector. "Good idea, I'll go see my father right now," said Ewan.

"Ewan, what happened to the door?" asked Timothy, only just noticing the broken glass. Ewan shrugged.

"Wasn't here to see," said the prince. Timothy nodded, then walked back into the crowd of guests. Ewan meanwhile walked over to where his mother and father were stood.

"Ewan! Where have you been?" demanded his mother as soon as he approached.

"Outside, what happened to the door?" said Ewan casually.

"Rosella pushed Leigh through it, but that doesn't matter anymore," said Zelda.

"What? Is Leigh okay?" asked Ewan, not noticing his mother's tone of voice.

"She left before we got the chance to ask her," said Link, his hands in his pockets.

"Yes well, she probably deserved it. Goodness knows that's exactly what I should've done fifteen years ago," said Zelda.

"Oh come on Zel, let's not start that again," said Link.

"You would protect her, your precious little Leigh. After the way she spoke to me earlier, she had it coming," snapped Zelda. Ewan watched his mother's reaction with shock. He'd never seen her so mad, or bitter before. Perhaps he'd taken Leigh's words a little too lightly, things really were that bad between them.

"Uh look, when I was outside, a group of moblins attacked me, in the castle grounds," spoke up Ewan. Link turned to his son.

"Moblins? In the castle grounds?" he asked. Ewan nodded.

"Oh brilliant. You know, it's a soon as she turns up everything starts to go wrong. It was like this last time, no wonder she was exiled from Sosaria," ranted Zelda.

"Zel, calm down," Link said, trying to soothe his wife.

"Enough of her anyway, Link, go and sort this moblin thing out, whilst I have a word with our son," ordered Zelda.

"Zel, I," protested Link. Zelda glared at him. "Okay, I'm going," said Link, quickly turning and walking away. Ewan watched as his father strode off, thinking that he would never like to be on the wrong side of his mother.

"Yes mother?" asked Ewan, turning his attention back to Zelda.

"Today was your 21st, tonight we threw you a party and invited every suitable maiden in the Demiari, but have you conversed with even one?" began Zelda.

"Sure I have," replied Ewan with a confident smile. Zelda waited.

"Why, I have conversed with the lovely Rosella and her lovely sisters," started Ewan.

"Don't start Ewan. Have you talked to anyone who you don't already know?" asked Zelda.

"Well I," started Ewan.

"There's still plenty of time left, so mingle, let yourself be known," said Zelda. Ewan nodded. "Good, I might see you later on, but if not, goodnight," said Zelda, smiling pleasantly. Ewan smiled back, then turned and looked at the huge mass of guests. His mother did have a point he supposed. He walked over to the nearest young lady, who looked to be about his age and smiled pleasantly.

"Would you care to dance?" he asked politely. The girl looked at him in awe.

"But of course," she gushed, before giggling nervously. Ewan smiled as pleasantly as he could, before taking her hand and leading her out onto the dance floor.

Molasar looked back on the castle for one last time. It was the early hours of the morning, and the majority of the guests had just begun to leave. To Molasar's annoyance, he had not seen Brianna for the remainder of the celebration, but he felt sure that he would see her again. A young couple were walking just ahead of him, talking and laughing. They were probably intoxicated, thought Molasar in disgust. He would never allow that to happen to him, as it slowed and distorted your reactions. Suddenly, from behind a tree leapt a masked man, holding a glinting knife. He grabbed the woman, pressed the blade to her throat. The man, stepped backwards, not laughing anymore. Molasar leapt forward and hit the silent attacker in the face, hard. He then pushed the woman away, and snatched the blade that the masked man had dropped. He looked down at the attacker and placed a booted foot on the man's throat. He leaned down and tore the mask from the mans face, then removed his foot and hauled the man up by the collar. He pressed the blade against the man's neck.

"See how you like it," he said menacingly. He heard the woman shriek behind him, and dropped the knife to his side. He rammed the attacker against the tree, hard, knocking him out. He slid to the ground, to his knees. Molasar turned and looked at the woman. "Are you okay?" he asked. She nodded meekly.

"Oh thank you kind sir, had it not been for you, I, I don't know what I would have done," she said. Molasar looked back down at the attacker and grabbed him by the shirtfront with one hand, hauling him up.

"Is there a place for the likes of this man?" asked Molasar.

"Yes, the dungeons in North Castle is the nearest I believe kind sir, oh, you saved my life. How can I ever repay you!?" replied the woman. Molasar smiled at the woman, looking over her. She was certainly very attractive, with thick, curly dark hair, and deep brown eyes. Her skin was lightly tanned, indicating she was not from Hyrule.

"Tell me your name," said Molasar.

"Rosamund Arguelles," replied the young woman. The man who had been with Rosamund was standing nervously to one side.

"It is a beautiful name. You should not waste your time in the company of a man like that," added Molasar.

"Hey watch what you say," said the man.

"Pray, what is your name, good sir?" asked Rosamund.

"Molasar Anacreon, but that does not matter. Where is your home?" answered Molasar.

"Brynnel, but whilst I am in this country, it is North Castle," said Rosamund.

"North Castle? You are, royalty?" asked Molasar, he was totally surprised.

"Something like that. Where are you staying?" asked Rosamund.

"A tavern in Mido," lied Molasar, he had no where to stay. He found it pointless paying good money for a bed when it could be used for other things.

"Bring him back to the castle, I'm sure you will also be welcomed," said Rosamund, pointing at the man who had tried to cut her throat.

"I will gladly escort you back to the castle, but as for staying, I must decline. I would feel, out of place," said Molasar.

"But you must stay, a reward has to be arranged, and it can only be done in the morning," insisted Rosamund.

"I do not require a reward, it is what any decent man would have done," said Molasar.

"I'm going!" announced the man who had been with Rosamund. Rosamund smiled as he left.

"He was a jerk in any case," she commented.

"Where were you going with him?" asked Molasar.

"I don't really know, something tells me I had too much to drink. He isn't even that cute, well not compared to you," said Rosamund, drawing closer.

"We'd best get this criminal back to the castle, before he rouses," said Molasar, stepping back. Rosamund leaned forward and kissed him sweetly, but Molasar did not have the urge to respond. He and Brianna had exchanged no more than a few words, but he was enchanted by her, no other woman could compare, including Rosamund Arguelles. She stepped back and smiled. Molasar smiled back, then hauled the man over his shoulder. "You are a very trusting woman," commented Molasar as they walked. "First, you leave your home with some man you hardly know, and then you go back with a man who you know nothing about except his name," said Molasar. "For all you know, I could be as bad as the man who tried to slit your throat," he added.

"But you saved my life. I can't help but trust you," said Rosamund. They smiled at each other and continued walking to the castle. As they neared the drawbridge, Molasar turned to Rosamund. "I hope this has taught you something," he said, dropping the load from his shoulder. The man landed with a thud to the ground.

"If I go for midnight walks with men I hardly know, some devastatingly gorgeous guy will save my life," said Rosamund. Molasar frowned slightly, wondering if she was quite alright in the head. The he saw a smile tugging at her lips.

"I think you know the real lesson," he said, before turning and walking off.

"But wait, your reward!" called Rosamund from behind him, but he had already blended into the darkness. Rosamund frowned and turned, looking over at a surprised looking guard on the drawbridge. She pointed down to the form at her feet.

"This man tried to kill me, have him arrested at once," she ordered. The guard nodded and quickly came forward, taking the man by his legs and dragging him over the drawbridge, and into the courtyard. "I'll give you the details tomorrow, oh and, put out a search for a man who goes by the name of Molasar Anacreon. He is the man who saved my life."

Deep, in the bowels of the earth, underneath North Castle, Ganondorf, Prince of Darkness, watched thoughtfully. He was entrapped in this wretched gem prison, but soon that would be no more. That is, if his son succeeded in taking the Triforce and making it his. But, there was a small problem. He was being side tracked, by none other than the offspring of his two most hated enemies. It would have to stop, but he feared he no longer had the influence over his son that he had, and now, to make things even more complicated, Balayna, Molasar's mother was reaching to him from the void. She had to be stopped, but how could he, Ganondorf, stop her whilst he was imprisoned in this prison. Just the idea of her wrecking his plans made him shake with rage, or anyone else wrecking his plans for that matter.

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