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The Order of Fate

Juliet A. Singleton (Scullys@bigfoot.com) & Kirsty Singleton (arcadionseye@btopenworld.com)

Chapter 9

     "Oh Rosalind, you should have seen him, he was absolutely gorgeous, and so strong too. And when we kissed, it was like no other, it shall stay embedded in my memory for the rest of my entire life!" gushed Rosamund to her twin the next morning at the breakfast table. Brianna, who had been picking at her meal couldn't help but overhear the twins conversation. She turned to Renee, rolling her eyes.

"What was he called?" asked Rosalind, eager for every detail.

"It was unusual, definitely not from this land. But he must've been from somewhere like Brynnel or Benlucca. Actually, now I think about it, it's a kinda spooky name. Molasar Anacreon," said Rosamund. Brianna perked up at the mention of the name, her mysterious stranger. "He just walked off into the night before I could even offer him a reward, but he'll be back, after that spark we shared, he just has to be," said Rosamund.

"You get all the luck Rosie, it's totally unfair. How old would you say he was?" asked Rosalind.

"Hmm, mid twenties I would say, I still can't get over how handsome he was," gushed Rosamund. "Say, Rosamund, perhaps this Molasar guy knows someone I know," spoke up Renee. Rosamund turned and looked at Renee with interest.

"Oh yes?" she asked the young princess.

"Yeah, he's totally gorgeous, tall, strong, with a gorgeous white smile, and really short black hair and lovely brown eyes. He's from Dalsona, and he's called Ferdinand," said Renee, looking fairly pleased with herself. Brianna couldn't help but smile at the princess's description of 'Ferdinand' who in reality was, well not.

"And why do you think that?" asked Rosamund.

"Oh, just because he's a figment of my imagination, just like this, what was he called again?" said Renee.

"He is not a figment of my imagination you petulant little," retorted Rosamund sharply, searching for the right word. Renee raised an eyebrow.

"Watch what you say to the princess of the Demiari's richest and most powerful country," challenged Renee. Rosamund closed her mouth. There was a few moments of uncomfortable silence. "Come on Renee, let's go for a walk," said Brianna, standing up and tugging at her friends elbow.

"Yes lets, the atmosphere has suddenly become...unbearable," said Renee, standing up. They left the room.

"If looks could kill," commented Rosalind on Renee's parting stare.

"And I thought Aunt Zelda had it down to an art," said Rosamund.

"She's not right though, is she? He's not just," asked Rosalind.

"Of course not. He was 100% all there, I felt him," assured Rosamund.

"He was at the party?" asked Rosalind.

"Never saw him, until I left, he probably was though," answered Rosamund. Suddenly a young soldier rushed in, requesting to speak with Zelda.

"What is it?" asked Zelda, outside the dining hall.

"A body has been discovered not far from the castle, Angus Sparrow, the merchant. Looks like he never got to the party," said the soldier.

"This is terrible," said Zelda. Suddenly, there was a scream, coming not far down the corridor. Both Zelda and the soldier turned to see a young maid rushing from the drawing room, her face pale. "What is it?" asked Zelda.

"Th-there's a, a d- oh it's just too horrible!" said the maid, busting out into tears. Whilst the soldier tried to calm her, Zelda walked towards the drawing room.

"Your highness, let someone else go in there, it might not be safe," advised the soldier. Zelda ignored him, walking into the room. All seemed normal, but then Zelda smelt a funny smell. She walked to the other end of the room, and stepped back with a gasp of shock when she saw a small pool of blood formed underneath a large plant arrangement. She peered behind it to see the disposed body of a dead guard, his stomach cruelly twisted open, a line of blood down the side of his mouth, lifeless eyes staring into the void and beyond. She quickly left the room, bumping into the soldier who had informed her of the death of Angus Sparrow.

"He's dead," she said.

"Who?" asked the soldier.

"A guard, Dayton, I think. He's been murdered, knife wound to the stomach," said Zelda, still reeling from the sight she had just seen.

"Zel?" called out Link's voice as he stepped out from the dining hall. He saw her white face, and rushed over to her. "What is it?" he asked.

"We've found two bodies, one not for from the castle, and one in there," said Zelda, gingerly pointing to where the body was located. Link frowned to himself.

"We haven't had..." he began. Zelda suddenly looked thoughtful. She then turned to Link, looking angry.

"Funny how stuff like this always happens when Leigh turns up, isn't it?" she remarked. Link stared at her in surprise.

"Just what exactly are you trying to imply?" he demanded.

"Do I have to spell it out?!" Zelda asked, folding her arms.

"Zel, I can't believe you'd even consider such a thing! Besides, there were hundreds of people around last night, half of them we didn't even know, it could have been anyone!" Link protested. "Yes well, we have to cover every possibility you know. Everyone's a suspect from now on. Too bad some people have gone already," Zelda said, frowning.

"Well, we can rule out ourselves already. And the kids..." Link began. Zelda nodded.

"Of course. And all our friends," she said.

"Leigh counts in that category," Link quickly pointed out. Zelda gave him an icy look.

"She does not. Not in my opinion. And since I'm the ruler around here, I think I get to decide who's a friend of Hyrule, and who isn't," she stated coldly. Link sighed, and decided to give up.

"Fine. But I think that you're being biased," he said. Zelda didn't bother to reply. Instead, she gave him one last sulky gaze, and then disappeared down the corridor.

Brianna quickly saddled up her chestnut coloured mare, and then jumped on the young horse's back. The horse trotted obediently out of the stables, and Brianna headed towards the drawbridge. She felt like she needed to get away from the castle for a short while. Something horrible had happened that morning, two dead bodies had been found. Brianna couldn't understand why someone would kill someone else. The very thought of it made her stomach recoil. Renee, Alyssand and Beth hadn't wanted to come riding with her that afternoon, because it was too windy, but that hadn't stopped Brianna. She patted Aurora's neck, and urged her into a faster pace. The horse's flaxen mane and tail streamed out behind her, as did Brianna's loose golden curls. There was another reason Brianna had come out alone. That conversation she had heard Rosamund having with her two sisters. About Molasar. She couldn't believe he would've kissed her, not after what he had said to her. She shook her head, knowing she was being silly. How could she blame Molasar for falling for someone like Rosamund, whose exotic looks would probably be far more preferred by Molasar. Not only that, but she had run away from Molasar, so it was her own fault if he had thought her a lost cause and looked elsewhere. She spurned on her horse, making it run even faster, into a gallop. She loved to ride fast, to gallop over the vast open stretches that surrounded North Castle. The wind blew quite fiercely, rumbling. The trees swayed, and Brianna's cloak whipped around her. Suddenly, she spotted a spire of smoke, near down by one of the streams that fed the moat which surrounded the castle. Brianna slowed her mount, and trotted over to investigate. Aurora picked her way carefully down onto the sandy river bank, her hooves clattering on the small pebbles. The princess dismounted, upon seeing a small tent tethered nearby. A small, smouldering camp fire was just outside it. The tent was made from some kind of white fabric, decorated with patterns and motifs in red and blue thread, which were unknown to Brianna. She didn't know where the design came from, but she was certain that she'd seen them somewhere before quite recently. Cautiously, she headed over to the tent. "Hello?" she called out. There was no answer. Kneeling down, her skirts getting dirty in the sand, she slowly pulled back the tent flap. The dim interior revealed nothing, aside from an animal pelt, a few cushions, oil lamp and a small chest, which looked to be locked. She quickly dropped the flap, and stood up. As she turned away from the shelter, she came face to face with a handsome young man. Her heart skipped a beat when she realised that it was Molasar. "Oh... I'm so sorry! I wasn't prying, really, I wasn't!" she protested, a pink blush spreading across her cheeks. He smiled at her.

"I was just out hunting, sure got a surprise when I saw you here," he remarked.

"Oh... well still, I'm sorry. I was just curious, that's all," Brianna replied nervously.

"It's okay," Molasar said in an amicable tone.

"I heard about you saving my cousin last night, Rosamund. She really wants to reward you, she's sent out a search and everything," Brianna told the young Gerudo. Molasar shrugged, his eyes cast to the ground.

"It's only what anyone else would have done," he said.

"She seemed to quite like you," pressed Brianna, trying to find out if Molasar reciprocated the feeling.

"I could tell. Alas, my feelings are reserved for another," said Molasar, raising his eyes, and staring into Brianna's meaningfully. Brianna felt herself blush, her eyes averting from his gaze to the tent. She changed the subject.

"Why are you camping out? We have some lovely inns, you know, not to mention room at the castle," Brianna said.

"I like to be independent," Molasar replied shortly, a little disappointed by her conversation topic change. Brianna nodded in understanding.

"Me too. But I shouldn't think my mother would be too happy, if I went to another country and I camped out there!" Brianna laughed. Molasar looked saddened for a moment.

"My mother... she's dead," he said.

"I'm sorry," Brianna said, not really knowing what else to say.

"Don't worry about it. Like I say, I like to be independent anyway," Molasar replied, glancing over at the tent. He turned back to Brianna.

"Brianna, why did you run away last night?" he finally asked. The princess blushed hotly.

"I... I didn't. I just..." she stammered.

"I looked all over for you, I saw you go outside, and you disappeared," Molasar said, sounding hurt.

"I... well, I needed a little fresh air. I went back inside, and my mother said I had to dance with some more princes. I'm sorry," Brianna apologised.

"I didn't see you on the dance floor," Molasar remarked, suddenly giving her a confused gaze. "Well... I was quite tired, I didn't feel too well. I didn't dance with them for long," the princess lied, feeling more flushed by the minute.

"You were the most beautiful girl at the ball," Molasar said, stepping closer. Brianna looked down at the ground, embarrassed.

"Uh, thanks," she said quietly.

"Brianna, ever since I saw you here, down by the river, singing..." Molasar began. Brianna stepped back nervously.

"Please... don't," she said shyly.

"Brianna, I feel utterly captivated by you. You're so beautiful, so kind, so charming..." the young Gerudo king listed. Brianna shook her head.

"You exaggerate," she said modestly.

"I always tell the truth," Molasar replied. He took hold of both her hands.

"Brianna, I think I'm falling in love with you," he stated. Brianna smiled shyly.

"But we..." she began. Molasar leaned forward, and gave her a small kiss upon her lips. Brianna gazed at him surprise. She looked surprised, and yet pleased.

"I... I better go. I only wanted to go out for a short ride, I have to get back to entertain the guests," she said softly.

"As you wish," Molasar relented. The princess gazed at him for one last moment, then she quickly mounted onto Aurora and headed back to the castle as quickly as possible.

As Brianna headed back to the castle, she spotted another figure by the path. As she drew closer, she saw it was Leigh. Her head was bowed, and even when she heard the approach of the horse's hooves, her gaze never rose. She was walking forward, her eyes fixed to the ground, looking a figure of sheer misery. Brianna couldn't help but feel a little sorry, and slowed Aurora, until she came to a complete halt, side by side with Leigh. It was only at this time that Leigh bothered to look up, and when she recognised Brianna, it was clear from her expression that she wanted to avoid all contact with anybody at that current moment. She didn't even bother to return the friendly smile sent by Brianna, and just stood there for a moment. "It's Leigh isn't it?" asked Brianna after a few seconds of silence. Leigh raised one eyebrow slightly.

"What of it?" she asked coolly.

"Well it's just," began Brianna, she paused looking at Leigh for a moment then dismounted. She smiled coyly for a second. "You know my brother don't you?" she finished. Leigh looked a little stricken for a moment. She couldn't believe Ewan's sister knew! For all she knew, the whole of North Castle could know, and that included Zelda.

"Fascinating, isn't it?" remarked Leigh as soon as she regained her composure.

"Did you hear about the murders?" asked Brianna.

"It wouldn't surprise me if I was the main suspect," said Leigh bitterly.

"What!?" asked Brianna. Leigh looked up at Brianna, and shook her head, realising who she was talking to.

"Nothing," she said off-handedly, turning away. Brianna took Aurora's reins and began to follow Leigh.

"No, come on, what was that about being the main suspect?" asked Brianna. Leigh turned around, looking at Brianna. She was a few inches shorter than Leigh.

"Did anyone ever tell you that you are as overbearing as your mother," she asked. Brianna looked a little taken aback.

"What? My mother, how would you know?" asked Brianna. She had barely ever heard anyone say a bad word against her mother, to her face, especially now that she was Queen.

"Too much, I'll tell you that now," said Leigh, her anger still not subsiding.

"Hey come on, you're like 15 years younger than my mother, and I've never seen you around before so what would you know?" said Brianna.

"I'm surprised Ewan hasn't informed you about that either," said Leigh. She turned back round, striding off. She looked a little shaky though, more from weakness than anger. Brianna stopped a minute, wondering whether to follow or not. She did, a little worried about leaving Leigh alone.

"Look come on, can't we sort this out? I'd really like to get to know you," called Brianna. A little way down the track, Leigh sat on a fallen log, pressing her hands to her forehead. Brianna walked gingerly over, unsure what to say.

"I'm sorry," apologised the Avatar quietly.

"So am I, if I struck you as overbearing," said Brianna. Leigh looked up and smiled a little at the princess. Brianna smiled back and joined her on the log. "So how old are you, really?" asked Brianna. Leigh looked at Brianna for a moment then back down at the ground.

"27, last time I looked. But it's too complicated, something about the difference in the structure of time between Hyrule and... it's too far fetched, even for here," said Leigh, stopping suddenly.

"Go on, I'd love to hear," said Brianna. Leigh rubbed her temples.

"Look, it's too hard for me to explain right now. Basically, I'm the same age now as I was fifteen years ago, fifteen years ago I knew your mother and your father, and we didn't get on. Me and your mother didn't anyway," said Leigh, her eyes still on the ground.

"Wow. How did that happen, I mean, where did you go?" asked Brianna. Leigh looked back to Brianna a wry smile on her face.

"Another world, Pagan. And now I've ended up back here, last time I was here, your brother was just a little kid, and you weren't even born," said Leigh. Brianna's eyes widened as she thought about it.

"But my brother and you...isn't it weird?" gasped Brianna. Leigh smiled a little more at the mention of Ewan's name.

"Your brother and I, we aren't really anything. I don't know what we are, but," began Leigh. "I don't know how you can even touch him, he's so gross," exclaimed Brianna.

"You have to say that because you're his sister," said Leigh. She couldn't believe that she was actually getting on with the daughter of one of her most hated and despised enemies. And that was just the daughter, the son, well she did a lot more than get on with Ewan.

"I still think he is. And he is a dreadful tease at time," said Brianna.

"Brothers always are," said Leigh, a little wistful, she had had a brother, but he died at 22 nine years ago.

"Do you have a brother?" inquired Brianna.

"Had one," said Leigh.

"Oh, I'm sorry," apologised Brianna. Leigh then recalled on how, at first, she had got on well with Zelda. The woman had even saved her life at one point, freeing her from the stranglehold of Ganondorf's shade.

"You weren't to know," said Leigh quickly.

"So what do you do, as an occupation?" asked Brianna. Leigh shrugged.

"I used to be an adventurer, Sosaria's champion, but now, well now I can barely lift my own sword, and as for magic...well I just can't do it anymore," said Leigh, she sounded ashamed. Brianna tried to brighten up the mood a little.

"I'm studying magic, thuarmaturgy in fact," she said. Leigh glanced up.

"That was my forte, but right now, I probably couldn't even cast ignite," said Leigh.

"I'm sure you could, if you just applied yourself," said Brianna.

"Your mother wouldn't be too happy if she knew you were having this kind of conversation with me. She hated me for my prowess in magic, but for all the good it's done me now," said Leigh. "Go on, try it," persuaded Brianna.

"I'll just look stupid," said Leigh.

"Or you might not," concluded Brianna. Leigh looked down at her hands. She pointed at a tuft of grass, then slowly brought her hands together, and intoned the words 'In Flam'. A spark of magic leapt from her fingers and set the grass alight. Leigh, overcome with amazement that she'd actually done it, turned and smiled at Brianna.

"It's coming back, I can't believe it!" she exclaimed. Brianna looked past Leigh and at the burning grass a little worriedly.

"Perhaps it's time to cast douse," she suggested. Leigh gave her a blank expression for a moment, then realised and turned around. She closed her eyes, mouthing the necessary words, then held out her hands. In seconds, the flame was out. Leigh turned back to Brianna, her eyes shining.

"I did it, and, and I don't even feel tired. I, I, thank you," said Leigh, the words rushing out.

"I didn't do anything," insisted Brianna. Leigh stepped forward and hugged Brianna.

"I don't know how to thank you, but if I ever can, I will," she pledged.

"Oh, really there's no need," said Brianna. Leigh looked around.

"If my magic is returning, then maybe my physical strength is too! I need to get back to the castle," said Leigh.

"I'd say ride Aurora, but there's only room for one," said Brianna apologetically.

"No need, I'm perfectly fine to walk, just don't go to fast, that is if, you are going back to the castle of course," said Leigh.

"Well yes, but let's just both walk. I can lead Aurora back anyway," said Brianna.

"Someone's been hunting these woods," commented Ewan as he and Timothy tracked through the forest that lay nearby the grounds of North Castle. It was illegal to do so in fact, as the forest was the home to the Fey, home of the faeries. Timothy nodded as he spotted another broken arrow shaft upon the ground.

"Not a very good shot by the looks of it," added Tim.

"I don't know, maybe he just used a lot of arrows," said Ewan, who was up ahead.

"Yeah, the sign that he isn't a very good shot," argued Tim. Ewan paused and shrugged for a moment.

"You know, you're right. I don't know what I'm talking about," said Ewan honestly, Tim had been expecting a sarcastic remark.

"It's still illegal though. Look, tracks," said Ewan, he pointed down at the ground as if to illustrate the point. Sure enough there were boot marks in the fresh, sodden earth.

"Let's follow them," said Tim.

"Yeah, and make sure whoever did this gets the message not to do it again," agreed Ewan.

As Molasar chewed on the last remains of his camp fire-cooked meal, he heard the soft clomp of hooves against the earth nearby. He stood up, and saw two horses approaching, they had come from the nearby forest by the looks of things. Molasar touched his sword, just in case, reassuringly.

"Hey friend, you been hunting in this nearby forest?" called one of the riders as they approached.

"What of it friend?" called back Molasar. He recognised the two of them as members of the party the night before, but he knew neither by name. One of the rider's dismounted, and walked over to Molasar casually.

"It's illegal," he informed Molasar. Molasar glanced down at the remains of his meal, then back to the stranger.

"Says who exactly?" he asked snidely. He was the same height as the stranger, and the same build.

"Well my father for one thing," said the stranger. Molasar drew himself up to his full height, inching his way above the stranger. He gripped one hand on the hilt of his sword.

"And who, exactly, is your father?" asked Molasar, in a challenging way. The stranger didn't bother to inch his way past Molasar, just shot him a cool and even stare.

"He happens to be the King of this country, for one thing," began Ewan.

"Oh yeah, well isn't that a coincidence, because so is my father," said Molasar mockingly, pulling out his sabre. The stranger moved with equal swiftness, removing his blade of Hylian design.

"Ewan..." said the other stranger in a low voice. But Ewan didn't listen, something about this guy annoyed him.

"So why don't you just apologise, before I take you in myself?" he asked Molasar.

"I'd like to see you try," said Molasar, lunging forward. Ewan cleanly blocked the lunge, then got in a few digs of his own, scratching Molasar's cheek, as so to draw blood. Molasar grew angry when the steel pierced his cheek, and fought back twice as hard, twice as quick, he managed to nick the stranger's chin, before slicing the back of his hand. Ewan grimaced in pain, but kept on, meanwhile, Timothy was dismounting. The two fought closer and closer, until their blades were crossed, inches away from each other's necks. Both were breathing heavily, both evenly matched.

"Come on, break it up," said Timothy, but he was ignored. Ewan glared at Molasar, they were literally eyeball to eyeball, so close they could see the whites of each others eyes. Finally, after a little persuasion, Ewan lowered his blade and stepped away.

"If I see you here again, you'll wish I hadn't," the prince threatened. Molasar said nothing. He simply turned away and began to pack up his belongings. He turned to Ewan for one last final time.

"It'll be you who'll regret our paths ever crossed," he said menacingly. Ewan glared at him, an icy cold stare, then turned and mounted back up on his horse. Timothy followed suite.

"Go back to where you came from, we don't want to see you again here," shouted Ewan as he rode off. Molasar frowned. Ewan...If his father was the king, that made him Brianna's brother! And his arch enemy.


In due course, all the guests left the castle, and headed back to their homelands. No-one was ever found, or convicted for the mysterious murders. No decision was made on what to about Sosaria. Leigh had suggested that she would make her way over there, and try and persuade Lord British to quell the stupid feud that was going on, rather than have every other country in Demiari attack him, and waste valuable resources and money. Something lingered in the air however, something that troubled Zelda. No-one else seemed to really notice, aside from Ewan, who was also deeply sensitive to bad auras. But, neither of them could pinprick the source of the trouble, and Zelda had to be content with just waiting for something terrible to happen. Because of this, and because of the fact that Leigh still remained at North Castle, she was acting more volatile than usual, and most of the castle inhabitants did their best to remain out of her way. Eventually, Zelda knew that there was only one thing left to do. She had to ask Leigh to break the spell on the chest deep under North Castle, to make sure that Ganondorf was still well and truly trapped there. Quickly, she glanced in the mirror, and checked her appearance. Whenever she saw Leigh, she felt that the Avatar looked so much better than her, and she didn't like it. Zelda's hair was immaculate, it lay in long, silky waves down her back, and the dress she was wearing accentuated her slim figure well. Satisfied, she headed down the tower stairs, and towards Leigh's guestroom.

Leigh opened the door, and was pleased to see who it was.

"Ewan," she exclaimed, stepping aside to let him into her chamber. Ewan bowed graciously, entering.

"I had to see you," he murmured as she closed the door. She smiled.

"You had to see me? What about?" she questioned.

"Well foremost to see if you're okay, I heard about what my cousin did, sorry I didn't come sooner, but I've been looking all over for you all day, and last night, well I kinda had to join my party," said Ewan in one fluid motion. Leigh smiled at his explanation.

"I'm fine, now anyway. How are you?" she answered. Ewan smiled, then produced a bouquet of flowers that should could tell had been hastily arranged by the man's own hand. She laughed a little, graciously accepting the gift. "Oh you shouldn't have," she said, still smiling. Ewan shrugged.

"They reminded me of you," he said sheepishly. Leigh raised her eyebrows.

"Oh so you felt you had to uproot them and tie them all together?" she asked teasingly.

"Uh..." paused Ewan, desperately grasping for an answer.

"The last time any man presented me with flowers was well over a decade ago," commented Leigh as she placed the flowers in an empty vase, arranging them a little neater.

"Seriously?" asked Ewan. Leigh nodded.

"Thank you," said Leigh, turning to him.

"Are you feeling a little better, I mean, you know, about what happened?" asked Ewan. Leigh looked at Ewan, the smile he had put there still firmly straining her cheekbones. No-one had made her smile so widely in a long while. She guessed she was out of practise.

"If you're trying to ask me for a kiss," she started, leaning forward, one hand on his cheek.

"Leigh, I think I'm falling in love with you," Ewan suddenly confessed, leaning towards her for another kiss. Leigh pushed him away slightly, looking surprised.

"Ewan, we've known each other for such a short time. I have feelings for you, but not like that," Leigh lied, feeling herself blush.

"It doesn't matter. I happen to know for a fact that my dad fell in love with my mother as soon as he met her," Ewan replied. Leigh resisted the urge to comment on the fact that she couldn't imagine why Link had fallen in love with Zelda on the spot, since she had no redeeming features whatsoever. However, she managed to keep quiet. Leigh knew she had to be careful what she said about Zelda around both Ewan, and Brianna, because they loved their mother dearly, and would no doubt not take kindly to anyone saying bad things about her. She really liked both of them, she even found it hard to believe that they were actually related to Zelda in the first place. Brianna looked so like her, but her temperament was completely different. And Ewan, his nature was nothing like Zelda's either it was a lot like Link's. Except this time Leigh was on the receiving end, rather than Zelda.

"Ewan, we mustn't rush into things. We're still getting to know each other, after all," Leigh tried.

"I know you're the one Leigh, I've never felt this way about anyone in my life before, never," Ewan replied earnestly. It was true. He had always been confident about himself around every other woman, but Leigh made him feel different. She intrigued him, made his heart beat faster, and she made him feel not so sure, more nervous. But he assumed it was because he had never been in love before. Leigh felt her heart beginning to melt. She had never felt this way about anyone either, except maybe Link.

"Ewan..." she murmured, leaning close to kiss him again. At that moment, someone opened the door to the room. They both pulled away in surprise, and turned to see who had entered. Leigh stared in horror as she saw Zelda stood there, looking very shocked and upset indeed.

"Uh, hello mother," Ewan said in an uneasy tone. Zelda still stood there, fighting to regain her composure. She couldn't believe what she'd just witnessed! Her own son, wrapped in a passionate embrace with her worst enemy. As if trying to steal her husband hadn't been bad enough, now here the woman was, seducing Zelda's son! Fayette was right, she thought, feeling her blood run cold in horror.

"So it is true," Zelda managed to say in a cool tone.

"I know that you two don't like each other, but..." Ewan began.

"Ewan, be quiet! Just get out! I have something I'd like to discuss with Miss Temple," Zelda interrupted.

"But mother..." Ewan tried.

"Your father and I will deal with you later! Just go!" Zelda ordered.

"I'll do as I please," Ewan remarked, folding his arms and glaring at his mother angrily.

"You will do as you are told!" Zelda retorted, her anger beginning to surface.

"Father doesn't mind, why do you?" Ewan asked.

"Your father knows?!" Zelda cried.

"Well, sort of," Ewan said.

"Oh, for Hyrule's sake, just get out of here!" Zelda finally said, having nothing better to say.

"What you want to say can be said before me. I'm not leaving you here with Leigh just so you can insult her," said Ewan sternly. Zelda raised her eyebrows. Leigh had seen that expression before.

"Ewan, me and your mother should talk in private," she suggested. Ewan turned back to Leigh. "Are you sure?" he asked. Zelda winced at his question. Leigh just nodded.

"Pretty sure," she said, displaying what she hoped looked like a confident smile. Ewan nodded, respecting her request.

"I love you," he said softly. She nodded, still keeping a watchful eye on Zelda, who now looked extremely livid. With that, the young prince stalked past his mother, his head in the air, looking also angry. Zelda ignored him, and slammed the door shut, turning to face an expectant Leigh.

"It wasn't enough, was it? First you and Link..." Zelda began.

"There was never anything between me and Link, you just imagined it all! I kissed him once, and he told me to stop, because he was married!" Leigh interrupted.

"It doesn't matter! Leigh, how can you do this? How dare you make my son fall in love with you!" Zelda cried angrily.

"I didn't! I didn't make any move on him at all. It was he who approached me!" Leigh protested. "Oh, you just do it all on purpose! You can't possibly love him, you'll never marry him, I just won't allow it, and neither will Link!" Zelda said.

"From what I hear, you've told your children that they can marry who they please!" Leigh said, her tone slightly smug.

"Within reason! And this just isn't acceptable!" Zelda retorted.

"Well, you're going to have to live with it, because Ewan is pretty serious about me," Leigh replied.

"You'll go back to where you came from, and you won't come back!" Zelda ordered. Leigh looked down at the floor.

"You will not become Queen of Hyrule, you will not mar my family!" Zelda continued.

"Oh yes, such a pure line couldn't possibly be spoilt by a little commoner like me, could it?" Leigh spat angrily.

"No!" Zelda agreed. Leigh continued with her speech.

"You're so two-faced, Zelda. If I'm not good enough for your precious royal bloodline, then doesn't that make Link not good enough either?" she questioned. Zelda looked absolutely furious at this particular remark.

"Oh, how dare you say that! Of course Link is good enough!" she said.

"But his roots are as lowly as mine," Leigh argued.

"Link is nothing like you! He has all the qualities of a noble person, unlike you!" Zelda retorted.

"And unlike you," Leigh said quietly.

"You'll wish you never said that! I can't believe that you would imply such a thing! Of course I am a noble person! I am the Queen of Hyrule, don't you forget, and my people love and respect me greatly!" Zelda exclaimed.

"Well, if they heard you now, I'm sure they would lower their opinion at once," Leigh remarked. "I have every right to speak to you how I wish, don't you even contemplate saying otherwise!" Zelda said, her green eyes narrowing in hatred.

"Zelda, why won't you ever forgive me?" Leigh suddenly questioned. She knew their arguing had to stop.

"Because what you did, was unforgivable!" Zelda replied promptly.

"It happened a long time ago, and I'm sorry about it. I'm sorry that I nearly broke up your marriage, I'm sorry that I even laid eyes on Link in the first place. Can't you see that I've always been sorry?" Leigh asked.

"You're not sorry for what you did! You're only saying so now, so that I'll give you and Ewan my blessing!" Zelda retorted. Leigh's expression turned sad.

"I might have guessed that you'd say that," she said in a soft tone.

"Then why did you bother?" Zelda asked.

"Because... because... I thought there might be the slightest chance that you'd forgive me. That maybe over the years, you'd seen how foolish we'd both acted," Leigh said.

"Because of you, we've lost one of our most valuable allies! And now, you have the cheek to try and take my son away from me!" Zelda said, gazing at Leigh hatefully.

"I think Ewan's old enough to decide what he wants in life!" Leigh said sharply.

"He's still my son, I'll not have him make such a terrible mistake!" Zelda replied.

"And what does Link think? Or does he not get a say in the upbringing of his own son?" Leigh questioned, an edge to her tone.

"Link doesn't know, at least, I don't think he does. But I can assure you that he'll agree with me," Zelda replied smugly.

"Well, of course he'll have to agree! Else you'll give him the cold shoulder, no doubt!" Leigh snapped angrily. Zelda frowned.

"Link can agree on his own accord," she said.

"Well, it never seemed that way to me," Leigh said.

"If you were a parent, you might understand why I only want the best for Ewan," Zelda remarked. Leigh frowned.

"Oh naturally," she said, in a sarcastic tone.

"Keep away from him, else you'll be in trouble," Zelda said darkly. Then she turned, and walked outside, leaving Leigh sat on her bed, feeling despondent.

Timothy watched as Brianna rode off across the fields again, heading towards the Midoro Mountains. Nearly everyday she went, riding off alone, disappearing nearly all afternoon, and arriving back just in time for the evening meal. He wondered where she went, and why. Brianna loved to ride, but not as much as this. It was almost like she was going to meet someone. A stab of jealousy shot through his heart, as he wondered if it might be a lover. He quickly dismissed the thought. Brianna would never be so underhand... she was one of the most honest, direct people he'd known. She was so different to Ewan, who liked to keep secrets. Such as Leigh, for instance. Timothy knew all about his friend's love affair with the beautiful avatar. So far, aside from Brianna, he was the only other person who did. Ewan was still too worried to inform his mother. Apparently, there was bad blood between her and Leigh. Timothy had never inquired into the full story, mostly because he didn't care. It was simply something that didn't concern him, and he knew he had no place into actually knowing in the first place. Besides, he was more concerned over Brianna. It couldn't be a lover, he thought. Brianna was simply too young. And she always told him herself that she thought she was too young yet anyway. Perhaps she was doing something. Maybe she had found a new place to write her poetry, somewhere that inspired her. But it was still strange. He felt worried about her. As he turned to walk back along the battlements, he spotted Alyssand down in the gardens nearby. She was painting. Perhaps she might know what Brianna was doing. He hurried down the nearest set of steps, and headed towards the young maiden. As he approached, she glanced up and smiled.

"Hi Tim," she said in a friendly tone.

"Hi Ally," he replied, suddenly feeling a little stupid. He really did have no right to be prying into Brianna's life.

"What's up?" Alyssand asked, seeing his expression.

"Oh, nothing much. What are you painting?" Tim asked, looking over at the picture. It was a fantasy scene, made up in Alyssand's head, of a dragon flying in the sky. She was good at painting things without something to copy off.

"I like painting dragons. Too bad Sal doesn't come that often," Alyssand said, mentioning Link's dragon.

"It looks fantastic," Timothy said in an admiring tone.

"Thanks," Alyssand replied, turning her attention back to her artwork. Timothy stuck his hands in his pockets, and gazed around.

"Have you nothing better to do?" Alyssand finally asked, looking amused.

"Uh... I.. I was just wondering where Brianna keeps disappearing off to everyday," Timothy said, feeling guilty.

"Hmmm... yeah, me too. Actually, she's hardly spoken to me this past week, now that I think about it. I asked her once, and she told me she was just out riding," Alyssand said, looking thoughtful.

"Perhaps she just is," Timothy said.

"Oh maybe, but I think she's acting a bit mysterious," Alyssand replied. Timothy nodded.

"Yes, usually Brianna's really open," he remarked. Alyssand grinned at him, her blue eyes sparkling.

"Why Tim, I think we ought to investigate into Brianna's most strange disappearances!" she suggested.

"Uh... are you sure?" Timothy asked.

"Come on Tim, don't be a spoilsport! Tell you what, tomorrow, I'll saddle up out horses prior to Brianna going out. Then you and I shall hide nearby, and when she goes, we'll follow her at a distance!" Alyssand suggested.

"She might notice us! The fields are so open!" Timothy said.

"We'll be careful. Come on, say you'll do it!" the young girl begged.

"Oh, alright," Timothy finally relented. Alyssand smiled, and then began to paint again. Timothy walked off, and headed off in search of Ewan. Perhaps his friend would know what was going on.

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