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The Amulet of Nagul

Juliet A. Singleton (Scullys@bigfoot.com) & Kirsty Singleton (Space@xs.clara.net)

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Chapter 1


  "A gift for you master," said Sal humbly. "For eating some of your men in that battle the other day," continued Sal. She dropped Link onto the cavern floor in front of Ganon. "I didn't kill him as I thought that you would enjoy the privilege," said Sal grinning at Ganon.

  "How thoughtful," said Ganon.

  "Well, where is my reward?" asked Sal expectantly.

  "Your reward is that I won't kill you for eating several of my henchmen," said Ganon casually. "Hmmphhff!!!" snorted Sal, outraged by Ganon. "Well!! I go out of my way to catch this nuisance and this is the thanks I get!!" screeched Sal.

  "Look I really haven't the time for your temper tantrums Sal," announced Ganon. "Now leave before I kill you myself!" ordered Ganon. Sal let out a bellow and a stream of flame poured through her open jaw toasting several more of Ganon's minions.

  "That's what you get when you take a dragon for granted," roared Sal with smoke pouring from her nostrils. With that she turned and left.

  "Sal! You'd better find a new home because next time my men see you I'll kill you myself!" screamed Ganon after the outraged dragon.




  "Zelda! Zelda, come inside my dear," the King called. It would soon be time for dinner, but before they settled down to dine, Fenella wanted Zelda and Fayette to try on their bridesmaid dresses. Zelda, who had stayed outside for most of the afternoon, sighed and picked up the book she had been reading.

  "Coming Father," she called back. She walked quickly through the courtyard, to the main castle entrance, where the King was standing.

  "The Royal clothiers just finished making the most wonderful dresses for you and Fayette. Fenella wishes to see how you look in them," he told his daughter as they walked inside.

  "Oh, that's great," Zelda said, feigning enthusiasm. The King smiled.

  "The dress is up in your room my dear. Come down to the Drawing Room when you're ready. And do be quick. Dinner will be served in less than an hour," he said. Zelda nodded.

  "Okay, I'll be five minutes," she promised.


  The Princess made her way up to her room, suddenly wishing that it wasn't all the way at the top of a tower. It might be private, it might have a marvellous view, but she still had to make her way up hundreds of steps. It was a good job that she was fairly fit; someone like Fayette would never be able to make it up there everyday, she thought smugly. She pushed open the door and stepped in her room. The dress was laid out on her bed. Pink? Zelda thought, looking at it in distaste. The dress was beautifully made of course, but it was far too frilly for Zelda's liking. And too pink, she thought. However, she got changed into it without any further qualms. Thanks to the skill of North Castle's clothiers, it was a perfect fit, and Zelda had to admit, that she looked pretty good in it, despite the fact that it was her least favourite colour, and full of silly ruffles. Smiling, she made her way to the Drawing Room. When she got there, Fayette was already waiting, along with her mother, and the King.

  "You look lovely dear," Fenella complimented.

  "Yes, beautiful," her Father added. Zelda smiled.

  "Thank you. But why pink?" she asked.

  "Well, it's just the perfect colour for weddings," Fenella explained. Zelda wasn't convinced, but she smiled anyway. It was better to act sweet around Fenella, so that she wouldn't get into trouble with her father later. "You ought to curl your hair too, just like Faye," Fenella added.

  "I think it looks just fine how it is. There's no way I'm going to sit for hours on end, trying to make it curly!" Zelda exclaimed.

  "It's not that bad," Fayette put in. Zelda bit her lip to keep herself from making a sarky comment to Fayette.

  "Okay. Perhaps I'll try," she said amicably. Fenella smiled. Zelda smiled too, thinking that Fayette's red hair pretty much clashed with the dress. "Come on Faye, I think we'd better get changed again. We don't want to spoil these dresses," Zelda said sweetly. As they walked out, the King took Zelda aside.

  "Zelda, I'm so glad that you're finally beginning to accept Fenella and Faye like part of the family," he said happily. Zelda nodded.

  "Yes, me too. But I want to get out of this dress, so I'll see you at dinner," she said, smiling at her Father.

  "Okay dear," he said giving her a brief hug. Zelda made her way back upstairs again, to change back into her other dress. She wondered what Link was doing, whether he'd managed to sneak into Death Mountain like he'd said he could. None of the others had arrived back at the castle either, so she assumed they were either still in Saria, or on their way back.

  Perhaps I should have gone, she thought, looking out of the window. It was getting dark already, by the end of next month, winter would already be upon them. She suddenly felt uneasy. Ganon was as strong as ever, and he was closer than she was to owning two of the Triforces. Even three, if she wasn't careful. Dismissing the thought, she began to get ready for dinner. She would station Aaron up in Link's tower as soon as the boy got back.


  "This is my torture room, you'll be spending the rest of your soon to be cut short life here," Ganon told Link.

  "Great, I'm really looking forward to it," said Link dryly.

  "Now let me see, which torture should you endure first?" Ganon pondered out loud.

  "Hmmm, well I just don't know," said Link sarcastically.

  "Well first of all I'll remove a part of your body, your thumb, and send it to your darling Princess demanding that she give up the Triforce and her kingdom. After that I'll send a piece of you every day until she gives in," started Ganon sneering evilly. "But first I think a little whipping is in order," finished Ganon. He motioned to two of his monsters.

  "Chain him up and strip him to the waist!" commanded Ganon. They rushed forward and did as Ganon had asked. Ganon watched as they did this and picked up his whip. "Finally, I get to punish you for all the grief you have caused me Link," he snarled drawing the whip across Link's back. Link winced in pain as the whip cut through his flesh but said nothing, he would not give Ganon the pleasure of crying out in pain. He just hoped that his chance to get the Triforce would soon come.


  Nick looked through the streets of Mido, looking for a place to stay. It had been a long and tiring trip from his home shores to Hyrule and he needed a place to stay. As the journey had taken him longer than he had expected he would not get to North Castle until after nightfall so he had decided it best to stay in Mido for the night and set off for North Castle the following morning. He finally found an inn and after stabling his horse, he stepped inside. "Yes sir, what do you want?" asked the innkeeper.

  "I'd like a room for the night and perhaps a meal," answered Nick.

  "Very good sir, that'll be 30 rupees for a night and the prices of our food vary," the innkeeper informed Nick.

  "Well I'll get a meal first," said Nick.

  "Very good sir, just go through there and you'll be served. You made a good choice coming to the Red Swan," said the man.

  "I'm sure I have sir," said Nick smiling back and walking into the next room. It was very busy, full of people who were there for a drink and the company. There was a band playing in the middle of the room and small tables scattered around the room. He looked around the room for a free table were he spotted an old friend. He walked over to the table and took a seat. "Selina!" exclaimed Nick. Selina looked up and smiled as she recognised Prince Nicolas of Dalsona.

  "Nick, it's good to see you again," said Selina.

  "It's good to see you also," commented Nick. He called over a barmaid. "Hungry?" he asked Selina as the barmaid walked towards the table. Selina smiled at the gesture but shook her head.

  "I've eaten already thanks, but a drink wouldn't go amiss," said Selina. Nick turned to the barmaid and smiled.

  "Whatever the lady wants, and for me some ale and mutton thank you," said Nick.

  "At once, good sir," said the barmaid who turned to look at Selina.

  "The same as last time thanks," said Selina. The barmaid nodded and walked away. "So what brings you to Hyrule?" asked Selina.

  "You haven't heard? Well first of all, I came over to congratulate Zelda and Link on their engagement and second of all, my father has requested I find myself a bride. He has suggested a certain Lady Fayette Tantalon," said Nick.

  "Have you met Fayette?" asked Selina.

  "No, not yet but tomorrow I plan to travel to North Castle to meet her, have you had the pleasure of meeting her?" said Nick.

  "Well I wouldn't say I had the pleasure of meeting her but I have met her," said Selina.

  "Oh, so she isn't, well what can I say?" asked Nick.

  "Let's just say you don't want to marry her. She's nothing but a pretentious little idiot," said Selina smiling slightly.

  "Well I'll still go and get acquainted with her. It'd be rude to travel here to see her then not meet her," said Nick.

  "Oh quite," agreed Selina. "If you're planning to travel to North Castle tomorrow, it'd be a pleasure to accompany you," she suggested.

  "The pleasure is all mine," said Nick grinning. The barmaid came up to the table and served Selina her drink and Nick his meal. Nick paid her and she left smiling over her shoulder at Nick. "So how is Hyrule?" asked Nick taking a bite from his meal.

  "Well today I've been to Saria after it'd been attacked by Ganon and his monsters. But Link and Zelda managed to retrieve the Triforce of courage from a strange sect of savages who were living in Ruto mountains a few days ago. Ganon also tried to attack North Castle recently but failed. And today Link has gone to Death Mountain to try and retrieve the Triforce of Power from Ganon," said Selina.

  "So a lot has being happening recently," asked Nick thoughtfully.

  "You could say that," said Selina taking a sip from her drink.


  Link was sat in a small cramped cell. His cell mate was Toris, the overweight, and considerably stupid, moblin. "Haw, haw. You ain't laffin' no more," pronounced the moblin. Link yanked at his chains trying to pull himself free. His back was raw from the whipping and his arms ached as he'd been hanging there for what seemed like hours before he'd been thrown into his cell. Luckily Ganon had forgotten about removing his thumb so he had something to be thankful for. "Haw, haw," laughed the moblin again.

  "Hey Toris, I bet you couldn't pull these chains from off the wall," said Link. The moblin got up and ambled towards Link. He yanked the chains from out of the wall and laughed.

  "Haw, haw."

  "I guess I was wrong," said Link trying to keep himself from laughing. "Toris, I bet you couldn't unlock the door," said Link hopefully.

  "Haw, haw. I got da key see, haw, haw!" Toris pulled a key from his sleeve and walked over to the cell door to unlock it. The door swung open. "Haw, haw. See I told ya!" exclaimed the moblin smugly.

 "Hey I bet you couldn't give me that key," said Link.

 "Hey, do I look dat stupeed?" asked Toris.

 "I guess not Toris. You're way too smart for me," said Link resisting the urge to grin. Link walked out of the cell and closed the door behind him.

  "Haw, haw," was the last thing Link heard as he left the torture chamber. He needed to find his sword and fast. Luckily after searching a few empty rooms he found his sword and his shield. "I hope Ganon sleeps," murmured Link as he started his way to the throne room.


  Zelda woke up in a cold sweat. She figured she'd been having a nightmare she couldn't remember, but as she lay there in the darkness, she couldn't seem to shake off the foreboding feeling that had enveloped her. Something felt wrong somehow, but as usual, she didn't know what. The princess wished that her so-called psychic abilities were better. But, like most Hylians, she had no control over them. Zelda lit a candle, and got out of bed. The stone floor of her room was cold and she shivered. She walked over to the window, wondering if it was something to do with the Triforce. No light burned in Link's tower, and Zelda debated whether to go over there and see if Aaron was okay. After standing there was a few minutes, she decided that it would be a good idea to do so. The princess wrapped herself in a warm night-gown and took her candle. She made her way down the tower quickly. A guard was posted at the bottom of the stairs and he asked Zelda what she was doing. "I... uh, just need to check on something," she told him.

  "Be careful, Your Highness," the guard said, nodding her on. She cut through the Banquet Hall and into the back passageway, where there was a door leading into Link's tower. She hurried up the stairs, almost tripping several times, making her way up to the top in less than a minute. Pushing open the door, she was relieved to see the Triforce of Courage levitating just above its stand. Aaron woke up immediately, his hand moving to the sword that was next to Link's bed.

  "It's okay Aaron," Zelda called out. In the light of the candle, he grinned sheepishly at her.

  "Sorry Princess," he said, sitting up and rubbing his eyes. "What's up?" he added.

  "I...." she paused, feeling somewhat puzzled.

  "Are you looking for Link? Because if you are, he's not back yet and..." Aaron began.

  "No," Zelda interrupted. She ran a hand through her long blonde hair, looking worried. "I just... well... something's getting to me, and I don't know what it is. I thought perhaps Ganon was nearby, planning to steal the Triforce, but obviously that's not right..." she started.

  "Don't worry Princess. I might've been asleep, but you can rely on me to keep this out of danger," Aaron said gesturing towards the Triforce. Zelda nodded.

  "Yes, and I trust you implicitly. I just wanted to set my mind at rest," she explained. Aaron smiled.

  "Well, everything's fine here, at least," he said. Zelda, not really listening, walked over to the window and looked outside.

  "Ganon is that much closer to the advantage of two Triforces than we are," she said, talking to herself more than Aaron. "His power grows within each day, making him brave enough to assail our towns and burn them to the ground. These aren't just raids, but actual attempts to violate our defences," she murmured. Turning back to Aaron, she said, "with two Triforces, his attacks would produce a devastating effect upon the whole of Hyrule." Aaron nodded, realising the seriousness of the situation.

  "If there's anyway I can help, let me know," he said quietly. Zelda smiled faintly, then walked over to the Triforce of Courage. Sighing, she placed her hands upon it, concentrating hard. Because all of the Triforces were magically linked, Zelda could sometimes use them to explain her 'feelings'. However, as she tried now, nothing came of it. Feeling frustrated, she gave up.

  "Damn Enzar and the trouble he caused! This is all his fault!" she cried angrily.

  "Princess, I'm sure Link will bring you the other Triforce back," Aaron comforted.

  "It's no use! Nothing can ever end this infinite struggle for power! Someone is always going to lose, and right now, it seems like it's going to be us!" Zelda answered, suddenly looking upset.

  "We have Link...." Aaron tried.

  "He won't be here forever! What will Hyrule do once he's gone?" Zelda retorted.

  "You'll have your children, grandchildren, who will surely become great heroes or heroines themselves. Besides, we may defeat Ganon before then," Aaron replied.

  "Perhaps Link is in trouble," Zelda said suddenly. Aaron just nodded. Because he wasn't Hylian, he didn't really understand their 'sixth sense', but he did know that Zelda was probably right about something being wrong. However, he couldn't really help her, so he smiled at her and waited. She tried to concentrate, attempting to pick up any message he might be sending, but she had to give up again. "Maybe I'm just tired," she finally remarked.

  "Yes. You ought to get some rest. Will you be okay to go back to your room, or shall I go with you?" Aaron asked politely.

  "Thanks Aaron, but I'll be okay. Keep a close watch, just in case Ganon really is somewhere about," she said, opening the door again.

  "Of course Princess," Aaron agreed.


  Link stifled a yawn as he watched Ganon pacing, or rather floating, across the throne room. He'd only just ducked into his current hiding place just in time as he obviously couldn't hear any footsteps. Luckily there had been a moblin in Ganon's way as he'd approached the throne room and he'd heard the snarled abuse hurled at the moblin by Ganon which was a sufficient enough warning for Link. Ganon didn't seem too happy, in fact he seemed pretty angry. Link grasped the hilt of his sword with both hands and watched Ganon carefully. He knew he could kill Ganon right there and then, it was just a matter of timing. Maybe not for good, but it would get the wizard out of the way while he reclaimed the Triforces. As soon as Ganon had turned his back to Link, he jumped out of his hiding place and struck Ganon heavily in the back. The sorcerer let out an agonised scream which went a few decibels higher as Link twisted the sword further into Ganon's back. "That's for ruining Saria Ganon," said Link gritting his teeth. Ganon tried to answer but only a dry rasp emerged from the back of his throat. Link pushed the sword right through Ganon's back so that it went through his chest. Ganon bent down clutching at the sword blade, blood pouring from the cuts made when he'd clutched at the blade. "And that's for causing the Kingdom all the troubles you've caused." Another rasped reply emerged from the sorcerer's lips. Link pulled the sword from Ganon's back and let him fall to the floor. Link kicked Ganon so that he turned to face Link. Link poised the sword so that it would fall in between his eyes. "And this, this is for the hell of it!" said Link bringing down the sword with every ounce of strength left in his body. Just as Link was about to sink the sword into Ganon's head, the sword flew from his hands. Link looked up and saw something he didn't want to see right now. "Trenon!" he uttered quickly bending down to retrieve his sword.

  "Not so fast!" boomed Trenon. Ignoring Trenon, Link grabbed his sword. When he looked up at Trenon he saw something even worse. The Carcastan was holding the Triforce of Power and this time it looked like he knew what he was doing. "Ganon has taught me a few tricks in the short time that we had known each other," Trenon said with an evil smile directed at Link.

  "Well guess what Trenon I taught myself a few new tricks since we last met," said Link waiting for Trenon's next move.

  "Oh really? I'd like to see these new tricks," said Trenon coolly.

  "You give me first move?" asked Link. Trenon nodded. Link ran towards Trenon jumping over the beams of bright light that Trenon shot a him through the Triforce and dived into him, knocking him off balance. Link watched as the Triforce span away from the both of them and came to a stand still half way across the room. Link raised a fist and brought it down into Trenon's face. Trenon groaned in pain and tried to hold Link off. "Your nightmare hasn't even started yet!" snarled Link viciously. He drew his dagger from his belt and used it to cut open Trenon's left arm. "All those years of blood letting won't of done you any good you savage!" said Link plunging his dagger into Trenon's chest. Trenon howled and tried to raise his hands to his chest but Link stopped him. "This isn't even half the suffering me and my family have had to suffer thanks to you, chief Trenon!" spat Link.


  Link stood back up and wiped his dagger clean using a rag he'd torn from Trenon's tunic. "I want you to suffer," announced Link walking around to find a length of rope. He soon found one on a moblin. He quickly disposed of the creature and then walked back to where Trenon lay in a pool of blood. Link quickly tied up Trenon and then went over to look at Ganon. He walked back over to Trenon and gripped his sword in his hands. "For killing my brother," he muttered to Trenon as he brought down the blade onto the evil man's neck. Link then picked up Trenon's head and walked over to a pit which mysteriously lay in Ganon's throne room and threw it down the huge gaping chasm. "Won't be seeing you again in a hurry," he said, feeling a little better know that he knew Trenon, his brother's killer would never destroy another life again. The hero walked back over to where Ganon's body was, and lifted the heavy mass up and threw it into the pit to accompany Trenon. He then walked over to the Triforce of Power that was lying on the floor and picked it up and placed it in his pack. Link also took the half of the Wisdom Triforce, examining it closely. It would never function correctly, unless it was complete, but having it would give both him and Zelda peace of mind. He stood there thoughtfully for a moment, remembering what Ganon had said to him previously. You can't kill me boy! Only if you have all three pieces of the Triforce!! the evil wizard had cackled. Sighing, he turned away and began to make his way out of the Underworld.