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The Amulet of Nagul

Juliet A. Singleton (Scullys@bigfoot.com) & Kirsty Singleton (Space@ignmail.com)

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Chapter 10



  "Are they still mad at each other?" Drake asked Sprite anxiously. The faerie shrugged.

  "I'm not sure," she said.

  "Sprite you were in the same room as them, surely you could hear what they were saying?" Selina remarked.

  "Well, you know guys, whatever they decided, I'm sure you shouldn't really be being nosy about it," Sprite said. Drake looked annoyed.

  "You're just as bad! You were spying on them!" he said. Sprite folded her arms.

  "I am Link's guardian faerie. I have a right to be wherever he is," the faerie retorted.

  "We only want to know if they're at least talking to each other," Aaron said.

  "Oh fine," the faerie sighed. She perched on the end of one of the chairs in the Drawing room, where herself and the other three were gathered. "They kept kissing each other..." she began.

  "So everything is alright?" Drake cut in.

  "Wait!" Sprite interrupted. "Zelda is still mad at Link, she says she doesn't know if she can forgive him," she said.

  "What's her big problem?" Drake asked in surprise. Sprite shrugged.

  "I don't know. But they decided that it was more important to get the Triforce together, so that they can use it against Ganon when he attacks," she concluded.

  "So, that means that they're at least talking to each other?" Aaron said hopefully.

  "I suppose they must be," Sprite decided.

  "We should go and help them," Selina said.

  "Oh, I don't think you should do that," Sprite immediately said.

  "Why not?" Aaron asked.

  "I just think you'd best leave them alone. They might work things out, then, well, their own problem, at least," the faerie answered.

  "She's right," Drake said. "Come on lad, let's go and help prepare for this evening," he said to Aaron. "What about me?" Selina asked. "Come and help," Drake said simply. Sprite flew off in the direction of the library.


  Zelda was pouring over an old book very intently. Link had tried to read too, but he just couldn't concentrate. "Zel..." he began.

  "Link, be quiet," she snapped.

  "I was only..." he started again.

  "I don't care," the Princess replied shortly. He gave up. Presently though, she pushed the book to one side, and leaned towards him across the table. "What did you want to say?" she asked quietly.

  "It was nothing important," Link answered, barely looking up from the book he was holding.

  "Okay," Zelda said. They were silent for a few moments, then Zelda spoke again. "The texts tell us that one person is each assigned with a Triforce..."

  "But surely that would mean that we needed three people?" Link asked.

  "I think so. I'm wisdom," Zelda started.

  "And I'm courage," Link added.

  "Ganon is power," they both said together.

  "Oh!" Zelda exclaimed, looking shocked.

  "He can't be," Link said slowly.

  "Yes, we were just so used to associating it with him..." Zelda murmured.

  "If it's not Ganon, then who is it?" Link questioned. Zelda looked down at the book again.

  "It says..." She paused.

  "What does it say?" Link pressed.

  "Wait..." Zelda said, reading through the passage again. "It says... all three must be related... not necessarily by blood... one must be of Royal blood, the other low-born status, the last may be of either," she read.

  "Related?" Link said in surprise. "We aren't related," he added.

  "We're not blood related, no. But we will be related, once we marry," Zelda murmured thoughtfully.

  "But we aren't married yet!" Link said.

  "I don't think that matters... we... we love each other, it should be enough, we share a bond..." Zelda said. She looked sad, as she said this.

  "What's the matter?" he asked.

  "If we're going to do this... we'll have to forget everything that happened in the past few weeks," she said.

  "I can do that," Link said. Zelda didn't look so sure.

  "The other person..." she said.

  "Someone who is related to us?" he questioned thoughtfully.

  "There's only my father, and he isn't here... he would not be strong enough anyway," Zelda answered.

  "I have no family left, apart from my aunt and uncle, and they don't use magic. How about... Fayette?" he suggested.

  "No! She isn't Hylian, anyway," Zelda said.

  "What are we going to do?" Link questioned. Zelda shook her head, and looked worried.

  "We can't fulfil what the texts tell us to do," she said quietly.

  "Well, we'll have to improvise," Link decided. "Impa said they say only 'the hero of the land, and the Princess of destiny' can do this. But that contradicts slightly with what we just read. Although we match the descriptions," Zelda said thoughtfully.

  "Perhaps if we share the Triforce of Power..." Link suggested.

  "Maybe," Zelda said quietly.

  "You're not worried, are you?" Link asked her.

  "I think... yes, you may be right... we share the Triforce of Power, and... I suppose I am worried... Impa says that she knew this day would come, but not this soon," Zelda replied. She stood up.

  "Let's go to my room, bring some of these with you," she decided.

  "Why?" Link asked.

  "I want to rest a little... I... I don't feel that great," Zelda admitted. She picked up the book from the table.

  "Let me take that," Link offered.

  "No... I'm not that helpless," Zelda replied, a slight smile on her lips. It was the first real smile that she'd given him that day. "Zelda?" he began.

  "Tell me later," she replied, walking out into the gallery.


  "Father will be so shocked to come home to this," Zelda said a few hours later. She hugged Link. "I love you so much," she told him.

  "I love you too," he replied, feeling happier. It was late afternoon, and though the sun was shining, they both felt a sense of dread overcoming them.

  "What if Ganon..." Zelda began.

  "Shhh... don't worry," Link comforted her. She sighed, and leaned against his shoulder.

  "I would rather stay in here and never come out," she murmured.

  "Come on Zel, I know you better than that," Link said to her. She looked up, and smiled a little.

  "I just feel like... like the fate of Hyrule rests in our hands," she said. Link nodded understandingly. She hugged him again. "There's so many things..." she began. She kissed him lightly, then drew away.

  "Zel, I swear I'll protect you with my life... I'd die for you, you know that," Link told her, his tone serious.

  "I know..." she whispered. They turned to the window. It was starting to grow dark already, even though it was only 4pm. "He will be here soon," Zelda said.

  "The guards will be ready, and so will I," Link promised. She walked over to her bed restlessly, then sat down.

  "I have a really bad feeling," she remarked. Link sat beside her.

  "Try not to worry," he said. She nodded.

  "I know."

  "So... will you forgive me?" Link asked her hopefully.

  "Oh Link..." she replied, looking away.

  "Come on Zel, just say yes or no. I'll not be able to fully concentrate, until you do," Link said.

  "I... I don't know," she finally said.

  "I don't see why you insist on dragging this on. Surely you're not that indecisive?" he asked in disbelief.

  "I..." she began. Link got up.

  "Sometimes Zel, I just don't understand you," he remarked.

  "Oh?" Zelda said.

  "Well, you say we have to forget what happened, but as soon as I ask you if you've forgive me, you say you don't know. It isn't fair Zel, I tried to get you to say you loved me for so long, and now you say you do, yet you won't forgive me for one tiny little thing that I did wrong!" he exclaimed.

  "A tiny little thing?" Zelda retorted, her tone verging on that of incredulity.

  "I apologised to you!" he answered.

  "That just doesn't make things alright again, you know," Zelda said, folding her arms and looking sulky again.

  "Let's not start on this again," Link said in an exasperated tone.

  "Don't you even dare speak to me like that!" Zelda cried. Link sighed, and turned away from her. No matter how much in love they were with each other, he always felt that he was being constantly reminded of their two very different statuses.

  "Let's save this argument for later, we have more important things to worry about," he finally said, withdrawing his sword and examining it closely.

  "When's later?" Zelda questioned.

  "I don't know. After we defeat Ganon, I suppose," Link said, walking over to the window, and looking out. Zelda got up also, and looked under her bed. She withdrew her enchanted bow. "Let's go the Triforce room," she said.


  "They are approaching," said Drake mournfully, turning away from the window.

  "What's wrong? You've had many battles like this before, no?" asked Dion, walking up to Drake.

  "Yes, but this time," he paused trying to think of the right words to say, "this time I think it's bigger than anything Ganon's pulled before," he finished.

  "Hey don't worry. You got all three Triforces, what's there to worry about. We should be rejoicing, you are finally gonna defeat that evil creature," said Dion lightly, he still wore a frown upon his face. They group heard shouts and calls from their fellow guards, and they heard the rattling of chains as the drawbridge was lifted.

  "Come on, you lot get up to the battlements, I need to attend to something," ordered Drake. They all did as he said and left the room. After a few moments Drake headed for the Triforce room.


  "Hey you two," called Drake as he entered the Triforce room. Zelda turned and looked towards him.

  "We know," said Link quietly.

  "Figured out how to use that thing yet?" asked Drake, eyeing the Triforce.

  "No, we need someone else, who can use Power," answered Zelda. Drake nodded his head,

  "Any other things this person needs to be?" inquired Drake.

  "Well, we must all be related, not necessarily through blood, and they may be of any status," Link told him.

  "But you two aren't related, not yet anyway," pointed out Drake.

  "Well we know, but we will soon be married," said Link warily.

  "What if it's not enough. I mean, what if the Triforce doesn't accept you as you are!" said Drake worriedly. Zelda looked at Drake, and then to Link.

  "Well it's just tough, I don't even know if I want to marry him yet," said Zelda bitterly.

  "Well the way I see it there are only two people who can take on the role of the Power Triforce and I don't think you'll like either," said Drake thoughtfully.

  "Who?" asked Link quickly.

  "Well, Fayette is one," started Drake, he looked to Zelda for confirmation; she only shook her head, her mouth set in a defiant line. "Or, Kylara," finished Drake.

  "What?!" said Link incredulously.

  "You're from both the same tribe right?" asked Drake.

  "Well yes, but..." answered Link, unsure.

  "And she reckons that you were connected by this," went on Drake.

  "Both are out of the question," said Zelda.

  "Well do you have any other ideas?" said Drake, not believing that Zelda would be so selfish and stubborn over a matter like this.

  "No, but still," started Zelda weakly.

  "You two wait here, I'm going to get two things. A priest and your darling little half-sister," instructed Drake. He left the room.


  "Don't think I'm going through with anything," said Zelda defiantly folding her arms over her chest. Link shook his head sadly.

  "I thought we loved each other, was I so wrong?" he asked.

  "I thought you loved me, but obviously not as much as I had thought. First chance you got, you went back to Catalia with that, whoever she was," bit back Zelda.

  "Why won't you believe me?" asked Link desperately. He stood up and walked to the tower window. "If I can't love you, my life isn't worth living," he stated.

  "Go back to Catalia Link. As soon as this is over go back to her," said Zelda icily. "Fayette was right, you peasants have no morals," she continued on. Link turned round and looked at Zelda in disgust.

  "Peasant? Three quarters of Hyrule are 'peasants', they are your people and you think they have no morals? They have more morals than you have in your little finger," said Link hotly, his anger rising.

  "Hah! That's a good one," mocked Zelda. Link turned and grabbed his sword from the bed and walked towards the door.

  "You're right Princess. I'd be better off with my 'peasant' girl. You go find yourself some prince to marry, someone with morals," spat Link stepping out of the door. He was pushed back in again by Drake, who was being followed by a priest and, Fayette.

  "Okay you two, you have ten minutes to put whatever tiffs you've had behind you because at the end of this time, you're both going to be married," demanded Drake. "And if it isn't for either of you, do it for your country," finished Drake pleadingly. Link turned to look at Zelda, he only saw hate in her eyes.

  "Hyrule isn't my country," he stated before jumping out of the window. Drake rushed over, but Link had climbed to the bottom of the tower quickly, and disappeared into some bushes. Zelda raised her eyebrows.

  "He said it, not me," she remarked. Drake glared at her in annoyance.

  "Go after him!" he ordered her. She returned his look defiantly.

  "You have no right to tell me what to do, Sir Drake," she replied coolly.

  "Goddamn it, Your Highness! You'll do as I say at once, instead of acting so spoilt, selfish and proud!" Drake roared angrily.

  "I'm none of those things, how dare you insult me like that!" Zelda cried.

  "If what Sprite says is true, then we are all in trouble. If you and Link worked together, we would at least have a chance!" Drake replied, grabbing hold of her by the arm.

  "Let me go!" the Princess protested. She wasn't strong enough to get away, though.

  "I watched you grow up Zelda, and I always thought that you'd make a good ruler someday. No I'm seeing a side of you that I don't like, why you're behaving worse than her!" Drake accused, pointing over at Fayette. Fayette pouted, and looked offended, but she didn't reply.

  "Don't speak to me like that!" Zelda said angrily.

  "Stop it! You may be angry with Link, but because of it, you're practically handing over the kingdom to Ganon! Don't you care?" Drake pleaded.

  "Of course I care," Zelda said quietly.

  "Then go after him!" Drake said, letting go of her. She paused for a moment. "Hurry up, time's running out!" Drake shouted. She dashed out of the room.


  The courtyard was in utter chaos. Guards were grappling with all of Ganon's monsters, yet the wizard himself was nowhere to be seen. Zelda suspected he was still lazing about, waiting for his monsters to finish of most of the guards, before making his own appearance. Sal was flying up in the sky, helping them out. She turned to a guard. "Have you seen Link?" she asked him quickly.

  "Yes, my Lady. He saddled up his horse a few minutes back, and rode over the drawbridge," the guard told her. She thanked him, and rushed into the stables. She jumped onto her horse's back, not bothering to saddle up. If Link stayed true to his word, he'd be riding towards Ruto. She urged her horse into a gallop. Ten minutes later, she noticed a rider in front of her, going at a slow pace.

  "Come on, hurry!" she told her horse, praying that Link wouldn't ride away as she approached. He halted his horse at the sound of approaching hooves, and turned. When he realised it was Zelda, he urged his horse to start moving again. "Link, wait!" she shouted. He waited. She slowed her horse to a trot, and halted her mount along side his. "Link," she said breathlessly.

  "This had better be good," he said coldly.

  "We need you," she said truthfully.

  "I don't see why I should help you," was his reply.

  "Please, Link," she begged.

  "I have no obligation to help," he answered.

  "Link... you must... you're the only person..." Zelda stammered. A bright explosion suddenly lit up the sky. "Ganon may already be here!" she exclaimed.

  "Zelda, I thought you loved me, but all this time..." he said sadly.

  "I...." she began. She didn't say the rest of it though. "Why does it have to come down to that?" she demanded.

  "It was you who kept me here. But you don't love me anymore... you won't believe me when I tell you the truth, you believe your half-sister," Link answered.

  "Help us," Zelda pleaded. "You're Hyrule's only hope," she continued.

  "Well, perhaps I'd rather help my own country, instead," Link replied curtly.

  "Don't be so selfish!" Zelda cried.

  "I'm selfish? So what are you?" Link retorted.

  "Don't say that! We have to get back to the castle, before it's too late!" Zelda replied, turning her horse, and setting off back up the road. After a moment of hesitation, Link followed her.


  They rushed back up to the Triforce room as quickly as possible, where Drake was still waiting. "Alright, let's get on with it," Zelda said sulkily. She turned to Link. "As soon as this is over, don't think you're really going to be married to me!" she whispered. He looked at her in equal dislike.

  "I'll be glad!" he shot back. This wasn't how either had envisioned their wedding day. The only people present were Fayette, Drake, the priest and themselves. They were dressed in their everyday clothes. And they weren't in the chapel, but a tower room. The priest didn't linger on anything. He went straight to the vows, which they each had to repeat. There was no exchange of rings, and at the end of it, they didn't even kiss each other. Drake looked worried, Fayette seemed cynical. But they didn't comment.

  "Alright, are you happy now?" Zelda demanded, turning to Drake.

  "It'll have to do," he said sadly. Zelda picked up the Wisdom Triforce. They heard insane laughter outside.

  "Ganon!" Link and Zelda both cried together. "Come on!" Zelda cried, turning towards the stairs. Link, taking the Triforce of Courage, quickly followed her. Fayette just stood there.

  "What am I supposed to do?" she wailed.

  "Take the Triforce of Power, and follow them!" Drake ordered. Fayette picked up the prism, and almost dropped it.

  "It's too heavy!" she moaned. Drake picked it up, and shoved it into her arms.

  "Get going!" he shouted.


  "Well, look who it is!" Ganon sneered. He was levitating up in the air, in the middle of the courtyard.

  "Get out of my castle!" Zelda yelled up at him. Ganon just laughed.

  "How unfortunate for me that you had to escape," he sniffed.

  "But no worry, although you may think you can combine that Triforce, you all hate each other so much, that it will never work!" the wicked sorcerer sniggered. Zelda gasped.

  "No! That isn't true!" she cried.

  "Behold, the source of my latest power!" Ganon cried, ignoring her. He withdrew a gleaming gold amulet. "It has some pretty neat tricks, you've already seen a few of them," the wizard laughed.

  "And we'll see no more of them!" Link shouted defiantly.

  "Shut up, you stupid boy!" Ganon said, leering evilly at them. Fayette looked absolutely terrified. An arrow flew up in the air, and hit Ganon in the side. He screeched, and turned his attention to Dion and Damon, who were stood atop the battlements, attacking him. Zelda turned to Link and Fayette.

  "I know how to this," she said quietly.

  "How?" Link asked.

  "The ancient spell of power," she whispered.

  "What will that do?" Fayette asked.

  "We must recite it together, and think together," Zelda said.

  "Recite what?" Link asked.

  "And what do we think?" Fayette questioned.

  "It's in ancient Hylian. Link, you should be able to do it easily, Fayette, listen closely to the pronunciation. And at the same time, think of the Triforce as a whole," Zelda replied. Link nodded in understanding. Zelda had taught him all how Hylian magic worked. But it was harder to Fayette to comprehend. She knew a little magic, enough to use the Triforce for a very short while, but she wasn't well versed in the whole skill. Zelda knew they had to get it right first time, as soon as they fused it together, she could take over herself. It would leave Fayette extremely drained. She told Fayette this, who nodded, and agreed to try her best. By this time, Ganon was shooting fireballs around the courtyard, almost hitting them several times. They were very powerful, and Zelda could sense the evil intent coming from the amulet itself. "Let's do it," she murmured.


  Ganon's laughter seemed to echo on and on. The moon disappeared, and a fierce wind started up, cold and icy. Zelda clung onto Link and Fayette, fearing that the strong wind might blow them apart. "Say it with me!" she shouted, above the noise. She started to recite something in ancient Hylian, and almost at once, Link found himself saying it with her, like he'd always known it. Fayette, unfortunately the outsider, strained to hear the words, and hesitantly spoke what she thought was correct. Ganon suddenly looked worried. There was a loud crack of thunder. "You will never do it!" he screeched. Tapping the amulet, he made a whole load of monsters suddenly appear, zombies and skeletons, the un-dead. Drake, Aaron, Charles and Nick all leapt forward at once, swords in hand to attempt to get rid of them. Damon, Dion and Selina also came forward, but armed with bows.

  "They're just illusions, don't believe them, and they'll go!" Zelda screamed.

  "What?" Aaron said.

  "Don't believe in them," Nick said simply, stepping back. Aaron was amazed, as the illusion disappeared before his eyes. Ganon cursed in annoyance. He did something else, and huge man-eating plants suddenly sprang up from the ground, their roots twisting up through the soil and grabbing hold of some of the guards. Drake immediately started hacking away at them. These ones weren't illusions, the amulet seemed to be able to control many aspects of nature too. Ganon, pleased that he'd distracted the others, resumed his attention to the other three.


  Zelda was getting worried. Link was thinking along with her, but Fayette wasn't. Nothing was going to happen, if Fayette didn't get the hang of the telepathy. "Think with us!" Zelda urged her step-sister.

  "I can't!" Fayette cried.

  "Of course you can't, not normally, but use the Triforce's magic!" Link shouted to her. A fireball whizzed towards them. Link stuck his sword in front of it, and managed to reflect it back at Ganon. It hit him, and he shrieked in fury. The rain began to pelt down - hard.

  "It's the amulet," Zelda gasped, shivering as the water soaked her through to the skin.

  "Is this an illusion?" Link questioned. The Princess shook her head.

  "It can control the weather!" she cried.

  "Yes, you are right, dear Princess!" Ganon croaked. He pointed his bony finger at them. A bolt of lightning escaped from it, and went straight towards them! They jumped apart just in time, but their link had been broken. Link managed to catch hold of Zelda, while Fayette struggled against the gale to join back up with them again. "You will never defeat me! Not while I have this!" Ganon screeched. Zelda shivered, both from the cold, and from Ganon.

  "We mustn't let him win!" she whispered to Link. Their eyes met for an instant, but then Link looked away. Fayette's hand found it's way to Link's.

  "Let's try again!" he said. They began to recite the chant, thinking together about what they wanted to do. A strange feeling passed through Fayette, as she concentrated as hard as she could on her Triforce. All at once, things began to happen. The Triforces flew from their hands, and Ganon used more bolts to separate the three once more. The was a brilliant flash of light, which lit up the whole sky, it was almost blinding. Ganon shrieked in horror, and the three Triforces became fused together, shining a brilliant golden colour. Fayette felt dizzy, and stumbled, falling on the ground. Nick rushed over to her side, along with Aaron and Charles. Link withdrew his sword, and Zelda went to pick up the Triforce. She gazed at it in wonder. Ganon was screeching about something.


  "Make a wish," the Triforce seemed to say to Zelda.

  "Destroy Ganon and that amulet," the Princess breathed. Trying to focus it's power, she used it to form an extremely powerful ball of energy, which she sent flying from her hands towards Ganon. He dodged out of its way, and attempted to zap Zelda instead. Link immediately blocked the attack. The rain continued to pound down, and the wind blew harder than ever. "You will never defeat me, ever!" Ganon screamed. Zelda sent another magical beam towards him, and this time it hit, knocking the amulet from his hands. The wizard attempted to reach down and grab it, but Link jumped forward and caught it instead.

  "Ha! What are you going to do now, then?" he called up to Ganon.

  "Link, move!" Zelda yelled. The wind seemed to blow her energy bolts off target. No, that wasn't right. They were heading straight for the amulet, and Link was stood holding it! Zelda couldn't stop them. "Link, drop the amulet!" she yelled.

  "No way! Ganon will just get it again!" Link yelled back.

  "Throw it away!" Zelda cried. Ganon began to laugh. Link suddenly saw the bolts of light heading straight for him. He jumped out of the way, the bolts hit the wall behind him, then bounced off it again. "Link, just drop it, you idiot!" Zelda screamed in horror. He must have realised what was going on, for he chucked it away. The bolts whizzed past the hero, missing him by mere inches. The next moment, there was a huge explosion, as the bolts destroyed the amulet.

  "Nooooooo!" Ganon shrieked. Zelda rushed over to Link. The storm disappeared.

  "You stupid idiot! You could have been killed!" she cried.

  "Well, excuuse me, Princess!" Link grinned at her. She didn't looked amused.

  "It's not over yet, you fools!" Ganon cried, attempting to zap the Triforce from Zelda's hands. She jumped out of the way, but tripped on a rock, and fell to the ground. The Triforce flew out of her hands. Both Link and Ganon made a grab for it, Sprite suddenly appeared, and began to shoot Ganon with her faerie magic. He was once more distracted, enabling Link to get to the artefact first. He picked it up, and handed it back to Zelda. She didn't thank him. "Hand that over, you stupid girl!" Ganon ordered, sending a magic bolt towards her once again. She used the power of the Triforce to deflect it, and the wizard cursed. He knew he was no match for Zelda while the Triforce was in her possession.

  "Leave her alone, you big coward!" Link shouted, jumping in front of Zelda.

  "Move out of the way Link!" Ganon retorted, ignoring him. He was more concerned about what Zelda would do. Zelda tried to zap him again, using the Triforce's magic. "Luckily, I have one more trick up my sleeve," Ganon sneered. He removed something from his robe, and threw it to the ground. An blue energy portal opened up.

  "No!" Zelda cried.

  "Bye bye, you pathetic heroes!" Ganon said, laughing. He jumped into it, and it immediately closed up, vanishing. Link rushed over to the spot.


  "He's gone," Zelda said, walking over also.

  "For good?" Link questioned.

  "I don't know," Zelda replied.

  "It was blue..." Link said thoughtfully.

  "He knows he's well and truly beaten, but he has gone and escaped before I really had a chance to finish him," Zelda replied.

  "He must have realised that there was a chance it could happen," Link said, replacing his sword in his belt.

  "That'd be right. But a blue portal... that means he's not gone anywhere in Hyrule, he would have just clicked his fingers and transported to Death Mountain if he'd wanted to do that," Zelda said, beginning to walk towards the castle.

  "Do you think he's gone for good?" Link pondered.

  "I think he is... for now..." the Princess answered. Zelda looked over at Link. He was, like everyone else, soaked to the skin, his sword still in his hand. She walked towards him and took hold of his hand. He turned and smiled at her, and dropped his sword to the ground. Everyone looked on silently, and then Zelda leaned towards him.

  "I guess this means they're back to being the happy couple again," whispered Dion leaning over to Selina. She nodded, smiling faintly watching as the two met in a passionate embrace.

  "Oh really," scorned Fayette, folding her arms across her chest and flipping her hair. She looked around in hope for some kind of support but everyone had big grins spreading across their features. She sighed again, how come they all loved Zelda and Link so much? If it hadn't been for her, they would have never defeated Ganon. Suddenly she felt suddenly very tired, and dizzy. She collapsed into a heap on the floor.


  "She really knows how to steal the limelight doesn't she?" complained Link, a grin still on his face as he watched several people rush around Fayette in order to help. Zelda turned and looked that way but soon turned back to Link. "I'm sorry," apologised Link.

  "Whatever for? I'm the one that should be sorry - for over-reacting," replied Zelda.

  "Let's just call it a truce, what the most important thing is that the Triforce is complete," said Link grinning. Zelda looked towards the Triforce then back to Link.

  "Oh, quite the contrary, I think there is something far more important that we need to deal with," said Zelda grinning at him devilishly, and leaning forward to kiss him again.

  "Oh, and what might that be?" Link enquired, bending down to pick up his sword. He put it through his belt.

  "We need to make-up, for one thing. And, while that may have been the most lousiest wedding in the whole world, but it doesn't mean that we can't make the most of the circumstances," Zelda said, smiling at him mischievously.

  "Oh... right. What, a party?" he asked, grinning back.

  "Perhaps. But let's make it a private one. Just you and me," Zelda replied. She smiled at him, then walked over to where everyone else was stood around, staring and being generally nosy. "Okay, the show's over, you can all go back inside now, and get dried off," she said out loud.

  "Can we help you with anything?" Aaron asked.

  "No, I'm fine. Now, I think I'd like to go to bed, I haven't had a decent good night's sleep in days," she announced.

  "Goodnight, Princess," Drake said, turning to go indoors. Everyone else followed. Zelda walked back over to Link, and picked up the Triforce.

  "Take this up to your room, then come to mine," she whispered.